Eufy SoloCam S40 Security Wire-Free Spotlight Cam 2K with Solar Panel $299 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi / Delivered @ Amazon AU


The power never stops with Spotlight Cam 2K Solar. Just 2 hours* of direct sunlight each day is enough to continuously power Spotlight Cam 2K Solar, so you never have to worry about changing the battery. And when night rolls up or a rain shower strikes, the built-in battery keeps the juice flowing.

What’s Included:
eufy Security Spotlight Cam 2K Solar
USB-C Charging Cable
Screw Mount
Screw Pack
Quick Start Guide

$0 C&C, in-Store, or to select areas.

Back order on Amazon with free delivery — usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

The standalone solar panel that powers the other eufy camera models such as the eufycam 2 is also on sale for $79 at JB Hi-Fi and Amazon:
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Anyone have experience with this?

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      I've posted this hoping for the same thing, it's pretty new to Australia I think. I have the eufycam 2 and I'm liking that, I'm going to grab the solar panel for it. But if the Solocam is any good it will definitely be my next purchase as it's the same price on sale as the eufycam 2 but has the solar panel already built-in, plus less room on the wall needed.

      • The advantages with the separate solar panel are that its much bigger and that you can point it in a different direction to the cam.

        I've got a set of 3 Eufy's and separate solar panels but have not fitted them yet.

      • The Eufy solar panels are on special at JB.

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      Keen to know the solar idea but seems expensive just for one cam, any other alternative ones?

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    I got a set with 2x Eufycam 2C cameras and a Homebase 2.
    The frustrating thing about Eufy stuff is that it seems really hard to find stuff to buy separately that also makes use of the Homebase.
    It seemed like I was buying into an extendable ecosystem but I guess not.

    • The addon doorbell?

      • Yeah, and the indoor cameras are standalone and don't use the Homebase, otherwise I'd get a couple.

  • onvif capable?

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      No ONVIF, but you can access a RTSP stream on Eufy cams. The problem is its kind of useless since the camera enters its low power mode to preserve the battery. So the stream will stop when there is no motion.

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    If you have the non-Solar versions and looking to buy the solar panels be careful. I wouldn't recommend third party solar panels. I fried one of my cameras from continuous charging within 2 months. Fortunately warranty covered it.

    Can't comment on Eufy branded solar panels but I would imagine that would be a better option as it probably has something that prevents overcharging. But I am weary now and wouldn't even get that after my experience with dealing with warranty as they don't have a warranty centre in Australia and had to deal with the dealer in Australia. They had to ship it out and ship back a replacement. Took about 3 weeks.

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      Thanks for sharing, I was about to get a 3rd party solar panel for the same purpose.

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    I would personally wait for the 2nd generation ones. Here are some user feedbacks from Amazon

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      "excellent paper weight".

      Sad. I was so keen to buy

    • Thanks for the link mate! I was 'this' close to buying it

  • Might get some solar panels.

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    I recommend using a stand-alone solar panel, unless you know where you want to put the camera has good sunlight.

  • I suggest to use the WYZE outdoor ones. It's much cheaper and runs well for me.

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    Thanks, OP. I just picked this up. I have a couple of Eufy cameras around my house already. The full-colour night vision and spotlight is what sold me on this, plus a better picture. I'll post a little review in the forums after I get it and have time to see how it stacks up.

  • Eufy cameras are great the only thing that prevents me from getting more is their inability to communicate with the eufy homebase.

    • They have to communicate with base to function. Unless they are standalone ones like the floodlight.

    • Troll much

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    • Any Eufy camera that requires you to put a SD card into the camera itself, won't work with the home base: this means if you have 2 cameras that don't link to the homebase you will have to manage 2 schedules to control when the cameras is active or not. For me this is a pain in the arse! Because i want one button to activate and deactivate all the eufy security items.

  • Does it need a homebase or it can work alone? Just want to be clear before purchase. Thanks

  • I thought cameras with built in batteries have to be installed away from direct sunlight so their batteries aren’t fried.
    This needing direct sunlight is an oxymoron, not sure what to think about this.

    • Can recently confirm 1 of my eufy pro 2 cams died. It was on the front of the house in some sunlight. Eufy did refund me 70% of my order through the Ali express store.

      It was up there maybe 6 months before it did die.

    • Well I've got the Eufy doorbell in direct sunlight all day and it's fine. Been over a year now. I think this will be fine too..

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    Ive been using ebay 6w solar panels $50 each for all my eufy 2 pro cams for 12 months now along with gutter mounts that also hold the solar panel and cam from amazon for $20 each. Battery is 100% for all cameras everyday.

    Eufy released there solar panels in australia abit late.

    • What voltage are the panels you use? Do you have to dick around with connectors or do they use a standard?

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