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Anko High Gain TV Antenna $2 (Old Packaging) @ Kmart (Select Stores)


Might be useful for some.

Heaps of stock in Kmart Watergardens

There are 2 different boxes for the antenna. This one is the bigger box.

Kmart website is showing $29 (similar but different):


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    Can get 5 fancy looking ones from target for 6 dollarydoos.

    • They are the ones for cars

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        Lol wrong again

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        Awww jv … don't you wish that just once you'd get a GOOD RECEPTION?

        I bet that would be music to your (bunny) ears.

    • They are only good in New Zealand for cars , called coata hangas there. 8-)

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        'called coata hangas there. 8-)'

        No, in Un Zud they're called 'coit hungus bro'. And yes, the 'bro' at the end seems to actually be part of the name of this item, just as it is evidently an integral/mandatory part of the end of every noun in Noooo Zullandish.

        I know, cause I've been there. No one could understand a word I said, until I realised that I had to add 'bro' after every noun. Kinda' like some bizarro sort of suffixial article. It went like this:

        Me (waving/beckoning): 'Taxiii'

        Taxi driver: 'wier yuh goin bro'?

        Me: 'The middle of the CBD please.'

        Taxi driver: 'Wut bro?

        Me: 'The middle of the city'.

        Taxi driver: 'Kinya gummy in uddruss bro?'

        Me: '(sigh) Kinya tak me t' thuh sutty, bro'

        Taxi driver: 'Sure thung mairn, jump un bro'

        • Grammatically speaking it’s a copula, similar in position and function to the Japanese です (desu).

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            @Meconium: Really? I always thought a 'copula' was something else entirely, kinda' like a huge thing with batteri- … you know what, nevermind. I'm enlightened.

    • So what's there to be… gained… from that deal?

      • A sense of … unity?

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    Can we get a picture of a receipt please?

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      Check out the item code in the pic.

      Didnt need it, didnt buy it.
      Just wanted to share it with you all. 😁

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      Yes. I acknowledge receipt of the picture. Signed KMART.

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      It’s $2 across the stores , i bought one last week from Campbelltown. These are same price at casual Kmart too. For some reason I cannot get channel 7, abc and 10. If I get 7 I won’t get other channels.
      I played around and figured out something interesting. I connected the amplifier to the wall cable that goes out for the outdoor antenna . I received 7 , sbs and 9 without connecting to any antenna.

      • Then how did you connect to the tv?

        • From memory the Amplifier bit is pass through. Should help for those with fringe reception.

        • Basically the wall output is connected to the amplifier and then the amplifier is connected to TV.

          • @NPB: The way you worded it is confusing:

            I connected the amplifier to the wall cable that goes out for the outdoor antenna . I received 7 , sbs and 9 without connecting to any antenna.

            This Anko antenna comes with an indoor antenna and an amplifier. It sounds like what you did was to connect your outdoor antenna to the amplifier, then the output of the amplifier to the TV.

            So you did connect an antenna, i.e. your outdoor antenna rather than the inculded indoor antenna.

            • @eug: The amplifier is connected to outdoor antenna wall socket however I do not have any outdoor antenna. The amplifier and the cable that suppose to connect to outdoor antenna has been sufficient to catch the tv reception except 10 and abc.

              • @NPB: OK, in that case it sounds like the antenna wiring is acting as an antenna. What happened to the outdoor antenna?

                • @eug: Looks like the guy who sold me the house took his outdoor antenna. Lol .

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                    @NPB: Hahaha, now that's dedication.

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                    @NPB: My outdoor antenna is in my roof space, and works just fine and away from the elements. You sure its not in the roof cavity? Just a thought - may just need adjusting.

                    • @Scotch: No it’s not there. Thanks for asking .

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    Wow did not know the target there was converted to a Kmart

    • Target is becoming more like Kmart too. As a kid, I could go to Kmart, Target and Big W and buy almost anything - choice was good. Now, it seems, choice is overwhelming an average Aussie, so “less is more.”

    • +2

      Most of them are being converted https://www.9news.com.au/national/target-australia-timeline-...

      The reason given is that they were essentially competing against each other and running two sets of supply chains, marketing etc was inefficient given that they are very similar

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        Australian's go along with the ludicrous theory that competition drives up efficiency despite this never happening.

        • Who ever said that?

          And in either case, if two brands are owned by the same company, then it's not really competition.

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    You have gained my attention with this deal

    • +4

      I'm tuned-in.

    • Glad it got a warm reception.

  • Do these actually pick up any TV reception when used inside?

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      Have to find the sweet spot.

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      Yeah, i got one of these a couple of weeks ago and to my suprise it actually works flawlessly.

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      Depends on location and line of sight to the transmission towers.

  • No luck. Rang couple of stores in eastern suburbs all priced at $29

    • Sounds rather odd that it's not $2 at all stores.

      • It's not $2 in Brisbane.

        • It might be a Melbourne only deal.

          • @hollykryten: I rang stores in Melbourne. Would love to grab one at $2.

            • @spedohero: Well. Watergardens is in Melbourne. Unless it's only a one store specific deal.

              My theory is the store is over stocked with this severely over inflated priced rubbish. And so they placed it on a clearance for the $2. Probably cost price.

            • @spedohero: Make sure they scan it in. Yesterday they I purchased 2 wood look speakers marked down from $49 to $25 to $15, paid $3.50 at the counter… Wasn't enough stock to post onto Ozb

          • @hollykryten: Casula and Campbelltown stores have this price for a while. I picked one last week from Campbelltown.

    • There was a few at Chirnside Park on Fri night

    • The smaller box one ia probably the $29. These looks like the older packaging. Different product code

      • I think so too. I gave the product key from website which i dont think is the same as the $2.

  • Kmart must be getting rid of this rubbish at stores with excess stock.

  • These are okay, but if your signal is not the best then you will need to move the antenna to pickup different channels if they are not on the same tower.

    You are better getting the outdoor antenna replaced or the cable/socket fixed if you can as you will not be happy with it in the long run.

    • +2

      That's a solution costing significantly more than $2

      • +1

        It will give you the s(**ts if you need to keep moving the antenna like I had to do when I changed channels with the antenna and the significant extra money was worth it and especially as I made a trip to Kmart just to buy the antenna.

        • +1

          Yeh no argument that a fixed job's the better solution but if you're renting, y don't have an existing or y just don't have the cash this is a great alternative

          • @0jay: If your renting and then there should be a TV antenna socket and it needs to work otherwise get the REA to get it fixed.

            • @AndyC1: I’m pretty sure that in more than 30 years of renting I’ve never had a socket that works. Not an issue I’d be prepared to take to the tribunal, especially in the age of streaming.

            • @AndyC1: There is no requirement for there to be a working TV antenna socket so the REA isn't going to care about helping you.

              Rental properties are not required by regulation to have Digital TV services available. So where a property does not currently have a TV antenna, the landlord has no obligation to install one.

              • +2

                @spaceflight: Okay I will reword as the AND's in the sentence seem to have made it hard for you to understand what I wrote:
                If you are renting and the place has a TV antenna then it is expected that the TV Antenna reception works. If the TV antenna reception does not work then as per the regulations the landlord needs to get it fixed. If you are renting through a real estate agent then you need to inform the real estate agent that the existing TV antenna reception is not working correctly and needs fixing. If you are renting directly from the land lord them let them know that the existing TV antenna reception is not working correctly and needs fixing.

    • you will need to move the antenna to pickup different channels if they are not on the same tower.

      So everybody with a roof mounted antenna needs to move it to point it to different towers before they change channels?

      No they don't because all the channels are broadcast from the same location.

      • +1

        Go and buy one and try it and you will find out.

  • These are good, grabbed one for the holiday house with no antenna and it worked a treat.

    • +4

      I grabbed 2 for my two holiday houses. On my yacht atm drinking champagne.

      • +5

        look to your starboard, it's-a-me! waves

      • +1

        I have one of these in my room on the ISS. It works suprisingly well, but the channels don't last for very long.

  • Scanned at Brisbane store minutes ago… $29!
    Might be store or region specific pricing.

    No loss. Unlikely to work at my place - behind a mountain from transmitters. Having trouble with "digital cliff" with old outdoor antenna.

    • +1

      The smaller box one ia probably the $29. These looks like the older packaging. Different product code.

      • The smaller box I scanned is not "high gain" & scans @$10.

        • There is definitely 2 high gain antenna products. we saw it (as pictured and the $29 one, as per the website). The packaging, pics and the unit are slightly different. The bigger box is the $2 one. Hope that helps.

          • @Popoy: Yes, barcode on $29 high gain antenna in store is different.
            But packaging looks almost the same.

            Holding the box - it seems same size as in photo. Main difference seems a darker band at top - under word "anko".

            Suggest add to Deal
            This is clearance old stock which may not be available at many stores
            Search by your barcode (in photo)

  • Also the unit itself is slightly different from the $29 one

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    Anyone know if this price is available in any Sydney north shore Kmarts?

    • +1

      Top Ryde Kmart

      • Thanks for that, I found one at Chatswood too!

  • This is clearance old stock which may not be available at many stores
    Use barcode (in photo) in searches.

  • +3

    This is powered, the ozbargain in me won't allow me to pay for electricity to run an antenna

  • +2

    They have about 8 left at the Pines Kmart in Victoria

    $2 each.

    They are next to the $29 ones which look similar but are in a smaller box

  • +1

    5 left just now at Broadmeadows store in Melbourne! Ticket says on clearance for $15.00 but scans up at $2.00!

  • +1

    5 left in Castle Hill, bigger box (weirdly more on display than the sort of hidden smaller boxes)

    Thanks OP, worth a try for $2!

    Edit: Also $1 wireless mouse and 20c noodle bowl, might be worth checking your local

  • +1

    These are great.

    I couldn't get ABC or channel 7 before, and now I can.

    It can be powered by mini USB cable which is handy if you have spare USB ports on your tv

  • My Aerial came down in the storm, will this replace it?

  • -3

    i dont think FTA TV is worth spending $2 on

  • +7

    For anyone using these, grab the DVB-T Australia app. It will give you an arrow on your screen to show you which direction to point it to reach your closest tower.

    For those who say you have to constantly move it, thats not how TV works. The signal is probably bouncing off clouds, vehicles etc and appears to be moving. Get the orientation right with the app and leave it there. You can try adjusting the plane of the aerial (horizontal / vertical) and the width of the aerials for different channels if it struggles.

    For example. 7 is low frequency so you want the aerials wide. 10 is higher frequency, so you want them shorter. If you look at a roof antenna you will notice differing antenna widths along the antenna to cater for all channels. If all channels are UHF in your area, then happy days, one setting will get all of them.

    • This explains why sometimes my tv gets channel 10 or 7 not always both at the same time.

    • What do you mean by point it? As in the face the box? The 2 aerials?

    • Why doesn't a wide aerial also pick up shorter frequencies? Are they only picked up by the tips of the aerial?

  • People still need these things? At kmart volume?

  • -2

    Honestly if you got NBN, TV antenna is no longer needed

    • Not sure why you negged, but you basically just need a device which can play IPTV via internet, you don't need an aerial anymore.

      Assuming you got a smart TV or a device that can install Kodi with PVR

      • Yeah don't get the neg either - maybe you should have said "unlimited fast NBN"? LoL - have an upvote

      • Some live sports aren't on the FTA apps. But that's easily solved too anyway.

  • If anyone wants to sell theirs, PM me

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