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Singapore Return with Singapore Airlines: Melbourne $451, Sydney $458, Canberra $577, Fly Dec 2021 - Feb 2022 @ IWantThatFlight


Singapore Airlines are having a sale on flights to Singapore. Flights are direct from Melbourne and Sydney. Flights from Canberra are via Melbourne on Virgin (but ticketed as Singapore Airlines). Bags and Meals included. Travel dates are from Dec/21 to Feb/22.

There are also flights on Scoot to Singapore on sale:
Melbourne to Singapore $239 Return
Sydney to Singapore $366 Return

Flying Singapore Airlines

$451 Return Melbourne to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
30/Jan 10/Feb $451 View Flight
29/Jan 09/Feb $458 View Flight
01/Dec 30/Dec $458 View Flight
01/Dec 31/Dec $458 View Flight
01/Dec 01/Jan $458 View Flight
19/Feb 26/Feb $458 View Flight
22/Feb 01/Mar $458 View Flight
13/Feb 18/Feb $458 View Flight
02/Feb 09/Feb $458 View Flight
12/Feb 20/Feb $459 View Flight
23/Feb 02/Mar $459 View Flight
09/Feb 16/Feb $459 View Flight
25/Jan 01/Feb $459 View Flight
11/Jan 18/Jan $459 View Flight
08/Jan 15/Jan $459 View Flight
12/Feb 17/Feb $460 View Flight
15/Feb 20/Feb $463 View Flight
14/Feb 19/Feb $464 View Flight
19/Feb 27/Feb $465 View Flight
03/Feb 10/Feb $469 View Flight

$458 Return Sydney to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
03/Dec 30/Dec $458 View Flight
19/Feb 01/Mar $458 View Flight
21/Jan 27/Jan $458 View Flight
02/Dec 30/Dec $458 View Flight
04/Dec 30/Dec $458 View Flight
02/Feb 09/Feb $458 View Flight
20/Jan 28/Jan $458 View Flight
19/Jan 27/Jan $458 View Flight
20/Jan 27/Jan $458 View Flight
08/Feb 16/Feb $458 View Flight
09/Feb 17/Feb $458 View Flight
25/Jan 01/Feb $458 View Flight
19/Feb 27/Feb $459 View Flight
19/Feb 28/Feb $459 View Flight
19/Feb 26/Feb $459 View Flight
11/Jan 18/Jan $460 View Flight
01/Dec 30/Dec $463 View Flight
29/Jan 09/Feb $465 View Flight
11/Jan 19/Jan $469 View Flight
13/Jan 27/Jan $469 View Flight

$577 Return Canberra to Singapore Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
01/Dec 31/Dec $577 View Flight
29/Jan 09/Feb $579 View Flight
19/Feb 01/Mar $579 View Flight
03/Dec 30/Dec $579 View Flight
02/Dec 30/Dec $580 View Flight
29/Jan 10/Feb $582 View Flight
30/Jan 09/Feb $582 View Flight
31/Jan 10/Feb $582 View Flight
30/Jan 11/Feb $582 View Flight
19/Feb 28/Feb $582 View Flight
23/Feb 02/Mar $582 View Flight
02/Feb 09/Feb $582 View Flight
09/Feb 16/Feb $582 View Flight
25/Jan 01/Feb $583 View Flight
01/Dec 30/Dec $583 View Flight
01/Dec 01/Jan $583 View Flight
19/Feb 26/Feb $588 View Flight
19/Feb 27/Feb $588 View Flight
30/Jan 10/Feb $588 View Flight
11/Jan 18/Jan $593 View Flight

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  • Hi OP are you seeing any deals for Mel-Bangkok?

  • +11

    What? No love for BNE?!

    • +1

      No because vaccinated international arrivals to Queensland still have to quarantine. Don't expect anything before mid January 2022.

      And since VIC & NSW have opened up, the Wellcamp facility is for ???

      • +1

        the Wellcamp facility is for ???

        International students to quarantine at was the last I heard, I am sure they can make good money of charging them to Quarantine, though I have zero idea why you would study in Australia after the terrible way even Australian citizens were treated let alone the appalling way non citizens were treated. .

        Personally I think its Qld being bloody minded after the Feds said they would build one at Pinkenabar but to be fair, the voters love it all of this, so you'd be a stupid politician who didn't double down on this (McGowan in WA similarly is equally loved by the vast majority) and I am sure the Wagner's are going to make a few $$ of all this as well. Just about every comment section I read seems to suggest QLD should never open up at all. We;ll see in 3 years I guess but I expect the ALP will do well out of all of this with another term.

        • +1

          First of all, it's Pinkenba, not "Pinkenabar ". Secondly, that site is not going to be ready for another year. The Toowoomba site will be ready in a few months. If the feds hadn't been so daft, they could've had the site built already!

          am sure the Wagner's are going to make a few $$ of all this as well.

          They're going to make a bit, but they needed a business case to get it started. They're leasing it on an yearly basis to the QLD government. Using it as a camp for farm workers after this whole mess is over. Meanwhile the white elephant that the feds are building late…

          Just about every comment section I read seems to suggest QLD should never open up at all.

          I don't know what you're reading, but people want to be able to travel again. At least they haven't had to wear masks and locked in doors for months on end.

          Honestly, north of Brisbane, it feels like nothing major has happened in the past two years.

    • Queensland?? Our lovely Mar**** ruler has now total authorithy so the year 1936 is going to repeat itself!!

  • OP - during layovers in Singapore, do we have to do PCR? (assuming you have this info handy)

    • Yes, I'm afraid transits through Singapore do require a negative test in the 48 hours prior to departure. Of course it's likely that your destination will require this as well so one test would cover both, times permitting.

      • Are there any cheap PCR test or it's the standard $150?

        • +1

          Gonna depend a bit on where you are in Australia, but 4cyte is $120 or Histopath offers a $100 option, but only in Sydney. The $150 you mentioned is offered by Histopath at Sydney or Melbourne airport and comes with a 1 hour turnaround, which is handy if you're flying somewhere long haul and the destination requires the test to be collected 48 hours before arrival.

          • +1

            @SeaWolf au: Yeah kinda a hassle which I'm hoping they'll eliminate by January.

            • +2

              @nightelves: Not just the hassle, but the cost as well, and since you need one to return to Australia there's the added difficulty of trying to organise one in a foreign country where you may not speak the language.
              It is worth checking if your destination will accept a Rapid Test that's administered and certified by a medical professional. I believe the UK and the USA do, and the cost for those is much lower, Histopath offers it at Sydney and Melbourne airport for $50 with a 30 min turnaround time.
              Be careful to check the requirements of any transit country as well though.

          • @SeaWolf au: pre travel test in Adelaide cost $150-200, so expensive

  • +12

    Be aware you still need to wear a mask outdoors in Singapore…in the hot humid weather

    • +3

      kids have to wear them too!

      • +11

        And dont let the kids take Hubba Bubba!

      • +3

        Plus many Asian countries are very strict. mask around your chin will incur fines of $1000; no warnings.

        • +5

          By comparison to Australia Singapore certainly is strict, but they are still practical about things (lived there until October 2020). But even if the authorities don't get you the locals will remind you regularly :)

        • to be fair, masks around chin is equivalent to not wearing. i saw many melbournians do this during the lockdown and was quite annoyed by their laid back attitude tbh

    • +12

      We wore masks in SG when the smoke haze was a problem a few years ago. Better that than breathing in smoke.

    • -1

      You would be better off going to China. No masks, night clubs are all open and life, including night life is full on.
      Have to quarantine on arrival though.

      • Heard Wuhan is nice to visit as well

  • +2

    So tempting to FLY to SG or any overseas trips! Flying to Perth (6hrs) doesnt cut it for me.

    • +1

      I don't wanna go to Perth with King McGowan ruling the joint. I can't support him and the absurd rules by preventing us seeing family and friends.

      • Would you even be let in if you did?

        • +1

          I'm fully vaccinated, I've been before, I'm Australian….. Why wouldn't they?

  • +1

    Are these under the VTL scheme?

    • This needs answering

      EDIT - If you look at the flights on the SIA website it will say if they are VTL. I checked some dates in Feb and it was a VTL flight at $493

    • Need to double check against SIA website because last I checked for the flights from Melbourne daily, one was VTL eligible but the other was not. Does anyone know if flying via Qantas is eligible? Given Qantas is requiring all passengers to be fully vaccinated anyway?

  • +1

    Similar to what I paid with Scoot in the month before Covid ramped up. Good price with Singapore Airlines.

  • +8

    It's a great price but double it for the mandatory PCR tests, and then again in the hunt for affordable travel insurance that actually covers even some Covid related disruptions.
    As much as I'd love to travel, sadly the risk and the cost are still going to be prohibitive for quite a while yet.

    • -1

      Just get vaccinated brah!

      • Your information is outdated. The jab doesn't prevent you from getting it and from spreading it.

        • But it reduces your chance of getting it and ending up in hospital! Don’t let science hit you on your way out!

    • +1

      Their covid numbers aren't too dissimilar to Australia's for the last month data and they are 80% vaccinate. Finally most of these flights are for 2-3 months away.

  • Yeah it’s not as exciting but our family holiday to the Gold Coast for $79 each way from melb will work out a hell of a lot cheaper. Overseas next year if the restrictions are eased will be the way to go.

    • It may, provided palachook opens up or Dan doesn't unexpectedly shuts the borders.

      • Pinochet would have opened up qld by January but who knows.

  • +10

    I think people really need to consider if you really want to travel overseas for a holiday. I mean if you caught covid will some hospital in some countries be good enough? will you need to quarantine till your better at your own cost?

    On arrival in Singapore, you’ll need to:

    produce a negative COVID-19 (PCR) test result taken within 48 hours before departure to Singapore;
    take a COVID-19 (PCR) test on-arrival at Singapore airport, and remain in isolation until a negative result is received;
    show proof that you're insured for COVID-19 related medical expenses for a minimum coverage of SGD$30,000; and
    download and register on Singapore’s TraceTogether app.

    You must wear a facemask when outside of the home, except when eating or engaged in strenuous exercise. Children under six years old are exempt. Social distancing measures are in place.

    • +3

      Having spent 8 days in hospital in Singapore, I can confirm their standards are the same, if not better than Australia's. COVID insurance can be purchased on the day you arrive. I personally would not travel back there for a few more months, closer to April, hoping that some restrictions are lifted

      • +2

        Yes, Singapore hospitals are similar if not better than in Australia, I was mainly referring to "some other countries" that does not have a good enough health system & could be swamped when they are flooded with cases. Will you get an ICU bed or breathing machine if they run out?

        I mean you don't want to be stick in Bali, Vietnam or Thailand if you have covid & need life saving help.

      • @cyphar how/where did you buy covid insurance? I looked up some companies like 1Cover and they explicitly said no cover for covid-related claims

  • Need some flights around beginning of October!

    • +2

      Also need a DeLorean.

      • Where we're going, we don't need roads

      • If it was a flying DeLorean we wouldn't even need this deal.

  • +4
    • $500 for 3 PCR tests to go and come home.. Also new rules say only 2 people per hotel room and 2 people when out at restaurants.. I will give it pass and check in 12 months..
    • even if you have mild covid; they won't let you in or when you plan to come back & have covid; they won't let you board. What will you do?

      • +1

        Exactly. Some countries even the UK have high case numbers. The uk around 40,000 a day, Thailand about 10,000, Singapore about 3,500. There is certainly a chance that you might catch it especially as you will be out and about a lot. Eating out, going to galleries and museums, seeing shows, shopping, catching public transport etc etc. Even if your travel insurance covers the cost of having to quarantine wherever you are holidaying, there will be a lot of people who will not get paid for the extra two weeks or however long it takes you to return a negative result. Lot of casual workers, contractors, people who would have used up their holiday leave. And what a wonderful end to a holiday, spending two weeks stuck in a hotel room.

    • Still early days, PCR is now down to $100 per person & will probably fall

  • Good luck to this going for a holiday, not sure how you will go if you catch Covid, hopefully it won't be so serious as you are vaccinated but you won't be allowed on the plane to come home if you fail the PCR test.

    Good for people looking to escape Australia though for an extended period of time.

  • +2

    thanks OP, good price, got myself a return flight

  • How do you get back to Australia if you get covid? Will the test pick up that you had it recently and so go negative?

    • Well you need to get a test 2 or 3 days before your flight. Hence if your positive, you can't get on the flight.

    • +1

      You can't. This is why you need the insurance, to cover your medical bills and accomondation should you get it while there.

  • Family in Singapore. All say not worth heading back as still 2 people allowed in restaurants.

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