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12-Month Mobile Plans (Monthly Postpaid) - 35GB $4, 5GB $2 Per Month @ Circles.Life


Optus 4G Plus network

50GBOFFER: $6 off and bonus 30GB (35GB for $4)
100GBOFFER: $8 off (5GB for $2)

Unlimited Talk and Text
Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobile & landlines, 13 & 18 numbers
Additional data boost (if you run out) is $10/3GB
VoLTE & VoWifi capability

Require Credit check

Free 4 hours SIM delivery
In selected metro areas, we deliver as fast as 4 hours. Next day for all other cities. All 100% free of charge.

After 12 months, revert back to $10 and 5GB of data.

Cashback: Shopback - $14, Cashrewards - $12.60

Referral Links

Referral: random (110)

$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • +9

    Too good to be true ?

    • +1

      Much better than the previous 48GB for $8/month.

      • The issue with postpaid is that if we use the data over, then we will receive the charge. That is the catch, I think

        • +4

          That's right. On the old plans, they have Bill shock data, so you get free 3GB over your allowance. Now you have to pay $10 for that.

          • @hawkeye93: Yep, and I am guessing that's where they really make the $$, all part of the business plan as x number of customers will exceed their allowance per month with low data plans, it's inevitable.
            Without going over your data, they probably just break even after Optus wholesale rates.

          • +2

            @hawkeye93: Yeah, notice they dropped the bill shock around the 7th Oct, "Please note that the 3GB bill shock data protection, data add-ons and IDD add-ons will not apply in the new plans". as shown here (updated/7th) https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/article....

            I signed up to the recent $16/60Gb on the 4th I think, but yet to activate it, waiting till it's closer the end of the month to save a bit more, which I've read on here to do.
            I wonder if the bill shock is valid to me, since it was before this update.

            I kinda regret not going with $8/48Gb plan instead, to save some more money and maybe changing my Iinet plan from $15/40Gb to the $10/8Gb or the new $12.50/16Gb plan. And use Kogan $4.90/40Gb when needed.

            I don't mind/prefer having 2 plans on the go at the same time, as I have 2 phones, either one tethered for data.

      • I am on this plan. Reception in not that great where we live but thats a lot of data for me. I hardly see use 3-5 GB a month.

      • IMO, that was a great deal too, kinda wished I went with this instead of the $16/60Gb, I couldn't decide which to go with.
        If the 48Gb plan was still available I would most likely cancel my current activation order to this.

    • +2

      Got the great 100 GB/m for nearly 5months free through to the 2 months of 100 GB/m for $1 before with no issues.
      Good offer for 12 months

  • What? This is an insanely good deal.

    Is this real?

    So for $4/month for the first 12 months I get 35gb allowance per month??

    • That's what I see when applying the code.

      • Is it 35gb per month or for the whole year? At $4 I ain’t expecting much.

  • +16

    very dodgy provider. beware. expect lots of extra charges….

    • +19

      Ofc if you know how to control your usage and the billing system, then no problem afaik. Excess data usage is $0.01 for 1MB.

      • +3

        You can neg if you want. Just stating the truth.

    • +4

      Yeh if it wasn't Circles I'd hop in for $2 a month

    • +6

      Never had a problem. Used Circles Deals many times over more than 2 years with no extra charges.

      As with other areas of life - if you don't take precautions (know what you signed up to, read the t&c, set data limits on use), sometimes it's going to hurt.

      When you near your monthly limit, you receive a message with don't worry you can exceed the limit by 3GB. If you ignore Circles messages - it could be costly.

      If you use more than the included data you bought (plus 3GB allowed as "bill shock") - you will be billed like with other month-to-month service providers.
      Always check the cost before signing up to any service!

      On my phone I just set a data level warning & it turns off before data limit is reached. Never charged for excess data in 7 years of SIM hopping.

      Circles is a month-to-month service. Billing starts on 1st of month for that month. If you are still connected to the service in the following month - you will be billed.

      People who mistakenly believe this is a prepaid service & left without following the advice in the Deal comments & in Circles FAQ received bill for following month.
      Porting out at end of month may not terminate service if not finalised by end of month.
      Then, as with all phone services, if there's an outstanding payment - you can't port.

    • +1

      Going to agree with this - excessive extra charges within my first month. YMMV. Have cancelled, and I wouldn't recommend them.

      • +5

        You didn't set a data limit to avoid that, & didn't read the messages from Circles regarding your usage, & didn't check your usage in the Circles app / site or on your device?
        That's living dangerously!

        It's not a service providers fault if you apparently didn't read & understand what you had signed up for, ignored their data usage messages, didn't check your usage, & used more data than was included in your month-to-month plan.

        • With so many service providers offering shaping or data blocking you can make the argument that it is the service providers fault

          • @Jackson: So Circles uses shaping or data blocking?? Not to my knowledge.

            • +1

              @the INFIDEL: No, but they don't offer it, and people like to rely on it, ergo if they offered it, it wouldn't be a problem.

              If you drove a car but it had no brakes, and then you hit something, is it your fault for not braking or the owner of the car for sabotaging the brakes? Not a perfect analogy, but when every wholesale provider provides the ability for shaping/blocking from excess usage, and they don't provide this, who's really at fault?

              • +1

                @Jackson: who's really at fault?…
                What an obscure & unlikely analogy!

                If you don't check your usage & understand what you agreed to with the plan with that provider (or look where you are driving) - it is generally considered your fault if you exceed the limit or cause a problem.

                In a vehicle that's driving without due care.
                “any person who drives a motor vehicle on a road or elsewhere without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place is guilty of an the offence of careless driving.”
                Drivers are also responsible for checking the car is in a roadworthy state before driving. And ignorance of the law is never a defence. So check & be informed before causing an accident by making incorrect assumptions!!

                Better to be cautious - don't ignore the data usage messages sent by the provider & check your usage on the providers App / site & shown by your device… rather than risk excess data charges & keep complaining about it!

                • @the INFIDEL: I understand that, I just said you could argue (the opposite). It really depends on your idea on who's responsible for the user experience, since it's Circles Life who set up their systems. Most people, who are probably conditioned by now to not do the above things to have to protect themselves from unexpected fees unlike the dark ages of mobile technology many years ago, before dozens of changes in what's expected of communications providers and mobile providers in particular to make the industry more consumer friendly, will jump on this then have their "why aren't they doing what the other providers are doing" moment, get slugged, and then neg it here.

                  I think we all understand that it's on people to take care of their money and contracts, but we've evolved from that to have consumer protections. I'm not sure if this is technically a breach of anything, and I'm not about to find out, but people will eventually vote with their feet, so to speak. In this case, people have identified this as being a killer deal with the trappings of high fees, which is exactly right.

                  • @Jackson: Every provider has different t&c & systems.

                    shaping or data blocking, data free use of social media or music sites & other benefits… If provided, those extra benefits will be the t&c & in their promotions.
                    Cheap SIM hopping for 7years, I've only had data shaping for 28d on Vodafone & no other extras like those, so I don't expect it to be included by every provider (like you do)!
                    Cheaper services like this provide less or no benefits like those!

                    It is the responsibility of the buyer to check & understand those are suitable to them before signing up. Its basic contract law & advice to consumers.

                    Saying another provider had different conditions & delivery of service is no defence. (In a driving analogy, just because we drive on the left, driving on the left in the USA might not be meeting their t&c you should have been aware of! "But in my country we drive on the left, so I expected the same here…" won't work! So who's really at fault?… Don't be surprised by unexpected fines or worse!!)

                    The customer agreed to the conditions with their current provider. So they are responsible for reading
                    & understanding what they agreed to with that provider, not other providers they don't have a contact with.

                    My regular advice in these Circles Deals is if reading & understanding Circles t&c & processes is too arduous (it can be - see my long discussions in previous Deals just trying to understand certain conditions), go with prepaid to be safe.

                    In many sign ups with this month to month plan over years, I've not been charged unexpected fees & been very happy with the service.

                    End of matter.

                    • @the INFIDEL: Well, we agree on a lot, and that's where things are at now, but Circles just hasn't been hit by the ACCC yet, so if/when they get a bit bigger, they will do the same as the big boys. No CEO wants the hassle of chasing people over nickel and dime stuff like excess fees which guarantee the loss of users.

                      And I would argue that there's plenty of cases where T's & C's are invalid, they come second to consumer law.

                      • @Jackson: Circles have a different mindset - in they DO persue those who don't pay charges they agreed to at sign up.

                        Unpaid fees means you can't port your number out. So usually leads to a complaint through the TIO. Comments that that works.

                        But imagining t&c that favour you, because some other providers have them - is never valid under consumer law!
                        Best to be guided by the old maxim Caveat Emptor - "buyer beware!".

                        The ACCC is an underfunded & slow means of change. Taking action against a company is complex & a nice earner for lawyers.

                        I'm used to consumer matters, including taking a business to court. I was assisted by a Govt body as it was in the public interest. It took 18 months!!
                        My consumer case was strong, but legally unprecedented. Legal advice was I wouldn't win. I represented myself & won everything I claimed in 5 minutes of arbitration. But the business fought me all the way until the end. Not worth the effort, but the result & payout was nice. The process is used as a model for others in disputes in similar consumer legal matters.

                        I find understanding the relevant t&c easier & less stressful, than dealing with problems that I could have avoided. Am used to Circles system over the years - with no issues.

                        But for now am on low stress prepaid (Kogan 3 month Deal). I buy mainly on best price - eg FREE with Belong for following 6 months!

  • Isnt it a $4/$8 waiver as opposed to the cost of the plan?

    • +2

      $6 and $8 waiver off the $10 monthly.

      • +1

        thank you!

  • +1

    Pretty decent deal.

    Sincerely hope they've picked up since the (profanity) DREADFUL time I had with them a couple years ago, and ideally when the time is up they let people out now and don't lose and confuse numbers and make the port out process such a nightmare that I think I just caved and got a new number in the end.

    • +3

      Yeah I had the same issue, I eventually got my number ported but only after a drawn out and agrivating process. It was actually Telstra getting in contact with them directly after about a week that finally fixed it despite multiple promises that they had already released the number. Not worth the risk if you're number is important to you, might be ok if you just need a 2nd number.

  • Is it 6 off just total of 12 month or 6 off each month? Not really clear.

    • +1

      $6 off each month for 12 months. So you pay $48 for a year. Or $24 if you don't need much data.

    • +1

      each month.

      they show you a summary when you sign up and send you an email saying you get a $72 bill credit applied

  • +4

    The ratings of this company alone would make me not want to touch this with a 10-foot pole.

    When they're giving away their plans at this rate they can't possibly be making money.

    Also need to clarify the Title/Description

    Results in 30GB/$17 a month
    and 60GB/$19 a month

    Good deal on paper but Boost/Telstra's reception still trumps Optus

  • +1

    No just no, please stop with the circles.scam "deals"

    • +2

      It's not a scam - just people don't bother understanding the t&c of this month-to-month service.

      It's not prepaid as some mistakenly assumed & used it as such causing problems for them.

      Never had a problem over many sign ups with Circles. Got great Deals with good reception.

      • +1

        You don’t have to explain to them. They don’t even know what postpaid is.

        • +3

          Yes, if people don't understand the difference with a month-to-month service, they should stick with the many prepaid Deals.

          Prepaid is much easier to leave & generally doesn't have extra charges if you ignore the conditions agreed to at sign up. You just disable auto-recharge.

          Also saves them complaining over & over…

  • Do they support VoLTE?

    • Yes

  • How to get the 35GB deal? The link is only for 5GB.

    • +3

      They give you a bonus 30gb per month

  • +13

    So let me get this straight.. they need to do a credit check to ensure I can afford $24 per year?

    • +13

      no, they do the credit check to see you can afford the excess usage charges when you blow over the 5gb/month allowance.

      it's a post paid service, not prepaid.

      there ARE excess usage charges.

      the bonus data (on the $4/month plan) doesn't apply for hte first month.

      So imagine this, you sign up, thinking you got 35gb per month. so you happily use say 20gb in your first prorata month…only to find out you're hit with an excess data bill of $150 or something…

      they need to check you can afford those types of costs.

    • +1

      They need a credit check to see who they can scam/fleece more money from

  • +5

    I have been with Circles.Life for about 1 month now. I signed up during their previous deal, I think $8 per month for 48GB? Before that I used to be a Kogan mobile customer. No complaints about billing - it's all explained in the app why the first month gets billed some additional dollars. As for reception, it has roughly been equal with my Kogan experience (e.g. very rare dropout in certain places, like a shop). Otherwise has been usable and I've used it to hotspot for home internet too with nil issues.

    As for complaints that it's post-paid and you might get charged for data overuse, so many smartphones nowadays come with settings to track/cap your data use or give you a notification of data warning near the threshold. If you can't be bothered to keep track of your own data usage, when it's been clearly stated you'll get overcharged, that's your own fault isn't it?

  • +2

    Doe they provide esim?

    • +1


      • +1

        Thanks for the quick reply mate, cheers

  • Is this month to month plan and free to cancel right?

    • +1

      thats right, cancel anytime but they will charge for the whole month upfront

    • It will be very difficult to port out from, looking at previous forum posts complaining about this company.

  • I'd do referral over CashBack/Shopback.

    • +2

      Can’t apply referral and promo code at the same time. So either one.

  • +4

    My Citibank credit card gives me free mobile phone insurance provided I have my postpaid bill charged each month to the card. $2 a month seems like a great price

    • I have this too. How does it work with BYo handsets?

      • From my understanding of the fine print, they only care about the monthly phone bill. Made no mention about needing to be paying off the phone as part of the bill.

        • Perfect. Signed up. Got an old phone that's completely busted up that I can now repair

          • @rxjb: Let us know how you go with the claim process!

    • Just hope they don't lose your phone number

  • +1

    Where do you stick the sim in on my landline phone?

    • Touch your toes and I'll show you.

  • +1

    Post paid so expect to get whacked with a bunch of extra charges

  • +1

    Then get the right plan? I mean how more cheaper do you want these plans.

  • Cashback issue for circles.life site
    Looks like something’s missing. We’re in the middle of rebuilding our site and unfortunately, we can’t find the page you’re looking for.

    We don’t want you hopping around in circles, so below are some other useful pages.

    • +1

      Worked for me. Need to use desktop browser and plugin.

      I got the $14 tracking confirmation already

      • Same issue from CashRewards and Shopback on desktop Chrome browser.

        • It'll work. You need to muck around a bit.

          I can't remember the exact steps. It will pop up with an error. Then you dismiss it and try again (click the shopback button again)

  • +1

    Any idea how long this deal is available for?

    • G'day @drillvoice, unfortunately these promo codes are expired and are not advertised on our site.

  • Looking at it more carefully, not sure if they'll honour it…. These discount codes are meant for the 50GB & 100GB plans.

    • For $10 Plan

      Bill Waiver $6.00 (12 months)
      Bonus 30GB (12 months)

      Your code has been successfully applied.

      • +1

        yeah, I get that, though I think it might be working by accident, hence my comment of them possibly not honouring it.

        That said, I still went for it. haha!

    • It worked for me

      • +2

        Whether it works or not is undisputed, we see that clearly.

        However with a track record like Circles does I'm doubtful they'll honour or if they do they'll likely have some sneaky hidden fee to regain their profits.

    • Same story with the previous 48GB $8 deal. But people still using it w/o any problem.

  • Interesting, so these codes are supposedly already expired and also for 100GB 20GB and 8GB PLANS.

    1. The 20% Off All Plans Promo (Promotion) is provided by Circles Australia Pty Ltd ABN 25 630 647 (Circles.Life)
    and is available from 12:00:00 on 01 July 2021 and ends at 19:00:00 on 13 July 2021 (Promotion Period). All times
    listed in AEST.
    2. This Promotion is open to new customers of Circles.Life who sign up for a Circles.Life Monthly Plan during the
    Promotion Period and activate their Circles.Life service at latest 30 days after signup.
    The Promotion code may only be redeemed once per account. Discounts are not transferable and cannot be
    exchanged for cash. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotional codes from
    3. If you successfully sign up to a Circles.Life Monthly Plan during the Promotion Period using the Promotion code
    advertised by Circles.Life and activate your SIM card by the deadline stipulated in point 2, you will automatically
    receive the following benefits:
    a. Used promo code 100GBOFFER on the Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan: $8 waiver per month for first full
    12 months
    b. Used promo code 50GBOFFER on the Circles.Life 20GB Monthly Plan: $6 waiver per month for first full 12
    months and +30GB/mth Bonus Data for 12 months.
    c. Used promo code 8GBOFFER on the Circles.Life 8GB Monthly Plan: $4 waiver per month for first full 12
    Your first bill will only include 1 x waiver as your first bill includes your first month of service which is prorated to
    your date of activation (and not considered a full month).
    4. The promotional bill waivers will be applied to the account of new customers who:
    a. Sign up to a Circles.Life Monthly Plan;
    b. use the relevant Promotion code advertised by Circles.Life for this offer;
    c. successfully activate their Circles.Life service within 30 days of signup; and
    d. are otherwise eligible to hold an account with Circles.Life.
    5. The cost of your Circles.Life Monthly Plan for your first month will be pro-rated based on the date you activate
    your Circles.Life SIM card but you will receive the full data allocation.
    6. You may terminate the Circles.Life Plan at any time in accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement. If the
    Circles.Life Plan is terminated, any remaining Bonus Data will be lost and you will not be entitled to any credit or
    refund for any unused balance.
    7. This Offer is subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, Circles.Life’s Standard Form of
    Agreement and the Fair Use Policy (which you must agree to as part of the account sign-up process), available at
    https://circles.life/au/legal. You may also refer to the Critical Information Summary available at
    8. Circles.Life reserves the sole and absolute right to withdraw, amend and/or alter the Offer Terms and Conditions
    at any time without giving any prior notice to the users.

  • +4

    If you don’t want to be pro rata charged without the discount, I suggest you activate your service on the last day of the month.

    • +1

      Didn't think of that.. Good idea

  • +2

    when do you need to activate this deal?

  • can I buy now and active later?

    • Good question, I believe with most providers it's within the first 30 days from the sign up date, but can't say for sure with this deal, best to contact them first.
      I'm doing the same atm with my $16/60Gb plan I signed up on the 4th Oct, waiting til later in the month to activate.
      I've got a few reminder emails from them about activating it.

  • +1

    Use revolut one time card and only transfer $4/$8 in…..

    • It’s postpaid… your credit rating will get a hit for a small amount of money 💵

      • Has to be like $150 minimum to even go on your credit history

        • Ok I just don’t want debt owed personally under my name but yea, good to know

      • I agree , it has happened to me while I used their promo deals when they were launched initially

  • +1

    This is a good deal. I signed up to the 48GB for $8 last month and had no issues. The bill was so cheap.

    But I found out that I really needed voicemail which Circles doesn’t have, so I ported away to another provider.

    No issues porting away, going to Gomo via esim (another Optus provider) the porting process took less than 10 minutes.

    I’ll most likely port back to Circles once they offer voicemail.

    App is good, I had no issues with billing and porting out was trouble free.

    • Hey @emoticon, great news is that we're looking to offer voicemail really soon, so do keep an eye out on our channels.

  • +1

    Can this be used for exisiting customers?

  • is this extra 30gb for each month? or 30gb for the 12 months?

  • +2

    why the negatives? they are a business not a charity of course they will design ways to make money…pretty much like credit card company giving you qantas points surely they want and hope you stay after 1st year but nothing stops you from cancelling the card before the next year's fee kicks in..same here…make sure you don't go over your data allowance… simple …. after catchconnect gets itself out of competition with Kogan, we need another player to compete and pressure Kogan…

    • +1

      Just note - unlike Catch & Kogan mobile prepaid - this is a month-to-month plan.
      So it doesn't compete with those, but can be a great Deal - if you understand it & take precautions.

      Better for longer sign ups, but can have additional costs if people don't understand the plan they are signing up to.

      Some used it like a prepaid plan, which it isn't. Hence the negative response when people received a bill when they didn't understand what they had signed up to. There have been plenty of warnings to be cautious in past Deals.

      Worked great for me every time I signed up in Deals.

      • +1

        I agree
        That is why people should be mindful of what they are signing up and read the T&Cs…it is not fair to neg a deal/offering just because one doesn't do their own due diligence (which takes less than 5 mins in this case). If the deal itself is tricky and trying to hide something from the consumers it is imperative to vote it down…Even for Kogan/Catch, you have to remember to cancel the DD and remove the credit card details first thing you set up the online account… otherwise, even they are prepaid, you will get charged after the initial discounted rates…

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