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MSI Radeon RX 6600 MECH 2X 8G Graphics Card $699 Delivered @ Scorptec


Here we are again ladies and gents - RX 6600s are in stock (briefly). It's really hard to see this as a "deal" considering it's above launch price by more than 15%. Considered not posting it as wouldn't class it as a bargain (managed to snag one yesterday at $609).

These cards appear to be selling like hotcakes, and they seem to do a similar job at rasterization to RTX 2060 Super (which sell for above this price secondhand right now) so perhaps someone might benefit from it. Still, for 1080p gaming… dismal. All the best.

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    Should I…………

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      RX 580 in 2020: ~$150-300
      RX 580 in 2021: ~$600

      RX 6600 vs RX 580 ~35% faster at 1080p.

      The card is either worth $300 new (2020) or more than $600 new (2021).

      If you need to play, it's not quite PS5 price… go for it. But it's not really a bargain IMO

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    as cant justify paying over $600 for Video card just to play general sim racing games

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    This morning paid $609. Then saw price increase for same model.

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      Likewise. It's a little sick when retailers blatantly do this, however welcome to capitalism. Enjoy your card

  • its becoming like petrol prices

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      Petrol prices can go down

      • lol

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        This one will too, just longer cycles.

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    Thank you, I got it, I got it this time.

    • Glad to hear, enjoy your card

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    How do they get new stock on the weekend? I can't help but wonder if they and other retailers deliberately withhold stock to manipulate demand and extort a higher price.

    • Rather than dropping it all at once, spread it out over the day/weekend. Gives all sorts of opportunities for other people working/away/commitments etc.

      i've seen them drop cards at 9pm at night. random. i think its good.

    • Definitely spread out. No way they got more stock in a day or two.

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    The 6600xt was lower than this price. The GPU market is a sh#tshow

  • I'm not sure if there were actually any stock to buy, but on launch day I saw it listed for $609 on scorptec's website.

    The trend seems like they sell it at the manufacturers dicated price at launch, only to jack it up afterwards

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      They were at $609 earlier today at scorptec.

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    This at $699 vs a 3060ti at $1,100?

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      3060ti is much better, I reckon if you have the money go for the RTX card
      But idk if $1100 is worth paying for a 3060ti
      Neither is $700 for this 6600

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      3060ti: At $1100, it's 37.5% more expensive. 30-40% faster in 1080p without Ray Tracing. 2.5x - 3x faster in Ray-traced workloads. Great encoder. DLSS is amazing.

      RX 6600: Better comparison to 3060 non-ti for 1080p 60 FPS gaming, which comes in at around $900 in current market. This might be compelling at $549, pretty close at $609. At $699 it's a tough one IMO, however given the insane market where 2060 Supers (which this often matches for non RTX loads) sell for $900, this might be a good deal. AMD FSR has a way to go to match DLSS. Power draw on these cards is very low, highest performance-per-watt of graphics cards in this class. Might even run on a 450W 25A or less.

      Realistically, the prices are insane despite being relative, and paying more than $399 for this and $549 for the 3060 ti seems… difficult in 2021.

      Hoping others will chime in

    • in short if you need a new graphic card like me. Rx 480 then the answer is 100% yes. There is very slim chance that you would get a 3060 non ti or not sub $1k. if you got the money go for 3060 ti - why not right?

  • it's not XT version

    • good point , i thought the same

      • The difference is about 10-15% in performance (XT is higher btw)

  • This still in stock.. Noone buying it lol

    • waiting a restock somewhere else that might be closer to the 600 … i was tempted yesterday but….

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