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Ozito PXC 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer - Skin Only $114 (Was $189) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


If like me you missed my other deal from a couple weeks ago (yes, i missed my own deal) on the pole pruner, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656812
this is another option, bigger discount and you can still buy the pruner attachment separately for $57.98 (not discounted) essentially both attachments for less than the full price of just the hedge trimmer. Possibly, discounted due to Aldi special buys.

Telescopic extension pole
400mm cutting length
Reach from 2.10 to 3.04m
12mm cutting capacity
Batteries sold separately
The Ozito PXCPHTS-018 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer is ideal for trimming tall hedges or wide bushes, the long reach pole enables trimming tall hedges without the hassle of ladders or risk of injury.

The pivoting head can be locked in 7 different positions for greater versatility in multiple applications, while the main handle locks in 4 positions proving the ultimate in user control and comfort. The aluminium extension pole allows the user quick and easy adjustment for those hard to reach areas normally only accessible with a ladder.

Lithium-Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords. Choose the 18V Lithium-ion battery for the run time you need - sold separately.

Link to Pruner attachment https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-pruner-attachment_...

Note 2 left at Gladesville Bunnings, wasn't going to miss my own deal again. If like last deal it may only be for 24 hrs.

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  • Thanks OP. Had been debating getting a hedge trimmer for months. Have the 2x18v in Ozito mower and line trimmer, but at that price can't really go wrong with 1x18. Cheers.

  • Thanks OP, the last deal wasn't for VIC. Grabbed the set with the Pruner attachment for $171 this time, turned out much cheaper than the last NSW only deal, brilliant deal!

  • Thanks OP, I have been waiting for this so long.

  • Thanks heaps, OP. Grabbed both the trimmer set and the pruner attachment.

  • Wow dang it. Got the Ryobi Pole Pruner a few weeks back to clean up a few trees.

    Could have gotten this and the pruner attachment for cheaper. Oh well. No regrets.

    • At least when it comes to the non-pole hedge trimmers, the Ryobi is substantially better than the Ozito. IMHO you dodged a bullet.

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • Which battery is recommended for this? 18V 4.0Ah or 18V 2.5Ah?

    • +1

      i just spent the better part of 30 mins using a 4ah battery that wasn't full had used in the mower and was on 3 bars. down to 1 bar not dead yet though.

      • +2

        That's pretty good. I might splash out on the 4ah one then, cheers.

  • +9

    Very tempting, it's a great price, but I want to see what the price of this one that got put up on the ozito website ends up being first PXC 2 X 18V BRUSHLESS 4-IN-1 MULTI TOOL KIT

    • now this is a price i want to see aswell

      • $279 I was told.
        None near me to check however.

    • +2

      Can't find it at Bunnings yet, looks great.

      Could expect it to be $199 to compete with the upcoming Aldi deal


      • +1

        Bunnings online chat said $279, which would make sense I guess, this has 2 X 4ah batteries with it.

        • +2

          Was there any word on when it might be available at Bunnings?

          • +2

            @PolaBare: They've got this out on floor at my local Bunnings in Wagga Wagga saw it yesterday.

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          I/N is 0296586. It appears on the Powerpass app but not on the regular Bunnings app. Some stores near me have stock.

          • @BellaWii: Interesting, does buying it requires the power pass? If not I would be keen to know how to check stocks near me

            • @random-guy: Don't need Powerpass to buy. Call or visit your local store and ask them to search the I/N.

        • Can confirm $279 in store. 5 in stock at Ashfield NSW. Just in the garden tools aisle. No sign or price on the shelf.

        • picked this combo up from Gladesville. its in the power garden area at the end of a shelf and no price marked either. there were about 8 when i went in the morning. its $279 or $265 with powerpass.

      • With the aldi 2x 20v one, what does that mean, do u need to buy 2x 20v batteries?

    • This is the kit I want.

    • I can't figure out how long that will be for the pruner / hedge trimmer with the extension bar attached, it doesn't seem to mention total length. Any idea if it'll be comparable in length to OP's dedicated pole pruner at full extension?

      • +1

        the extension pole is only 670 mm

        • Is that bad compared to the deal or other ones available?

        • What is the total reach? 2.1m to 3.04m too?

    • +3

      Looks awesome and seems they finally changed the stupid design now having the moto in handle, expecting better weight balance.
      But still a bit disappointing as the trimmer only has one line… would be perfect if it has 2 lines like other proper or even cheaper ones like the Aldi kit mentioned above.
      I probably will still buy anyway. Good kit if it’s $279.

    • I'm confused is this better than the trimmer in the op? Or is it the same, just a different kit?

      • Different. 2x18v rather than 1x18v in OP. And comes with additional line trimmer option, rather than just hedge trimmer and pruner available for OP.

      • Much better than op. If you read the specs you will find the kit one has Max. Cutting Cap.: Ø16mm than op’s 12 mm, meaning you can trim down much thicker branches.

        Cuts speed/min: 2400 vs 1700/min
        Cutting Length: 450mm vs 400mm
        Cutting Cap.: Ø16mm vs 12mm

        And don’t forget 36v vs 18v

        • Better value too, when you consider the cost of the 36V line trimmer, 4ah batteries and fast chargers. Probably $250 (regular) worth for $100 more.

          The 36V kit also comes with and additional extension for more reach on the hedge trimmer.

          • @grizzle: Thanks, I ended up pick up the kit instead!

    • That is way too many ozito batteries kicking around for me

  • +7

    I have one and it gets the job done, beware the unit motor is actually at the top so the front part can get very heavy and you can really feel that on long use.

  • +3

    Great price. Got it at full price last year… A bit heavy, especially the weight is more at trimmer end than the handle end. I haven't used ones with motor/engine close to trigger, but I'd assume that's more comfortable to use.

  • +7

    Heavy to use. Bought for the missus last year so she could pursue gardening as a potential new found hobby. One lift later, the potential stays unrealised.

  • +4

    I bought one of these some time ago and find that it is quite top heavy making it hard to use for long times. Otherwise a good unit.

    • it is quite top heavy making it hard to use for long times

      Agreed heavy

  • Have been using this for the last couple of years mainly on a hedge that runs along my back fence. Still going strong and much better than I thought it would be.

  • +1

    What does 'skin only' mean? No battery?

    • +2


    • +1

      It means you have to construct the internals yourself with a 3d printer

    • +1

      It means it's designed only for pruning skin. Will neatly trim those pesky fingers off your hands.

  • +1

    Oh already have one for full price

  • +2

    guys whatever you do dont use this on your genitals, apparently its not that kind of hedge trimmer
    i have a lot of explaining to do when the ER nurse sees me

    • Poledancing is Life

  • Anyone know what the best value for money battery is? i.e. is it better to buy battery seperately or with a tool?

    • +2

      I usually wait for Bunning to do a sale on batteries, usually when they are price matching Aldi. However, often kits are reduced and can be worthwhile with the batteries particularly if you need to tool. Also need to consider that many kids come with the 2 ah battery/s so may not be what you are wanting.

      • +3

        I do hope my kids come with the batteries

        • +1

          They do but for some reasons I keep having to charge them 3,4 times a day and I def don't get enough use out of them.

    • -1

      Plenty of kit sales are posted here (but seasonally). It usually starts from there. I have three batteries and 4 tools, one of them is a seed/fertilizer spreader and I have never seen it go on sale.

      Its good to see a skin only sale once in awhile although this is something I have no use for as the wife hates shrubs and hedges.

  • Any good deals on line trimmers?

  • Just bought. Thanks OP.

  • got one plus the mini chainsaw attachment.. looks like it will work well. Need to find some oil for it.

    Not as long as what I could potentially need but the weight once fully extended is already quite a bit to bear, haven't worked out the strap to help offload the weight/torque onto your back or something..

  • +1

    Literally bought the RYOBI one yesterday for $219 - FML!

  • +1

    Have been hanging out for this, thanks OP.

    For those that previously bought the Pole Pruner, the 200mm trimmer was marked for ~$40 at my local store (QLD). $90 on website so might not be widely available.

  • Bought, thanks. Been waiting for a good deal on this.

  • Cheers op. Couldn't buy the NSW deal a couple weeks ago, glad this was available on the net. Thanks got one.

  • Thanks OP! Just got one.

  • Note that this pole trimmer is pretty heavy on one end. You will probably get a good workout at the end of the trim.

  • I only use it to cut high tree and hedge, use the small one for normal hedge.


  • Great bit of kit, capable and easy to use. I have the chainsaw and trimmer attachment.

    Heavy on the end so I wouldn't recommend it for trade, huge jobs, or very regular use, but for general home use it's very good value.

  • Are there any pole saws that aren't so top heavy? Just need a pole saw to cut branches: thin and thick like6-8cm). Too scared to use chainsaw (too heavy and dangerous) and it's not short, need my reach. I adjured around and it's so expensive. I got quoted $400 for a hedge, just want to trim it so nothing crazy.

    I want to cut some branches but I'm not strong and have a feeling I'll be stopping every 1 or 2 minutes if I buy one. And which brand is best/most durable? I want something that will last and need minimal maintenance (don't know how or where to go)

    • There's a number of YouTube videos explaining how to choose a chainsaw for your needs.

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