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Vivo 43" Plasma TV at Dick Smith 1hr Quicky 7-8pm Tonight Was $499 Now $299


Screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
Online Exclusive
Get this Vivo HD Plasma TV for $299 today only, between 7pm and 8pm AEDT
Offer is an online exclusive and cannot be click & collected
Vivo 43" HD Plasma TV PTV43HD - Online Exclusive
This Vivo 43" High Definition Plasma TV features 3 x HDMI Inputs, a response time of 11ms and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The Vivo Plasma comes equipped with a DVB-T HD Tuner Built In and a USB port.
Key Features
High Definition Digital Tuner Built-In
Record Live HD TV Via USB Storage Device (PVR Built-In)
2 x Built In 10W Stereo Speakers
Connect All Your Peripheral Devices with 3 x HDMI Inputs
Media File Playback Via USB
Full Function Remote Control

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    11ms response

    perfect for watching the share market

  • +3 votes

    I would rather pay $498 for the Panasonic at BigW, when you think about the amount of hours we spend watching TV, skimping is not worth it. Pana is much more energy efficient too so will recover the difference in the long run, and enjoy MUCH better PQ in the meantime. Just my 2 cents worth….


      Agree, my panasonic is a neo plasma and runs cold to the touch even after many hours of operation. My other LG LCD runs hot after one hour and wastes way more power than my Pana.


        Could not agree more, i was afraid that my new 46GT30a will turn into a heater. Could not believe it run cold and noiseless (this is during its first 100hr where it supposed to run hotter??). Perfect pic quality - thanks to HDTVtest pic setting (THX run very good as well) and with 3 cm width why would i need LED LCD? Go buy Pana Plasma for 200 more and get 1080p and much better quality


    If you use a tv for 6 hours a day, comes out to 8,000 hours over 4 years. If tv costs $500 thats 6 cents a hour compared to approx 30 cents of electricity.


      30c/hr leckie for a flat-screen telly? $2/day, near as dammit? I call 'nonsense', and I hint at 'shenanigans'.

      There is no telly on this list that eats leckie to that extent. Admittedly the leckie prices in that list are outdated (2009 US prices - roughly 11.6¢/kWh as opposed to my rate of 17.9 higher-value Aussie ¢/kWh) but that's not going to get you to the $2/day mark.

  • -1 vote

    DSE Crapothon!


    can anyone tell me is this a good deal?planning to buy this…or any recommend for other good deal? anyone tried DS 1 hour sales before?