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Sparesbox.com.au 20% off Auto Frenzy Sale


Sparesbox.com.au 20% off Auto Frenzy Sale (Stack with 6.3% Cashback with Cashrewards) ends midnight 14/11/21

Also Castrol EDGE 5W-30 A3 B4 Engine Oil 5L $36.69

Free delivery with $99+ Spend

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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    Ah this is probably better than their ebay sale… If you meet $99 free shipping minimum.

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      price match to SCA and cc to save on delivery

      • Technically you'd have to include delivery in your price match. Not sure how stringent they are on that.

  • Thank you! Worked a treat, free shipping.

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    Usually VERY SLOW delivery… and sometimes out of stock, as drop shipping!
    OK if they've got something cheap that you don't need in a rush.

    • Man I got hooked into their 3 business days shipping statement.

      And wasn't saving too much either…

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      This… cant say it enough.

      They held up a multi hundred dollar order for a $5 part, 3 weeks. Just send it, Ill get the $5 part elsewhere. In the end, it would have been longer as they only sent it when i rang them. and then it took another weekend. Not even an "Im sorry, Ill express it."

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626156

    Just so everyone knows, I personally would avoid them at all cost

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      What is the data leak? That someone got an email asking for their email? I think peeps need to calm it down a bit with this "data leak". FB, Uber and others had proper data leaks and they are still used and have a big following…

      • I had my paypal account hacked not long after replying to that marry emails. I didn't read the thread before I wish I did, and had not replied to those stupid emails multiple times boasting random BS. May be my account would not have had been hacked if i had not replied to those emails, or not had shopped at Sparesbox.
        had to spend so much effort to recover my money (paypal even denied it is unauthorized activity, had to lodge complain through bank to recoup my hard earned $$)

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          I got the same email but it wasn't from Spares box it was from my friend and the only thing he had ordered was from Catch. I don't think it was a hack. It is a phising email and if you reply it will send it to everyone in your address book. So if someone got it and replied and had a sparesbox email or catch email in their email it would send it to them and then have a flow on affect. This is why it isnt a leak. Just thought I would clarify that bit as I know someone always brings up the "data leak" and as I am in tech I want to clarify what a leak is and a phising email.

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    Sparesbox is great when they don't wait a week, tell you the product is not in stock, then keep the OOS product up on the website when you could've bought the same thing for a similar price but now that same product from the different retailer isn't on sale.

  • My experience with Sparesbox. I've been waiting near a month for my item and there's been no communication from them at all.
    Not to mention the day the 20% off started they raised the price of said item near 20% anyway.

    A little bit of honesty goes a long way.

    • Yep, they definitely Jack, the same Ryco air filter was $29.00 regular price, then cost me $32.00 (supposedly) with 20% off.

      • Do you have any examples? I have been checking the Castrol 5W30 5L pricing over the last couple of weeks and this is the best price by far! I know eBay had a 20% off coupon last week but this price is by far the best one. I know that with covid tax brands are now putting up prices by 10 - 20%. I was going to buy some Brembo brakes on another site and waited till I got paid and now they have gone up…So I think its just the world we live in now.

    • Funnily enough I get a message from sparesbox today stating item will need to be manufactured (even though they were showing several in stock when I purchased) and expected wait time is 8 weeks.

      Abysmal service sparesbox.

  • Hey guys!

  • Still got my fuel pre filter kit much cheaper at local Perth store, even with this supposed 20% off.

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