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Colorful RTX 3060 Ti NB Battle-Ax 8G LHR Graphics Card $1079 + Standard Delivery @ EvaTech AU


Cheapest 3060 ti right now. Will leave it up to the community to decide whether this is a good deal, however it's only 7.9% more than the lowest 3060, with potentially more than 7.9% higher performance. Cheers

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  • What on earth is this price?

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      At what point do you see the prices getting better? It has been going up for a year and has not once since launch been anywhere near MSRP

      • 3060ti was going for ~850 a couple of months ago, but that was during the period where crytpo's were low. Crypto is back up and on a bull run so i dont see it returning to that price for a while. Plus the news that supply will be limited for the foreseeable future too.

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          850 is still well above MSRP, and it was very very brief.

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      I guess you have not been following the GPU prices lately.

      This is probably the best price in 2-3 months' time.

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    Still too high, right track down tho.

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      If the sources on this are correct, then they plan to artificially keep the prices high for the time being:

      • +9

        Sounds right. Price fixing without being price fixing. Joys of no competition (because the competition is also completely sold out). Horrible stuff happens.

      • +5

        yup can't blame miners now….. the real scumbag is NVIDIA. I'll be bet the next-gen card will also be price hiked at MSRP :P

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          The market has already proved their willing to pay much higher prices for GPUs compared to 2 years ago, I expect they'll lean in to this

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            @themilkmanbot: Lol seems I'm quitting pc gaming if this is the case… I'm still holding on a 7950 but I will never pay these prices…

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              @Slippery Fish: One (hopeful) possibility is Intel's entry in to the market will create both more competition and supply and we end up getting cards at MSRP

            • @Slippery Fish: I had a 7950 earlier and got an used 1080 for cheap when the crypto crashed the first time couple of years ago. I am hoping if that happens, I can grab a 3080 for cheap. Whats wrong in dreaming right ;)

              • @John Doh: 7050 has been a good card tbh, dont regret buying but wish I hadn't waited for new cards for upgrade 😂

                • @Slippery Fish: Its a pretty decent card, but I wouldnt bet on it anymore if I have to enjoy gaming. Still a good 1080P Medium settings card.

          • @themilkmanbot: The only thing that can bring the prices down is the Crypto crash.

            • @John Doh: Not only, the last time this happened it ended when ASIC miners took over the market.

          • @themilkmanbot: Yep this is just like for mobile phones. People a few years ago would not even consider paying over $1000 for a top of the range phone but now 2k is the norm.

      • I bought a GTX1080 years ago. I'm still using it, but its the first and last nVidia I'll ever own.

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    Looks like cheap knock off

    • +7

      colorful is one of the bigger mainland chinese card makers, do agree that the colour scheme looks offbrand but its definitely legit and not too bad of a card, given its triple fan

    • +1

      colorful has been around very long time …

      even since colorful geforce 6600 agp

    • They sell more volume and a wider range (affordable to exorbitantly expensive) than ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA and MSI… I think they're only surpassed in sales volume by Palit.

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    There is no free delivery option so around $1100

    • +1

      Thanks, updated

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    Not a bad card!

  • I've read NVIDIA has met it's minimum contract obligations for the year on supplying cards and has deliberately suspended all manufacturing till 2022 to keep RRP high for its next release

    • given the delay of Etherum bomb to next June, they dont need to do that, miners will buy everything up.

    • Happily buy an AMD at RRP .
      Maybe not a 6600 .

      • even AMD is more than 50% over RRP, except 6600 now, maybe you shall wait for Intel ARC.

  • +4

    $1000+ for xx60? No.

  • +2

    This "colorful" graphics card isn't very colourful

    • Maybe US cards

  • +3

    LHR should be 1/2 price.

    • 3060ti lhr can still do 70%of fhr. 40mh so value will still be there. Definitely not half price.

      • They can also mine other coins on the remaining 30% from few articles I read.

  • how much better than a 1070ti is this?

    • Not relevant difference. Definitely not worth an update

      • +4

        not really.

        3060ti performs slightly better than RTX 2080 Super,

        and much better than RTX 2080 which is roughly GTX 1080ti level

        then you have cards slotted in between such as RTX 3060, RTX 2070, RTX 2060 Super, which is GTX 1080 level

        then we finally meet our 1070Ti

        Not to mention 1070ti has ZERO support for ray tracing.

        So actually quite a reasonable jump in both raw performance and useful features.

        Price is another topic. (I personally will wait for price to drop to $800-$850 level)

        3060TI is actually quite a powerful card unlike the 3060.



        Some meaningful frame gain or potential for uplifting graphic setting right there.(less relevant if you only play FPS game)

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          Spot on!

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          You are absolutely right, for some reason i compared the regular 3060 to the 1070ti instead of the 3060ti. The 3060ti is definitely worth an upgrade.

    • I paid $400 for my GTX 1070Ti 3 years ago, I'm just praying that it doesn't die anytime soon.

  • Hey OP, price has increased to $1099

    • +1

      *$1139! Thanks, reported.

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