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Melbourne to Phuket $149, Sydney to Bali $159 One Way Airfare @ Jetstar


Destinations include:

  • Bali
  • Phuket
  • Singapore
  • Auckland
  • Queenstown
  • Nadi
  • Honolulu
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Osaka
  • Tokyo

Club Jetstar Early Access ends 11.59pm AEDT Monday 25 October 2021 and Public Access Sale ends 11.59pm AEDT Saturday 30 October, unless sold out prior.

Don’t forget your International Vaccine Certificate https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/COVID-19/COVID-19-vaccinati...

Please note some travel requirements may incur additional charges, which will be a condition of entry, both ways. This may include PCR testing, vaccinations, quarantine, face masks, health declarations and/or entry permits. All passengers 12+ on Jetstar flights to and from Australia will need to provide proof of vaccination to travel.

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    Anything this year?!

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    I’d highly recommend you factor in the cost of PCR tests for travel. These are done at Pathology clinics for $140-$300 depending on test type and result speed.

    Eg: Fiji clinics charge approx 350FJD ($226) the PCR test required for return back to Australia.

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      thanks, this is crap, was looking at a trip to Fiji but that additional cost is putting me off,

    • +16

      Yep, was looking at it. Family of 4 needs to factor in $1200+ just on PCR tests alone.

      This ain't cheap trips.

      • It's the price of COVID-Safe !

    • +9

      And what happens if you test positive? Are you allowed on the aircraft to return to Australia? Or do you have to quarantine, stuck in a hotel room for two weeks. And who pays for that? Do any travel insurance policies cover such costs? And what does your work say when you can’t return for another two weeks. And what If you are casual and don’t get paid for those two weeks or have used up your holidays.

      And there is also the cost of the test you MUST get at the airport before you leave which is another $150 per person. And no, you can’t get your own test beforehand. You HAVE to get one at the airport. I heard you had to get the test at the airport but that may not be the case. Either way you need a test before you go which is around $150 a person or $600 for a family of four.

      If you take a look at the number of cases per day in the UK, it is a definite possibility you could contract WuHu flu over there especially when you consider as a tourist you will be out a lot. Catching public transport, eating out and going to pubs etc, spending time in museums and galleries and other tourist spots. Plus shopping. Good luck affording an extra two weeks in London with your family. Paying last minute hotel prices.

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        HeyMondo, CoverMore and SafetyWing currently cover costs related to issues with catching COVID. Although not for border closures and such.

        • +1

          I'm surprised, I'd say the chance of catching it is relatively high

      • +1

        Common sense says that they won’t let you on the plane while you are positive. (Hmm what if you are false positive person). So you will win extended adventure.

        • +2

          in a locked hotel room.

        • +1

          Don’t start this false positive crap unless you can explain why Queensland, south Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia don’t get heaps of false positives with all their testing.

      • Simple - don't travel in the first place.

    • +2

      That's so expensive! PCR here in Vietnam at my local medical center is 350k vnd

      • Hi Resin, do you know when Vietnam borders will open for fully vaccinated travellers?

        • The current estimate is around March/April as Phu Quoc island is demonstrating a trial opening from Nov 20- Mar 20 for fully vaccinated travellers. Originally it was pitched as a staging area for tourists where you would have to stay 1 week then you could enter the mainland afterwards. However, I believe that will not happen and the government will open earlier as everything changes on a frequent basis here.
          So I would say, it will probably open after Tet (Lunar New Year) because they like to start the new year fresh during Tet

    • +6

      Time to ditch that crap and use antigen tests

      • UK just scaped them for antigen. Hopefully we catch on soon

    • +3

      Any deals on PCR tests? Buy 4 get 1 free perhaps? 🙃

  • what is the return travel requirement for NSW? PCR test & quarantine? There are few news floating around, I miss overseas travel.

    • +2

      If you're fully vaccinated, from November 1, no quarantine requirement for arrival into NSW. But PCR negative within 72 hours before flight.

    • Just PCR test after 1/11

  • So what are we thinking travel will be like for fully vaccinated VIC peeps around easter next year? Still provide tests before and after? No quarantine either way too?

    • +51

      yes, the alternative is to get vaccinated…

      • was waiting for someone to say that xD

      • +2

        to be fair it does look like thats the only option they r giving

        • +15

          Then do it. Vaccination = Travel. Simple.

          • +1

            @nofearzzz: Simple travel? Hardly….. PCR tests, extra Insurance cover, one night in hotel quarantine [Thailand at the moment], etc, what a hassle on top of the extra cost.

            Nah, eff that, not that desparate to holiday os just yet.

            • +1

              @TilacVIP: Yeah was thinking of Thailand myself, but PCR tests x4 + 1 night hotel quarantine = forget it.

              • @NotAnAudiophile: bars that guys like to go-go to, are all closed as well at the moment :)

                • @TilacVIP: Not just that, if you do get COVID there, no idea when they'll let you return home!

                  • +1

                    @NotAnAudiophile: That doesn't sound too bad. If you have lots of sick leave saved up, it would be a good time to use it, on a beach in Thailand.

  • +4

    You'd hope PCR testing requirements will be a thing of the past by these 2022 dates :/

    • +1

      I wouldn't bet on it but who knows? This could drag on for a while.There's a lot of unvaccinated people out there in the world today.

  • +3

    Great. Look forward to claim some TRS at airport. haha :)

    • +1

      Yes this is the real reason to travel.

    • +4

      TRS closed due to covid

      • +1

        Are you sure it's not open now ? There's nothing updated in their website.

        • +3

          TRS has always still been open, I used it 3 months ago going to NZ. So it'll definitely reopen in December when international flights are back

      • damm!!! Sad :(

      • 100% open at least at SYD just a week ago, added benefit of tiny to no lines currently :)

  • Let's fly jetstar!

  • +2

    Perth-Bali $99 each way also 😉

    • Actually the return is like 58. DPS to PER

  • How do you prove vaccination status whilst in a country? For example, entering a bar where they want to check your status (which I know is happening in some parts of Europe at least). Are these international vaccination certificates recognised and useful to bouncers and other non-governmental orgs?

    • There's already one in the Medicare app that you can tie to your passport that's recognised when travelling overseas.

  • Does club membership apply for all the fares booked under that booking or just 1?

    • Up to 3 or 4 others

  • +1

    From Melbourne, why is Asia cheaper than NZ???

    • +3

      Same as cheaper to spend holiday in Asia than within Australia

    • Nz border entry fee is now $45ish. That affects the price a bit. I think Auckland airport put their passenger rate up too. Nearing $20 for international arrivals. That's added into the ticket costs. I'm guessing Asia fees are cheaper.

      • NZ border is fee free for Australian passport holders. I believe the Asia has more flights come in and out from Australia which creates more supply.

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    I must be the only crazy person here game enough to book a holiday from Melbourne to Phuket.

    I’ve been keeping my eye on the Sandbox requirements and PCR tests and thought I could live with that if I can get cheap airfares.

    I signed up to club Jetstar to get the early access.

    Less than $900 for 2 adults and 1 child including 2 bags and meals isn’t bad. 50/50 chance it will actually go ahead.

    • When is your ticket booked?

    • Has the child been vaccinated to? My concerns arent the PCR its what happens if my child gets really sick from catching COVID (or even us vaccinated) and we have to go into a Thai, Indonesian or Fijian health system. I would much rather know the costs of that and more importantly the quality.

      • +2

        Thai health system is very very good. Hospitals especially in bangkok are world class. Can’t speak for the other countries however I imagine there would be certain hospitals in major capitals that are up to scratch. My issue is who pays. As in are there any travel insurance policies that genuinely cover covid costs, not just medical costs but also any hotel quarantine costs etc that you would be up for if you test positive overseas.

        • +2

          Can confirm; have dragged my mates to hospitals all across Asia (we like our trips on the rough and tumble side) and a the random Bangkok emergency room down the road from my hostel offered service well beyond that of what we received in Hawaii for example.

          My mate spent all night there under observation in his own bed with one doctor available at all times and nurses and received a prescription to manage after - we even paid out of pocket and it was only $100 or so.

    • Does anyone know how many PCR test are required? Is it 2 to go and 2 to come back?

      2 adults + 1 child * 4 tests each = 12 PCR tests.
      That's $1800 at $150 each.

      • Wait, why would it be 2 each way and not 1?

        • +2

          To go to Thailand you need one test in Australia before you leave and another test in Thailand after you arrive.

          Not sure if it's the same to get back to Australia. (also wondering whether the Aussie government will cover the cost of the final test when you return).

          • +4

            @devilbabies: You would have to be mental to head to Thailand currently: -


            It's on every 'redlist', zero travel insurance coverage, can't guarantee getting the required PCR test to leave and a very high chance of catching COVID when you are there meaning you could be stuck for months until the PCR tests clear.

            If you are a backpacker with no plans, it would be an awesome time to visit, if you're a regular tourist planning a 2 week trip then nah, bad idea (IMO).

            • +1

              @Yorkshire-Man: What a hilarious map. If COVID is very high, you are told not to travel. Except for the USA.

            • +1

              @Yorkshire-Man: Yeah, I agree. Too many extra costs, risks and stressful things to organize.

              Terrible for backpackers too. Probably not a good time for drinking and meeting other backpackers, have to stay in specific pre-booked hotels, have to organize getting multiple tests, get them and wait for results. Probably higher prices and less choice for many activities that you'd want to do too.

              All these things are the opposite of a cheap, fun and spontaneous holiday.

            • @Yorkshire-Man: Australia at level 3?

            • @Yorkshire-Man: Plenty of those out there [mental to go to Thailand at the moment] so no surprise.

    • You're not the only crazy person, don't worry 😉

  • I thought we can’t enter Bali yet. I’ve checked Garuda website, Australia is not in the list.

    • that's what i saw too, is there a new secret update we are missing?

    • Key word ‘yet’, they’ve started reopening to some countries and it’s safe to assume Australia’s turn coming up soon + of course airlines are happy to take money upfront even without concrete info

    • You'll get an airline credit if the flights cancelled because the country is not open yet. Book at your own risk.

  • Nothing to japan listed

  • +1

    Is there a central website to check what travel requirements are set in each country, such as for PCR tests + costs, quarantine requirements, etc., or is the only way to look on the government websites of the countries you are looking to visit?

  • Presumably no insurance policy will cover COVID for some time.

    What happens if / when you catch COVID while overseas? 14 days quarantine in a hotel in the foreign country at your own expense? Seems prohibitive… especially somewhere expensive like Hawaii.

    • Exactly or more importantly what happens if you or a family member are suddenly at the whim of that countries health system because of catching it (especially un vaxed kids).

    • +4

      There are already insurance companies covering this. HeyMondo has been a pretty popular one among Australians that have travelled over the pandemic. They cover quarantine if you catch covid and are required to quarantine.

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