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$150/$100 Google Store Credit for Pre-Ordering a Pixel 6 (from $999) or Pixel 6 Pro (from $1299) @ Google Store


Pixel 6 is out and I can't wait to get my hands on this phone.

Google is offering a $150 store credit when pre ordering a Pixel 6 Pro.
$100 store credit for the Pixel 6.

Not all colours seem to be available at the moment and items seem to be already selling through.

Prices start at $1299 for the Pro and $999 for the Pixel 6 which is a great price for such a high end flagship phone. Specs look great. Camera amazing…and the much hyped tensor chip.

I'm seeing some shortages coming based on demand and chip shortages. I understand that the first drop is only about 7 000 000 devices globally so get in quick….

Interweb already lighting up with very good reviews.

Also another deal with free nest audio from JB Hifi courtesy of DialaDeal
Harvey Norman also providing a pre order bonus

Unsure how this hangs together with the Google TV /Netflix deal with the $70 coupon…if you figured this out let me know.

Update: the $70 Google TV voucher dropped now and can be applied to your purchase. You still get the $150 store credit which is great. Delivery times however seem to blowout till December or January 22 already.


Offer Terms
Additional 10% Store Credit with Google One 2TB
3 Months of access to Kayo and BINGE when you purchase Pixel 6 / 6 Pro
Alternate Pixel 6 / 6 Pro Deals

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    • +1

      Have just received my 150 voucher (ordered on 20/10)
      Also binge voucher was in the box

      • Did you get an email with the voucher ? Or just appeared as credits (hard to imagine this but just checking), I ordered 20/10 too but nothing yet
        When did you receive the phone ? I read somewhere it's 3 weeks from that date.

        • In the same boat, ordered day 1 but mine was shipped a couple of days later than first batch. Will be interested to see if everyone gets both $150 credit and 10% google one credit

        • Apparently it's emailed

        • I received an email for the 150

          Im expecting my google one credit should land about the same time next week

        • I bought it on the same day 1. I have not received any email about 150 Credits or a 10% discount as yet.

        • Had a chat with support, apparently my order was still showing as "shipped" which seem to have caused an issue. They are investigating and can hopefully fix it

          • @bogzy: Well that would explain why I still haven't received mine, ordered on release day. It's also showing as "shipped".

            • @misteranderson91: Have a chat with support, they sorted it out in 2 days

              • +1

                @bogzy: Chat is unable to be contacted due to high volume of support cases or something. However, I got the offer to receive a phone call from support by choosing the topic "Order Status", and I've now received the voucher.

      • Received email yesterday, order dispatch Oct 25th.

        • Even if i miss the email, the account should have shown up with credit. Seems nothing. Might need to log a ticket with Customer Support.

          • @ozyboy: Does your order confirmation email list the bonuses? Mine does

            • @reactor-au: That's a good question. No, it doesn't but while ordering it was mentioned $150 credit when purchasing 6 Pro 256Gb

              • @ozyboy: Apologies, I just double checked, it only lists the Google One 10% bonus not the $150. Guys you can contact Google Store support?

              • +1

                @ozyboy: Mine didn't list the 150 either. Only the 10% bonus. But still got the 150

                I also did contact Google support a few weeks ago to confirm I was eligible and they confirmed it even though it wasn't specifically stated in my order confirmation (unlike what others have mentioned here on their order confirmation)

                Supposed to come 3 weeks after delivery for the 150 and 4 weeks for the 10%. Maybe give it few more days then give support a ping

                • @SmiTTy: Mine said 4-6 weeks after the promo ends.

    • Binge and Kayo come with the phone in the box

  • Received $100 today

    • Still waiting on mine. Any plans for yours?

      • Once I get my second $100, and then $150, and then 10% for those three, I'll think about it… πŸ˜‚

    • where does the $100 come from, for what?

  • I received my p6p on 26/10, but still no credit email yet…annoying

    • Got mine today after the chat I had with support On thursday

      • When was it due to arrive?

        • 3 weeks after shipment. I finally could find online chat today and I was assured it will be get resolved in 48-72 hrs.

          • +1

            @Mike Paper: Mine said 4-6 weeks after the promo ends. WTF…like seriously?

          • @Mike Paper: Let me know if/when they do? Still waiting.

            • @vj-sharpeyes: Yes, pretty good. I received my two $150 vouchers just 2 days after I contacted GS support.

  • contacted support for several times already.
    Initially ask me to wait.
    Then promised me to receive it 2 days, but still not received.
    Contact support again and then ask me to keep waiting again.
    Exteremly poor service and not helpful at all.
    Now they say that i can buy the black friday items now and then get the partially refund once received the credit…
    Anyone on the same boat?

    • Same for me. Contacted 2 times but have not received any satisfactory reply. Still waiting for the credit.

  • +1

    finally got mine received, 23:55 last night…
    And then quickly picked up a google nest hub max by paying 99, which will be delivered on 1st or 2nd Dec.
    I can then quit the waiting period finally…

    • I got mine too finally.

  • Dispatched today FINALLY

  • Still haven't received my $150 credit after ~6 weeks

  • Still havent received mine after 6 weeks. Just called them they said it’s a glitch and will fix it

    • Got mine today, about 4.5 weeks since the phone was delivered.

  • been on the phone with google support for nearly a week now regarding a defective product return…they are hopeless….cannot get through…where do i send it back to ???????

  • Anyone still waiting on the store credit? I did a live chat with Google Store support before Christmas (was super hard to actually get an available support agent, kept saying none available) and was then sent an email a week or so later saying they're following it up. I replied to that email yesterday and have now received a reply saying they're still working on it. It's been 8 weeks + since I received my Pixel 6 Pro :(

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