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15% off Gift Cards: Event/Village Cinemas, RedBalloon, The Restaurant Choice, Gourmet Traveller Restaurant @ Coles


15% off Event/Village Cinemas, RedBalloon, The Restaurant Choice and Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Gift Cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. While stocks lasts, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 27/10/21 to 2/11/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.

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    Back to regular routine.

    • Oracle, When’s the next 10% off The Card Network deal for Woolworths?

      • 15% would be ideal. Lol

      • Waiting for this too ….

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        4/11-10/11 Target. 10% off directly.

  • amateur question, can these pay with coles giftcard ?

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      possibly. staff always tell me i cant buy gc with gc but the online coles ones i get from suncorp do wirk. the staff at coles ate always amazed. often they eont even let me try and kick up a stink as though i am an antivacxer lol

      • Yeah, just tell them it's a gift card from your frequent flyers account and it's different to normal gift cards…blah blah..got nothing to lose, please try it etc etc. Always met with amazement when it works. Can't be via self checkout, you need a checkout operator to do it.

    • You should be able to, as you're buying third-party gift cards.

      For details, see here ("What kind of gift cards do Coles sell in-store?" and "Can I use gift cards issued by Coles to pay for gift cards?").

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    Officeworks Price Match available on the following cards for a total of 19.25% off:

    • Thanks for the reminder, I've done this in the past in-store when Aldi had the Village ones on sale back in 2019.

    • Is this generally pretty easy to when price beating giftcards ?

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        Yes, unless you end up with incompetent staff (which has happened to me a couple of times).

        If you are asking for a price beat in-store, have a copy of the Coles catalogue (paper or digital) ready to show to the staff at the checkout.

        • Make sure the staff at the checkout correctly calculate the new price of the gift cards; I had a staff member one time accidentally punch in the competitor’s discount on an iTunes gift card as 15%, even though the discount in the competitor’s catalogue was actually 20%.

        • You may find that some staff will say that gift cards are excluded from price beats. This is false, as it is not an exclusion on the price beat guarantee page on Officeworks’ website.

        If you are asking for a price beat over the phone, tell the rep the page of the Coles catalogue to refer to. You should have the option to pick up the gift cards at an Officeworks store, or have them delivered to you (and you may be charged a fee for delivery).

        Keep in mind there may be a limit on the number of gift cards you can purchase through a price beat (which would be determined by each store), so you may be pushing your luck if you want to buy $500 worth of Village Cinemas gift cards and want Officeworks to price beat Coles’ price.

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          Thanks WookieMonster, I really appreciate you going into depth on this. Wish me luck

  • Can you buy these with flybuys dollars?

  • are these gift cards easily hacked or anything, like the other gift card for Coles on Ozbargain? How was your experience in using this?

    • also I can't see to find any good restaurant deals with Red Balloon, for example Sydney Harbour Cruise with 3 Course Lunch - For 2 is $185 (2pp) and RRP is $218, however it seems like they're using Captain cook cruises which currently is selling for $79 per adult (RRP $109).

      edit looks like Red Balloon does price match.

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      are these gift cards easily hacked or anything, like the other gift card for Coles

      Nope, completely differnt situation.

      Those were prepaid Mastercards where only the last 8 digits (possibly 6) varied, all had the same expiry date, and were being used on sites like Amazon that did not check the security code on the back.

      These gift cards are limited (Event/Village to them, obviously), and the dining would be limited to dining merchant categories and variations. They're not open slather like the Coles Mastercards are.

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