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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 (Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition) for $799 (RRP $1499) & Free Shipping @ Panmi


Have a fun and thrilling ride with Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2: Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Edition

Please note that it is a special edition electric scooter. This KickScooter features a vibrant green reflection rim and charging point. (Not to be confused with the standard Mi Pro 2 edition of scooter).


Built on the framework of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, the design of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition offers a very different look, and if you’re into F1, you’ll recognise the famous grey, black and green colour scheme. The regular version is a matte grey finish, with a red accent around the front wheel. After seeing the Mercedes version in person, I definitely prefer it, I think it looks far more premium than the base model, but that Mercedes logo does come at a pretty big premium, when functionality-wise, they offer the same experience.

Official Xiaomi Video

JB Hifi: $1499 + Delivery
Mi-Store AU: $1499
Catch: $1498
Harvey Norman: $1498

Key Features

  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Inspired Design
  • 300W Powerful Motor (600W Max Output)
  • Travel Up to 45 KM Distance
  • Maximum Speed up to 25 KM/h
  • 20% Incline Climb
  • Central Control Design
  • Built-in Display
  • Ultra Safe Lithium Battery
  • Reliable Double Brake System
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Easy and Quick Folding Design

FYI, Panmi is the Australian distributor of Xiaomi and many other brands. Also retailers such as JB Hifi, Amazon, etc source Xiaomi products from Panmi.

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              • @jv: I know what the purpose of registration is. I was simply asking about the cost aspect of it. Do you believe this registration should be free or should people have to pay for it?

                • +1


                  Do you believe this registration should be free or should people have to pay for it?

                  I don't see why the taxpayer should pay for it…

                  Also, mandatory insurance should be debated too…

                  • @jv: Exactly my thoughts. Was just curious what you had to think about it.

                  • +2

                    @jv: Also, mandatory air bags should be debated too…
                    Also, mandatory green slip ensuring scooters brakes/lights are working;
                    Mandatory rego and public damages insurance when you hit a person;
                    Mandatory indicator lights so other people know what the scooter is going to do;
                    Mandatory 3rd party insurance when you crash into someone else's car or scooter;
                    Mandatory scooter speed cameras for those exceeding 25km/he, especially downhill should be debated too…

                    • @daniel_:

                      Mandatory rego and public damages insurance when you hit a person

                      I've already mentioned that one.

                      Glad you agree.

                    • -1

                      @daniel_: Mandatory everything, because we know the best way to live is when the government controls your life as much as possible. Just look at how well the Soviet Union and North Korea worked out…

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      use THIS to bypass paywalls

      • That's awesome! Thanks :-)

      • thanks for sharing this, this is such an awesome tool!

    • Backward pricks in government.

  • +3

    AMG used to mean something.

    They just wh*re it out these days to push product (looking at you, AMG Line…and for that matter M from BMW)

    I don't like it.

    • +1

      Watered down M series 😂

      • +1

        M Sport, I believe it's called?

        Basically aesthetic upgrades to make your car look nicer…with exactly the same performance as the base model in the range.

        • +5

          Comfort line…

          Power line…

          Fishing line…

  • What age/size/weight is this for?

    • +1

      Credit TechAU

      Most scooters I’d come across were kids scooters, so when I unboxed this one, I was a little taken back by the scale of it. This is definitely no kids toy. The official specs list the rider age as 16 year olds and up (or 12 and older with adult supervision), this has no problem accommodating a fully grown adult. I’m 6’3′ and felt very comfortable riding this, with great proximity to the handlebars.
      Unfolded the scooter is 1.13m long and 1.18m high. With that scale, it has a real weight to it, tipping the scales at 14.2kg, however it does support a max load of up to 100kg. If you’re borderline to that, it is important to remember to include the weight of a backpack (with laptop and accessories) in your weight calculations if you plan on commuting with it.

  • +3

    Keen to zoom around Albert Park pit lane like Hamilton

    • +1

      Maybe I should get some AMG stickers for mine :P

      • +2

        get some AMG stickers

        Association for the Management of Gout ??

  • +1

    one man one engine?

      • I don't think you got the reference

  • Price on the site shows $1499

  • Does it come with a whiny driver sound effect?

    • Pssh Pssh Pssh when you get off the throttle

    • You must be after the red bull version. They’ll get Alex to do a reconstruction of the audio

  • +3

    cringe marketing at its finest

  • Will the green branding help you reach 100km/hr? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf47A7Hw0os

  • -1

    Is this faster than a Yaris?

    Drive into a 5 star casino hotel and get valet, while picking up some nice ladies

  • Finally a reliable AMG.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one as a high yield investment.

  • Are these legal on roads in NSW?

  • Can we used it for uber eats delivery :) ?

    • +2


      • why not?

        • +2

          too fast. food will get cold.

  • I'm still giggling at formula 1 edition in the product name

  • Does it come with brackets for my Subwoofer.

    • -2


  • I'll wait for the RED BULL Edition!.

    No idea why I'm flagged as 'associated' to this deal though.

    • +2

      wait for the RED BULL Edition!.

      Thanks Rep

    • What a pork chop.

  • hope this got a better rider than driver in AMG.. triggered…

  • +1

    Any good for westpac employees

  • When does the code expire?

  • +3

    Are the tyres on these Bono approved?

    • approved from whom?

    • +1

      This is James…we need you to slow down

      • +1

        sets fastest lap anyway…

        its called WE DO A LITTLE TROLLING

  • This looks like something to buy as an investment!

  • +5

    I paid $594 delivered for my Pro 2 in August. Wouldn't pay this much for a different paint job.

    • +1

      Yeah, not sure why it's getting such high praise - didn't think ozb folks would pay such a premium for cosmetics…

      • +3

        Exactly. Not really a deal as it's nothing more than a glorified sticker pack over the standard one which is regularly on sale.

  • +12

    We have bought two of these almost a year ago at JB Hi-Fi for $699. They are fun to get around on flat like surfaces. My review after 1 year is the following:
    - Range is not nearly 45km. Closer to 30km in real world terms. As reference I weigh 85kg.
    - When the battery is about half way, you will struggle considerably more to climb the most basic of inclines.
    - When you fold it up there is plastic swing lock to secure the locking mechanism. This has broken on both of our e-sooters (just cheap plastic).
    - I have had to change 1 flat tyre, and this was not an easy task. Definitely worth keeping an eye on tyre pressure periodically on these scooters.
    - Some other brands have a hook on the vertical bar, for carrying items like a grocery bag maybe. We use ours to run to the conevenience store every now and then, and this would have been a very sought after add-on from my point of view.

    All in all, it has been fun using them. We have even done the Brisbane loop which included Highgate Hill (extrremely hilly). It held up ok, we had to push in certain areas due to the battery not being strong enough or coming close to half way. You also feel every bump and crevace. Be very careful when you transition say from the road onto a side walk, as the little concrete lip in most cases could and will damage the wheel, that is if you don't kiss the pavement first. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone for something with a little more grunt, however difficult to argue at this price.

  • +4

    Normal Mi Pro 2 is currently $620..

    What makes this worth $1499 ?

    • That's why not is $799. The extra being AMG paint job and stickers I believe

  • is this the one Valtteri usually rides in the paddock?

  • +1

    Exact same specs as pro 2 just badge marketing.

  • Keep in mind these models have a known issue.

    The motor is great when new but losses performance as it gains mileage which requires a replacement to bring it's initial performance back.

    Apparently the issue is understood but the root cause is being investigated. Rumour is that it's a batch issue.

    • Could be the boost spring is running down.

  • EUC is more fun

  • +1

    flashbacks to Hamilton on his scooter overtaking Vettel in the pitlane

  • is that a legit site?

  • +1

    Get in there Lewis…

  • I can't see a disclaimer saying the car in the background is not included. What's the refund policy if they don't deliver my F1 car?

  • +2

    Honestly, all these non-scooter owner comments like "it's illegal" and "only" private property"….

    Get real.. I've been using the scooter everyday for commute in the heart of cbd in Sydney and melbourne the last 5 years (including electric skateboards)…

    They only put it there for legality purposes. Noone is out there actively on a scooter hunt decree that people here are worried about..

    I ride right next to police (subtle testing them - I know the law is in place) but they don't do jack shit aussie police.

    All they did was tell me that's sick, nice scooter and off I went EVERY Time. Always compliments.

    Borrow a scooter or whatever and you'll see how relaxed it is. It's like trying to fine someone for jay walking but MUCH less.

    Jist don't go scooting like an idiot at Max hacked speeds on a foot path, ride sensible and you WILL be fine.

    There's also a chance a police officer is in a bad mood and will use the law to get you. This is the case with any other insignificant crime as well, eg jay waling, using Ur phone crossing the road.

    U want one, get it. This is my advise as a scooter owner for a long time. I haven never heard of a sensible owner or known of that had been fined.

    There's a reason there's so many e scooters and skaters out in the city being used as daily commutes.

  • Put a Mercedes coat/sticker BAM! You have to pay ~$200 more for them lol

  • +11

    Don't get it … so you pay $178.90 more than the normal Mi Pro 2 Scooter and for that amount of money you get some green stripes ??? 155 upvotes ? What happened to Ozbargain?

  • Is the Force India version any different to this?

  • +1

    At around $300ish am sure they would sell a ton of these. $799 a bit too much.

  • -1

    This scooter is for kids at best. You need 800w minimum for 25kph and under 80kg. Over that you need dual motor and better battery power. The dragon V2 and the like are the best starting point.

  • AMG name on a scooter as slow as this. How ironic.

  • i was looking to buy one escooter. this post came at he top. after browsing the previous deal. i would say this is not a good one. pro2 same spec had several lower price deals here. i dont like the 'AMG' branding.

  • Does come adaptive cruise and reversing camera

    • Yes to both

      A) Max speed 25 KM - cruise control NOT required

      B ) Swivel your head left or right to achieve reversing perspective

  • I still haven't received the item yet. Ridiculous.

  • Please recommend me a place to fix a rear wheel puncture on this scooter

    Melbourne region

    Many thanks

  • The box included 5 screws and a wierdly shaped Allen Key

    The manual says to install 4 of the screws

    is the fifth screw a spare?

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