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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Before anyone asks, the 40% off code doesn't stack.

Usually dispatched within 3 days.

Same price as the previous JB Hi-Fi Deal

  • Powerful, cinematic entertainment - Instantly access 4K Ultra HD content at up to 60fps. You’ll also enjoy the brilliant colour of HDR with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR10+, and the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos.
  • Thousands of apps - Stream for free with SBS On Demand, 10 play, 7plus, YouTube and more. Enjoy your favourites with subscriptions to Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Prime Video. Plus watch live TV, news and sport.
  • All-new Alexa Voice Remote with TV controls - Press and hold the voice button and easily ask Alexa to find, launch and control content. Control your compatible TV, soundbar and receiver using dedicated power and volume buttons. Quickly access your favourite content with convenient app buttons.
  • Turn any TV into a smart TV - Easy to set up and stays hidden. Plug in behind your TV, turn on the TV, and connect to the internet to get set up.
  • Do more with your TV - View live camera feeds, check the weather and stream millions of songs through Amazon Music, Spotify and more. Fire TV is always getting smarter with new Alexa skills and voice functionality.
  • Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes.
  • Includes 2 AAA Batteries

I'm assuming Amazon AU are clearing stock for the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max

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  • +3

    Same price at the bad guys.

    • The Good Guys has the following advertised on their product page:

      RECEIVE 15% OFF§ when you purchase any two Amazon Fire TV Stick products. §Purchase must be made in one transaction. Discount is automatically issued at cart.

      However price doesn't drop in cart.

      • +1

        It was $83.30 for 2 very temporarily for 5-10 minutes before midnight and was about to post, but the offer must have expired right on midnight.

    • +1

      Did anyone find it annoying that Amazon video does not have much option for movie subtitles except English one? And no way to load your own subtitle file in the app

  • This or google tv? Which one is better

    • +2

      both, if you have 2 tv's :)

    • +2

      For in-built Chromecast - Google TV
      Everything else - Fire TV

      That being said, you can mirror-cast but it just lacks the simplicity of chromecast. Everything else is a much of a muchness but Fire TV is a nicer experience stock and even faster when modded because of higher specs.

      • But no Kayo Sport

      • how about installing apps that work on Android ?

      • i have hisense q8 and want to cast movies via phone or laptop, what will you recommend firetv or chromecast.

        • A quick Google search says your hisense has screen mirroring - fire TV has screen mirroring NOT chromecasting.
          If you don't know the difference - just try it on your TV, it'll be quicker than getting a new device. If you don't like it, fire TV won't make it any better. So if you need casting, yea get a Chromecast.

          Also what are you casting/watching? Are you casting personal files from your laptop, or apps (Netflix, Disney,7plus, youtube)? If it's latter, I would get whatever is cheapest (probably fire stick). Instead of casting/mirroring, stream direct on the device.

    • IMO this is much better. The Google TV is slow I constantly have issues with it using Kodi on it. The Firestick is a much better unit. The only + for google is "Hey Google" is better than Alexa!

      • +1

        What issues with kodi do you get? I've been using it on Google TV with no problems.

  • +2

    Great price, I imagine it's to make way for the 4K Max.

  • Anyone know if you can use this (or google tv) to stream from your phone without wifi. Using your phones data.

    • You can use the Amazon Fire Stick with your phone’s hotspot, but you should probably know that it’s quite the drainer of cellular data.

      • Thanks for the reply

  • Bought it for $99 2 days ago looks like I’ll be returning it to get this deal.

    • +1

      Why would you buy it for $99 in the first place when the 4k Max is the same price?

      • +3

        I suspect retailers doing the dodgy hiding the max stock behind counter whilst they clear the old stock on shelf.

      • Cos I bought it for my mum who doesn’t have a 4K tv

        • why you buy a 4k stick when your tv isnt 4k?

  • +11

    The good:

    • Dolby Vision
    • One of the few devices that are able to Direct Play MKV with DV from Plex without issues
    • Decent remote with mic
    • $49 for a 4K stick
    • Allows negative A/V sync

    The bad:

    • Can't disable the black screen that comes after screensaver. I guess it's supposed to prevent burn-in but only causes me to not realise the TV is on overnight
    • MP4 with DV Direct Play in Plex playback is buggy and keeps pausing all the time
    • Non-HDR 4k60 for some reason defaults to YUV422 instead of RGB
    • Playback issues if you enable adjusting output resolution and refresh rate to content
    • -1

      One more bed, it doesn't have volume control on itself where to reply on the compatibility of your paired tv, so if the tv isn't compatible with this thing, you will have to use your tv's remote for volum control.

      • Auto pairing failed with my Hisense tv, but success with manual pairing.

        • Failed ith my Hitachi 4k 75inch , no matter auto or manual pairing. Also struggled with Hisense tv too.

      • +2

        Tried it on ~10 TVs so far across family members and yet to find one it doesn't work on. Some TVs (was it Hisense?) had a crapload of manual entries to try. I guess they change the IR codes around a LOT between models.

      • This one has volume control. You must have bought the lite one.

      • This one definitely has volume control which works just fine with my LG.

      • yes this is a downside, fire tv should of had its own volume control on its interface. Would of been a great function while pairing Bluetooth earphones/headphones/speakers with no volume control

    • +2

      You can disable sleep (the black screen) after screen saver. Its a bit hidden/work around but here is the instruction link I used and can confirm it works great!

      • Woah! Looks promising, I'm definitely trying this out today, thx!

    • +1

      Modern TVs have an auto offtimer, should be in settings

      • They do, but in ones like mine the timer is disabled if they're receiving any signal (even just black screen) which is what the FireTV is doing

    • +1

      Also: No app for Binge (though I blame Binge for this, not Amazon).

      • you can still watch binge from the internet app on fire tv. thats what i've been doing while waiting for binge to release their fire tv app

  • -3

    9now app is unavailable on Amazon's Fire TV in case you plan on using it to stream Australian TV channels

    • +1

      False advertising as 9now is displayed on packaging and in the listings

    • Can sideload it easily enough by turning on Developer Options or by casting it from your phone route.

    • When did this happen? This is from the product description on Amazon: "Watch live TV, on demand shows and movies for free with apps like ABC iview, SBS On Demand, 7plus, 9Now and 10 play (some apps are ad-supported)."

    • i can watch 9now on fire tv + all the other aust channels

    • Have it on mine and it downloaded via official Amazon store…

    • 9now is loaded and working on my Amazon Fire TV.

      • +1

        Sorry I thought this applied to all Fire TVs but I guess only some are affected.

        I can't download 9now on my Fire TV Stick Basic Edition but all other Australian channels I can. The only other source where I found others raising their concerns is on the 9now app (android) [reviews] (https://www.amazon.com.au/Nine-9Now/dp/B08BG2643P?ref_=d6k_a...) from the Amazon app store. I know these are android reviews but some reviews refer to their Fire TV sticks.

  • +2

    Don't forget cashback - 7% at both CR and SB. Should mention in OP.

  • +2

    Don't forget to install the "Downloader" app onto it ;)

    • +1

      What does this app do?

      • +6

        can use it to download stuff you wont find on amazon store like youtube no ads version

    • -2

      Definitely don't install Flixoid.

    • How?

  • Comparisons to using this vs streaming from a PS5 which is also used for gaming?

    • +1

      PS5 definitely, this stick takes a bit sometimes to load stuff. Only get if you want to sideload stuff you cant get on ps5 like youtube app with no ads

      • Thanks! I'll stick with the PS5

    • It is designed to stream primarily from the ground up so has a remote, nicer interface designed for the purpose and not a gaming interface and operates as such versus designed for games and operates as streaming interface secondary. I would've thought the comparisons were obvious though. Probably the biggest difference as stated above though is the ability to sideload.

  • I'm assuming Amazon AU are clearing stock for the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max

    Or they're just price matching JB and TGG.

    • +1

      That's not really how it works. The sale at retailers would have been organised by amazon.

      Amazon would have given retailers a special buy, or paid a price protection to reduce the effective cost price on existing stock.

  • Better than Voda TV?

    • +2

      No. I have both. Vodafone tv is less laggy. I ended up switching back.

      It also doesn't have "proper" Chromecast

    • +4

      Nope, I rate Vodafone (and Xiaomi Mi Box) high over this and also the Google ChromeCast TV

      • Oh really? Haven't used Vodafone TV since I got Chromecast with Google TV. Did they update the interface of VTV recently?

        • +1

          If you've let the updates come through, the VTV should now have pretty much the same interface as the CCwGTV, as it's just an app that gets updated and not the firmware.

      • Cheers. This is the review I needed.

        I want one of these (keyword, want, not need), but I already have 2 VTV and a CCwGTV, so will avoid for a bit longer.

      • I'm still very happy with my MiBox S. It needs a fresh install a couple of times a year, usually due to Kodi errors. Otherwise it's great.

    • Is there any way to get a VTV these days?

  • +1

    Bought late yesterday with the 40% off and now they sell it for cheaper => cancelled

  • Is it worth hanging out for a disconnected 4k Max?

  • +1

    Just FYI, the Netflix app on this and the Prime app aren't capable of 4k. (They are overseas). I've contacted both Amazon and Netflix and they don't give a shit. It's pretty annoying.

    • +1

      Serious? Canceling my order then. How useless.

      • +1

        Yep for some reason they don't distribute the 4k versions to Aussie firrsticks. It works overseas no problem. I think that applies for Disney plus too.

        • Disney plus is definitely a lot better quality on the Fire TV Stick 4K than web browsers. Not sure if it's actually 4k, but the visual quality is better on my 1080p projector.

    • I can't get 4k videos to play in the resolution that is meant to be under prime video. Is that the case for you? Not sure what to do atm

    • Then, what is the 4k for

      • Prime video and YouTube. It's bullshit.

    • I'm watching 4K on netflix, not all netflix contents are in 4K, but you can definitely watch 4K if it's available

      • Yeah I checked today, they've updated the apps.

  • does this have optus sport app?
    is it as simple as chromecast, fine what would want to watch on the phone then cast?

    • Yes you can access the Optus sport app from the store.

      I wouldn't say it's as easy as a chromecast when casting from your phone but you can screen mirror.

      • thanks
        i prefer chromecast due to the ease of casting
        and the fact your phone can use something else unlike screen mirror

    • But you cant get Kato.

      • Kato? Of Pink Panther fame? The character's name is spelt with a "C".

        • Probably means Kato of Green Hornet fame 😜

  • Any deals on the 4k max?

  • Hey guys to play 4k videos what wifi or Ethernet speed you need? I'm thinking the EOP I'm using for the firetv 4k stick is not enough or my Wifi 5ghz is not enough as well.

    Therefore prime video scales down when it detects your bandwidth can only max at 1080p

  • Can the app buttons on the remote be remapped to other apps?

  • Can we install Kodi on this stick?

  • +1

    Would I notice the difference upgrading from the lite version in terms if speed of the interface and using Kodi?
    Kodi is a bit slow on the lite version.
    Thanks in advance

    • +4

      If you scroll down a little this shows that the difference between Fire TV Stick Lite (2020) vs Fire TV Stick 4k (2018) is the RAM 1GB vs 1.5GB but no CPU Difference.


      In Kodi you can enable "Enable Debugging Logging" in "System" —> "Settings" —> "Logging" depending on your skin will be in a different spot.

      I would then monitor Kodi to see if it's related to RAM or CPU if it's a CPU bottleneck upgrading to Fire TV Stick 4k (2018) won't fix anything.

      (I doubt there is a Fire TV Stick 4k (2020) edition but others might be able to confirm)

      • Thanks jman, much appreciated

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