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LG A1 65" Self Lit OLED 4K Smart TV $2660 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Metro Cities) @ Appliance Central


Yes, this is arguably inferior (and dearer) than last year's BX models deals as it doesn't do 120hz among other things.
Having said that, it is still the cheapest it has been from a purely liquid-cash-savings perspective (c.f. these previously posted now-expired bonus gift card deals)

My recommendation is to price match @ JB / Good Guys and use your eGift cards for an extra saving. Should be plenty of stock auswide on this runt-of-the-litter of a TV.

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    It's still an inferior model as you mentioned - regardless of the savings why would you support a brand downgrading their own devices?

  • C1 was around $3100 last month.

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    This was like 2400 a month ago from the same retailer

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      That's not a reason to neg

      • Yes it is.

        • How so?
          Reasons to neg a deal
          -not the cheapest available (op says it is)
          -issue with the product
          -issue with the retailer

          Kayrhcp said it was cheaper a month ago. Happy to be corrected, I just don't see how it's a valid neg

  • Yikes what a steaming pile of shite this model is for the $$..

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    Yesterday the c1 65 could be had for $3059 with code
    Far better tv

  • They need to find a way to get this $2000 or under pretty fast, because the only people they're selling this to are being hoodwinked.

    • That's what I'm waiting for, then I will pull the trigger.

      I looked at C1 VS A1 in store, not much visible difference in picture quality. My wife hates smooth motion, so no point in comparing it for that.

      In comparison to my old LG 49" 3D LED tv the A1 is amazing… actually all TVs on display were amazing :-D

      • No one likes crappy motion interpolation, but natural 120 FPS @ 120Hz footage is great for sports, documentaries, live recordings. Cinema tends to look poorer because suddenly the actors who are stiff, twitchy or forced stand out more in a scene.

        You need to tweak the motion compensation (or turn it off) for the content that looks off to her. These should all have a filmmaker mode.

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