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$30 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee (3x $10 Purchase by Referee Required) @ Revolut


Same as previous deal again:

You’ll be credited $30 to your Revolut account for each referral that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups

What’s in it for my friend? What do my friends need to do?

Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link

  1. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  2. Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
  3. Order a physical Revolut card
  4. Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $10 each
  5. All the steps above must be completed by Nov 16 (midnite, GMT time)
  6. Only those who received email invite with their unique referral link should update their referral link


Some referral links do not qualify for this promotion. Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page. Eligible referrals will end with !NOV1AGG

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  • +10

    I signed up earlier this month, was surprised to get the bonus after making just 2 purchases. After a few days it occurred to me that I should not assume my referrer got it too, so I made the 3rd purchase to make sure.

    • +1

      that's very nice of u, mate

  • +2

    "No thanks, I'm happy with Commonwealth Bank" - my family… 😑

    • Hahaha scrubs

    • Haha same response from a few of my friends

  • Is the physical card still free?

    • I think so, but maybe any new user can confirm?

      • +1

        I signed up last week and it was/is free physical card delivered.

    • Yes. It's in the plans details

      • +1

        I think OP meant free delivery as it was that previously.

        • Yeah it's definitely not free if it says it doesn't include delivery.

          • @Kyle-K: Delivery is free.

            • +1

              @Sheng: I just ordered and can confirm the standard delivery charge of $9.95 was waived.

            • @Sheng: My comment was more directed out what the website says. It's been heavily reported that the card is free still at the moment.

              Also the website really matches what they're actually offering with certain features flip-flopping pretty much based on whatever mood this company is in at the time gotta love A/B testing.

  • +1

    I did it last week and the money instantly goes in after 3x $10 transaction. I paid my Optus bill

  • Are you considered a new sign up if you havent had an account for a year?

    • That's covered in the terms and conditions which you should read before signing up

  • Be careful I signed up on the last promotion made more than the required amount of purchases and still didn’t get credited the bonus. Customer service is terrible and first said I didn’t make the purchases within the timeframe. Then when I screenshotted the purchases which clearly showed they were within the time frame they went back on what they said and instead claimed they were not “genuine” or “regular” purchases. I followed all the T&Cs and went back and forth with customer service for ages explaining this because the principle of it annoyed me. Ended up telling them I was going to report to the ACCC and what do you know they credit me the referral bonus as a “goodwill” gesture. Terrible experience.

  • +1

    Free money, plus the card is useful :)

  • Got reward instantly after prepaying Telstra bill.

  • What are the benefits of having a Revolut card?

    • +5

      Free international transactions, card details viewable in the app (good for when you don’t have your wallet), “disposable” single use card through the app (if entering card details into shady websites, card can’t be used again).

      I signed up for the free money last offer and have used it quite a bit more than I thought I would.

      • Pretty much disposable cards. Everything else mentioned above you can get from other players.

        • +3

          Yeah, I agree, but I think it's still worth mentioning the other aspects too. Just because I have it elsewhere doesn't mean that everyone does

          • @CBrads4: True but they probably should be looking at better solutions ones that are probably considered a real bank.

        • +8

          Not quite. You're getting near interbank rates from Revolut which is much better than you'll get from a bank who offers you the Mastercard or Visa card rate and charges 0% fee for international.

          Revolut is amazing for online purchases in a supported foreign currency. However, do not exchange AUD to a foreign currency on the weekend or before 11am AEDT on Monday. They apply a 1% premium to their weekend rates because it's when the forex market is 'closed'.

          During the week it's great though. Hands down it will beat ING, Macquarie, Coles Rewards Mastercard, 28 degrees etc when making a foreign currency purchase and you'll get better bang for your buck.

          There are very rare exceptions to this and it's usually when Mastercard sets their rate for the day (it stays locked 24 hrs) and the forex market swings rapidly against their favour. This doesn't happen very often though.

          • @bonezAU: Thanks for this. Will use Revolut from now on for foreign purchases.

        • Westpac has a digital card in the app, not sure if it rotates/is disposable though

    • Having a spare debit card, where u can create disposable, or just freeze/unfreeze. Good for those trial thing or some website where u don't want to give your credit card details. It's easy to top up too, can use ApplePay/GooglePay (though it might charge fee or not depending on ur bank).

  • +1

    I think I may have missed the $30 bonus from the last promotion. I realised only just now that all 3 purchases had to be within the previous promotion period, otherwise I don’t qualify. In other words there is a narrow time limit for the 3x$10 spends. Correct?

    It would be a good idea if that was spelled out in bold within the steps above. The steps are so vaguely written it’s no wonder many people have missed out on the bonuses.

    • Didn’t realize that. I amended the steps to add when they’re all need to be completed as per T&C

  • Does Revolut delete unfinished sign-ups in your referral screen?

    My dude just disappeared, but I guess if he faiked he's no longer pending.

  • +2

    Can confirm new sign the delivery for the card is waived.

  • +3

    Cheers Op! Easy $30.

    Signed up using random referral. Added $30 from bank account. Bought 3x $10 Amazon gift cards (via Shopback app). Received the $30 Referral Reward shortly after. Plus $10 cashback tracked from Shopback - thanks to this deal.

    • I just signed up. Account says identity check verification in progress. Can’t access the card. How long does it take

      • Same here. Been stuck on 60%. They say it might take up to 72hrs though

      • 3 mins for me.

      • Not long. Took less than 30 mins to complete all, incl. 5-10 mins waiting for the funds to hit the account.

        • I had to go on chat, wait forever to get things done and eventually it worked and I was able to purchase 3 amazon $10 cards and cash back tracked as expected plus the $30 referral bonus on revolut which I transferred back to my bank account.

    • Nice! Thanks for the idea, done!

    • +1

      How long after did you receive the $30?
      I was told my 3x $10 shopback purchases didn't count as they were not 'regular purchases'

      • I checked my transaction history in the Revolut app and my referral reward had the same timestamp as my third and final $10 ShopBack Super Swap gift card purchase.

        • +1

          Thanks - did you use the virtual or physical card?

          • @iaf13: I used the light blue virtual card. I'm guessing I probably could have used the physical card too via the card details in the app , but I didn't want to use it while the actual card was still in the post.

  • Can add funds via a points earning credit card without paying a fee and can then withdraw that money to a bank account or ATM again without paying a fee?

    • Sometimes. Other users reported they’ve been charged cash advance later, so be careful to monitor ur internet banking

  • +1

    How do you know you have used a referral to sign up successfully? I signed up through the link, but nothing indicates that I have used it after signing up. Dont want to spend $30 without being sure its working, any help would be appreciated.

    • +1

      Only way, I can see it being 100% is getting a direct referral as they can monitor you as there is a checklist. Say if I were to refer you, I can see when and where you are on the sign up process on my end.

  • created new account with foreign passport, verified in 2 min
    also physical card delivery is free with 2 weeks expected time

  • Remember, you must have completed ALL steps before the time is up. Approx 15 days left for this promo! Ends Nov 16 (midnight, GMT time)

  • +1

    Got 3 separate $10 cards from the shopback super swap and $30 credited almost instantly. Good stuff. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Can someone confirm whether the initial value load, if done using a credit card, is considered a purchase or a cash advance? From what I've read online it varies by country and by bank, but couldn't find anything specific to Australia/Aussie banks.

    • I'd like to know also. I used my CC but the transactions are still pending. It would be odd if they let you top up with CC then transfer the Revolut balance out to a bank account. Infinite reward points?!

    • +2

      Ok my CC transaction cleared and yes they do count as cash advance.

      • Yeah, dammit. Same.

  • I got a dud link the the referral. Signed up and did all the steps. Rep said I wasn't eligible and that was just an invite link even tough it did end with !NOVAGG what a bummer.

    • +2

      here claim $24 to make it less painful here

      • +1

        Thanks mate! Managed to get $12 as no Byron Bay banner.

    • Same, used a ref link and got no bonus

    • same here

    • Oh noes, used the referral link, keyed in phone, got an sms to download the app and then did all the required actions…made 2 purchases so far and nothing. I see folks above getting the reward as quickly as the first purchase?

      • +2

        Instant after the third.

        • +1

          Just did 3rd and can confirm that $30 bonus was received. Sweet!
          Just stack this with the SB promo for $10 bonus and +4% to gift cards, plus the $5 bonus Kogan and Bunnings gift cards challenge.

          • @Navanod66: So i jus signed up via the random link above and there is nowhere in the app that states i have $30 bonus pending… do i just go ahead and spend $30 and the bonus will come AFTER i spend?


            • +2

              @Stickout: Yup. You see "Referral Reward +$30" in transactions

    • Did you order a physical card? I did that and bonus came immediately. I thought I got a dud referral as well but you have to order a card

      • +1

        Yeah I did and made 3 x purchases of 10 bucks. I had clicked the link and typed in my mobile and got an sms to download the app. Then registered and did the steps and nothing.

  • Used Revolut card to make payments towards my Zip balance (3x $10) via Apple Pay, received referral bonus instantly :)
    Have to enable card for online transactions first.

    • Is there a special switch in the app U need to flick on, apart from adding the digital card to Google pay?


      • Yep you have to go to Cards, select the card > pin & security > allow online transactions

  • It seems that it could allow me to make purchase while my ID is being manually verified?
    Also if I use credit card to top up balance, would that be treated as cash advance from the bank credit card view point?
    Appreciate if someone can confirm both.


    • It turns out I have to wait for ID check finish.

  • Like some of the others, didn't get the $30 even though the link has the "expiring soon"

    • Edit: chat gave me four things to do in order to get the bonus. I had to order a physical card and the $30 came instantly. I reckon it's the same for the others in previous comments.

      • Do you remember the other three tasks?

        • +3

          Direct copy from the chat help:

          Thank you for waiting. I have reviewed your concern and
          1- sign up to a Revolut account using received referral link and verify their identity.
          2- Add money by connecting their bank or debit card
          3- Order a physical Revolut card
          4- Make 3 card payments with their Revolut card (they can be in pending state, don’t have to be completed).

  • It's not ideal that referrer's are unable to make contact with their referees to let them know what steps they have completed and what is left to be done - would make everything ALOT easier and more likely for bonus's to be approved.

    • True. I got 3 stuck on purchases now. Someone took 24 hours for a verification as well when I was tracking.

  • Got $30 bonus immediately after making three $10 purchases. Thanks!

    • Hi, did you just purchase with the "disposable virtual card"? It is not allowing me to purchase online with the card, until the physical card arrives.

      • yeah, used virtual card without any issues.

        • Thanks mate.

          Is it the blue card (virtual card) or the pink card (disposable virtual card) that you used ?

        • +1

          You need to be using the blue virtual card and you can load it to your digital wallet to use it in the real world before your physical card arrives.

          • @Kyle-K: Thanks, confirmed to have received the $30 for spending 3 x $10.

  • Use the pink disposable virtual card "online shopping" one to make your 3 purchases. You will have to copy a new pink card for each purchase as the card gets deleted after its been used

  • I signed up to Revolut back in February. I haven't been an active user until recently.
    Does anyone know what do I need to do to receive my email invite with my unique referral link? I am pretty sure the one on the app is not the same as the one mentioned in this deal.

    • I used ‘share link’ under ‘Invite friends’ on the app.

      • From OP's description at the bottom:

        Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page. Eligible referrals will end with !NOV1AGG

        When you try your referral link in incognito mode, does it show the above disclaimer?

  • Be aware that funding your Revolut from credit card is regarded as a cash advance. I was hit with cash advance fees so it negated the bonus pretty much I received. Best to find from a bank account.

  • Is there a way to transfer money out of your Revolut account to your Osko-enabled bank account using Pay ID?
    If you use the bank account transfer option, they ask a thousand questions and also 2 - 3 business days (i.e. slow transfer).

  • Great deal! I bought three $10 Super Swap gift cards to stack with some ShopBack bonus cashback promos on at the moment and got my $30 referral credit almost instantly, as well as $12 in bonus cashback from ShopBack!

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