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Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi 6 Lite AP $151.80 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Solid price on the WiFi 6 Lite and from what I can see likely the cheapest available today. 3Camels say it’s Amazon’s lowest price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Nice.. waiting to see what this generation brings to replace my NANO HD’s.
    Likely this would give a better performance with the oculus quest 2 and air link.

    • @mitchins i have one nanoHD at the moment and i've read that nanohd has 1733mbps on 5ghz while this has 866.7 Mbps.
      If I don't have any wifi6 device at the moment, is nanoHD still a better choice? thanks mate

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        Yes it’s definitely a higher class device, albeit an older generation. It should handle more of what you throw at it, just on wifi 5.
        Save your money for nanoHD replacement or wait out this generation.

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    ATL at Amazon was $149 last month, but in limited quantity.

    This is a solid price for a solid unit. I have 3 of these running on a UDM-Pro and they work flawlessly.

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      @Tsuivan If you were to buy UDM Pro now would you wait for the UDM-P SE?

      • How much gear so you already have, what do you need? Are you going to use Protect?

        This will determine whether you need to wait for the new UDM

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        If you plan on using multiple APs and/or other PoE devices and you don't need to get a dedicated switch, then the SE would be the better option as you won't need to run PoE injectors which can get messy.

        In my case I have 3 APs and 5 cameras all requiring PoE which I run out of my USW-Pro-24-PoE. This is connected via 10Gbit DAC to the UDM-Pro.

        • Hi, Mate,

          How is the USW-Pro-24-POE swtich, is it a lot of noise?


          • +1

            @tedd: It is quite a noisy fan in this switch. Definitely noticeable in a quiet room.

            I have my rack hidden in my walk in robe so it doesn't bother me. My UPS has a much louder fan than the switch in any case.

            If you need it to be quiet in an office or something, there is a Noctua fan upgrade that you can do which makes it virtually silent, so don't let the sound put you off. The switch itself is rock solid.


      • SE doesn’t have any set release date, and might even be in the new year. If I planned to refresh everything, but had a functioning setup, I’d wait.

        • From memory the SE is also $100USD more which will probably mean about $150. If you already have PoE switches then might be better to just get the current model.

      • +1

        The main difference for the SE is that is has POE ports. If you are only going to use the UDM pro and not have another POE switch and you need POE then get the SE otherwise I doubt you will have much difference.
        For me I got the UDM pro but I also have a USW-Pro 24 POE, so I don't need the POE on the UDM. Also the switch on the UDM pro and SE both only have a 1Gbps backplane so I tend to not connect devices to it.

  • I have 2 of these. Flawless so far

    • what are you using these for? Why do you need 2?Mesh?

      • +1

        Guessing a 2 storey house, or large floor area. I run 2 in a single level house for coverage at both ends and garden.

        • Long house. They aren't mesh.

          Just keeping full signal in bedrooms at each end.

    • I have a medium sized home and i have one UAP-AC-PRO in the centre of the house, a UAP-AC-LITE in the lounge room (mainly to extend coverage out to the yard and the bbq) and another UAP-AC-LITE in the garage to give coverage there and extend out to the front of the house and near that side of the house. I dont need the last one but I picked it up for $50 second hand on eBay.

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    God bless you and your camels OP.

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    Most AX-compatible AP currently on the market requires 802.3at PoE. Very nice to have one with 802.3af compatibility - hopefully there will be more in the coming years. Really don't want to spend extra to upgrade the switch when the time comes.

    Still holding out for wifi 6E…..

    • Most AX-compatible AP currently on the market requires 802.3at PoE. Very nice to have one with 802.3af compatibility

      802.3af devices are compatible with 802.3af and 802.3at switches.

      802.3af is POE 15.4 watts
      802.3at is POE+ 25.5 watts

      If something says it is compatible with 802.3at then it will also work with 802.3af.

      You only need 802.3at if is says it needs more than 15.4 watts.

      • What I mean is I have a 802.3af switch and it's an additional cost to have to upgrade to a 802.3at switch. I am aware 802.3at switch can also power 802.3af devices.

  • +1

    Thanks - did a price protection claim for the ones I bought in January.

    • Which card do you have? I have been looking for a decent card with price protection.

      • 28 degrees / latitude .. unfortunately they stopped offering it to new customers ages ago

  • Would it be worth upgrading from the previous AC Lite?

    • Depends on whether you have wifi6 devices or not.

      I run an AC Pro and the 6Lite and don’t notice any discernible difference in every day use. Might tell a different story in speed tests though, but I’m not worrying about upgrading the pro yet.

      • I have a UDM and AC Pro. I added a 6Lite for testing, but it has fewer radios and worse range than either, and didn’t provide any benefit in my specific use case, so I returned it.

  • Sold out now, won't let me add them to cart.

  • Up to $154.30 and saying it’s in stock.

  • Great piece of kit

  • Have 2x U6 Lite and 1x AC Lite. Results from ~1m away from the AP on a WiFi 6 device.

    U6: 141Mbps down, 51.5 Up
    AC: 17Mbps down, 56 Up.

    Very weird, but U6's have been great.

  • 157 now

  • +3

    I am waiting for the Dream Router.

  • these are wifi extenders? for boosting signal round the house??

    • +1


    • If you have an existing UniFi network and controller, these can be used to extend existing UniFi APs

      • +3

        In short: extending wifi with wifi is probably a last resort. even powerlines Ethernet adapters to create extra hotspots would perform better.

        Those that are able should just run Ethernet for additional hotspots

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    Is it worth getting this or the UniFi U6-LR instead or wait for UniFi U6-Pro? Is there much performance difference? Looking to replace UniFi nanoHD.

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    Price now $157. I’m unable to update the post title/details.

  • Noob question, what is an AP? Is it supposed to replace the modem/router?

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      Access point is a dedicated device handles wireless access only.

    • +1

      Nah it doesn't replace your modem or router.

  • Grabbed one last sale, using POE injector but ideally I'll just get a new 8 port switch. Any recommendations under $300? Doesn't have to be managed, using 4 ports at the moment.

    • IMHO worthwhile to go with a managed one, just a bit of future-proofing with VLANs etc. Cost difference is minimal these days between managed and non-managed. Price seems largely determined by POE types and # of ports. For home use I've had good experience with managed TP-Link with solid reliability and low price.

      Also if budget allows then also consider stretching for POE+ just in case. Many AX wireless access points require 802.3at these days.

  • Bought mine for 149 from wireless 1 though shipping was 9 bux. - and it looks like they have gone up in price now anyways

  • Can I control this if I only have a UDM (non pro)? Also I'm assuming I can use it with a wireless backhaul?

  • +1

    $147 on Amazon sold by Harris Technology

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