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MSI RTX 3060Ti Ventus 2X OC V1 8GB LHR Graphics Card $1139 + Delivery @ Evatech


Not much if a deal but it's something, not the worst deal around

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Evatech Australia
Evatech Australia


  • $1139 for those wondering.

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    Low end 2 fan 3060ti for $1139

    • I purchased this card for $999 from centrecom last deal
      The cooling on this card is borderline acceptable, after 30 mins of playing back4blood on epic settings @1080P, the highest temp it hit was 79c with a 120% power limit and no overclock set to core or memory, the fans on this card are quiet but don't spin very fast at 100% speed, only hitting 2500RPM, overclocking this card any further will see the card tip closer to the 85c degrees, which is way too hot in my opinion

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    Wasn't it $1099 yesterday, in the $999 rtx 3060 post?

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    I should have invested all my money in GPU futures… every day the price goes up

    • Then with the millions you would have made you could buy up all the gpus and continue the cycle of life.

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    Still too high for me

    • Can you find a better GPU deal? You always post on them and are quite negative.

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        $1079 - 3 Fan

        $1128 - 3 Fan

        All overpriced. Not a bargain in my eyes sorry. You don't have to agree. But I just don't want to see anyone continue the overcharging cycle and to pay a good/better price and save themselves some cash. Sometimes waiting is the best choice.

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          "Sometimes waiting is the best choice."

          Personally, I don't think waiting an indefinite time period (likely years, from the start of the 3xxx release) to potentially save yourself $200-$300 is worth it. What good is cash if you don't use it to buy the things you want?

          All evidence suggests that prices aren't going back to pre-covid and pre-chip shortage levels. Now Nvidia can see what they really can charge people, I expect those trends to continue.

        • That's your personal opinion mate. You don't need to downvote every post just because your wallet's empty

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            • @Auspcbuilda: then why do you care about the price of a 3060 ti? why don't you just buzz off?

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                @BugsMax: Because I build PC's for gamers. And I do it at no profit/hobby/love and like to get people the best deal I can. Thats why I care about the price, I am currently looking at buy 3 to build systems for people and get them the best price possible. I also want everyone/gamers to get the best price they can even if I am not building it. Thats what the sites about, getting a bargain, helping each other, not what's the cheapest overinflated price today. Im sorry if your upset by this, but I would let it go now.

                • @Auspcbuilda: If you care about helping people and build PC's yourself - why don't you post deals you find rather than criticise in the comments? Seems all you do is just speak negative about other peoples deals and never contribute yourself.

  • Lol more expensive then last deal.

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    Should not even be posted at this price,

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        Your approach to the community sucks.

  • The exact price I paid for 3080


    really glad I backordered that time

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      So do the millions of people globally who didnt, but here we are..

      I cant see the days of the release price not being heavily inflated by stores till even beyond the 40 Series, Its going to be mayhem when that card drops as EVERYBODY wont want a repeat of this and missing out

      • I agree 100%

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