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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1599.24 / 512GB $1713.24 after 5% off and $300 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Education Store


The Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G is available at lower prices (plus an extra 5% off now) on the Samsung Education Store (valid .edu email required) if you trade-in a mobile phone and receive the $300 bonus.

Special thanks to ozbargain member "hopper" for the heads on up on the extra 5% off on top of the previous prices: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650251

256GB $1599.24
512GB $1713.24
Note that if you don't return the trade-in, you must pay the full trade-in value in lieu. You should be able to retain the trade-in bonus based on other similar deals (e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649004). Note that they may still charge a “non return” admin fee; it appears to be around $60 as per the other threads.
This might be a better outcome if your valuation is too low.

I'm not sure if this is stackable with the $50 newsletter voucher. Let me know if it works.

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    Oneplus 9 not eligible

  • What is the battery life like on these?

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      I've had mine since day 1 - with some optimisations (deep sleep, etc) I get roughly 7-9h screen on time in one day between the inside and cover displays. Cover pulls it closer to 9 nearly 10h, inside use primarily will be closer to 7. I got 7.5h yesterday with primarily inside use.

      This is full charge>drain use for one day if that makes any sense - I don't tend to sleep without charging my phone.

    • I'm commenting as an iPhone 12 Pro Max user who has purchased the Fold 3 and used it for a month or so……

      I've found that my typical usage on the iPhone meant that I could survive over 1 day (e.g. charge at 7AM today and can wait to 1PM the next day) whereas with the Fold 3 I would need to charge it within the same day or first thing the next day (e.g. 7AM charge today and 7AM charge tomorrow at most).

      The thing that makes the biggest difference is the split between Outer and Inner Screen usage. The Outer screen doesn't use that much power whereas the Inner one does. For a working day, the Outer screen gets the most usage and then the Inner screen is used at the end of the day for content consumption (Youtube, Facebook etc).

    • Flip 3 horrible. Half a day with moderate usage by mrs.fold 3 half a day if i am using it or a day during office days. Came from mi 11 ultra, really missing camera, battery and fast charging. Will be selling soon for vivo x70 pro plus.

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    The $100 off code doesn't seem to work on the edu store

    May I confirm first are you currently using an education store or employee purchase portal?
    ‎9:11 AM
    education store
    ‎9:12 AM
    Thanks for htat.
    Please be reminded that this code: XXX is only applicable at the regular Samsung store.

    By the way, it is working on my end.

    • Same. The code doesn't work on Edu Store

  • Hi Guys can any one help , how do i get an email address with edu.au please

    • You can enrol into colz or request someone who has already enrolled.

      • You mean college .

        • I wish i had enroll haha

  • how about epp's as well not everyone has access to those

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    Not sure if it's a typo or not but did the loyalty voucher work or not work? Live chat told me it works but still patiently waiting for the voucher.

  • (profanity) me. I waited too long and now its not on anymore T.T

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