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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer HD07 $479 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Rarely discounted - can get Dyson to pricematch to take advantage of their free shipping and generous return policy!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Rarely discounted

    Seems it goes on sale for slightly less almost monthly through various retailers throughout 2021.

    Perhaps wait for Black Friday if you can wait.

    Also HD03 $439

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      Cheers, got the HD03 to make the other half happy

  • what's the different between HD03 and HD07??

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    How can I justify this price for a hairdryer…

    • So I took a while to think about this for my wife's birthday, she needed a new one, and I couldn't think of another present idea

      So my thoughts… it's good… really good.. works really well and it is quiet enough that we can have a conversation while it's on
      Is it worth the money… maybe?

      It's one of those things where it's heaps more expensive for a slight improvement… but it's expensive because it's a premium product.

      hope that makes sense

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        lost me at being able to hold a conversation with your wife whilst it's in use. No deal.

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        It's one of those things where it's heaps more expensive for a slight improvement

        Agree. This is a great description.

    • smoother hair

  • Got the Refurb one from dyson ebay store for 314….worth the spend, would recommend

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    False advertising it is actually subsonic

  • I can confirm I bought one, and my wife was happy.

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    Picked up one for the wife for Christmas, thanks OP

  • 599 now??

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