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10% off - Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) $250.20 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Due to the recent price error, Mobileciti has generously offered 10% off all AirPods, including the new released 3rd gen. This makes it cheaper than the Costco deal and doesn't require a membership.

Apply coupon code: AIRPODS10 at checkout. Code expires tonight - 11:59pm AEDT


  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears
  • All-new contoured design
  • Up to 30 hours total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case
  • Up to six hours of listening time with one charge

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  • +71

    $248 too much.

  • +12

    nice move

  • Does anybody remember how much was gen 1 and 2 when they first came out?

  • -3

    Really disappointing that Apple did not get rid of the stem and now there’s an additional back spot on the outside that people could see.

    • +25

      The stem is really useful for picking them up and moving them in your ears. I'm happy they kept it.

      • I find the stem pinching motion makes it more at risk of dropping than just the tapping motion.

        • +1

          Touch controls on in-ear pods is a terrible idea. Even if you are adjusting them in your ear, you would get accidental touches all the time.

          • @dealsucker: Agreed. I have the Buds Pro and while I really like them, I have to turn off the touch controls.

      • +6

        Agreed, stem is very useful. The shorter stem is much better than the original Airpods and I like the pinching instead of tapping as it doesn't feel like you are tapping your eardrum.

    • Stem is good design. Why would you take it out it’s easy to handle and fits nice in the ear. Making things smaller just for the sake of it doesn’t mean making better products

      • I wasn’t talking about making things smaller mate. I was referring to how it would look while wearing it, not having things sticking out while wearing. My idea about what earbuds should look like is that they should be as least visible as much as possible.

        • +1

          This isn't their brand tho, The AirPods have an iconic design language that was built from the original EarPods. Don't see it changing any time soon…

          • @JackFrost: Yeah I agree, the stem is somewhat of a brand design for Apple.

            The technology now already exists for microphone voice to be clear even without the stems, and the technology will only get better from here.

            I suspect several generations from now, Apple would get rid of the stems just like how Apple eventually got rid of the home button on iPhones.

    • +2

      Strongly disagree.

  • +64

    Been much cheaper in previous deal: Apples Airpods 3rd Gen $2 @ Mobileciti



    [normal OzBargain whinging here]

  • +1

    No airpods pro ?

    • Looks like OOS

    • +2

      If I dont need noise cancelling, I would prefer the standard airpods as I find IEM's get irritating in the ear canal after a long time.

      • +1

        I second this.
        Wish the pro wasn't in ear.

        • +4

          Can't really do noise cancelling without it being in ear though, its still better than hearing loud plane/train or bus noises.

          • +1

            @ATangk: Yeah, good point.
            Silicone tips really need to be gone with.
            Have you used the Dekoni replacements?
            They're supposed to be alright.

            • @DisabledUser393851: I have not. Memory foam seems to be a good replacement such as the pair you suggested here, but I've had mixed success with memory foam over the years. For a commute leg of under 2 hours, the regular silicon eartips are no problem for me, that may be different for you. But I will switch to something like my QC35's or just regular airpods if I'm in a noisier environment. Speakers if I'm at home.
              Something like my QC30's I cant really wear them for any period of time over 30 mins, as I find those significantly more irritating than the airpods pro silicon. Not sure why.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser393851: I found that JB sells comply. Probably a lot easier to get your hands on. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/comply-headphone-ear-tips...

  • don't forget cashrewards or shopback for another 2% off

    • +2

      Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

      Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

      • No harm in trying but best to expect nothing

  • Got one thanks OP!

  • Thanks. Cancelled my order on Apple store and got one here instead

  • Come on Mobiciti, please give us 10% discount on the new 14" and 16" Macbook Pro as well (not a student here).

    • +10

      Don't think that has ever stopped any Ozbargainer from using the education store… you may be the first ;)

    • +1

      Surely you know someone's kid… Buy them maccas for the troubles (hint, $1 deals coming next month)

  • +1

    “Adaptive EQ tunes sound in real-time based on how AirPods fit in the user's ear.”

    Wtf is adaptive eq? Sounds like a hyper pumped up statement. What difference could that seriously make?

    • There’s been a few companies doing this sort of “tuning to your ear canal” for a few years now, for example:


      Haven’t tried either myself, but I’d be curious to see what it actually does.

      Going to their Sydney store is on my “to-do” list at some point.

  • +1

    Cheers skido. How did you manage to arrange this?

  • +3

    The pro got as low as this.

    • -1

      this is better

      • How is it better?

    • +4

      Not everyone like rubber tips. I would pay more for this one

      • +3

        You can change the silicon tips.
        I can understand if you don't like in ear however that doesn't mean these are better just because they're newer.

        • +2

          They're better if you're a marathon user. Losing NC features gave it an extra hour and a half (probably closer to 2 hours) battery life. This adds up with the case charging. Literally everything else is the same, though if you have a prev gen APP, then you wont have the magsafe case either.

          • @ATangk: Wow, I agree with everyone in this thread.
            Newer does not mean better, the features are very similar.
            I too dislike the silicon tips and vastly prefer this design and I'm happy it's got more battery and wireless charging..

            Who knew, everyones a winner.

            • @Kivharo: APP got quality issues and this might fix those problems. Most of first gens are actually faulty and even apple have to fix up to 3 yr old devices.

  • +7

    Should be under $200

  • Thanks OP, glad to replace my (very dead) Gen 1s.

  • +2

    Can Apple store price match ?

  • +3

    Best I can do is $2

  • I just love how there are so many anti Apple commenters under every Apple deal.

    Why are you guys so insecure to waste so much energy trashing Apple, people that want to buy this will buy it despite your valiant efforts to switch them to a Xiaomi or Bose or Sony or whatever 'White Knight' brand you think is holier than thou.

    My wife loves these and I was planning on getting her this as her 1st gen is dying, this post has saved me me $$$ so thank you OP.

    I will also make sure I tell my wife the Ozbargain Audiophile Experts trashing these earpods are heard, she will not give a flying F.

    • -2

      Apple enthusiast here, but these things are so overpriced it's not funny
      And they really look like earrings when on. Probavly looking good on your wife, not so much on a bloke

      • When I first got my Airpods Pro on release, I had groups of people pointing and whispering in my direction. Couldnt really tell what they were saying though, because NC.

        • -1

          Eh… as per my comment above, they were probably wondering why a bloke was wearing white earrings lol

    • -1

      Exactly. These fanboys are so insecure thats its not even funny anymore. I never see this from people who like and buy Apple do the same on other threads.

    • Jokes on them, it works perfectly with Android devices.

    • I despise apple with a passion , but I still bought a pair for the wife. Sometimes it's just easier getting them what they want against your better judgement.
      She also now wants and iPhone 13 pro max. I tried to explain to her that her xs max is still a very phone but again I am now shopping for an iPhone 13 pro max.

      • Happy wife happy life.

      • Living with the enemy

  • Pointing out the price error has some benefits I guess, enjoy.

  • oos

  • hardly a bargain, not paying more than $2

  • Out of stock :(

  • Good for Android phone? Especially Oppo phone

  • Has anyone got an order confirmation from Mobileciti as yet?

    I've only got Paypal confirmation.

    • Yes, I received 2 Mobilciti emails, a order confirmation email and a receipt email too.

      • did you pay via CC or paypal?

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