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Parle-G Gluco Biscuits 799g $2.50 (Was $5) @ Woolworths (Select Stores)


With Indian festive season around the corner, Woolies running special's on one of the favourite (sugar-hit) biscuits.

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    G mane Genius ;)

    • It's actually G for Glucose.

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      Doesn't need a neg.

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      Username checks out.

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    for anyone nearby, the Woolies on Merchant St, Docklands had a good stock yesterday with several other Indian section items on special pricing

    • time to raid Docklands Woolies


      even in hardest times of toilet paper shortage, there's always been plenty in that store

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    Does anyone know what these taste like? Is it similar to any Australian version of biscuit? Thanks

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      They are basically sugar cookies. You dip them in your tea. They are similar to that metal tin box brand where everyone puts their sewing needles.

      edit: I googled it. They're called Royal Dansk. A similar Aussie brand would be Arnotts Scotch Fingers/Milk Coffee I guess?

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        Yes but a bit more healthy due to less butter

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          May not be as healthy as it's got Palm oil !!

      • Thanks!

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      Sweet af

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      Arnotts yoyo

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      I just had some with the kids. Very moreish. Not good for your health, but extremely tasty. A bit like tiny teddies or those McDonald's biscuits I remember as a kid.

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      If you like way too much sugar on your biscuits, its the one you are looking into. But one of the best and longest running biscuit manufactured and loved by indian and surrounding origin people.

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      Taste is pretty average. 20 years ago this was a treat cos that's all we could afford as kids

    • Try it seriously, they are good whn you feel dull. I knw it has a bit of sugar but better than having chocolates and lollies, we give these to children for lunch box, even I have had it in my school days when i was young. 😂

  • Out of stock in Adelaide

  • Too sweet,+

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      You need Tea

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      I can’t believe it
      People are disliking comments now just coz you might have a different opinion on a $2 pack of biscuits.

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    Chai, Parle g and sutta….

    • sutta

      Don’t think you can fall asleep after chai and Parle G

      • +9

        ? Sutta is a ciggie

        • Yep, chai (tea) and sutta (ciggies/hookah) are fairly common in India, sometimes there are even shops that server chai with hookahs.

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      Go and get tested .. 😜

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    Thanks OP. Mere bachpan ki yadien

    • Sabke bachpan ki yaadein. I still keep them stocked here. Nothing tastes better with tea 🙂

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        They just need to start stocking Thums Up next

        • +1

          They already do! I’ve bought both Thums Up and Limca from Woolies.

          They’ve spelled it Thumbs Up on the website. Hope they stock it near you!

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      Sabke Bachpan ki yaadein.

      Was beaten by 42 seconds

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    For those who don’t know this is world’s number 1 selling biscuits. Taste like milk/ arnott scotch finger

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    A proper way to eat these biscuits is to dip them in masala chai and eat. If you don't know how to make one then a dip in chai latte is just fine. Kids like these coz if their size and taste.

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    Fun Challenge for those in lockdown:
    Dip this in hot tea or coffee, and take the biscuit out intact.. It shouldn't break..
    * the biscuit should remain in the beverage for atleast 2 seconds

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      Why only for people in lockdown?

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    The G in Parle-G stands for Glucose.

    My childhood memory goes back to a school excursion to a Parle-G biscuit factory, seeing how it is manufactured and leaving happily with a pack of free Parle-G, fresh from the oven

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      Sounds like a school excursion well done!!

      Considering you still remember the excursion and the fact that they gave you a free pack :)

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    Might as well eat sugar straight out of the pack.

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      Straight sugar doesn't taste like my childhood.

      • -5

        Cool story.

      • -1

        Tasting like your childhood doesn't mean, it isn't full of sugar. Your father smoking in your childhood doesn't require you to smoke now.

        • So what? If someone wants to eat sugar, what's your problem?

          • @RSmith: I don't have any problem. I am just highlighting the dangers of eating sugar. You eat sugar and die. I don't give a damn.

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              @DisabledUser318679: Don't you think most people know the dangers of it? Let them eat if they want to.

              • -1

                @RSmith: NO. Most people don't know. Indians are not like Caucasians. They can't store much fat on their body. They can develop a belly and very quickly they get sick. I saw many Indian kids getting severe diseases eating too much sugar. Culturally Indians think eating sugar equals to the growth of their status.

            • @DisabledUser318679: And yet here you are handing out unsolicited health advice

              • @GrueHunter: If you don't care, ignore it.

        • +1

          I'm not sure if you are angry at something and are taking your frustrations out as an internet troll or are just plain stupid. No one has ever said that eating a high amount if sugar is healthy. Making assumptions based on your own experiences is flawed as you are only taking your subjective perspectives as the whole truth, you have not a single clue of my childhood, parents, love for parle g etc. I'm the child of immigrant parents and we didn't have much money growing up so travelling back to India was not routine. So, whenever I get the chance, I like to "indulge" and be grateful for the life I have now. I've worked hard to get to where I am and am fully aware of the consequences associated with being fat. I used to be pretty big, but I educated myself on thr human body, weight training, nutrition and such so I can become a better me. Nothing you ever say will take away the memories and feelings I associate with Parle G, or any thing for that matter. You should really let go of all that anger and appreciate life a bit more, even if that means you have to stop misinforming people on the internet about Indian culture.

          P.S, don't listen to this guys 'views' on indian culture, they know nothing. Sure Indians get fatter easily or whatever but the vast majority of indian children are starving.

          • -1

            @Opal21212121: Are you recommending to eat this to kids who are starving? What’s your point? This is pure poison in my opinion. You can have your opinion. But don’t glorify this junk.

            • +1


              This is pure poison in my opinion

              I had one yesterday and I am still alive. So it's not pure poison.

              • @RSmith: That’s how I treat ultra processed junk. I don’t feed my kids this junk. Everyone has different level of tolerance for ultra processed junk similar to alcohol.

                • @DisabledUser318679: Yeah, but pure poison will kill in a matter of minutes or maybe a couple of hours. This one doesn't, so obviously it's not pure poison.

                  • @RSmith: Not necessarily. Whether you die of poison depends on dose. Alcohol is poison as well. Nothing happens if you drink a beer. Drink 5 full wine bottles and see what happens. I know nothing happens with one biscuit or one packet. We don’t just stop with biscuits, we have other junk as well like chips. So I set my mind like all ultra processed junk is poison.

                    • @DisabledUser318679: You said "pure poison". It's not.

                      So I set my mind like all ultra processed junk is poison

                      In long term, yes.

              • @RSmith: 😍😍😍💐💐

              • @RSmith: 😘

            • @DisabledUser318679: No I'm saying that when you have the privilege to eat whatever you want you should, life is too short to be so hung up on your obsolete thought process.

              Your opinion is wrong and you do not understand nutrition. Fundamentally we need a certain amount of calories each day, it varies for everyone based on gender, weight, height and excersice. As long as you are getting the required amino acids (protein) and fats that you need, you can fill the rest of your calorie "budget" with whatever you want i.e. cakes, biscuits, junk, whatever. Obviously there are people that only eat junk food and I'm not saying that sugars are necessarily good for you. But if you have the ability to eat whatever you want, you should. Sugar isn't the problem, it's the people that aren't informed enough. No one is "glorifying" anything.

              Also if read some of you other posts and comments, I don't know how ignorant and apathetic a person can be, I highly recommend you see a medical professional. For instance, when you didn't understand why people keep pets.

              I'm not even going to argue anymore because you're just an erisitc contrarian with nothing better to do.

              • -1

                @Opal21212121: Do you believe and follow what you said about nutrition. If yes, you might pay regular visits to doctors. If not you might be young and very soon you will. Or one day suddenly you might end up in hospital.

  • +1

    25% sugar, pretty sweet for a bikkie. Good with bitter tea tho

  • +2

    ParleG is every desi childhood memory.
    My mom used to pack it along with lunch box for snacks.
    Any school functions and independence day celebrations they used to distribute this.
    Btw the little boy on the pack, almost resembles to that of Rahul Gandhi. Please google yourselves :)
    Happy Dussehra to all the Indian community out here!
    Stay safe and stay healthy!
    Jai Parle G!

  • Culcutta

        • +2

          Applies to usage of brain.

          • @RSmith: There is no way anyone can control eating sugar if you have it on your shelf. Because it's addictive.

            • +2

              @DisabledUser318679: I have on my shelf, but I don't go eating it just because it is there…

              • @RSmith: You might be really exceptional. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not like you.

                • @DisabledUser318679: People need to take responsibility for their choices. That's the motto I live by.

                  • @RSmith: Make sure the responsibility also includes finishing the Parle G on your shelf before expiry date as otherwise you will seriously change your thoughts for as they taste bad after expiry and these ones are dated.

    • +2

      When people can't afford full meal 3 times a day, they reply on this biscuits and half cup of tea from roadside shop….You seem to have very biased view towards indian eating habits and sugar….

      • +2

        Amazing, you just told what I didn't mention. That's exactly what I am saying. People eat these because they are cheap that doesn't mean it's healthy. The whole world will eat sugar. But Indians can't store fat like other people. So they will develop chronic diseases like heart attacks, stroke, and cancer at an early age especially nowadays. Am I wrong? Didn't you notice it in your circle? I don't have any biases. Traditional Indian habits were healthy. They screwed their diet with this junk food. If you think parle-g is traditional Indian food, then that's stupidity.

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