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Suunto 7 Smartwatch $249 Delivered (Some Colours on Back Order / Low Stock) @ Amazon AU


Looks like this is Amazon's response to the JB Hi Fi deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656911). Better deal as 2% cash back on Shopback ($4.98) (Wearable tech). (Shopback's site also says cart needs to be empty before clicking on Shopback.) Looks like Cashrewards is 0% ("Watches category excludes smartwatches & fitness trackers (see Mobile Electronics)") and free delivery. I bought at JB. Oh well - still a good deal. Picked up yesterday so still learning the watch but happy so far. Haven't run with it yet but it looks like I might be able to use the Suunto fitness app instead of Strava and avoid annual Strava fee. (It does integrate with Strava if you're after that).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • WearOS has had the Bluetooth bug for a while. I ensure I have WearOS set as an app to autostart on my phone and the Bluetooth issues have mostly gone away.

    I've owned this watch since January this year and it's a pretty good watch for what it is. It's not a dedicated sports watch, but Suunto have done well to be able to get 12-15hrs GPS workout battery life out of it (only ones that have actually in the WearOS world)

    It's a shame it won't get Wear OS 3, so have to factor that into a buying decision. But has great build, great screen, great fitness features for someone that wants more than the usual smartwatch with bolted on minor fitness smarts.

    • Can you transfer mp3 files to watch for listening to music offline without phone?

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        Someone on the JB HiFi post said yes.

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      Yep, just read about OS 3 now. Coming out mid next year apparently. This has a Snapdragon Wear 3100 Mobile processor while OS3 requires 4100. Not a worry for me. Very happy with this at the price so far.

      • Yeah it's pretty decent at this price. I'm a bit salty because I paid 400 for it at JB and was tossing up between this and the Ticwatch Pro 3 (which will now get Wear 3).

        But overall it's a nicer watch and build than Ticwatch and just way better at a lot of things. You'll be quite happy with your purchase.

        • Thanks. Good to know re the Ticwatch. May look at a Ticwatch when considering an lte phone - which won't be for quite a while. There was an Ozbargain deal on an AU version of Ticwatch Pro 4 - but that isn't available at the moment (on Amazon). How do you know the build quality - from reviews or have you handled one?

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      Thanks re bluetooth tip. Will give that a go.

    • How do you find the battery life for day to day "smartwatch" usage?
      I love that my Garmin lasts be 5+ days when I'm not using the GPS but I like the Suunto look better

      • Looking to be less than a day at the moment.

        • Darn that'd be a deal breaker for me :-/

          • @Calcifer: Can't actually see where to set gps accuracy but I'm guessing that only activates when doing an excersise. Their website says you can use it for up to 7 hours with GPS - maybe I have got some settings wrong (?)

          • @Calcifer: Today is actually the first day I'm starting the day with it at 100% charge, doing a short run with gps and keeping the time display (my preference) and Bluetooth on the whole day. Will update here how I go with the battery.

            • @belbo: So - I put the watch on at 6am, fully charged (but only got out of bed at 7am). It is now just about midnight and the battery is on 8%. I wore it the whole day, with Bluetooth and time display on the whole time (I don't like having to wait for the time display to respond my wrist movement - and it seemed to respond erratically anyway. I went for a 30 min run, listening to a downloaded Spotify playlist, with GPS set to 10 sec readings (rather than 1 sec). I haven't tried the 1 sec GPS updating but I like the smooth route interpolation with the 10 sec interval. I listened to quite a few hours of Spotify over the course of the day (in the car and at home). About half way through the day I turned off the setting to show music controls automatically and set the middle right button to open Spotify. The watch shows media controls and song information even when the connection is between two other devices (eg phone and car radio, or phone and home AV receiver using Spotify connect) - not sure how much extra battery this uses (vs just maintaining the BT connection). I did a fair amount of Spotify use on the watch (skipping tracks, volume control etc). I had a few incoming call notifications during the day and the usual mirroring of phone notifications etc. I think that pretty much covers how I used it. I'm happy with this level of battery capacity. My phone (LG V30+) actually ran out of juice long before the watch. I never used to keep BT on on the phone - and that has evidently drained a lot of juice on the phone. Anyway - it is time for a new phone too.

              • @belbo: Update on battery life. Yesterday put the watch on at 100% at 8.30am. Bluetooth on the whole day. Went for the same 30 min run with 10s gps recording and listening to Spotify the whole time. Had Tilt-to-wake turned off. A few notifications, replies and incoming calls during the day. Listened to some, but not to much, Spotify in the car or at home. At midnight battery life was 37%. I'm guessing that might have got me through the night if I wanted to sleep with it on and charge in the morning. May try that tonight. Phone with Bluetooth on the whole day ran out of juice long before. Looks like I may be pre-ordering a Pixel 6 ;-).

    • Thanks. It seems I wasn't experiencing a glitch. It seems that when the watch is connected the phone just doesn't show it as connected for some reason - ie in the Bluetooth status bar icon or on the Bluetooth connections settings. Could be an issue with the phone - or just the way it is meant to work for some reason (?). I will remove that comment about the glitch in the main post.

      • Should show the Bluetooth icon on the watch. Make sure you add the WearOS app to Autostart on your phone, and in the WearOS app it should prompt you under the photo of the watch, to maintain the connection or words to that effect.

        Also never have the watch in flight mode

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    Thanks OP, no black in stock near me at JB and Amazon has a much better and easier returns policy

  • Thanks OP, glad Amazon having price matching now and I should have waited for it before getting it from JB HIFI.

    • Yeah. Same here. We will know for next time.

  • 799 last year

    • Yep. That was what the sticker on the box from JB said. ;-)

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    At this price point would you pick the Suunto 7 over the ticwatch pro 3 ?

    Read a lot about the tickwatch sensors failing very early on in use. And it is not water proof.

    • I will skip mobvoi's watch for a few year, bought ticwatch pro 2020 last year, after using it in water a few times, now it's screen dead.

  • Apologies. I got it wrong regarding the cash back. (I did say I was guessing that the watches category applied). I have updated the main post. Looks like 2% at Shopback and 0% at Cashrewards. Also looks like Amazon is "Temporarily out of stock" (Ozbargained!) on the black and low on stock on a couple of the other colours. PS About to go for my first run with it - will use the Suunto app.

  • I'm really tempted to pull the trigger. The sleep tracking and recovery score is the thing I'm most interested in in a wearable, and the reviews on this in that regard seem pretty good. But by all accounts the battery is incredibly average.

    • Re the battery life, see my comments above on my use-case. I can probably do more to conserve battery - eg I have turned off Tilt-to-wake today, which I don't need as I have the screen always on. I could probably adjust some of the brightness settings too. Depending on your budget, you could buy 2 of these at this price and still be below the cost of something comparable. Any watch will require recharging at some point, which means not doing your measurements over that time, but if you have 2 of these you can have constant measurement. Also, this charges pretty quickly - not sure how long comparable watches take to charge, but that is something to take into account - ie how long and how often you need to be without your measurements for recharging on comparable watches - ie its not just about how long the battery lasts each day. (I'm not really interested in the sleep tracking, so I'm happy charging at night.)

  • Just had a look at prices and deal is expired. Best prices still seem to be on Amazon with black at $450 and others around $400 - $410. Back to $599 at JB HiFi with no black available. Really enjoying the watch - very useful for me for a number of reasons - and very happy to have been able to buy on the deal.

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