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Colorful RTX 2060 Battle-Ax NB 6G Graphics Card $739 + Delivery @ Evatech


Considering the rumoured 2060 re-release, and that the last 2060 posted was so "well-received", am back for more punishment with one that's cheaper.

-edit- let's try that again.

3060 - 15-30% faster than this card at 1080p
RX 6600 - Faster by 5-15%. Trades blows with 2060S

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    So well received

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    Not sure where you got your benchmarks from but 3060 is 22 to 30% faster than 2060 and 6600 is only 5% behind 3060

    Edit: 6600 is 15% faster than 2060 at 1080p

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      Thanks - correcting post.

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    We are now going backwards in performance for more money…

    I swear people post these GPU "Deals" just to trigger people..

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      This does appear to be happening.

      I'm enjoying sharing deals because I refreshed Ozb about a thousand times a day for weeks before managing to get a 6600, & understand how frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, the overall value is… poor in current market, to say the least.

  • Here we go again

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    All the performance stats the OP claims are incorrect.

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      Thanks - correcting post.

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    better to wait for next 3060 Ti deal around $860 or below

  • Too high for me

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    What poor value. I bought a brand new Aorus 2070 Super for less than this, when times were good.

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      Ye sadly with GPU market right now, everything is at least double than their original price. And consider with the Covid still going on even after 2022, expect GPU market price will increase next year. (Pretty sure Nvidia and AMD won't change the pricing but Increase it instead)

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    lol what

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    This is roughly what I spent for a new RTX2070 Super a couple of years back…

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    BUHAHAHAHAHHAAH sooo they've priced a 2060 at 2070super prices?

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    Not great but oh my goodness y'all nobody cares about your faster card you bought two years ago for $500 because we don't have time machines

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    OP, my advice is don't bother wasting your time and energy posting these type of poor GPU deals here. We are all feeling quite dissolution over this poo sandwich (GPU) market this year, so you might as well spend your time enjoying life doing other things instead.

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      That's great advice… sadly I'm a glutton for punishment & people still need GPUs! I would never buy secondhand personally, especially mined cards, so this is the best contribution I can make. Cheers

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    You would have to have rocks in your head to buy one of these over a 6600 or 6600 XT (even at their inflated prices).

  • Good gods no.

  • These cards are pretty much are gtx 1080 performance with RTX gen 1 support

    400-500ish card at best now

  • The only way i'm even thinking of buying a 2060 is if the rerelease card due in Jan is sub $500.

    Considering it's still using the 192 bit memory bus of the original 2060 the 6GB VRAM upgrade to 12GB is basically useless, the card can't use it.

  • 1) Massive rip off.
    2) Stats are incorrect.

  • 6600 or 6600xt is better at this price.

  • Graphics card noob question…

    Looking at buying are card what of the following would you suggest , just for general gaming Sim Racing mostly


    ASUS Radeon RX 6600 Dual 8GB
    Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 Eagle 8GB
    PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Fighter 8GB RDNA 2
    PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Hellhound 8GB RDNA 2

  • GPU prices and availability are still very high due to crypto and supply issues. A comparison for some popular AU shops here: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-in-australia-191021...

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