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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K $49 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Big W & Bing Lee


For those who missed out on the Amazon Deal earlier, it's also available from:

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    this or chromecast?

    • Lots of comments here:


      I have both and like them both.

    • +3

      Grab the one that is on special, save $50.

      • -3

        You only save $15.
        The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K MAX is $99, but the one you are buying is not Max, it's only $64

        • The one that was $64 (which is now $79) is not the 4K variant, so you are actually making a $50 saving by getting this one.

          • -3

            @Slave1: Wrong.
            When you click on Go To Deal from this webpage, it takes you to The Good Guys site, which clearly shows the original price is $64.

            • +1

              @daquatroi: Question was, which one to buy, this ($49) or the GCC($99).

    • Is a better comparison this or Google TV?

      • +1

        Yep agree. That is what I assume the original question was. I have a CC with GTV and a Fire TV Stick 4K.

    • I have both but I like the firestick more! Don't have to use my phone to cast things…(Unless there is a new chrome that does that too?)

    • I have the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick & it’s great. That’s another option for around same price.

  • Having just got a FTV4k I'd go with the Chromecast with Google TV. Google Play store apps so no need to side load like you do on the fire tv.

    • +5

      Love the more open Fire TV experience. I find the interface faster as well.

      If they were both $50, tough decision for sure. If one is $50 and the other $100. No-brainer.

      • That is true w.r.t. cost. I also got mine for $50 and it's probably worth it for that. I hate the Amazon TV ads (don't sub to it). Am an IT techy so sideloading is no problem for me but may be for those less technically-inclined.

        • Pi-hole might help that.

  • This or TV/Media features from xbox?

    • Dedicated media device.

  • +1

    Heads up, JB only lets you get one. Can't add more to the same order.

    • +1

      We were able to order two with click and collect from bigw brookside (Brisbane) if that helps.

  • Can Alexa turn ON my TV (TCL 50C715) with the stick?

    Atm it can only turn off.

    With an IR device, i can adjust volume, but still cant power on.

    • Mine does both on my Sony TV and Yamaha stereo

      • With the stick or without?

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    Does this have chromecast function like foxtel now?

    • +2

      No. Screen mirror but not Chromecast. One of the few negatives of this device

      • Can you sideload chromecast?

        • No. Chromecast is a "feature" not an "app". There are 3rd party apps out there but nowhere near as good as the native Google experience. I haven't missed Chromecast really as there is an equivalent app for most things. There is an official phone app to make typing into the AFTV easier.

  • Installed PLEX and use it as a media server, as well as the usual streamers. Very good.

    • +2

      You can use it as a media server? I thought you install Plex via the store and you need to run your computer as a media server.

      • +1

        Sorry yeah and meant media centre not server, the Plex on the firestick is just a client.

        • +1

          Ah, thanks for clarifying. Got me excited there haha!

    • What do you guys use plex for?

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        I have a NAS with movies and shows on it. I have a rasberry pi as my plex server. I stream my movies through a plex client.

        • Ok so people use it to stream media from one storage place to a display, by going from a server to a client?

  • +1

    Just picked up one from Big W. The price on display still shows $79 but Scans at $49.

  • so what does this do that the google chroma store with remote doesn’t .

    happy to buy another gadget but not if it’s just to get prime and netflix ….every gadget seems to do that now.

  • Thanx, grabbed one for $44.10 after staff discount. The Mrs somehow lost the remote for the VodaTV and this is just an easy replacement.

  • Does anyone know if you can get kayo on this can’t seem to find a clear answer on the net

    • You can, but you have to jump through a couple of hoops.
      I had to download the .apk and then install it and run it through another app called Kodi.
      Reasonably straight forward if you're a bit tech savvy.

      • Cheers thanks mate

      • Given that I don't understand any of that, and I only care about Kayo, what should I buy?

        • Apple TV!

          • +2

            @Sharp: Ha! I have never, and will never, own an apple product.

        • +1

          If you have a grandchild handy, I can walk them through the install?
          Possibly Chromecast Kayo on Chromecast

        • +1

          If you don't need to play anything off hard drive or USB sticks, Chromecast with Google TV (the new one that has a remote) is very good. I have that one, as well as a Xiaomi Mi Box and a Vodafone TV, and the CCWGTV is definitely the smoothest to use. The others both have USB ports which can be handy.

      • You don't need to use Kodi. Just sideload the APK.

    • +1

      Yes you can install kayo. Quite easy, I just did it.

  • Worth upgrading from a mibox 3?

  • Does this have Paramount Plus?

  • Managed to grab the last one from my local big w + 10% off staff member discount, have two Vodafone tvs but always loved the fire tv stick UI and for 44 bucks why not? :D

  • can someone please suggest a ethernet adapter for it..

    I assume it needs a powered micro USB ethernet dongle that is compatible with the stick 4k?

    Will this work https://www.amazon.com.au/Ethernet-Adapter-Streaming-Devices...

    problem is this in the notes:


    1. It is ONLY compatible with Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen, Intel TV Stick, Chrome, Chromecast, Streaming Stick, Pendent, NES etc.
    2. It is NOT compatible with Amazon Fire Stick 1st/3rd/4th Gen Sticks, Firestick 4K or Roku devices
    • +2

      I just used a micro usb to usb female cable and plugged in a basic USB hub (with ethernet). Then run the power to one of the ports on the hub, and you've got a few extra ports left over for a keyboard and mouse, or controller. Pretty handy if you want to use it as a Steamlink. :)
      I'm using something like this
      Heaps of cheaper options available on ebay. USB3 is pointless for this application.

  • Will this add airplay compatibility to my old Samsung ju6400 tv?

  • TGG shows no stock when trying to order.

  • Bing Lee still has stock.

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