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Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-Inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage) - Space Grey $1,969 Delivered @ Amazon AU


512GB Macbook pro space grey $1969 @ Amazon AU compared to $2,049.00 @ Apple education store.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Incase it isn't obvious, Apple is about to announce new Macbook Pro's, potentially with a M1X Cpu that should be even more of a gamechanger. Weigh up if the price here is worth it for you.

    Also, in general you should not be calling anything "pro" with only 8gb of ram in the laptop space anymore. It's hard to recommend.

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      Not totally agree the comment of "not be calling anything "pro" with only 8gb of ram in the laptop space anymore"
      M1 MBP with 8GB ram can still outperform many 16GB or 32GB intel based laptops in tasks like video editing
      But I do agree that if I am going to spend this money (~$2000 or above) no point to get a 8GB MBP 13" with M1 today

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        It might be able to outperform it for say 1080p video, but what if they want to use it as…. a professional? with multiple applications open. They will hit that 8gb wall quickly. I think we both agree that for this price point, it should be 16gb.

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          I'm hoping the next refresh will gear around performance base. Keynote is Tuesday morning.

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          Exactly. I always seemed content with my 16gb of ram but when I started using programs like Blender/UE4 for small projects, my ram usage went up to almost 60gb. You can't offset memory usage with processor speed; some things just need to be in memory to function. Luckily for me, I have a 980 pro so the pagefile barely affects me.

        • I used Xcode, simulator, firefox, photoshop, mail, all while playing a movie. NO problem with 8gb.

        • Based on this guys experiences, for video editing even at 1080p, definitely avoid. For coding, it was adequate but not without any perceived lagginess. https://levelup.gitconnected.com/twelve-months-into-using-ap...

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        I think that "not be calling anything pro with only 8Gb RAM" statement is quite valid: If Android phones have 12Gb RAM these days, why can't Apple build a Pro laptop with 16Gb RAM as a base?

        I do realise that due to different CPU architecture, RAM requirements are lower to achieve the same result as Intel based laptops. It appears that Apple is maximising profits in this case.

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          It depends what we define as "Pro"

          IMO, instead of comparing the numbers / spec of how many Rams
          the higher performance (eg. faster speed) in performing the same task is more important

          Back in old days, when Apple iphone still only got 1GB ram, Android at the same gen already comes with 2GB or even 4GB ram
          However, Apple iphone was still way faster in running same apps compare to Android
          this is due to much better Ram, OS and software optimisation

          Not saying that ram is not important, but ram is not the only factor that making a device with a "Pro" tag

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            @littlesoldier: People buying Macbook Pro models tend to be Professionals e.g. content creators. 16Gb RAM should be an absolute minimum in this price range. 8Gb RAM for a base model Air M1 is fine, but not for "PRO".

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            @littlesoldier: @littlesoldier
            If you run out of RAM a device is going to slow to a crawl, no matter what!

          • @littlesoldier: This is ozbargain, a website dedicated to overspending on GPU’s and shitting on any deal with the word Apple mentioned.

            No matter what you say, people like MBP’s despite not having the crazy specs you think it should have. Why? They work. Op is simply sharing a deal to get one cheaper, why are android/windows/Ryzen people so insecure to flood every Apple deal to flex their 64gb ram PCs that they keep modding every year?

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          "I do realise that due to different CPU architecture, RAM requirements are lower to achieve the same result as Intel based laptops."

          That is absolutely not true.
          The vast majority of RAM usage in most programs going to be data, which will be the same no matter what.
          Thus if there is any savings (which is not guaranteed) they would be very small.

        • If Android phones have 12Gb RAM these days, why can't Apple build a Pro laptop with 16Gb RAM as a base?

          All of them??? No.

          • @cakesyy: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OnePlus-Nord-2-5G-DN2103-12-256G...

            If a $879 phone comes with 12Gb RAM, why can't Apple do the same in a $3000 laptop?
            Yep, you've guessed it…profit margin.

            • @vrsac:

              Yep, you've guessed it…profit margin.

              So the same reason that you turn up to work then? Why do you expect other people to behave differently?

              • @1st-Amendment: My point is that it doesn't cost much more to build a a laptop with 16Gb base RAM.

                Anyway, the roumor is that all MBP's will come with a 16Gb RAM and 512gb as a standard.
                I'll be getting a base model, maybe 1TB if the price jump isn't huge.

            • @vrsac: I guarantee you they 12g ram phone can’t perform 10% of the functions this crappy 8gb mbp can.

              • @tightm8: Just like that other comment above, you're missing the point - in the price range of $3,000+ any laptop should have 16Gb base RAM. Apple has recognised this and will (most likely) have 16Gb RAM on all new MBP's.

                • @vrsac:

                  in the price range of $3,000+ any laptop should have 16Gb base RAM

                  Well Tim Cook has a different opinion and he seems to be better at selling laptops than you…

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      it doesnt need much more than 8gb as the chips speeds are so quick it can read off the storage almost just as quick

      • +7

        chips speeds are so quick it can read off the storage almost just as quick

        errr that's kinda why you need RAM, because the storage can't keep up.

      • +2

        That is not at all how it works, the RAM is going to be at least an order of magnitude faster than the SSD

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        it doesnt need much more than 8gb as the chips speeds are so quick it can read off the storage almost just as quick

        LPDDR4X 4266MHz RAM - 31,400MB/s Read.

        Onboard SSD - 2,800MB/s Read.

        The speed of the processor doesn't make the SSD magically 11x faster

        • -1

          Too much math.

      • +3

        might as well not have ram then if the storage drive is just as quick

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      Expect $2800+ for base 14in considering it would be replacing the current high end Intel MBPs at that price, that’s a 40% increase on this making it a very different price bracket imo, some may not justify it

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        I think it might be cheaper given that they are using their own chips and don't need to pay royalty to Intel and also can be mass produce.

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        I am actually expecting the base 14" MBP with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD to start at $2,999.
        Remember this is greedy Apple we are talking here.

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          Yeah and other companies just love giving free stuff and dont like making money

          • +1

            @Darksam: Other companies are charging you an arm, Apple is charging you an arm and a leg. No company is giving you free stuffs dude.

            • -1

              @edfoo: I see what you've done here: ARM is at the hart of Apple M1 CPU architecture

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          I thought the same about Apple until I checked Microsoft's Surface Laptop prices.

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            @rvsure: and apple will last more years compared to any other laptops eg. surface.

    • Agree. I would advice to HOLD for now and wait for the announcement on the new upcoming MBP next Tuesday first, before deciding if this current MBP is at the correct price point for you.

    • Any approximate time line?

      • About 3:30 am next Tuesday

    • its not a "new" model though..this "Pro" is the result of them absorbing the standard Macbook range.

    • Would that not mean this could be cheaper after Tuesday morning?

      • nope because the existing isn't a "new" model. it co-exists…the current model are for those who wanted a 'pro' look but not need the pro performance.

    • +3

      Agree with first paragraph.
      Second paragraph is very x86-era thinking.

      • he has never used osx in productivity.

    • 8gb with M1 on OSX is not that bad and can be call 'pro' enough. However, window laptop with 8Gb? it would be called "armature"

    • Am I missing something? Weren't M1 Macbooks half the price last year?
      Not sure how a laptop that can't run the majority of professional and academic programs, doesn't have a touchscren and has 8 GB of RAM is worth 2k.

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    Next apple event coming on the 18/10 (next Monday or Tuesday morning in Australia time)
    Which is very likely to release Macbook Pro 14"/16" with M1X chip

    I'd rather to wait for the M1X than getting a 13" Macbook Pro with M1

  • +5

    Risky move.
    Just wait for the event to see what will happen to the M1 Macs

  • +2

    You can buy apple giftcard from Coles to save 15%, although not exactly 15%.

    • Wait, how?

    • +4

      25% including the Flybuys points actually.
      For $200 gift card, you pay $180 through Zip and get $30 worth of points (6000 Flybuys points) from Coles.

    • Good luck findings the Apple Card. I was a bit late in my local coles, someone basically took 15 cards and paid them 3 times in the self-checkout (max 5 cards per customer). Early birds get the best food I guess.

      • my local coles still got more than 10 20-500 cards on the shelf (VIC)

      • Moral of the story is wake up early.

      • I went to three Coles yesterday to find two cards and thought they won’t refill. But today there was enough stock of variable cards.

    • How is it not 15%?

      • +2

        $500 for $500 Apple gift card + $75 pts .
        Assuming Apple gift cards can be got every day 5% off and same with points .
        $500 = $475 + $71.25 Total $546.25

        = 9.25 %

        • Last flybuys deal where you buy 5 x $50 giftcards from Coles to get 10k points. I was able to redeem that 10k points for another Ultimate giftcard. Hence got $305 from $250 spend a return of 22%.

          • +1

            @nightelves: Of course you will find a better way to use flybuy points, but we are here for a good deal, not math problem. In my opinion, flybuy dollars is NOT 1:1 for real money, so I will not think it's a 15% discount. But again, personal opinion only.

        • Well you added a unit to your math problem.
          It is 15% off as 15% of the amount your bought will be credited to your flybys which you can spend for your daily needs.
          Then 100% of this amount can be used for any Apple stuff.

          Is like buying a iPhone $1000 and get $150 free to spend at coles. Which you do a day or another like basically all people living in Australia, so 15% off.

          They never said, this is 15% comparing to other promotion. This is 15% from how much you choose to spend.

  • Happy weekend folks!!

    Wow what a deal! [/s]

  • +1

    I got this for 1800-ish around May. Pricematch OW. Suggest to wait for the new MacBook and the price for this one will fall further.

  • Anyone know any deals for MacBook air M1?

    • +1

      You missed out by a week, the base M1 MBA was $1274 last Tuesday.

      Currently the lowest price for the base model I think is $1295 through an edu portal.

      You don't need a student ID or email to checkout, but there is a very low chance that your order may be the one they audit down the road, and if you're caught you will have cough up the difference. I have been buying from edu portals for the past 8 years through highschool and uni and have not had an order audited once.

  • Yes, but the new Macbooks are not going to be cheap. A lot more expensive than their offerings from the last couple of years.

    • Pretty sure that's been happening for many generations of MB/MBP now

    • Will wait for the actual event to determine that. Its all just speculation.

  • +2

    Is 8 GB ram enough? For a Pro? at this price?

    • +2

      Up to individual. For me personally, no way. I am still using my 2013 13:" MBP with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, if I buy a new MBP now, which is 8 years later, with the same 8GB RAM, I will feel like a loser.

      • +1

        I feel the same, MBPs tend to receive updates for a long time and has a good life. Not sure how long that 8GB is gonna last, especially if GPU shares the same RAM.

    • not for me

  • +2

    My mobile has 12GB RAM. Apple you can do better than this.

  • does the 15 inch come with m1 yet?

    • Its no longer 15, 16 now and it will come on next monday and would be m1x.

    • Very likely that a new 14" MBP and/or 16' MBP are announced with Apple Silicon next Monday at the "Unleashed" event.

  • +2

    8GB of memory in 2021 is a joke, not to mention (potentially) the M1X being released next week.

    • I think the prices of 14 and 16 are gonna be the same and I dont think that would be any dearer. But I agree with your joke.

      • They'll be way more than the 2 port 13" MBP IMO. they will be at least as much as the intel 4 port 13" MBP.. the 2 port one has always been a bit of an oddity so if this is your budget i wouldn't expect to get one of the new ones announced next week.

        • Absolutely right.

  • One thing I've learnt from amazon deals is that while they are cheaper than other stores, it also signals a price drop in the near future.

    • +1

      not quite. the AirPods Pro have been listed for $295 on Amazon for months (by Apple), then the price went up to $319-330 after the release of the iPhone 13

  • Has been this price at Officeworks for at least 3 months. Purchased mine in August.

  • +4

    I got a new Macbook Air M1 last Jan and just wiping the screen made it crack and Apple doesn't cover it under warranty. I personally liked everything about this laptop but the screen. If I was aware of this problem, definitely reconsider my purchase or buy AppleCare+. Here is the thread on Apple, people reporting same issue:

    • I dunno if that thread is cause for concern, with how many who are buying it…

      • +2

        If you have issues, tell them this is a common issue and you'll contact the ACCC if they don't want to remedy it. Don't even bother with things like AppleCare as you do have rights under the consumer protection laws. Plus since there are many documented issues, i don't see how they can get out of fixing it.

        Remember you can be told something by any retailer, but that doesn't mean they are right.

        • Reported that to ACCC, but they told me to right a complain letter to Apple and file a complain in Access Canberra ( as I live in ACT).

          I believe that Apple will accept the defect eventually as there are lawsuits against them happening in US:

          • @sade: Just remind them that there is plenty of evidence of this issue and the longer they take to fix it, the more it will cost them.

            • +1

              @Pcoder: Thanks for the advice,

              It seems that they don't wanna accept it then it will be an excuse to all others to push them for free repair.

              I'll file a complain again to see what happens. It looks an scam for me. Didn't expect that from Apple.

              • @sade: You should be covered under the Australian Consumer Law. When you talk to Apple say that this is an ACL warranty claim.


                Does the screen still work if not then you could claim it as a Serious fault and you get the choice of Repair, Replacement or Refund (never go for repair)… If you get a replacement your warranty restarts with the new device.

                I am currently with VCAT for a HomePod that died (been waiting for 5 months now). I had two die and one was easy to get covered but the second one they got all funny about (seems quite arbitrary some times).

  • -1

    Don't do it.

    These new M1s can't run a thing well. Wait another year.

    • +2

      can you please clarify?

      • Keep running into apps that don't run on an M1 or need an elaborate work around.

        • +2

          This is a problem that will take a few years to rectify.

        • +1

          Got any more info about that?

  • +1

    The Macbook Pro M1X models are going to come in both 14 inch or 16 inch.

    I'm willing to bet that the 16 inch model will start from $2,899+ AUD. No idea if the 14 inch will be closer to $1,999 or $2,599 though.

    I'd still wait until the announcement next week before purchasing any Macbook right now.

    • +1

      The current line-up is:

      MBP 13" M1 256gb/8gb - 1299 USD (1926 AUD inc GST) - $1899 AUD (Apple AU)
      MBP 13" i5 512gb/16gb - 1799 USD (2668 AUD inc GST) - $2699 AUD (Apple AU)
      MBP 16" I7 512gb/16gb - 2399 USD (3558 AUD inc GST) - $3499 AUD (Apple AU)

      I expect the MBP 16" to increase to 3599 due to currency changes and if the 14" starts at 1799 USD I expect a 2799 price.

      I know a lot of people complain about the price difference, but the prices on the US website don't include sales tax. I'm expecting the 16" to roughly be the same price, although the 14" might start from 1999 USD. Both should have 512gb/16gb minimum. I don't expect the 13" M1 will be going as stock levels are still high for it.

    • Almost guaranteed to be at least the price of the 4 port intel machine IMO ($2599)

  • +2

    I think the big thing about waiting for the announcement on Monday is the rumoured return of DisplayPort, SD slots, and MagSafe on top of the M1X chip and 14" screen in the new models.

  • +3

    I was personally someone who got high and mighty about 8GB not being enough, but honestly, I can throw anything at my M1 Air (8GB) and it crunches it, including video/audio production. Certainly adequate for many people doing actual pro work.

    • +1

      I agree. I have a spec'd up work 2019 16" MacBook Pro with Intel i9/32GB and that thing gets heated up fairly quickly and spins up fan after 10 mins on Zoom.

      Yes, I do have a lot of Chrome tabs open - but my partner's base model M1 Macbook Air (with 8GB) handling similar workload is cooler, quieter (no fan in MBA) and feels more snappier than i9/32GB.

      For anyone considering this deal, do look at the Macbook Air. You'll save a few hundred dollars but get the same performance - although you won't get the touch bar, an extra GPU core and slight increase in screen brightness.

      • Get the great suspender extension to help with the tabs be open, pretty good since I got it.

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