Do you think Sunscreen is a scam?

I have not seen any black or brown guy getting skin cancer. Melanin is a natural sunscreen. People who live in sunny areas evolved to have more melanin so that it protects them from constant exposure to the sun. Where people from northern latitudes evolved lighter skin so that they can absorb more sunlight. There are people like world-famous surfer Laird Hamilton who stays in sun all the time without any sunscreen and white and is perfectly healthy. Is diet causing skin cancer for some white people, where the skin is their weakest part? I heard the argument that in Australia there is no ozone layer, and it causes skin cancer. Which is completely false. Personally, I never used sunscreen, and I will be in sun a lot of time. What do you think?

Edit: My theory is that people of color getting skin cancer from sun exposure is almost zero. Skin is an organ same as the liver or lungs. Most people in this modern age are eating a Junk diet. Once you screw your body to a point of no return, your body starts to become dysfunctional. After that, some cells will start mutating and your body can no longer repair. Cancer starts forming. It can start in any organ. For example, my Aunt never smoked and was never exposed to passive smoking. But she died of lung cancer. As I told skin is an organ as well and white people's weakest link in the body is their skin because of very little melanin. Cancer can start in their skin. You can also see skin cancer deaths have increased significantly since 1970 in the UK where Sun doesn't shine too bright.

I love science. Science is wrong many times. The most recent blunder is Margarine. A few years back US FDA banned it because it is loaded with trans fat. But years prior to that it was considered as the holy grail for heart disease. And there are well-known blunders like doctors advertising cigarettes.

PS: I am not targeting anyone personally. But some people are assuming they are smart by using expletives. I am just posting my view.

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    Oh, here we go again.

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      Another confirmation bias post from OP.

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        After the OP's previous winning threads, I'm convinced it's a Pete Evans parody account.

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        • nah just another walking demonstration of the dunning-kruger effect.

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      I'm sus at OP's user name.
      Surely this is an Onion worthy article?

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      This is the muppet that said:
      "Natural antibodies are 8-12 times more effective than vaccines and long lasting."

      Popcorn time……..

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        He's not wrong. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take vaccines.

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          I agree.

          It like getting stabbed while saying a stab proof vest is bad.

          The more you get stabbed the more your skin adapts. Eventually it becomes more effective.

          But you could die.

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            @cheapo123: Yeah but if you get stabbed enough and not die from it, your skin should be like plate mail at this point; no future stab or cuts would be able to slice through your thick carapace like skin.

          • @cheapo123: forgot to add to my reply that it's just like callus but better.

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          Actually, he's wrong.

          Vaccines aren't antibodies, and they don't make antibodies on their own.

          They spur your body into making those "natural antibodies". Hence any form of comparison between the two cannot happen.

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          it does highlight that he has no idea how the immune or how vaccines work… i guess big pharma is in cahoots with big education

          sh1t for brains as my bogan neighbour would say, Aus and NZ were notorious for skin cancers especially in the 80's when the ozone layer had a gap larger than…

          melanomas do exist and loads of people die of it (not just old blokes too)

        • he is different cells have different roles in your immune system, you cant compare antibodies with vaccines as most vaccines train your body to recognise those viruses so they know to mobilise.

          viruses are like saboteurs, they dress up and go incognito, so its good to know who they are before they blow up the bridge.

      • He forgot all antibodies are natural in the human body. How else do you get antibodies?

        • Perhaps he meant the antibodies you develop yourself when you, you know, actually catch Covid are better than the vaccine stimulated antibodies. which might be true, getting those antibodies would be more effective than those from the vaccine, but a tad more risky getting them I suspect.

    • Lololololol popcorn

    • Took this personally.

    • surely if I don't know any black people, then I don't know any black people getting skin cancer. Therefore black people can't skin cancer. All the doctors and scientists are working with big pharma and the aliens to get to you buy this sunscreen that makes you die. Everyone who has ever had sunscreen dies. Maybe not right now, maybe in 50, 80 years, but surely 100% die.

      It's all a scam!!! A scam to steal $2 from us!

      • Actually, has anyone ever seen the op? If no one here has seen him, therefore he doesn't exist, or he's an alien!!!

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    Google: "do black people get skin cancer"

    People of all colors, including those with brown and black skin, get skin cancer. Even if you never sunburn, you can get skin cancer.

    They're human like everyone else…

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      Ssshhh doesn't fit OP's narrative.

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        OP's post is dumb but it's clear science that white skin has a higher cancer rate

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        seriously its 2021… how can people be this thick

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          It's okay to be thicc

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      No, not really. Read the description. Melanin is a natural sun screen

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        And black/brown people have more melanin in their skin due to evolutionary purposes.
        Does that mean that sunscreen is a scam? no

        What about white people who have very little melanin in their skin? Due to evolution and covering up we've lost the melanin content in our skin and hence, if we don't want to burn > causing cell damage > causing cancerous mutations, we need sunscreen to block the UV from our skin surface.
        Don't try and link diet and cancer like the naturopath influencers do, it works until it doesn't.

        Just because you have 1 instance of a surfer not getting skin cancer doesn't mean you can disregard millions of dollars of research.

        *FYI there is no argument that Australia has no Ozone layer. (maybe back in the 90's when CFC's were prolific) but since they banned them the Ozone hole has largely closed.
        *Also Australia's summer sun is harsher than that of equatorial areas due to the angle of the sun on the earth (and our lovely clean air not filtering out light like in other countries), so, yes you could get away with no sunscreen in certain areas closer to the equator, however in Australia you can't unless you want skin cancer.

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        Melanin is a natural sun screen

        Correct. Darker skinned people have more melanin and do not get sun burned as easily as pale skinned people.

        None of this means that sunscreen is a scam.

        You can test this easily.
        1. Put sunscreen on the left half your body only.
        2. Go to the beach (or other area without shade) and sit in the sun all day.
        3. Re-apply the sunscreen, to the left half of your body only, as directed by the manufacturer.
        4. Observe the painful sensation and reddening on the right half of your body.
        5. Conclude that sunscreen works.

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          Or better yet, get a funny stencil, stick it to your skin, and put sunscreen all over it and around it then remove. Sit in the sun for 2 hours. Come inside and later than day observe funny stencil shape in white on your skin.

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          The question isn't whether sunscreen stops you getting burnt, it's whether it stops you getting cancer.

          Everyone in this thread saying OP is a troll knows nothing about science lol, OP raises a totally valid point.

          Particularly, one needs to use an SPF sunscreen that blocks the full spectrum of UV rays to stop the lower energy (further penetration), or else they will spend more time in the sun than they would without sunscreen and thus increase their risk of getting cancer.

          Essentially, sunburn is the natural preventative mechanism which is activated by high energy light, which stops us exposing ourselves to other wavelength emissions from the sun which penetrate deeper into the skin and damage DNA.

          OP is right though, it's just people eating garbage and living shit tier lives.

          • @Assburg: There are many organic foods that act as sunscreen, like mangoes or other tropical fruits. Yes white people are more prone to it because of their skin but also their diet. The other thing is somewhere like UK doesn't have much sun so when it does, people go out en mass. Not being exposed to the sun and then having it full force is not good. Sunscreen will help you to not get burnt but whether it can actually stop cancer or other issues is debatable

            • -1

              @Monstalova: I do live in the tropics, and anecdotally, I started eating comically large bowls of fruit. I realise it's a bit of a different sun due to the humidity but I haven't been burnt in the past few years.

      • Didn't Bob Marley die of skin cancer?

      • Just like jungle leaves are a natural toilet paper… I know it is but I’m still not using it.

      • I think you are talking about Germ Theory Versus Terrain Theory. But most people believes in MSM subscribes to Germ Theory > pill popping > $$$ making …

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      The most famous case would be Bob Marley.
      Interestingly in people of colour, the mortality rate is far higher as they don't think of skin cancer when one appears.

      • +1

        He was a smoker and a joker

      • +1

        It's the same as saying white skin protects you from all of the diseases that disproportionately affect people with darker skin. OP has to be trolling.

      • Bob Marley's skin cancer was the type that isn't caused by sun exposure.

        This fact in no way means I think sunscreen is bad, skin cancer is good, or any of the other nonsense OP is putting forward.

    • My son has black skin and I can assure this person even though he has black skin he does get sunburnt but just goes darker

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    Your skin will peel like an onion and you may become extinct like a Tasmanian Tiger

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    OP name checks out. lol

    I don't think we can use "Slip, Slop, Slap" in this politically correct, non-violent world.

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    It’s all a conspiracy by the Government……….

    That is until they found Covid vaccinations, now the conspiracy is even more effective.

    Follow the science….. you will see the need to double slip slop slap. Slipper, sloppier slapper

    Make a stand, burn baby burn.


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      It was the "20th Century Big Sun Screen Scam" that FUNDED the COVID scam!!!

      It's all starting to make sense now.

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        stellar fusion can't melt steel beams

    • I deal with the general public for work. A lot of people can do with a good slapping.

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      OMG Nokia…

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      Yeah, I think OP’s posts are a scam!

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      Does owning a Bosch lawnmower mean you're a Nazi?

      • +5

        Wow, quite the post history.

        The comment about depriving their son of a dog even after they pleaded for one as OP thinks pets are a burden.

        I hope OP doesn't deprive their child of sunscreen!

        • He will be depriving them of inheritance when he dies too.

    • +17

      It's like his slavoz's twin brother.

    • So based on the comment history I can't use olive oil on a non-stick pan. Can I use it as a sunscreen instead?

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    Him and his partner run a superfood company, I'd take their opinions on health with a large grain of salt. As I do all the other beachy influencers leveraging their attractive looks and enviable lifestyle to sell products to people unhappy with their own lives.

    • How do you know that?

      • +13

        I took a lucky guess, then googled and confirmed my suspicions -

        It's pretty much the wellness industry of recent years in a nutshell. Main person that springs to mind is Pete Evans but there's heaps of other 40-something year old dudes with sunbleached hair and without the usual dad-bod gut that are running the same con, they're a dime-a-dozen in places like the Gold Coast and Bondi. They cast doubt in mainstream health advice then use that to sell their own wellness products and services. You should go down the rabbithole on this couple who run a wellness company that seems to be a mix of MLM/life coaching.

        • +4

          I'm going out on a limb here and saying that OP is not Laird Hamilton.

          If you know who Laird Hamilton is then, even with his out there wellness freak beliefs, he is an amazing person who has accomplished an awful lot in watersports (surfing, SUP etc). Check out the film Riding Giants. That said, yes, he has a number of quite odd fitness and food beliefs - although it has to be said that he (like that other famous weird food belief sportsman, Tom Brady) he is doing stuff at his age that no one else is doing.

          • @dtc: It would definitely be a very short, stubby limb to go out on as Laird Hamilton has basically god like status in world surfing. The man basically revigorated the whole standup paddle boarding (SUP) boom and invented tow-in surfing.

            A vast majority of surfers would have no idea of this "superfood" side hustle he has going. Comparing him to Pete Evans is like comparing Greg Norman to Happy Gilmore.

          • +1

            @dtc: professional athletes haven't destroyed their bodies with a lifetimes worth of job stress, physical labour, drugs and alcohol. they have a leg up in comparisons against other people their own age.

            • +1

              @Antikythera: You think being a professional athlete isn't extremely stressful and doesn't involve physical labour?

              esports maybe, they don't count as an athlete though.

              And that's not even touching on the drugs and alcohol.

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    Here we go again.

    Skin cancer is actually caused by having pets and inheritance tax.

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    I don't really understand the logic of your argument.

    On the one hand you are saying that people of colour are less likely to get skin cancer, because they have more melanin which acts as a sunscreen to protect them from skin cancer.

    On the other hand you are saying that the sun does not cause skin cancer.

    If the sun does not cause skin cancer, then why would people of colour be protected from skin cancer because of the melanin in their skin which behaves like sunscreen?

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        I still don't understand how your argument is logical.

        Now you are saying that the sun does cause skin cancer. That part of your argument makes sense because it explains why people of colour are less likely to get skin cancer (since they have more natural protection from the sun), and why white people are more likely to get skin cancer (since they have less natural protection from the sun) = sun exposure causes skin cancer.

        How does diet come into it? Do people of colour have a superior and less modern diet to white people? That would have to be the case if a modern diet explained why people of colour get less skin cancer and white people get more skin cancer.

        I also don't understand what Laird Hamilton has to do with it? Aside from the fact that he may get skin cancer in the future, nobody is saying that sun exposure ALWAYS causes skin cancer anyway.

        Here is an example of a person called Donald Morehouse who got shot in the heart and didn't die:

        Does that suddenly mean that bullets to the heart don't cause death? When a different man gets shot in the heart and does die, would you start thinking that his death was actually caused by his modern diet because Donald Morehouse got shot in the heart and didn't die?

        • -9

          How does diet come into it? Do people of colour have a superior and less modern diet to white people? That would have to be the case if a modern diet explained why people of colour get less skin cancer and white people get more skin cancer.

          No people of colour don't have superior diets. But skin is not their weakest link. They may die some other cancer.

          • +8

            @peeltheonion: Yes there are genetic differences between people of different races and ethnicities that predispose them to different diseases, including different types of cancer.

            In regards to skin cancer, you have already correctly identified melanin as the main genetic difference between people of colour and white people that predisposes white people to skin cancer, and protects people of colour from skin cancer.

            Having less melanin in your skin (i.e. being white), could be also be described as a "weak link" if you are a white person living in a sunny country. You are of increased risk of skin cancer because of greater sun exposure combined with lack of natural sun protection.

            That is precisely why sunscreen was invented.

            The simplest solution is usually the correct one.

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