Westpac Altitude Qantas Platinum MasterCard: 75,000 Bonus QFF Points ($4,000 Spend in 90 days, Reduced AF of $49 1st Year)


75,000 bonus Qantas Points with $4k+ spend on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. (Increased from previous 60K QF Points offer)

Plus, a reduced first year annual card fee of $49 ($150 thereafter)*. Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply and we’ll waive your first year annual card fee. A $50 annual Qantas rewards fee still applies.

0% p.a. for 24 months on balance transfer when requested at card application. 1% balance transfer fee applies. After 24 months, rate reverts to the variable cash advance rate of 21.49% p.a.

Offer not available if you’ve held an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards, Qantas or Velocity in the last 12 months. T&Cs apply.

Almost identical offer but with 75000 Velocity Points is also available if you prefer

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    This card is also $0 annual fee with 75k points in the App/online banking if you're an existing customer.

    The $50 reward fee applies though (to both this offer and the existing customer offer)

    • also the black card offers 90k points, $200 fee ($150 + $50)

      • +2

        15k point difference for $150 not worth it

        • +1

          if you have a trip planned or are chasing points club plus it might be. also includes a couple of lounge passes

      • the black is 120 000 points not 90

        • 30 is after 12 months and another annual fee

    • I'm existing altitude card customer, I cannot see the offer in the app

      Do you mean existing everyday account customer?

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        existing bank customer. if you have an altitude card you're not eligible for the deal

  • Do they issue the Qantas points soon after the spend, or only after the full 90 day period?

    • For me it was indeed the full 90 day period + time before the next statement to get the 75k.

      • I got my bonus points with my first statement

        • +1

          Can you please advise when will the 90 day or 60 day period start. Does it start from day of approval or first time of card use?. Just got both anz and nab CC and bit confused will i be able to make minimum spending on both cards at the same time?

          • @NPB: Starts the day of approval for your credit card

  • and i just had to apply for the westpac low rate credit card recently …. doh lol
    thats $400 i suppose

    • You can still apply even though you've applied for the low rate right?

      • -2

        Nah with these credit cards that you churn, it says you have to now have a CC with them for past 1 year and don’t have a current CC with them

        • +1

          doubt the low rate card excludes you

          Offer not available if you’ve held an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards, Qantas or Velocity in the last 12 months.

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            @chickenface: It doesn't.

            Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

  • How much is 75k QFF worth in terms of grocery gift cards (eg Woolworths/Coles)?

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      Generally speaking $1 Retail value in terms of Grocery gift cards (Woolies/Coles) is ~ 206-210 Qantas Points

      Hence by that rule (206-210 QP is ~$1) then 75,000 QP is ~ $ 75,000/208 ~ $360.




      For normal signup bonuses its a good deal, But thinking that using this CC for everyday purchases (after getting the signup promo) is not really worthy

      That's why I assume HSBC cashback Debit Card is sort of better at 2% return instead of this measly return of like 1/2/3/4 QP per $1 spent. (any more than 4 QP per $ spent is a good deal)

    • +3

      If you're looking for gift cards, the Altitude offer on this exact same card is probably better suited. 130k Altitude points (~$500, depending on how you redeem them). And you don't have to pay the $50 rewards fee.

      • +2

        Works out to be $650 to be exact.

        • How exactly did you work out the $650? thanks

          • @firedoophin: 30k points = $150
            50k points = $250

            Total bonus points = 130k

            This is using their annual fee rebate which works out a lot better. Basically a statement credit.

            • @nightelves: ah, okay, so that's assuming I keep the card for more than a year and use the points to pay for the 2nd annual fee.

              for credit cards redemption, it's more like $500-$550 I think

              • @firedoophin: Under redeem points go to cashback and financials. You'll see an option to redeem your 130k points for annual fee rebate.

  • So even if you already have a Qantas frequent flyer account, they’ll charge $50 a year anyway? My Amex Qantas discovery card/ HSBC Qantas card doesn’t do this.. that I’m aware of? 🤔

    • Yes. They do the same thing for Velocity. Amex probably cut some deal so you don't have to pay $50/annum

  • Anyone know in general if Westpac pro-rata refund AF?

    • +1

      fmd, you looking for pro rata of $49?

      • "in general"

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    Ah, so this is 49+50=$99 for customers new to Westpac then. Kills it for me personally :(

    • I’m a CbA staff member and even we don’t get the Qantas yearly fee waive which is BS

    • +3

      open a free bank account and become a customer

      • Does this actually work?

        • Yes

  • +1

    This 45 days interest free days, not 55

  • +1

    My wife spent this in 1 day last week!

  • Any minimum income?

  • +3

    Had a nightmare application with the last Westpac CC deal. Was approved for the card, had it show in the online account, but with a $0 balance and couldn't use it. Apparently managed to get some sort of fraud lock on it despite never managing to spend a cent on it (first attempt was a simple Telstra bill). An hour on hold on the phone with support who tell me I need to go into branch to verify my ID, an hour driving to and waiting in branch to verify, who then verify with the fraud team and tell me I now -also- need to email bank statements from my salary account to them now (despite already being approved and ID verified, amazing). The email they give me to send the stuff to bounces back with a sending denied error, so it was clearly some internal-only address.

    Another hour in the bank the next day while they're on hold with the fraud team yet again, at which point I come to the epiphany no amount of free points is worth this insanity. Then 2 weeks and 4~ hours on the phone wasted trying to cancel the damn thing, which only the fraud team could also do for some reason, and only some certain department in the fraud team that they tried to bounce me to on two attempts, but which first went to an out of hours (thanks for keeping me on hold so long the team you transfer me to has packed up and left), and the next day when they attempt to 'transfer' me to them at 9 AM they send me to an end-of-call survey, incredible. Thankfully the next day it appeared to have cancelled itself, the only miracle in this whole adventure.

    tl;dr: Save yourselves and stay far, far away from the red W of pain. Nothing is worth their absolute incompetence.

    • +2

      I had a similar experience. Was approved then never received the card and called them. Told me to go into a branch to verify my ID. Done that and again no card. Called them again and they told me there was a fraud lock on it, despite me never using it. Had to go back into a branch and spent an hour there trying to get this figured out.

      Finally received the card about a month later and hit the minimum spend soon after. No bonus points though and I now have a case open to get that looked into…

      • i haven't got my card yet but there's a virtual card in the app i've used to meet the spend

    • +1

      Just had a similar experience.

      Applied for card on Monday evening and was conditionally approved pending incoming verification, which I promptly sent.
      Approved on Wednesday morning and received access to the digital card that afternoon.

      Managed to make one successful transaction (an internet bill) before the card was blocked. I've been told I need to go into a branch to verify my ID before they'll unblock it. This is despite me having been a customer previously, and having verified my ID - in a branch - previously.

      Haven't gone to the branch yet but I fear I'll be trapped in the same loop you were. Wish me luck..

      • +1

        A while back - may be about +2yr ago where you still need pickup the card at branch, I've been told by a teller that, for 1st time usage, i should tap/use card at a physical machine to make it truly "activated".

        Could be an old wives tell but that what I've been doing for any CC i applied. No issue whatever.

  • St George also has Qantas Platinum card - 60,000 points, first year annual fee ($99) waived if you're a customer with a $3k spend in 90 days.

    They also offer a Qantas Signature card with 90,000 bonus points with $6k spend in 90 days, annual fee $279 or reduced to $139 by having an account with them.

    Which is the better deal?

    • ANZ deal better below

      • I mean between Westpac and St George, as I'm not eligible for ANZ at the moment.

    • lol i applied for both the westpac and st george cards on the same day and was approved

      • yeah I might too, I have some spend, may as well get the sweet points

  • -1

    I have a home loan package with bank of melb, will the AF be waived for this card?
    (Both under westpac group?)

  • ANZ deal is better
    70K points, $2.5K spend in 3 months, $0 first year


    • +5

      This Westpac promotion is still decent for those who may not be eligible for ANZ - whether due to holding existing ANZ CC, already signed up for the deal, or waiting for their eligibility period since closing to tick over.

      • I got denied for their black card just recently, what's my chance of applying and getting approved for this ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum card? or should I just forget about it.

  • Paying bills using BPAY. Can it be counted towards the 4K spending?

    • +1

      Cant do it directly but you can do it with a different payment processor like Sniip, ZipPay etc and still get the points.

      • Thanks for that.

    • +1

      †Eligible purchases do not include interest, fees and charges, cash or ATM cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, gambling transactions, a purchase from or payment to a local, state or federal government or government related agency, BPAY or similar transactions (such as Post Billpay), refunds and balance transfers debited from the card account.

    • BPay via BeemIt should work. It worked with this CommBank offer.

  • +1

    Does a St George CC make you ineligible since they're both under Westpac?

    • +2

      No, although St. George Group is owned by Westpac, it's a separate bank, so if you've not had one of the listed Westpac cards in the last 12 months but you have had a St. George Group card, you should be eligible.

      In saying that, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA are all one bank, so e.g. if you've had a St. George Amplify Card in the past 12 months, you are excluded from offers from Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA as well as St. George until the 12 months is up. This usually isn't a problem because for the most part they have the same offers so it essentially comes down to which card you think is prettiest when picking which one of the three to apply through, but there have been instances in the past where e.g. Bank SA have done a promo to tie in with the Adelaide Fringe Festival that the other two don't do.

  • Cool approved straight away through Westpac app.

    Chose $6k limit

    Now to spend $4k hmmmm

  • +1

    No idea how people have got approved so quickly, but I am still waiting for approval. Quite tempted to just cancel tbh, if it wasn't for the Qantas points I would have already done so.

    • +1

      How long since you completed you application? Call their help line and check. Sometime the application could have stuck somewhere. Happened to me with one of the CC applications at St George. They had to get someone from backend office to do fix something on their system.

      • Thanks for the tip! I did that and they said to give them another 2 days. Applied 27th and sent them additional statements on the 29th.
        I just told them to cancel it if they can't get it done this week. Will see. The QF points make it worthwhile.

    • I've been waiting for over a week now after submitting my payslips.

      • For context, I applied for the ANZ FF one on Wednesday at 11:30am. I had an email saying approved just before 1pm and today I got a letter saying card and PIN are on their way.

  • How does this compare to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662116? Is it just the Qantas points and lower minimum spend here?

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