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[VIC] Audeeo Totally Rad Kids Wireless Headphone $1 (Was $45) @ Coles Southern Cross


Price error? probably, don’t know. Seems like a deal for $1

Audeeo Totally Rad Kids Wireless Headphone

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    I'd have bought it - that's the OB's way

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      OZb motto: BNTL
      Buy now, think later

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    unlikely to be a price error in a physical coles store😁

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      The experience at my local Coles store is that if there is a "price error" in store, they will give you the item for free.

      • in memory in some states, there is some legal obligation for the shop on this.
        it happened to me ~5-6 years back in SA, a coles markdown item was charged full price at check out, then they offered a full refund plus I walking away with the item for free.

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      Not true. Sometimes errors happen back office, I think a fairly common one is where the "savings" is incorrectly computed as the list price.

      Case in point: personal experience on a product which listed as "$1, save $4.50" where it should have been "$4.50, save $1". Scored a few freebies on that product due to the price error policy.

      • …so when a price scans incorrectly at checkout, you can get it for free?

        • Generally the price on the shelf has to be lower than the price being scanned to get it for free. I scored a $30 box of OMO one time because of the discrepancy.

          • @try2bhelpful: quite often i scan reduced items that are only slightly reduced to the advertised amount.

        • yes, it happened to me once…

    • Generally unlikely, but certainly not impossible. For example it could have meant to have been reduced to $10.00 instead of $1.00. I saw one like that not too long ago where discounted products that were meant to be $1.00 scanned as $0.10.

      Another time some items were priced at a very specific $0.04 but somehow scanned as $2. I showed them the discounted price tags (which had just been put up) but they said it was an error and replaced all of the tags.

      Puzzling how the system could have an error like that with such different numbers. Whereas $1.00 to $0.10 is easy to guess what happened there.

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      Yeah because it really matters if it's the Tin Cans on a Coat Hanger Wire v1.0 or the Tin Cans on a Coat Hanger Wire v2.0 with Doritos Foil Bag Drivers.

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        Thanks; this really made me LOL.

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        Yeah because it really matters

        Some of the Audeeo ones are for kids… So they will be too small for many people and be volume limited so won't be the best to listen to Def Leppard.

        • I had a friend who had a hearing impaired cat; but I don’t think it was a Def Leppard.

          I don’t know the weight of a leopard, below the snow line, but above the line it is an Ounce.

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    How many did you buy OP?

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    amazes me the staff wouldn't just buy it themselves?

  • not available on their online store…
    must be on its way out

  • Thanks OP, was there much stock available when you were there?

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    The Broden is not strong with this one.

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      kinda wish there is a wiki for JV. I wonder what made them super famous in ozbargain

  • Still $15 at my Coles in Sydney this morning.
    85 dB is not loud enough for me anyway.

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      Hey, what,oh yeah not loud enough for me either. Hey, what, speak up man, sorry lady.

  • which coles?

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    I have a feeling it was meant to be from $45 to $44 and save $1.
    Possibly an employee put the numbers in the wrong places and printed the label without looking.
    Someone might get in trouble for this

    • $1 reduction on a $45 item is very unlikely, especially if they were trying to clear it. I can't recall ever seeing a discount less than 5% (apart from errors).

      More plausible that it was meant to be reduced to $10.00 but the wrong number of zeroes was pressed.

      But then again it could have legitimately been reduced to $1. I've seen higher % discounts at Coles.

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    The question is, was there stock though? I've seen these at $15 so its unlikely a pricing error.

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    First real bargain in a while. Awesome

  • worth it for the electronics alone maybe? small battery, bluetooth audio receiver…probably about it?

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    Totally R A D

    • What is R A D?

      • These headphones.

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    Had been to Coles southern cross now but couldn't find this… Not sure if they have removed or if I didn't find it…

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      probably sold out by now…

      • Ya probably Ozbargained…

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    All gone. Found the spot but it's empty. They were on an end near the entrance

  • you can buy it with $1 even it is their mistake.

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      If it scans for more, you get it free…

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    I was in the local to me shop only 2 days ago and this was full price.I find it hard to believe they went from 45 to 1 without an intermediate price drop, which are always shown on these tags

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    I would say unobtainable deal. How many people actually got it after reading this posted deal?

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      How many people actually got it after reading this posted deal?

      User name checks out…

  • Why are people saying you get the item for free if the price doesn't match the ticket? The coles I go to only refund me the difference or give me the cheaper price if I point it out before purchasing.

    • It can depend on the Coles. In the past I’ve got the product, for nothing, if the price was more expensive than the shelf price. It came about when they stopped putting individual prices on products. The supermarkets sold this as first item free and the rest at the lower price. Now, often, they just fix the price.

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      Because it's the official Coles policy as publicly stated on their website - Our Promise on Price Scanning

      All Coles Supermarkets apply ‘Our Promise on Price Scanning’ to ensure confidence in the pricing accuracy at our registers.

      Our Promise on Price Scanning goes above and beyond the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law which requires businesses to refund the difference between any overcharged amount and the correct price of the item.

      If a single item scans at a higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price for that item, we will give you that item FREE.

      If multiple, identical items scan at higher price than the advertised or ticketed shelf price, we will give you the first item FREE, and the remaining items at the advertised or ticketed shelf price.

      Whether they actually do that depends on the store and the staff member. Whether you want to take it up with them depends on you.

      • Wow thanks for that! I did recall getting an item for free but not everyone does it!
        So coles have a special policy that goes above consumer law! Interesting!

  • If they are still stocking this item in future you can get a raincheck voucher like I did with Whitaker's jellytop blocks for a dollar , but it seems to be discontinued item , so slowly portioning out what I managed to stock up.
    Really hard So sad.

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