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GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) Travel Router $70.46 Delivered @ GL.iNet via Amazon AU


Almost at historical low price according to the camels

Great little device, might come in useful now that travel looks to be back on the cards …

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Anyone know how speeds fair with a VPN over wi-fi for this model? I tried the 2.4GHz one and it was very slow (from ~100mbps to ~3mpbs with the closest VPN server).

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      There will be smarter minds than mine on this topic, but I think you'll find that's the VPN provider not the router - I used two of these everyday in AU for Canadian VPN (via Express) and it works a treat into their Vancouver PoP. I'm on a HFC theoretical 1gbps NBN connection, but certainly no issues streaming HD over the VPN.

      • I run the VPN through my phone and PC as well and they seem to get good enough speeds

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      Can you run the VPN at PC level instead of the router? To run on a router you should look for one with an ARM CPU instead.

      • I hadn't tried that, probably a good idea. Thanks

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      From the marketing guff it looks like OpenVPN maxes out at 17Mbps, Wiregaurd at 68. 3 is a bit average. I have the bigger brother MT1300 and its not much better. Haven't measured and use Nord over OpenVPN but notice it is waaaayyy slooowww

    • Travel one won t give u good speed due to weak CPU. Get S1300 n the likes.

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      Your speed is on low side but still within the expected ballpark when running OpenVPN on a unit in this niche. If you want to a run a VPN at router level and get good speeds, then a model with a reasonably powerful processor is needed. Be worth checking if your VPN provider offers the Wireguard protocol, as it's less demanding of the router's CPU and should offer a substantial boost in speed over OpenVPN.

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    My personal experience on GL-AR750S is
    the speed will drop quite significantly once connected to another internet source (eg. Wifi, mobile hotspot)

    Would recommend getting the GL-MT1300 when there's a discount
    It can be as low as $78 - $84 from OZB


  • Sorry for the crap formatting, but here's the theoretical max speeds for all their units (marketing guff šŸ˜‰). Please note this is done on a local network and there are many variables that you have to take into account for VPN speeds. AX1800 (Flint) is their new WiFi 6 router, should be available from Amazon AU around end November. From a router hardware point of view the processor is probably your biggest constraint to VPN speeds. Also worth noting that if you're using a mini router that's 2.4Ghz only and connecting to your source router via WiFi, you're already losing 1/2 your bandwidth even before enabling a VPN. šŸ˜•

    Mini WG OVPN
    AR150 35 7
    MT300N-V2 45 11
    AR300M 50 15

    Travel WG OVPN
    AR750 50 15
    AR750S 68 17
    MT1300 91 21

    B/S/AP 1300 192 25
    B2200 192 30
    MV1000 280 97
    AX1800 667 112

    MiFi 35 7
    X750 38 10
    E750 50 10

    • Tests conducted on a Local Network. Real world speeds may differ depending on your network configuration.

    • OpenVPN speeds will be slower when running the device as a server. Results above are in client mode.

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      Any chance to have a discount for GL-MT1300 in any time soon? Cheers

      • I am actively looking out for a discounted price ahead of moving into my new home

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        Doesn't matter what product goes on sale or if the deals from Gl-Inet or direct from Amazon, someone always asks for a different product … LOL

        I'll ask about MT1300 deal :)

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        Check tomorrow :)

  • Is there much benefit using the on-device VPN instead of just using it on devices that are connected to it?

    • Don't have to manage multiple devices (including family member's if applicable).

    • Some devices unable to connect to VPN with onboard hardware/software, like TVs.

  • The best investment ever. I was having problems with my home internet and working from home that is not good.
    I used this little guy to connect to my smartphone 5G via wireless and replicate it allowing me to work from home.

    Dude, I was working from home, watching smart TV, even playing Xbox Series X(Call of Duty Modern Warfare).
    Sure, for gaming it was awesome but not ideal but man, it holds better than big routers out there.

    I totally recommend it.

    • so do you connect your 5g with hotspot to the gl inet router?

      • That is correct. GL will look for any wireless network like your smartphone 5G hotspot for example.
        From its browser, you just need to find the network and authenticate.

        You only do this once.
        Now, every time I have home internet issues, I just enable the hotspot, turn GL on, turn off my wireless router, wait a minute or so and that is it.

        To make things as more practicable as possible, I did set the wireless on it just like my wireless router. Same name, password, etc.
        Meaning, all my devices will automatically connect to the wireless (GL) once it is up. I don't need to bother my partner or touch any devices, 1min.

        • could you just use the 5g hotspot from your phone without the gl router?

          Or does using the router give you more benefit somehow?

          • @MagicTsukai: My PC does not have a wireless card and Xbox via wireless isn't the best way to game online.
            I use its 2x Giga port to have those devices wired, something my phone cannot provide.

  • A very nifty device, and has served me very well while travelling, not sure if I would recommend due to some stability issues I've seen at home.

    Recently used it as a temporary home router replacement while the original NBN router was being replaced.
    Had intermittent periods of 15% packet loss which made most WFH calls almost impossible. Gaming was also basically impossible. Maybe I had too many devices connected? (~10)

    Forums report similar issues with AR750s and other models too… Keen to hear if anyone else here has stories of stability issues with GL.iNet travel routers?

    Shame because it really has all the features you need.

    • IMO mango is the best traveling router
      given its size and easily powered by powerbank

      Speed probably is not the main issue while travelling anyway
      I have no issue using mango for streaming netflix with the hotel captive wifi

    • Hmm that is weird. I used it to connect to my smartphone 5G hotspot while having issues with my LBNCo
      Netflix, SmartTV, even playing Xbox (COD) and it did better than the credit it has.

      I have Optus which is 10/10 and this little beast gives you a peace of mind.

  • What do people say is good for home use??? This GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) for $70 or the MANGO one for $36 ??

    home is not really getting any FTTP/FTTH so max speed on internet is already like upto 100 Mbps.
    usually internet plan is upto 50 Mbps down.

    Main use - for VPN and privacy

    Nevertheless still want to connect my printers and other stuff to the network. I understand i can simply connect those 'printers and other stuff' to main wifi network, and connect devices to main network instead of this router when needing to use those 'printers and other stuff' wirelessly.

    But wondering what people suggest?

  • Iā€™m trying to understand, what is the main reason to use this for VPN at home were one can connect their existing router to VPN.

    Is it only specific devices connected to this wifi will have vpn and rest would be on main wifi. How is this going to solve privacy issue?

    Iā€™m just curious to know.

    • Because most of the devices will still only be connected to the VPN enabled router (GL.inet one)

    • Same question here.
      I use Pi-Hole in my network to protect our privacy, and if I ever need to use a third-party VPN, just set it in the router.

      VPN appears to be a large mistake among people, they use VPN to be "protected" without knowing that the VPN they seek is a third-party service that can use the data for whatever they want.

      Pi-Hole blocks all the tracking, statistics, personal data collection. The only VPN I have is a WireGuard VPN running from Pi-Hole so I can connect to my home while out and still be behind Pi-Hole.

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