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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $88.11, Fire TV Stick 4K $43.61, Echo Dot (3rd Gen) $34.71, Kindle PW $105.91 @ The Good Guys


Nice price on the Fire stick - maybe cheapest ever?

Don't forget cashback.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Bugger just paid $49.last week at tgg.

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      No worries. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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      They have a price garentee.

    • Same boat, except Big W.

      They're going pretty competitive with these, maybe trying to catch onto the large Chromecast market we've got here.

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    These go down fast

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    $88.11 for the new version - Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

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    how is this compared to google tv?

    • I've heard many people say they prefer the Firestick. Personally I don't like the idea that FireOS is basically a locked-down version of Android TV.

    • Tbh it's really good. Don't really understand people complaining it doesn't have google play.
      I've installed apps on both at the beginning and just stream. Very rare that I find the need to add another app which is not on the store.
      Only app missing that I noticed is Binge.

      • Easy addon to Kodi…I have Kayo running that way.

        I like the openness of the FireTV stick 4K compared to my Google Chromecast with Google TV. You can at least write to a USB storage device.

        And it is much faster.

  • Pretty sure they don't have the Google Play Store and you have to side load any apps it doesn't come preinstalled with out of the box…

    • No, it has direct access to the Amazon Appstore. No sideloading is required (but it’s possible if you want to do so)

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        amazon app store doesn't have all the apps…for example Kayo isn't available

        • It's a 2 minute easy job adding Kayo but you are correct.

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            @Flyerone: How do you add it. Kayo is the service I’d stream on it but no idea how to side load

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              @Webluce: There examples I saw on youtube required way too much on screen typing so I quite simply downloaded the kayo v1.3.13 to my laptop from apkpure. I then went to the appstore on the fireTV, went to categories/utilities and installed Wireless File Manager, you run that which basically just runs a little file server, you connect locally by typing the IP address in a brower window (it will be something like - there you can select the apk from you computer and click send, you can even have the file manager send the open command to the installer. You will have to enable install from ukown sources in setting on the TV stick beforehand. Once it's installed you can use the file manager to delete the installer to save space on the TV stick.

              PM me if you need more help.

              • @Flyerone: Thanks so much, really appreciate. I’ll order one and give a bash

      • Amazon has an App Store?!

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    No stock in Victoria for fire stick 4k

    • Either at south east brisbane

      • Just click and collect ordered one in Nunawading, and other stores has stock as well.

        Order is now ready to collect as well, so maybe they updated stock overnight??

        This is the 4K Max.

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          4k max is the brand new version. Of course they'll have stock :-)
          As some mentioned, likely to drop to $59 during black friday.

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    Damn that kindle Paperwhite is cheap! Is it worth getting or get the new one?

    • Thinking the same

    • Worth it

    • No. New KPW has 6.8 inch screen and is also much faster. The old one is standard 6 inch.

      • Same boat. 170 expensive the new one. Was thinking I can get 2 for 200 or one for 269 signature edition

  • No stock in Victoria for Kindle PW :(

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    Not the cheapest if you have a friend.

    Amazon currently has "Buy any 2 Fire TV Stick devices, save 30% with code FIRETV30.

    Fire TV Stick 4k = $35ea
    Fire TV Stick 4K Max = $70ea

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      That's the firestick lite at $35, not 4k

      • And the 4k is out of stock

      • Thanks, I stand corrected. It looks like they cleared out all their 4k sticks to the Aussie retails.

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          I bought two from Amazon this arvo with that 30% off. Not as cheap as this but 2 for $89.60 isn't too bad.

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    I'll wait for the black Friday/ cyber Monday sales on amazon, as I'm sure they will he cheaper

    • Yes definitely

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        I don't know if it can be any cheaper. $43.61 is so good for such a powerful 4k device. I bought one at $59 from amazon not long ago and then 2 from Jb at $49 via special code. They are just amazing devices.

        • no harm waiting if not in a hurry, im going to wait until black friday and see what happens.

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      Black Friday 4K Max will be $59 and Kindle with light will be $89

      • Will they have any deals on the kindle oasis or 2021 paperwhite?

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          Hey mate I don’t actually work for Amazon I work for another retailer who will be stocking Amazon products for Black Friday and we will have the 4K Max for $59 and we will also have the Kindle with light for $89. No other kindles unfortunately.

          • @JAF: When is Black Friday this year?

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              @ALBastru: Most retailers do it differently unfortunately as it’s no longer a Friday for most places. For my workplace it’ll be 23rd & 25th November with different deals on those days

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    Got the 2x Max for $118 each a few weeks ago. Worked out to be $59 each.

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      Got the 2x Max for $118 all up a few weeks ago. Worked out to be $59 each.

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    No stock around…

  • Can you connect bluetooth headphones to the fire stick for private listening?

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      yes, you can connect bluetooth headset

  • 4K Max will be $59 on Black Friday so just wait until then

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    What's the difference between 4k max and regular 4k?

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      500mb extra storage, 100mhz faster cpu, 100mhz faster gpu and live view pip

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      No sugar

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      Biggest difference for me is the max supports VC1 decoding natively which is a must if you watch high res YouTube videos and I think more and more content will be in this format due to its efficiency.

      The increase in processing power is well documented but most of us won't probably notice any difference.

      The max also has wifi6 but the chances are you will be bottlenecked by your broadband connection!

      • Sorry I mean to say AV1 decoding in my above post

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    Anyone know if Fire TV 4k stick supports VLC app?

    • Yes it does

  • FireTV Max or a new Chromecast?

    • Just get the best price.
      Also to consider, if you're already in the smart appliances ecosystem, stick with same vendor.

  • I bought one last time it went on sale from JBHIFI. It converted my old tv to smart TV.
    It was good until it started freezing the dashboard on waking it up from sleep.
    Or it would just start the TV but would not wake up Fire Stick.
    I had to restart the firestick every time I wanted to use it due to this issue.
    Looked up online for solution, apparently it is a known issue as per YouTube videos.
    I ended up returning it. I would have liked it to have worked.
    If others have faced this issue and got it fixed, please let me know, I would buy it again.

    • I bought the fire stick lite. When I switch input it shows me a black screen, but pushing any button on the remote brings it alive.
      That may have been your case, and resolution.
      I prefer it to be asleep while I'm not doing anything rather than always on, so doesn't bother me.

      • I have an old Soniq tv. It is mainly used for kids.
        It is always on HDMI 1 where the firestick 4k was plugged in with the help of HDMI extender that it came with.
        I had selected Soniq as TV manufacturer in the firestick settings. The firestick remote then started turning tv on/off and also controlled the volume of the tele.
        Every time I pressed power button, it would turn tv on/off and I would try using other buttons to wake up firestick but it would not wake up.
        I tried changing settings and resetting remote, but nothing helped.

        • I could be wrong but Amazon recommends you to use the ARC port on your tv. HDMI CEC is meant to wake it up upon tv operation I'm guessing.

          • @fuzor: I just found this thread that says issue is with TV brand not firestick.

            • @jas23667: Out of curiosity, were you mainly using the tv remote or the fire stick remote?
              With my Chromecast with tv I can use both, but my tv is recent and supports ARC/CEC

              • @ShouldIBuyIt: I had lost the tv remote for Soniq tv, so having able to use firestick remote to control TV power and volume was good.
                Previously I just used the side buttons on the tv to power on/off. It is like a 10-12 year old tv that kids use.
                I had a apple tv 3 hooked to it. Apple or YouTube removed YouTube app from apple tv 3. Kids kept on using other apps, once I saw JBHIFI deal then I jumped on it but then faced this issue.

                I have Chromecast with tv(bought just for KAYO) hooked to 2020 LG tv, if I turn the option in TV settings to use HDMI CEC with the port where Chromecast is plugged, I can control tv power and volume as well.

  • I tried to buy the Amazon firestick 4K from Good Guys but it’s sold out except for Coffs Harbour & Tweed Heads & Toowoomba. Also can’t be delivered. So I ended up buying from JB hifi cos they are selling for same price now. And I had egiftcards from previous Home card offer. Not quite as cheap by $2.50 but still good. Thanks for above comments. It helped me to find a good deal

  • Can anyone please advise these Amazon 4k sticks perform better than Google Chromecast Ultra? I have 4k flickering issue with my ultra and can only watch at 1080p…

  • 4K Max will be an awesome emulator device. The standard 4K one is great with Rertorarch and Mupen64.

    • I had never thought of or heard of this as something you could do with one of these. Interesting.

      Any particular site you can link to for info?

      Do you just use bluetooth controllers (like xbox ones)?

      Edit: Apparently i can load RetroArch on the built in android tv i already have. Will give it a go.

      • Yep any Bluetooth controller. Plays up to ps1 no issues and n64 is very good with Mupen64. I have a 32GB usb stick attached to it. Firetv also allows easy writing to the usb so nice and easy to get stuff over.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08MR37WXM?psc=1&smid=ANEGB3WVE...

    just found that
    2 MAX for $138.60 using code FIRETV30

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