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Google Pixel 3 - Not Pink (64GB, Global Variant) $234.60 Delivered ($229.49 eBay Plus) @ Sydney Mobiles eBay


Same price as last deal or last last deal or last last last deal :-)

You get unlimited free storage at Original quality for all photos and videos backed up to Google Photos from Pixel 3 through Jan 31, 2022. Photos and videos backed up on or before that date will remain free at Original quality. After January 31, 2022 new photos and videos will be backed up in Storage saver quality (previously named High quality) for free. Photos and videos backed up in Original quality will count toward your Google Account storage

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  • this or POCO X3 Pro (8Gb) ?

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      I bought this only for google storage. If it is not for you then I don't think you need to buy this 4yrs old Pixel 3.

      • Free storage only last till 31jan 022

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          Free storage only last till 31jan 022

          As OP mentions, that's only for "Original quality" uploads. Photos backed up in "Storage saver" quality (formerly "High quality") will remain free after that date.

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        I bought it about 6 months ago and while it's no longer a flagship level phone it's much better IMHO than more recent phones being released around this price point. It's fast enough and the photos (especially low light) blows away phones close to this price. The form factor is pretty small and took me some time to get used to but that has it's advantages when trying to unlock and check-in one handed. The biggest drawback is the battery, if you're a heavy user you'll struggle to eek a days use out of the battery.

        • Plus it got Android 12 just the other day.

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      Not sure about poco, but if you value battery life, don't buy this.

      I inherited this phone from my wife and gone back to my previous phone in a few months because the battery drains relatively quickly.

      One annoying thing about the pixel 3 (or maybe it's just the one I got) is that the fingerprint reader is not as good. It gives false negative almost 40% of the time.

      Otherwise, it's a great phone, the cameras (especially the selfie camera) are good and screen brightness is nice when you're outdoor.

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        100% agree with you on the battery it's pretty poor, though never had an issue with the finger print reader, I actually found it more accurate than the in screen reader of work phone s20 FE.

        • s20FE fingerprint reader is pretty hit and miss for me

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            @DumplingBoi: Had a S20FE and I went back to the Pixel 3. Fingerprint reader is so much better on Pixel as well as using it as a drop down notification function (such an underrated feature).

    • I bought both for a client to use as scanners for a workflow I reengineered, and used both at home for a while.

      Both are good, I found the pixel took better low light photos, apart from that they were pretty similar. I thought I could feel a quality difference in the overall phone, with, for example, QR scanning working almost instantly for the pixel and a tiny bit slower for the X3 Pro, which would have been due to the Android install and internal wiring etc.

      The pixel is a fair bit smaller, which makes it easier to carry but less useful for watching Netflix when no larger option is available.

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    Google have just stopped updates for Pixel 3.

    • I found that article interesting when I read it earlier, because it's also supposed to get Android 12 …

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        My pixel 3 got Android 12 yesterday, not expecting any more updates after this one though.

      • Android 12 update is October patch. The November patch is after that.

    • Pixel 3 will be getting one final update in Q1 2022. Most likely Android 12L or some final bug fixes.

  • What I don't get is the unlimited storage. If it's unlimited why do you say in the last line that Original quality counts towards your Google Account storage? Is it all of a sudden not going to be unlimited storage at Original quality for those same photos?

    My other two questions are can you just get all of your digital photos and back them up before the date and have free Google storage for them forever (or as long as Google lasts)?

    And is Original quality higher than Storage Saver quality? I assume so because it makes sense but they used to call it high quality so thought I'd ask

    • +1

      Only the original pixel gets unlimited "original quality" storage for life.

      Original quality is basically untouched, so yes it's the highest quality.

      Edit: I got that mixed up. Pixel 3 has unlimited "original quality" until jan 2022, after that it's only storage saver quality that won't count towards your cap. Original quality after Jan 2022 counts towards your cap.

      • Gosh darn, that sounds like a good deal. So you're telling me I could buy an original Google Pixel today and just use that as a lifetime photo backer upperer?

        Thanks for your help krisspy

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          Yes. I bought the Pixel 1 and use Syncthing on all my devices to sync photos to the Pixel which in turn backs up to Google photo at original quality. Works with any photo regardless of the device that took the photo. I use it to backup DSLR photos too. Can't remember if it does Raw but I believe it does.

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            @julz: @julz, could you mind to share what is the app and the step can sync photo from iphone and windows PC to Pixel automatically? thank you.

            • @onebee: There's Resilio or as julz mentioned 'Syncthing'.
              I like Resilio as it has selective sync, and I use that to transfer photos/video from my S20FE to my OG Pixel. I don't use Mac or iphone so I can't comment on those platforms.

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          Yep alot of people use the pixel 1 as a backup device. Just have to funnel all your media to the phone and upload there.

        • You could, yes, but two things to note…

          1- no telling how long Google Photos will continue to work on a Pixel 1, as they are stuck on Android 10. Sooner or later, it’ll start to get more crippled.
          2- very hard to find an original Pixel these days.

          I just picked one up and figure I might be able to install a custom ROM to bring it to Android 11 or 12 if/when needed, and hopefully retain unlimited uploads.

  • Is it better to run the android that came with the original device or update to the latest available? Wouldn't the new android versions make the software abit to heavy for a older phone

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      It depends on your phone. If you have a 3-4 years old flagship with 4GB+ RAM, it will run fine. More RAM is always better.

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    If these are the same stock sold by mobileciti and allphones (both also in Parramatta), note that they will have been opened, the chargers substituted with non-branded ones and have expired (ie, no) manufacturer warranties.

    • I sourced a Pixel 3 from Mobicity that was able to be registered no probs and came with the original charger. I got it 27th of July on a prev deal.

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      Mobileciti was caught in previous deals selling US version phones where they replace the chargers with fake google chargers

      Sydney Mobiles, Mobileciti and Allphones are the same business: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11130941/redir

      nickeveli bought the Pixel 3 from previous deal from Sydney Mobiles and got Verizon (US) version: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11195292/redir

      • Mobileciti was caught in previous deals selling US version phones where they replace the chargers with fake google chargers

        Are they actual fake google chargers, or simply third-party chargers?

        I imagine it'd be illegal for them to supply the phone with the US charger as they aren't RCM-compliant.

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      Those were probably overseas sourced stock which came with a foreign power charger. And so it was substituted with an AU power charger even though a non branded one. And the overseas sourced stock would have had no AU warranty to begin with.

  • Wonder when it's best to bite the bullet on this - now or should I wait longer? Mainly wanting this for the free Google photo storage

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    I bought this in a recent sale for $232 and returned as it was a Verizon variant (IMEI starting with 35).

    This means no esim capability and the bootloader may not be able to be unlocked (though some have succeeded). Potentially no custom ROMs if you can't unlock the bootloader, so you may be stuck on Android 12 Oct patch forever.

    • How can I check this? I just got the phone last week but seems to have some screen tearing issues and green tinge. I bought it specifically to root and rom next year but it is not going to be of much use. It also seems to have terrible reception. (My IMEI starts with 35)

      • You can check by going through the process to unlock the bootloader in the settings. If it's greyed out, it's likely not able to be unlocked.

        There are reports on XDA forums some have managed to unlock Verizon Pixels on certain versions of Android.

        I gave up hence I'm no a expert on the process.

        • Thank you. I've been able to unlock OEM in developer mode so I guess I am fine on that front.

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