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Optus Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi & 50GB Data $5 @ Woolworths (in Store)


Optus Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi & 50GB Data

$5.00, Was $99.00, Save $94.00

In-store price. Prices may differ for online purchases.

Mod: The website is showing in stock at: St Georges Tce WA, Murray St WA, Bullcreek WA, Coolbellup WA, Darwin NT, Munno Para SA, Newcastle West NSW, Tamworth Eastpoint NSW, Balgowlah NSW, Glenrose NSW, Renmark SA, Berri SA, Pittsworth QLD, Kearneys Spring QLD, Northside Plaza (Rockhampton North) QLD, New Town TAS + More

Mod 2 25/10: Gundagai NSW & Moree NSW are the only stores found with stock available (might be more).

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    Price should be in title.

  • Price in description.

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      Let's have prices in comments from now on :-)

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    All OOS for NSW?

    • +2

      Newcastle West is in stock if you want.

      E: Maitland too

      • +1

        Thanks… Now just need a reason to drive out to Newcastle :)

    • +1

      Yeah, OOS or Unavailable for every Woolies near me. :(

      • Don't worry, you're not alone XD

    • -3

      I am in SA , I have hardly experience price beats this at officeworks prospect SA. If you can smoothly price beats it good or else you have to do strong voice as all is your right. They all will try to deny price beats. And the third time I back with show a store in my state (berri) has stock and talk to the boss there . He then call the store check the stock. Berri has 2 in stock, he have to do price beats for me and said will add delivery cost, I argued I buy you in store and not ask you delivery for me, and the store berri is in same state. Then I say louder I will buy all you have stock here(of course not). He then said I can’t as he has to keep stock for follow buy can have it. I said “you said it for yourself only and sure if someone else go in and ask to price beats, you guys all in this store will try all ways to deny the price beats even though you now have know Berri has 2 in stock. He then have to beat the price for me with 5% off so $4.76 for the modem even though I already have the Nokia fast smile 5g modem. Come on we are ozbargain, stay strong get your right as they (competitions) have us the right to price beats. Just a share hope can help other buyers can get it as that boss said he have a lot headaches with this today (they try deny a lot of people today). Cheer

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    Can't find any stock in VIC

    • these sort of deals are always OOS in Vic

      • Not surprising. Its old out of date stock. So being cleared out. Few were in stores with stock elsewhere.

        But there are comments of finding stock in Vic… yesterday.

        The 50GB offer has expired 31/3/21 - shown in sticker on the box (but that has been removed from some packs).

  • price error? should be 50

    • +1

      Dont think so - just clearing a product they do this sometimes

      • +2

        yeah, interesting math they do. Original price is 99, 1/2 price tag on picture and total price …. $5 !

    • +1

      Confirmed price at local store $5.

  • Good price but no stock everywhere

    • Rare that older / clearance stock is available "everywhere".
      Stores near me all have stock - rang & checked.

  • No product code to price match with

  • Is there an expiry date for the data?

    • Both mine say 1st Nov 2022.

      • +1

        My local store seem to have stock, will head in after work. Thanks.

  • Oos

  • Apparently instore at my local. Who does it do?

    • +12

      Buy now, figure it out later.

      • I saw the mod notes… probably no stock cause I used the website feature.

  • +1

    Is it locked to Floptus?

    • yes

      • Oh really? Not interested then

        • I have one its locked.

      • Damn would have been good for cloud dashcam data but not with dodgy optus reception.

    • Has anyone already tried the unlock ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB-V8g3Oy5U&ab_channel=Howto... - Mine shows as E5577 with optus branding in the webinterface straight out of the box.

    • +2

      Only locked to the network. I've used cheaper Amaysim SIMs in previous models.

      • Inserted Amaysim SIM - shows as working. But SIM has no credit, so can't confirm will work.

        • +1

          Works with my Catch-Connect sim no problem.

      • I'd mainly want this for overseas travel tbh - so locked is unhelpful in that respect

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    what are recharge prices like and how long does each recharge last? Per month or until used?

    • +1

      Read this on Officeworks website:

      It includes 50GB start-up data and a starter SIM for use within Australia within 28 days of activation.

      within 28 days of activation

    • +4

      Why recharge? It's a modem. I just chuck the SIM out when the data is depleted and get a new starter kit (which lasts for 28 days) when on special at Woolies

  • Rang local store - confirmed @$5!
    1 available, next store has 5.
    On hold & picking 1 up.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Got 1 from Livingston WA store. Still has about 3 left.

  • -2

    Too expensive, maybe $5 for 2 years then would probably consider it.

  • +3

    note: I had issue activating mine - cost me an extra $2 sim from nearest server for NEW optus sim. Then Optus transfered the 50GB to the new sim.

    • +2

      Rubbish. Others found stock!
      Rang 2 nearby Brisbane stores.
      6 available within 3km of me.

  • Is it locked to Optus?
    SIM was supposed to be activated by 31/3/21 (told by Woolies staff)

    • +1

      that might explain the need for me to purchase a additional $2 optus sim to activate.

      • Good to know SIM can be used that way.
        Others might wait / check free Optus SIM Deals.

    • Comments above its locked to Optus :-(

      • -2


        • Really? Put in a SIM from a different network - "SIM LOCK".
          Discussed in old Deals & forums elsewhere - its locked to Optus.

        • Can't you read?
          The box states locked to Optus & unlocking fee applies!

          Oh that's right - you wrongly claimed there was none available anywhere!
          But people are still reporting they have found stock!

          Your comments are useless "rubbish"!

  • Would be good to be 5G, otherwise, we can use mobile tethering.

    • is this hotspot 4g or 5g?

      • According to OW info it's 4G, which most phones can share with hotspot (after you use the initial 50GB)

        • Sure - but then you kill your phone battery pretty quickly - plus need to stay in the general area etc.

  • Got one on the way to get some $250 Coles Mastercard. Thanks.

  • Wouldering if it can be unlocked for other carriers also

  • got one and now need to figure out how to use it

  • +1

    Stock avail at Mona Vale and Balgowlah but that's nowhere near me lol

  • What does this do that a phone hotspot doesn't? I'm sure you can find 50GB introductory data for $5 these days eg. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657995

    • +2

      Coincidentally this is pretty helpful for my security system so I don't have to buy cameras with 4g in them rather I can use the wifi ones and use this for hotspot.

      • +1

        but the data only lasts for 28 days, according to a post above.

        • not if you use Optus data roll over or family sharing plan

    • +1

      Use this so your phone battery doesn’t get drained up quickly.

    • +1

      Usually these have external antenna ports to boost signal strength in weak signal areas (although this model doesn't have this) and support more devices simultaneously connected (I think this one will do 15).

    • +2

      The main advantage is that it's not your phone.

      I've been in buildings where mobile data signal is awful. Sitting one of these on the windowsill (preferably plugged into a USB power source) is convenient. Having to leave your phone on the windowsill all the time or have all your devices lose connectivity is way less convenient.

    • +1

      It won't ring and bug you when the scammers are at it

  • +1

    OOS In Vic

  • What does a pocket wifi do? And is it reusable?

    • it is a very small wireless access point with 4g internet connection

      has battery for travel or will run off usb,

      I mount one in my caravan ceiling

  • +1

    I definitely don't need this….but why do I want to buy it!

    • Now yoar just showing off you have a spare 5 bux.

    • $5.00, Was $99.00, Save $94.00

      I'm quite sure it wouldn't matter the product if Woolies is selling a $99 product for $5 people are inclined to purchase XD

  • it's so cheap, makes you wonder why Huawei is doing this

    • +4

      makes you wonder why Huawei is doing this

      They aren't

    • +10

      Username checked.

    • It's cause they are 4G and networks are all going 5G.

  • +3
    • Does this work?

      • +1

        No, if the stores near you have no stock or in the whole state then they won't do a price beat. As I just rung them to check

  • One on hold, thanks OP

  • If only it was unlocked.

    • Is there anyway to unlock it?

      • Sometimes, yes but I’d rather just buy an unlocked dongle these days.

  • +1

    thanks, OP just got one and saved $94 (https://imgur.com/GBD0eSH) :D

  • Got on as well from QLD Carindale (last one).
    It says sim has to be activated by March 2021. Anyone knows if it can still be redeemed or is it too late

    • +1

      Must have bought there just after you - had 1 put aside. Was told they were all sold.

      They had 5 when I rang an hour ago. Was told there was no need to put 1 on hold, as no one was going to buy it!
      The power of OzBargain :-)

      Next Woolies at Mt Gravatt Plaza still has 1 (cnr Creek & Logan Rds)

    • Discussed above
      Contact Optus, as Woolies advertises it as "Optus Huawei Pocket Wifi & 50gb Data ".

    • Plenty were available near me (5 @Carindale, 1 @Mt Gravatt Plaza) - 20min after Deal posted, so put 1 on hold. Otherwise would have gone to store to buy an hour before you. Lucky I didn't, otherwise I might have bought yours as well ;-)

    • I just went to WW Kenmore and was told there are none left. Website still says In stock at this store.

      • Stock details are up to 2hr old. Likely incorrect info on stock system. Most Brisbane stock is long gone.

        • Is that based on internal systems? QLD Coorparoo was out of stock as of 5:30 (according to staff that night).

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