Write off or Repairable? Haval H2 Premium 2020

Does this car look like a write off or repairable?

Haval H2 Premium 2020

Insured with RACV Comprehensive Insurance Market Value

Engine was smoking and fluids leaked out after crash.

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    Brand, year, model all important aspects when considering write off or repairable

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    More photos of the engine bay above and below needed.

    Insurance company name also required and how much it's insured for.

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    Still looks drivable to me haha

    • Really? Engine was smoking and all the fluids had leaked out. Don’t think its safe to drive?

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        That would happen if the radiator is cracked from a front on collision.
        But still we're only getting part of the story.

        If the engine still runs it's likely repairable.

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          That would happen if the radiator is cracked from a front on collision.

          The engine was smoking. A cracked radiator will not make smoke.

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        Don’t think its safe to drive?

        It never was ;)

  • What did you hit?

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        Poor Fox

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        Thats a strange name for your mother in law.

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        A Linfox?

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        "What does the fox say?"


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        Damn. A fox did that?

        I remember hitting a fox in a Golf GTi about 10 years ago and it was flattened. No damage to the car though. You were unlucky.

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          No way that was a fox!

        • Turns out the OP chose to not be helpful,
          Later on in the thread they make it known that it was a head on collision.

          Not sure what the OP was trying to achieve by telling everyone it was fox.

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            @Drakesy: Well I wouldn't expect a Haval buyer to have much common-sense

          • @Drakesy: That's not very nice.

            Depending on what he was smoking, he had a head on collision with a vehicle being driven by a fox!

  • Given the update in brand (Chinese) and year (recent) I would be voting for the repairable option

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    I got as far and Haval and thought "write off".

    Also lol @ fox doing that much damage. You know, unless it was carrying a horse carcass with it…

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      chinese "steel"

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        chinese "brakes" :)

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          You spelled breaks wrong.

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        Chinesium Alloy

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      I was expecting the photo to be of a car in pristine condition lol.

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      Also lol @ fox doing that much damage. You know, unless it was carrying a horse carcass with it…

      Have you ever driven and hit something in real life? Pretty sure even a small cat or person would still be able to do that kind of front end damage…

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        I have hit many a fox, one dog and a few cats. I can assure none of them would do that kind of damage. Kangaroo maybe or an athletic jumping wombat.

        • I hit a wallaby in a 100kph zone (had braked down to maybe 80) and it didn't do anywhere near as much damage to my Holden Caprice. It was still fully drivable afterwards too. Guess it helps that extra money and engineering effort was put into ensuring the vehicle could survive an animal strike…

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            @stewy: Lol while I agree that the poor Chinese engineering is to blame for OPs car looking like that after a minor accident, I don't think a Holden Crapice is exactly the pinnacle of automotive engineering either champ.

            • @MikeyR: While not the “pinnacle of automotive engineering” you still see American police driving beaten up Caprices, I’m betting they can take a hit.

        • I took it back when he said that was a joke so now I look like an idiot… Idiot aside, I was thinking maybe he was like driving 150km/hr down the road and hit it instead of at like 20km/hr or something.

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        Girlfriend says she had hit her ex boyfriend thrice and did not see this kind of damage. 🤔

        • who yours?

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    Haval H2

    Write off.

    • Came here for this comment.

    • I was thinking the same thing. What a POS

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    almost anything is repairable, it's just a question of what it will cost. But for practical purposes, if you have new for old cover with your insurance try to use that.

    With the kind of hit you took you haven't given enough details to say for sure it's a write off…

    did the airbags go off?
    was it smoke or steam that you saw?
    Did anything else in the engine bay get damaged? Water pump etc?
    Is the sump cracked?
    Can you start the engine?
    Does it leak anywhere it shouldn't?
    Does the frame look crooked?
    Are the lights working?
    Is there any electrical shorts?
    Is the aircon still working?

    etc etc etc

    • Airbags didnt go off
      I assume it was steam
      Not sure if sump was cracked
      Engine was working
      It did leak
      Frame looked crooked from the front
      Light working
      Not sure about electrical shorts
      Not sure about aircon

      • Looking at that list, I'd say (and I"m not a pro) that:

        1. Haval parts could be expensive, I'm not sure. Parts prices don't correllate with car prices, so could be anything
        2. It could be just a death by a 1000 cuts, in that there's too many different things needing to be fixed
        3. If the frame is crooked and it needs a jiig, that's more expensive and usually not done for the cabin, but for the front, maybe?

        If a pro can add to my points above would be great to know. IMO heaps of cars are just written off out of convenience, which is a shame because each write off is another car needing to be manufactured, and could be a perfecly fine car. One of mine was a repaired car and it's done great service of 200k km since it was repaired.

        • (advice general and I'm in Insurance, not motor repair)

          1. Haven't seen Haval incidents personally but, if the parts can be switched for another brand (Lexus from Toyata as an e.g.), that does bring repair prices down
          2. 100% happens plus, we've only got the photo of the visible exterior damage
          3. All depends on how the car was made

          I would agree with you about the write offs but, it really does depend how much you like the car and how well an Insurer is going to respond in the event of a similar accident in future. IMWH (in my work history) Insurers generally aren't keen on ex-write offs.

      • Chinese airbags.
        They don't protect the passenger, they protect the car.

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    That's what happened when it hit a fox?

    What on earth is it made of - Alfoil?

    Take the write-off money and walk away.

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      It's built in China, that'll answer that question.

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        It was your assertion in the first place, therefore up to you to prove.

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      Still trying to justify buying a Haval to yourself, huh?

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    Link to confirm that its not the case?

    In other words you can't find one. LMAO

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    Easily $6k worth of repair for parts and labour on bonnet, front beam, radiator, grill, bumper, respray along. Insurance quotes are insanely high compared to private work.

    The ignorant ones dissing about the type of damage from hitting a fox. Modern cars are designed as such. Well, assuming it wasnt a 40km/hr low speed crash.

    op, you have missed out on a 3rd option, repairable write off.

    • PS. I anticipate your next post asking for opinions on how to get a higher market value if it is written off. 😀

      • -1

        😀 I hope so. Will hear back from them by the end of the week hopefully.

        • -1

          You may not be so happy when your insurance payout doesn't cover clearing your car loan because your Chinese vehicle has really crappy market value.

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      Yeah, I agree with you on the quote. I have seen similar damages repaired for about 5k, but on an older car (so parts are cheaper)

      Nobody seemed to pick up on it (besides maybe a few people responding to it), but I'm pretty sure OP jokingly said it was a fox. So he probably just rear ended someone/something

      BTW repairable write off isn't a think in NSW. It's either a write off or it isn't, and if it's a repairable write off from another state, then it is a write off here

      • +3

        Actually I take that back, looking at OP's other comments. He does look like the type of guy who would try and convince us that he hit a fox

    • I hit a roo earlier this year and had similar damage to the front, bumper, radiator etc. - $12k, baby.

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        A roo will definitely damage the car differently.

        If you paid 12k to repair the damage, it probably isnt worth around 16k like OP's


        • Oh yeah sorry different car.
          I was just commenting on the repair costs.

          • +1

            @cuteseal: Average weight kangaroo 40kg (depending on breed).

            Average weight fox 6kg.

            • @BartholemewH: Not sure how generalisations help here but the damage to my vehicle actually look a lot less than OPs pic.
              My radiator was slightly dented but not leaking and no damage to the engine.

              Based on my repair costs I think OP's will end up being more.

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    As long as the Chassis is straight it is repairable (even with some damage repairs are often achievable)
    The question is would you/should you?

    Not me, I'd be getting the payout.

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    The insurer will tell you if reputable or not. No one here can really tell from a dark photo from one angle.

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    Part supply might be an issue, I wouldn't be surprised if you get quoted a ridiculous repair timeline…

  • Pre-COVID when global supply chain was working it'd be cheaper to repair, these days - maybe not. you could fall into the middle camp where you wait months for parts to arrive from overseas.

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    You did not hit a fox

    • +4

      Oh she was a fox alright, but driving a land cruiser.

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      Yeah, doesn't look like fox damage to me. No fur stuck in there, bonnet has a sharp crease which you usually get when you hit something hard.
      Also, looks like some cracked lights on the ground, and both headlights are intact, so at a guess, rear ended a car?

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    A fox does not cause that kind of damage to a normal car unless you managed to hit something else after hitting the fox.

    If you did legitimately hit a fox and nothing else all those people claiming Haval are junk might actually be correct?

    • -5

      I am joking about the fox, it was a head on collision, this car is pretty solid.

      • I take it back… Head on collision with what? Another car? Pole? Brick wall?

      • +1

        head on collision and the airbags didn't deploy? jesus.

        • +1

          I think jesus just decided that haval buyers shouldn't survive 😂

        • +2

          "head on" tells us the angle of the collision, not the force of the impact.

          For all we know OP may have driven head on into a parked car at 5km/h while parking.

          • +1

            @trongy: Head on into a fox at 5km/h. The fox is fine.

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    Definitely not a fox, I am thinking maybe a cat or a rat. Please confirm OP

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