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AMD P2 Respirator Earloop Masks 50pc $102.30 (Was $149), T4H Headband $115.46 (Was $160) Delivered @ Australian P2 Mask


G’Day OzBargain, I wanted to thank the community again for all your support with our previous promo deal. A few of you were asking about the headband variation last time and we’re happy to say that AMD have given the okay to supply to retail customers, which means we can too.

HEADBAND T4H: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/product/amd-nano-tech-p2...

This might be our last promo for a while so we’re extending it into the second week of November rather than ending it at the end of the month. We’re thrilled that NSW case numbers are much lower than last month but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Our hearts go out to our friends in Victoria, that are now the most locked down region in the world and we’re really hoping those case numbers stay under 2000.

As we’re opening up here in NSW, with kids going back to school and the rest of us slowly heading back in to the office (goodbye PJs til 3pm) we want everyone to stay as safe as they can be with the NANO-TECH nanofiber filters that provide 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE. It keeps you safe for up to 24 hours and is extremely comfortable and breathable.

Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Our lab results and TGA: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/learn-more/
FAQs: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/faq/
If you’re still thinking that all masks are the same: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/2021/10/08/amd-p2-respir...

Thanks again,

The guy that desperately wants to go back to the pub.

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  • +6

    I think the market for respirators is rapidly drawing to an end (thank God)

    • +2

      and here comes the discounts as they try and clear stock

      • +7

        Yep I'm holding out hehe.
        I'll still be opting to use one for a while at busy places.

        Not to mention the other uses that existed prior to COVID like against sawdust and dusty gardening work, or heaven forbid the next bushfire smoke event.

    • +41

      Not here in Melbourne. Just bought 50 of these on the weekend. I'm not stepping foot into any public place without one of these masks. I'm also working at perfecting the skill of holding my breath, for any time a stranger (particularly mask free kids) come remotely close to me. It sounds mental, but virus free states have no clue what it's like to live here right now.

      • -44

        Definitely sounds mental. Relax a little.

        • +13

          You clearly not in Melb.

          • -1

            @andysa: My apologies, forgot about Melbourne

      • +15

        We're opening up here in Sydney and I'm still not galavanting around town. I can only imagine what it's like down in Melbourne right now. Stay safe mate.

      • Where did you buy the masks from?

        • +1

          Aussie Pharma Direct, they were the cheapest at the time. I trawled through the posts here on OzB and found a lot of the promo codes deals had expired.

      • -2

        why the fuc k are kids running around no mask, does Victoria want them to get sick first?

        • They are using the kids as testing bunnies.

        • -3

          because covid is soooo dangerous for kids right

        • Kids are far less likely to get it and if they do it's far less likely to be severe.

          More so, they are more likely to screw up wearing a mask cos, like, kids. Way back last year when I tried to get my niece and nephew to wear them they kept taking it off and mucking around with it cos it was annoying and made breathing more difficult.

          That said, they're just as good a virus vector as an adult once they've got it.

          I'd say the likely best path is to avoid taking them /everywhere/ but if you've got to you've got to. Outdoors would be fine as the ventilation is good. :)

          In the end, though, I'd say COVID is something we're going to wind up living with as international visitors will be a vector even if we hit zero here (unlikely).

          On a personal front, this is not something I relish. My mother, despite being fully vaxxed, still has a high chance of dying if she gets it (1.4% from memory, down from 14% unvaxxed). Not a happy thought. :/

      • -16

        Did you hold your breath in 2017 when there was a flu epidemic with 150000 cases in Australia?

      • @sparkles I've got to ask, but are you seriously sick or suffering from poor health? Perhaps quite old? You've been vaccinated? Your post does seem a little fearful so I'm trying to understand what drives your fear.

      • -2

        Try one day in a very cold night outside, wear your mask and breath out. You will see aerosol coming out through the mask. Lol

    • +9

      Lol masks are going to be commonplace for years yet.

  • +3

    Happy to bite on this. Once we're able to move around more easily (and with the weather warming up) it'd be good to have a little more comfort and less potential for paranoia when in more crowded places. Public transport is a go!

    • +2

      The weather warming up is great! AMD P2 Respirators are great even as the warmer weather approaches, it's light, comfortable and breathable. I mean protection levels aside I really wouldn't want to be wearing a surgical mask in the middle of summer.

      • Yes! I'd prefer not to have to wear a mask at all - but I want to get out and about.

        Using Public Transport and being in more crowded environments does mean that having a decent and comfortable mask reduces risk when I don't feel comfortable to be going mask-less.

    • Iv'e had a few of these. Very uncomfortably in summer and hard to breathe through with warm ambient air.

    • +7

      :( We don't have cool RGB lights on our masks. Unfortunately, those vents won't keep other people around you very safe…

  • +9

    I clicked because I saw AMD

  • +8

    Is this better than the Intel version?

    • +6

      Heard Apple silicon is pretty good.

  • +6

    How many threads does this AMD have?

    • +3

      At least 1000. Way better as a mask than the 5600x

      • +2


      • Can I overclock this? If so, is water cooling the way?

  • Why these ones are so expensive?

    • +3

      Aussie made and P2 rated.

      • +1

        P2 rated material doesn't imply P2/N95 protection though, and these are still only tested as single-use items - it's blatantly false for OP to suggest they 'keep you safe' for up to '24 hours' - there's no testing that confirms this and is just a number they've picked to imply you can wear them all day.

        • +2

          It's still much better than a surgical mask. I use similar Korean made KF94 masks and I just find that the seal is pretty good and it's much more comfortable.

      • +3

        They also feature nanofiber filters, which are vastly different to the standard melt blown filters that you'll find in other masks, even P2 rated ones. AMD P2 Respirators have 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE which is far better than the bare minimum of 94% that you need for a P2 rating.

        There's a bit more info here if you'd like to read on: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/2021/09/22/p2-masks-vs-n...

    • +1

      Real p2 masks are like $4-5

      At $2 these are pretty cheap for the quality.

  • +3

    While I applaud the transparency on testing, I think it must be noted that these specifications (namely the P2) are tested under the proviso of a single use. Furthermore, to receive the full benefit of a P2/N95 mask, it must be fit-tested.
    Such N95 masks actually used in healthcare are single use as well - every donning/doffing disrupts the integrity of the fibres, scrunching or packing the mask while not in use disrupts the fibres, and touching the outside of the mask while taking on/off the incorrect way disrupts the fibres. Furthermore, these do not equate to fit-test requirements for true P95/P2 protection - particularly changing from taut 2x bands that cross below and above the ears to simple ear-loops, nor are tested on the wearer under speaking/breathing/moving conditions.
    Of course, they will provide reasonable barrier protection to droplets (rather than aerosols, which is what is implied by spreading the P2/N95 nomenclature everywhere), and the filter/shape is probably better than a standard surgical mask. Just an FYI for people who may think these provide true N95/P2 levels of protection

    • -2

      nurses doing single shifts, with one p2 mask, across multiplie people, probally dont fit the same specs as P2 masks.

    • These are all fair points, but I think we're letting perfect be the enemy of good.

      The alternative for most people is going back to using surgical masks, which is likely to be way leakier on the nose and sides than an N95 that has been reused for 20 hrs.

      Aaron Collins, https://www.reddit.com/user/coll0412/ did test KF94s after they've been used for 20-30 hrs if I recall correctly and their filtration efficiency was great https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M0mdNLpTWEGcluK6hh5L...

  • Hi! I'm just wondering how tight the headband version of this is?
    For example, with my reusable mask, I do like to drop it around my neck, and then pull it up when I'm near a crowd of people. I'm guessing it will be too tight to do this sort of thing comfortably?

    Thanks for the info!

    • +2

      It's a very tight fit, I wouldn't recommend adjusting the mask either as every time you remove your mask, it has the potential to compromise (your hands or the environment you're in might have things you don't want on the inside of your mask). Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for the info!

    • +1

      I have these masks and the fit around my face/chin provides an excellent seal.

      The headband is not tight and uncomfortable for me. It's actually very comfortable compared to other p2 masks that I've tried.

      Some other brand, I can't recall the name, but it's also Australian made, is dark grey colour, and goes for about 50 cents each.
      That headband hurts my ears and even my wife complains about it.

      I would recommend these masks.

      • Thank you, really appreciate the review! Excited to try it out.

      • are you referring to the T4H ones or the earloop ones?

        • Possibly respaguard?

      • Some other brand, I can't recall the name, but it's also Australian made, is dark grey colour, and goes for about 50 cents each.
        That headband hurts my ears and even my wife complains about it.

        I bought the other brand - wouldn't say the head band hurts my ears - unless you have a huge head. Mine is above avg.

  • +10

    $99 with free shipping and without coupon

    • +4

      We make sure that we're giving a good deal to the community here but I've legitimately never heard of these guys before. Have you shopped with them? Their site seems optimised for mobile and not really usable on desktop.

      In any case, we've also go the T4H headband masks available here: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/product/amd-nano-tech-p2...

    • +1

      awesome. thanks for sharing. There is always buyer's protection with paypal.

    • +17

      Not an official stockist, whereas Australian P2 is listed.

      For $3 saving on a $100 purchase, I'd personally would go with an official stockist

  • -2

    50pk of P2 masks go for less than $30.
    How is this a deal?

    • -1

      these are better than those, i bought the cheaper p2 masks aussie made.

      Good but i find i can't get perfect fit on the nose bridge, feel air when vreathing out

      i would get a ear saver to get a tigher fit.

    • Link please?

    • +1

      Because Australian made masks will always cost more and I rather support an Australian business which provide local jobs rather than it going overseas.

      People complain of loss of Australian jobs but not willing to put money where their mouth is.

      Find me Australian made masks for less than 1 dollar each.

  • Will you have kids sizes?

    • +1

      They're in the pipeline for sure. No ETA yet unfortunately.

  • Will you be making masks for children and babies?

    • +1

      AMD have plans to for sure but we don't have a definitive ETA just yet unfortunately.

      • Are these the 'standard fit' variant?

  • HOLD

    Prices like GPU's will only go down as demand wanes (less restrictions, no masks required in 99.9% of circumstances, we're double vaxxed, etc etc)

    Won't be surprised to see these prices fall even more over the next month or 2 as suppliers/distributors try to clear stock

  • Everytime I see AMD, I say Yes!

  • +4

    I bought these and noticed that the nose wire is weak and doesn't provide a good seal at the top. You can feel the air go into your eyes when exhaling.

    Also don't appreciate OP ignoring the hard hitting questions from previous questions. Why does the TGA note your product is not fluid resistant as you claim it to be?


    brings up 3 results:

    Mask type: Respirator
    Batch number: AN150920F
    Sponsor: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Manufacturer: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Label name: AMD Nano-Tech Particulate Respirator - T4 FFP2 P2

    Fluid resistance: Non-compliant
    Particle filtration: Compliant
    Sterility: N/A

    Mask type: Surgical respirator
    Batch number: AN220920F
    Sponsor: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Manufacturer: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Label name: AMD Nano-Tech Particulate Respirator - T4 FFP2 P2

    Fluid resistance: Non-compliant
    Particle filtration: Compliant
    Sterility: N/A

    Mask type: Surgical respirator
    Batch number: AN100920F
    Sponsor: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Manufacturer: Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd
    Label name: AMD Nano-Tech Particulate Respirator - T4 FFP2 P2

    Fluid resistance: Non-compliant
    Particle filtration: Compliant
    Sterility: N/A

    What does it mean by fluid resistance - non-compliant?

    • +1

      Because he's a reseller not the manufacturer.

      You can contact the manufacturer directly with those specific questions of yours.

      • +1

        People should have the right to see their response before purchasing. Their entire business model is selling this mask and they at the very least should be able to answer the question about the quality of the mask.

        • +3

          Hey mate the question you have asked is very product specific and down to the details. Not sure it warrants a negative vote but you should really contact the manufacturer directly.

    • +5

      Hey mate,

      I've raised this with the manufacturer and am not 100% sure as to why that is the case on the TGA website. I've just uploaded the latest VIC Lab test results of both mask types to a Google Drive link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BlRUQzc4SQA4JphfDypc...

      To my knowledge, we've never failed a test. Will provide updates once I hear back.

    • https://www.tga.gov.au/publication/guidance-medicalsurgical-...

      [TGA requirements for fluid resistance testing]

      "Fluid droplets generated by coughing, sneezing or some medical procedures are widely acknowledged to be a source of pathogen transmission, including the COVID-19 virus[1],[2],[3]. To effectively prevent disease transmission through fluid droplets, face masks must include a fluid resistant barrier. Fluid resistance will aid in preventing large droplets and splashes from reaching the mouth or nose, potentially transmitting the virus or other infectious agents. For this reason, the TGA requires face masks intended to be used in medical or surgical settings to be resistant to fluid penetration."

      @AustralianP2Mask ?

    • I can't seem to find the test reports on the TGA website for AMD masks anymore….. Strange…..

          • +3

            @amiafish: Where does it draw your stated conclusion?

            That second study is not published and has major methodological flaws

            • +1

              @Griefbringer: In the section "Vaccination after recovering from Covid 19", the study states that "Ab (anti-body) responses to vaccination in individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 are potent, at the same or higher level than those achieved with two vaccine doses".
              This quote references three further studies that demonstrate this effect.

              TBH, I don't know what the controversy is. Immunologists have always held as a matter of principle that vaccination + natural immunity confers superior protection than one or the other alone. In many cases, where case severity is high, seeking natural immunity is ill-advised (e.g. ebola, small-pox etc.) and vaccination-induced immunity would be the only tenable response. Not so with Covid 19.

              It's all moot anyhow, since vaccinations are only partially effective against infection and wane over time. In practice, this means that we will all get Covid in due time (as it is endemic), and develop natural immunity in addition to vaccination-induced Abs (if we're vaxxed).

              • +1

                @amiafish: Yes, it says 'same or higher', not "much superior" as you initially stated. I am aware of those 3 studies, and they don't carry a lot of weight in isolation - there a few studies published that show poorer antibody responses. Certainly a work in progress.

                The controversy lies in the implication that it's 'okay' to get COVID-19 before vaccination, as you will still have immunity. This is flawed on a number of reasons. Not least because there is considerable mortality (2% all-comers, markedly higher in elderly group) and morbidity (so-called long COVID symptoms) and the costs associated with a sick population and an overburdened healthcare system.

                At this stage broad, all-group, high vaccination rates should be the public health goal.

                The other point is that a high quality NEJM study showed re-infection following previous infection (i.e. failed 'natural immunity') was worse and more common than those re-infected after vaccination (i.e. failed 'vaccination'). So, on a public health basis, initial vaccination is still better.

                • @Griefbringer: Yes, the paper states same or higher (referencing the sum findings of other studies). Quite correct.

                  You state that there are studies that show poorer Ab response from vaccination+natural immunity than from vaccination alone? That is, I must say, shocking (and unbelievable) to me.

                  The idea that the body would produce an inferior Ab response after having been exposed to the spike protein (through vaccine) and the 27 other proteins making up SARS-Cov-2 (via infection) than after only having been exposed to the spike protein alone is astonishing.

                  I'm therefore assuming you must be meaning something else…perhaps you mean that natural immunity alone is not as powerful as double vaccination? If so, that's potentially correct, but has never been the subject of this conversation.

                  As to your commentary about the "implication" of pointing out that natural immunity+vaccine is better than either alone, I give exactly zero figs. If people want to parse scientific findings into their own prescriptions for safe conduct (which they do), they will live (or die) with the consequences. Callous as it is, that's the way things go…with finances, love matches, career success etc…the clever and fortunate take the spoils, the stupid and unfortunate get the shaft.

                  Anyone over the age of about 40 (or in poor health) who thinks that rolling the dice with Sarc-Cov-2 is better than rolling the dice with the vaccines is either very poor at maths, or is a conspiracy theorist. Anyone under that age (who is otherwise in good health) is probably on solid mathematical footing, but is also infintesimally likely to run into any serious issues with the vaccine either, so they may as well get the jab.

              • @amiafish: That doesn't mean you want to get Covid for better immunity. Vaccinated patients still die and get long covid. More likely is we'll be getting regular boosters.

                • @fredblogs: Remains to be seen. In the USA, the FDA has not approved boosters across the board, and different jurisdictions around the globe will take differing views. If hospitalisations and deaths continue to remain low in vaccinated people, even as Ab response wanes (which is highly likely, given the way immune memory cells operate independently of Abs), then we may not be getting boosters en masse (might be offered as optional to people above 60, for example).
                  In that case, getting it now, with a full tank of Abs in your system is the best bet.
                  In any case, getting healthy (losing weight if obese, dropping blood pressure if hypertensive etc.) would be a good prophylactic for everyone, as we're going to get it sooner or later and the risk factors (other than age and few others) are mostly modifiable.

                  • +1

                    @amiafish: Most of the things you say are true. What's not true is: "getting it now, with a full tank of Abs in your system is the best bet."

                    No doctor or study will tell you that you should try to get Covid if you're vaccinated. It's just false.

                    • -1

                      @fredblogs: You're conflating two separate issues. On the one hand, what's best for you as an individual, and on the other, what's prudent as health advice to the general population. I'm talking about the former, not the latter.

                      On what basis do you think that you're better off getting Covid later when your vaccine-induced immunity has waned?

    • +9

      All this will achieve is unnecessary pressure on the hospital system by accelerating the spread of disease among the unvaccinated. You may not care about that until you break your leg and can't get into hospital because it's full of Covid patients. Just wear a mask and practice sensible precautions until you get you booster shot next year.

  • Damn i read this as eneloop mask

  • I'm expecting masks will be optional for fully vaccinated persons in the very near future.

    That'd be a good way of being able to identify the anti-vaxxers so we can keep our distance

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