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Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB - $230.34 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Fullscreen 6.0 in (152 mm) display QHD+ (2880 x 1440) pOLED at 538ppi

12.2MP 1.4m Autofocus with laser + dual pixel phase detection Optical + electronic image stabilization

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 2.35Ghz + 1.9Ghz, 64Bit Octa-Core

4GB LPDDR4x RAM, 64GB Internal Storage

Current user, will be upgrading to the 6 or 6 Pro when they are released later this month.

The Pixel 2 XL

The phone will not receive the Android 12 Update, as it has come to its end of life cycle.

For those willing to tweak, you can unlock the bootloader, use a custom ROM from XDA that you like, pair it with Sultan Kernel (To both increase performance and get much better battery life).

I personally use the PixelDust ROM + Sultan Kernal and I see 5+ hours of screen on time regularly (that's almost 3 years after owning the device) with no games being played obviously. So just for regular use of browsing and different social media platforms, occasionally taking pictures and editing them too.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +30

    This phone is almost 5 years old…

    • +6


      Why would anybody buy this?

      • +34

        to make phone calls and send messages

      • +19

        Why would anybody buy this?

        For the QHD OLED display perhaps?
        And what other phone at this price is waterproof with such a good camera?

        Some other specs are dated, but look at the price!

        • Will you get Google Photos unlimited storage if you buy it?

          • -3

            @bob19: I've got this phone and.no, you won't.

            • +5

              @phoenixx: Yes you do. You get unlimited "high quality" uploads with the Pixel 2 for life.

              • -1

                @MrFunSocks: with a new google phone you also get like 2 years of original upload quality too.

                • @Mushe: No you don't. That stopped with the Pixel 3.

      • +1

        Ideal if you have a kid starting high school soon who needs a phone and can't be trusted not to lose/break a more costly one.

        A fairer question is how does it compare to other phones available at that price point. The answer I would imagine is quite well.

        And how much have phones really advanced in the last 4 years anyway? Small incremental improvements at best, nothing ground breaking.

        • +1

          Well to give one example of your question, I got the Vivo v50+ for 215 from memory about 4 months ago. Technically the processor is probabaly about the same, but it's got 128Gb and 6 or 8 Gb or ram. The camera on the vivo is surprisingly good, not sure if it's as good as this pixel but I use the wide and macro shots a lot, so I'd probably stick with the new one. It also comes with 2 years warranty, is from JB, and has all the bells and whistles of a newer phone including under screen fingerprint scanner.

          Having said that, all the processing power and ram in the world won't help you if you have cr*p software, and there are plenty of times where the phone has become laggy and I need to reset it. Probably happening at least once a month, but maybe twice, it's been getting worse of late. If a couple of the critical points, like the multiple cameras, were here I'd have no hesitation buying this, despite being end of life for software updates.

          • +1
            • @ozhunter68: yeah that's it, about 6 months ago at least actually, lockdowns are screwing with my sense of time

          • @Jackson: Pixel 2xl has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. So you over time as you take the phone out of the pocket, you learn to do the bio metric id during that period and by the time the phone is in front of you to view everything, it's all ready to go.

            64 GB isn't ideal and I don't game so I can't say much about its chops as a gaming phone.

      • -2

        crypto miner

    • is still a really good phone if you need a cheap one… but yeah, the pixel 6 is going to be announced this week

      • +1

        pixel 6 will be 3x+ the price of this phone …..

        • +1

          pixel 6 is confirmed to be $999, as I said, if you are looking for a cheap one, go for the pixel 2

          • +1

            @luizmarin: That's like saying something,…….but really saying nothing lol.

        • 4x the price

    • +4

      For $235 this is a great phone. The camera and Google's photo software are fantastic.

    • +3

      Less than 4. First available in November 2017

    • Whilst i highly recommend Pixel phones, i would recommend people stay away from this deal. The original post correctly say it will not receive Android 12 Update BUT more importantly it will not receive security updates. In fact according to Google support site, it's last security update was in Oct 2020 (though i see a article from the Verge saying it got a Nov 2020 update).


      • Correct. Support for this phone officially ended in October 2020. After that time. No guarantee of any updates.

    • And more worryingly hasn't received security updates since late last year.

      I wouldn't personally buy a phone that no longer receives security patches.

      • Still receives Google Play system update.
        If you click on unknown links nothing can protect you. Not even newest iPhone or Pixel with Titan security chip.
        Phones getting attacked because of no security update is very rare compared to fishing attacks that we see every week.

  • +10

    Mine is still going fine.

    • +4

      Same here, just the regular Pixel 2 though. Might be looking to upgrade to the Pixel 6 this year or wait it out for next year's phone haha

    • My battery runs out in a few hours without any use. I carry around a brick battery to use it. It's not easy to replace the battery. If you get lucky, you maybe able to do it without breaking the screen.

      I do like the free Google Photos storage you get from using this phone. And the camera is pretty good.

    • +1

      Mine is also going great… a little bit too great to upgrade unfortunately. The battery still feels like new even after 3 and a half years.

  • +10

    honestly this is a great phone. great camera, design.

    • +1

      Literally! only reason i upgraded was the usb charging port became loose interally and wouldn't charge consistently

      • +5

        @choumada I had the exact same problem with my Pixel 2XL. I took it to Telstra thinking it was faullty.
        The Telstra woman pulled out her trusty SIM ejector tool and scraped out a ball of lint. Problem solved!!
        BTW best phone I ever owned, I upgraded to the Pixel 4XL but in reality it was just an incremental upgrade.

        • +1

          I had this problem with my headphone jack on the v30+, took me a lot longer than a couple of minutes to get it all out it was compressed down so hard

  • -3

    Not sure how much longer phones can run smoothly on 4GB of RAM.

    I had to upgrade because I think the RAM was slowing me down more than the 4 year old CPU/SOC.

    Good luck fellow smartphone users.

    • +2

      My pixel 2 is still running great and very smooth. Prob gonna upgrade to the 6 this year just for the larger screen. Remember google does a good job of not bloatwaring this shit like Samsung and other companies do.

      • +2

        same here, launch pixel2 xl running pretty damn good

      • +2

        I think the 2XL is the first android phone I've owned since the HTC Dream that I've not had to do an occasional factory reset on. Mines still going strong after almost 4 years of service, battery is still solid and it performs well.

      • Remember google does a good job of not bloatwaring this shit like Samsung and other companies do.

        Google have about 30 uninstallable bloatware apps on Pixels lol.

    • My LG V40 partially died (cant make or receive calls) so I am now back on my 2XL.

      It's not as fast or responsive as the LG was and does suffer from the odd stutter, but it's good enough for normal day to day use.

      My main gripes with the 2XL were that since new video calls drain the battery to quickly and heat it up a lot. Given its now a few years old, the battery is pretty rooted and I need it on charge several times a day with moderate to heavy usage.

      The camera is also crap, not great like people say. The LG V40 has a miles better camera and I still take it to work with me just for use photoing stuff.

      • +1

        With your V40 is it the software stopping you from making and racieving calls? I hated the last update where lg screwed the search option. I ended up installing linageOS on mine and it runs great.

        Maybe unlock the bootloader and install a custom rom to see if fixes your calling issues.

        • Sounds like def worth a try, I know I would if I had one.

        • Well the odd thing was it worked to make/receive calls over WiFi calling but most of the time it wasn't working to make or receive calls over 3G or 4G. 3G or 4G data connections worked fine though and I just assumed that a decent drop of the phone in the preceding days had upset it (no external case though due to case protecting it).

          Well guess what, I searched now and found others on Reddit with the same problem. Seems it was a problematic update that nerfed them but a new update is out now. m

          Made sure all the latest updates were installed and it seems to be working!


          I paid $400 in December 2019 for the LG and sadly you can't buy a non-Chinese phone with equivalent yet alone better specs now!

    • I keep forgetting I do this weird thing with phones and fill it up to the max with as much stuff as I can possible.. so my experience in this category is definitely not the norm.

      Something about testing the limits of a phone device is really interesting to me.

      Sorry for the dumb comment all.

  • Any chance these could be turned into a 7/11 chopper?

    • +1

      Yes, but you might as well look for a cheaper option..

    • What are the best chopper options now that 7/11 python is gone?

      • +1

        Cheapest phone (new or used) that is:
        - not network locked
        - has custom ROMs that are android 10 equivalent or above
        - Easy bootloader unlocking process

        Samsung entry range while cheap, have their own partition system so to push info into the bootloader.. you need the ODIN tool.

        • Cheers, any apps you can recommend?

          • @nub: What apps are you after…?

            • @cwongtech: Something to lock in the rates. Like the old python script did.

        • Why???

      • Think a used 5s and above, providing you connect it to PC.
        My 4S wouldn't run the 711 app due to the iOS version. Needs 12+

        Any cheap android phone you can root.

        Not sure if you can do it on device with the android.

        I would pick a device from this https://www.xda-developers.com/root/amp/ then go from there. Maybe avoid Xiaomi as they have some weird optimization thing going which can break things.

        • -2



    • Tried googling it but only getting underbelly results

    • Didn't know 7/11 made helicopters out of phones


  • +6

    I wouldn't use it as a phone, but it makes for a great little video camera for non-technical people at work who may need to video a meeting or class or building site etc. Plenty of people have never used a video camera but know how to use a phone. Free high-quality cloud backup coupled with Smart Storage means you never have to manually copy videos and photos off.

    A wireless USB mic like this will help with audio.

    It can also be used as a wireless or wired webcam with an app like Iriun or XSplit Connect.

    The Recorder app can also transcribe in realtime, useful for people who need to record meetings.

  • +6

    This was my favourite phone ever. The build was great, loads of third party roms.

  • +10

    I had this phone a few years ago. I still find the photos on this phone to be better then my current Samsung S21 Ultra. The AI and processing on Google's photos is simply amazing.

    • +3


      The photos I took on my 2XL on our last trip to Japan are some of the best I've ever taken on a phone.

  • +11

    dont get the haters, amazing value for the $200 range

    • Exactly. If I was in the market for a phone and my budget was $250, I'd be all over this

    • Agreed.

    • +1

      The "flagship or die" brigade moaning about $200 phones not being as good as $2k phones. Very boring.

  • +1

    Why get this over a Poco X3 Pro, apart from the camera?

    • +3

      You'd get this for the camera

      • The camera on this is definitely starting to show its age. While it had insane chops back when it came out, we had a night shootout and my poor 2xl got absolutely wrecked by a Samsung S10 =(

        • +1

          gcam on poco x3 pro is fantastic.

    • At least $135 in your pocket

    • Stock Android + over $100 cheaper.
      Also don't underestimate how much boomers hate having to learn how to use a new phone.

  • Had multiple usb-c failures on mine which were covered until warranty ran out but other than that great phone.

  • Poco X3 Pro is way better value. Got mine for $264 delivered on launch day.

    • great price, i got the poco x3 nfc for like $366 AUD total on launch day~

  • -1

    Ugh only 3520 mAh battery.

  • Does this still get unlimited full size back ups?

    Edit: seems like this perk ended Jan 2021 for the pixel 2.

    • Yep, only the original Pixel has unlimited full size backups now.

  • It's a good phone with decent battery life and an amazing camera / AI for the camera. Sweet, easy integration with the google services system so it kind of tries to stay out of the way and you're not fighting the phone's settings to do what you want.

    for the price this is great and had I not dropped my pixel 2XL badly, smashing the digitiser / lcd in about 5x places, I'd still be using this phone.

    Currently have the pixel 4XL, which is even better because it has a better screen and battery life. The 4XL feels more fluid because of its 90hz scrolling etc as well. But that phone had an issue with its charging port and got replaced with a refurb under warranty through optus. For about 9-10 days, I was back on my shattered pixel 2XL and I was surprised at how it wasn't a terrible experience, it still had enough juice to get me through a day in/out of work.

  • It's a good phone still. If there was a cheap way to replace the battery in my old one I might still be using it.

    • It's about $15 from Crazy Parts, but it includes no tools.

      For a written guide, ifixit is the place to look at.

      • For a written guide, ifixit is the place to look at.

        Yeah I've seen it but it looks like a b*tch to do and am worried that I'll mess it up.

        It's got the highest available difficult rating (or difficult).

        • It doesn't looks too bad, at least it only uses one type of screw.

          Maybe try and remove a battery from an old unwanted phone first for practice?

          • @silverrat23: I've done one screen (old iPod nano) and one battery (old 2nd gen nexus 7).

            The screen was a pain, battery not so much (the n7 was quite easy to disassemble).

            I don't think I would recommend screen replacement to general users, specially if iFixit list it as "difficult" - lots of opportunities to end up with a shoddy job or a broken replacement part. At that point you might as well just pay a shop to know you are going to get a good result

  • Great phone would recommend to anyone on a budget. Has surprisingly had no issues since my partner and I each got one 4 years ago. Takes nice photos which you can't really appreciate at first because the display does seem a bit dull to competitors but when you transfer them to a pc, looks amazing.

  • +1

    I am using a regular pixel 2 to write this post now. Still a great phone really that doesn't miss a beat. I will be finally upgrading to a pixel 6 when it drops tho.

    • Ditto, I've had to change the battery once ($80?), and replace the glass housing on the back twice ($50 each) but otherwise it hasn't really skipped a beat even until now. Can't remember the last time I held onto a phone for ~4 years.

  • Yeah, not a bad phone, bought the 128GB version last time during this sale for ~$220


    Although I would spend a bit more and get the Oppo A91 if you can find one for < $300.

  • what australian bands does it cover.

    • +5

      midnight oil, cold chisel and weddings, parties anything

  • It's a 4 year old phone, that price is hardly a deal. You can get the S8 and S9 for around the same price on amazon too, and they're phones that more people would enjoy using, not to mention they still look current whereas this looks like an old phone with its giant bezels.

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