This was posted 7 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free - McCain Pub Style Extra Crispy Chips 750g @ Woolworths via McCain (2000/Day)


Looks like another round of free chips.

Doesn’t appear to need a new email address.

Be quick! Only 20,000 vouchers available. Vouchers are valid from 20th October, 2021 until 2nd November, 2021.

T&Cs -

  1. Promotion commences on 20/10/2021 and claims close at 11:59pm AEDST 29/10/2021, or when 20,000 valid claims (subject to the daily limit below) have been received, whichever is first to occur (“Promotional Period”). Claims will be limited to 2,000 valid claims each day.

Mod Update 20/10: The maximum number of entries for today has been reached.

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    • Honestly just create another gmail or outlook account for this. Pretty easy and you can forward the code to your real email. Reduces the hassle for promotion emails in the future too

      • Thanks for the info!

      • +1

        No just use gmail allias i.e. meaning e.g. if your email is

        [email protected]

        and if you use john+(anything), the email will go to [email protected]
        or if you use [email protected], the email will go to [email protected]

        Basically you can add + and anything after the + to the end of your gmail address, and/or use a full stop " . " between your gmail address (i.e. before @) hence unlimited allias at same 1 gmail address

        • Yeah I have tried doing that, but it's been a bit of a hit or miss. It worked one time but I can't seem to replicate it without it not working or saying email has been used or a similar message

        • Defaults to ER01 now.

  • Claimed but still no email?

    • Same here

    • +1

      Normally the emails come after 0-30 mins. Bigger hassle is securing the goods and having the code work in person

    • -1

      Personally got them all in 3 mins. I did some temp emails last time and those took over 20 mins to be sent.

    • Got the code

  • Seems like the McCain outsourced to a new marketing firm called Peazie. Seems like that have coded it to ER01 for unique domains.

    • Instead of the unique domain name, use your actual SMTP server, and it seems to overcome the ER01 issue.

      e.g. [email protected]

      (merge your email address with your SMTP mail server address)

  • -3

    Doing another code drop rn. Message this comment first for it :)

    • Me

      • Check your dms

        • Replied….

    • Me pls if you have an extra…

    • Any spares?

    • +4

      Why get multiple to then just give them away anyway though

      • +8

        Some people are unlucky enough to not be able to get any codes. So instead of letting the hoarders steal all the codes for themselves, I do it multiple times to give it back to the community. Sure it relies on trust, but being generous to others is something I value.

      • I'm not up anywhere close to midnight, this is my only chance

    • Not sure why you got negged, you're helping people out. Neggers: hope something horrible happens, like .. you get bitten by a mosquito.m yeah

      • +1

        Haha thanks for the support, but no need to spread more hate. Anyway it's fine, not everyone will agree with you all the time :)

  • I'm after a code as well if anyone has a spare one, thank you :)

  • +5

    Code not working.
    Coupon not found. Please put the coupon aside etc etc

    • When did you get the code? I'm going to try to get a code tonight/tomorrow (missed 3 times now…) and might try redeem next week.

      • +1

        Yep - my code didn't work either.
        Got it just after midnight (AESTD) this morning.
        Will try again next time I am at Woolworths.

    • +3

      Got same

      Coupon not found. Please put the coupon aside etc

      Attendant had to clear it, makes it embarrassing at times dude to not buy the item, and get a such a message

  • Google doesn't register aedst so my reminder was 1 hour off 🤦🏻‍♀️ hopefully will get it tonight if other people can get their code to work

  • +6

    Code not working.
    Coupon not found. Please put the coupon aside etc
    Self serve register

    Anyone successfully claimed one?
    In previous promotion few months ago worked flawlessly when I managed to get 2 codes

    • From last last deal, my wife scan the chip first and scan the promo barcode on the paper and it will offset the price.

      So not scan it as a gift card or whatsoever payment method.

      • Yep that's the way to do it.
        Unfortunately that's not working this time around

        • May be wait a few days or a week to let them update their database.

    • -4

      I used 8 codes and 7 worked… at the end they used the code directly from the email message and it worked. I used the same store. Maybe I have ozbargained the store???

  • +3

    Free waste of time, coupon doesn't work.
    I guess free embarrassment included too. I left the fries at checkout after being asked if I had already used the coupon, then the staff was guessing their store was maybe excluded etc

    • Yeah I had that too. Coupon not valid

  • Code Not working

  • "Never before in the history of human endeavour has so much energy been expended by so many in the pursuit of so little."

    • with apologies to WLS Churchill.
  • +6

    Same, did not work. Some lady at the checkout was trying to offer to pay for them for me lol. I was trying to explain it wasn't about the money.

    • lol what?

    • Ouch double embarrassment 😳

  • My barcode didn't work either, but the SP told me to take the chips.

    • +1

      Lucky you, I had to leave them

    • My barcode didn't work either. Guy at the checkout looked at the T&Cs on my phone, then proceeded to let me take the chips for free.
      Not worth the time/embarrassment. They're on sale at Coles this week for $3.50!

  • +2

    Code aint working … "Ah McCain, you've done it again"
    On a positive note, I can confirm I still have the ability to blush

  • Worked at one store but didn't work at another. Lucky have I have 5 woolies branches near me in 5km.

    • 5 stores in a 5km radius? I am sure their shareholders would be doing handstands if they knew that, lol

      • Should be 1 more added soon but is a metro

        • The staff doesn't even know what type of store they are. They tried to convince me they were probably a metro store (last time the promotion worked at that store though).

  • Code did not work.

    • Try different register or store.

      • I tried multiple registers too, no luck though.
        Then the staff said it was probably expired. Then they said: are you sure this is a promotion in Woolworths?

        • Yep this. You'd think it wouldnt be hard to give woolies all the codes to load into their system ahead of time.

  • So what’s the story on the barcodes do they work or have you to wait a few days or is there a method to using it. As why would such promo be on if most don’t work.

    • Probably wait for a system update.

  • +1

    Are there bots trying to game the system? I'm in at 12 sharp and it's all out!

    • +8

      I can get on and fill the page but it keeps sayi g it couldn't verify my submission

      • same

      • +3

        I'm also getting an error message "Sorry, we couldn't verify your submission."

      • -1

        If you refresh now, it'll say all out. That's why I say it's either they have a lot less freebies or people are botting and scraping all the freebies. I submitted in less than a minute and still couldn't get it.

        • +2

          I've refreshed multiple times, doesnt say its out for me.

          • +1

            @moltenaus: The page loads, but when you fill it out it says "Sorry, we couldn't verify your submission."

      • +3

        I get the couldn’t verify submission error too

      • +3

        Well there's been a grand total of 0 claimed for today according to their API


  • +3

    Sorry, we couldn't verify your submission.

  • Me too 😒

  • +2

    Geez, the first night I try to bag one. :(. Even worse, they are a great chip and we buy them anyways

    • Edit: 3.30am. Claimed ok just then. Cheers.

  • Is everyone now keep pressing on Enter Now causing this issue?

    • Probably all the bots pressing it

    • +2

      McCain is ozbargained before they even lost 2000 bags of chips…

  • Someone's done something to the website, says cant verify submission.

  • +1

    Hmmm, Looks like I’ll be having fish without the chips for dinner.

  • +2

    Seems like McCain switching marketing agencies to prevent bots bit them instead. Going to be an interesting day for the person using Peazie CRM dashboard seeing no engagement. Peazie seems to be the integrating platform this time.

  • +4

    Has OzB management considered appointing an online counsellor, for when times of terrible calamity such as this occur?

    Is there a duty of care to consider?

  • +2

    Sorry, we couldn't verify your submission. [L01]


  • +1

    Working now.

  • +3

    Working now.

  • Its working!

  • Yes!

  • Go for it! Working now and barcode arrives immediately.

  • Thanks OP, finally got 1.

    • +1

      10 mins for 300 more to be claimed.

  • Not working again

    • They do breaks in between to stop bots…

      • Oh didn’t know

    • It still works for me

      • Mine not working

  • It worked!

  • +2

    Working now gO Go GO!

    Gotta love Fries-day.

    • +2

      As long as the bloody barcodes work when you go to checkout. Otherwise, it is somewhat embarrassing.

      • +1

        Doc did anyone tell you that you have a chip on your shoulder.

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