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$5 or $20 Store Credit When You Add a Non-VISA Payment Method @ Amazon AU


Apparently Amazon will start to do surcharge on Visa cards which sucks. But I saw a banner on the Amazon checkout page telling me that I could get $20 credit if I add a non-visa payment method. Did it and got the credit instantly.
The link should tell you if you are targeted or not. It says amazon.sg in the offer page which is weird but I did get 20 AUD:)

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    Sorry. This offer is not available to you at this time.

    But I think I have done it twice previously, so fair enough.

    • I got the same message when I click the link :/

  • Thanks op

  • Maybe for prime members only

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      nope. i didn't get mine either :(. I'm a visa card holder and a prime member.

      • Same. Didn't think Amazon pulled this crap like ebay does, selectively targeting.

    • Nope received it twice last time as a non-prime. Looks like its third time unlucky for me

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        Could be that if you already have a non Visa card as payment method this offer doesn’t apply

        • what you said is accurate for me, it worked for me

  • Visa credit cards only, isn't it?

  • Does anybody know Amazon is adding a surcharge to Visa cards. Surely AMEX's merchant fees are higher than Visa's yet they have no surcharge.

    • Perhaps Amazon/Amazon AU negotiated with Amex/Amex AU for a better deal than with Visa/Visa AU?

      Being able to use Amex without a surcharge in Australia is great tho.

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      Amazon is so big they negotiate their own surcharge deals. They are playing hardball with Visa since Visa want more than Amazon wants to pay.

  • never gotten this :(

    • Me neither; I feel like I should have thought to add a Visa CC on my Amazon account a few months ago.

  • Amazon adding a charge to VISA cards? Looks like it's time to get a MasterCard

    • Exactly what Amazon wants. They want to push VISA cards away from people. But I do not blame you.

      • They're probably also developing their own credit card network "primecard" or something too. Then they'll try to push the others out too.

      • Yeah the options are quite limited, it's either pay exclusively with gift cards or use another card if I don't want surcharges. Paying just with gift card/credit seems playing into their hand a little too much

        Seems like debit cards mightn't be affected though?

  • Thanks op

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    I had that couple months ago, but never got credited or sent the gift card. I have to talk to Amazon rep and they will always show me the page "This is unavailable to you" and I have to screenshot and show them what's on my page vs their page and then going to nowhere.

    • Same. Had a screen shot too but they refused. In the end they gave me $10 credit for Amazon purchases.

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    I clicked that banner a few days ago and then proceeded to add a Mastercard to account, and I have still not gotten any giftcard. Does it just show up in your account or do you get an email with a code?

    Edit: I thought it would take a while, but the fact that you got it instantly is discouraging

    Edit: clicking the link showed me promotion still, so I removed card and re-added through link. This time through app (last time was website). It gives a confirmation at the end "$20 has been earned for adding card ending in X" so I've got a screenshot now. Thanks

    Edit: got email to redeem the $20 already. So I guess try through app if you unsuccessfully tried earlier

    • add something to your cart and go all the way to the end before confirming order and it should be there

      • I tried that yesterday and it was not added. Hopefully it should be good now (I didn't get this email last time).

    • It took a couple of days to acknowledge that I added a different form of payment then another couple of days to get the gift card. Defo wasn't instantaneous for me.

  • Worked for me. Had only a Visa CC linked to my account. Thanks OP

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    it actually didn't recognise my ANZ debit card. very strange. I guess I will buy giftcards from shopback from now on and zip pay as the back up.

  • Haven’t checked today but last time I was on amazon it said surcharges for visa credit cards and to avoid it add a debit card. So visa debit cards should be ok.. ?

  • it's showing as $5 credit for me, can't be bothered

  • Didn’t get it. Only ever used visa debit card

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    Removed all credit card details a few weeks ago when this offer first popped up, hoping this deal would come back now! Didn't work with my AmEx (card not eligible) but did work with a MasterCard. Yay!

  • Removed my visa as the primary payment method & added in a Mastercard. Got a $20 voucher straight away. Thanks OP !

  • $5 for me.

    You added AmericanExpress ending in xxxx to your Amazon Wallet
    This card isn't eligible for $5 promotional credit.

    Added a Mastercard, and that worked.

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    Buy amazon gc from woolies/coles and earn 3ppd. Easy way to avoid any credit card surcharges.

  • Why did I get $11.99 credit? Strange. Not in US dollars.

    • Fixed. But $20 is not redeemable for purchases from Amazon US.

  • I clicked the link and it didn't says I'm not eligible for the offer.

    Did anyone else still receive the credit even with that message?

  • cool, worked for me, $20. added a visa debit card. before I only had visa cards. I have prime.

  • I saw the $20 banner ad & set up a card. The credit didn't apply after 7 days as it mentioned, so I contacted support.
    Support said the $20 credit was for Prime members only, non-Prime gets $5. I said I was happy to show the screenshot which clearly shows $20, but they would only do the $5 (even after mentioning that I thought it was a bit deceptive to advertise 1 thing, but then give another).

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