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Meross Smart Garage Opener $59.99 Delivered @ Meross Direct Amazon Au


Bought this when it was $47.70, worked great on my garage.

Make sure to tick the $10 coupon to get $59.99 price.

Important link from previous deal:
Compatibility Check

Warning Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

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  • +2

    Any love on the HomeKit version?

    • +4

      I have the HomeKit version. I love it

      • +1

        x2, definitely a great purchase that is significantly cheaper than other alternatives.

        • Are you sure?
          Sonoff basic is ~$9 and doesn't need extra power adaptor.

      • +1

        I concur, especially combined with the last few iterations of CarPlay…the garage button with the garage status, pops up on the car stereo as I come within 400m of my home.
        I have an iSmartGate garage door opener but still, it is by far the most used & convenient HomeKit accessory in my household.
        I have also coined my garage as the ‘Bat Cave’ in the home app, just for a laugh!

    • +2

      Even if it doesn’t support it, HomeKit bridge is a viable option.
      Just FWIW you could build this for $10 with an esp8266 (which I’m sure this runs)

    • +1

      I bought the HomeKit version direct from their website. Ended up being around $62 after fees and conversion. It’s so good and easy to setup.

      • I did the same. I’ve struggled to position the sensors. And I can’t seem to stop the motion at any point during opening or closing. Have you noticed that too?

        • Sensor was alright for me. Just had to use the included foam mount tape to lift the height a bit.

          Because it’s hooked up to the basic connectors on my unit it only passes through the command to open or close and not stop midway.

    • +1

      been using the homekit version. Apple's homekit implementation is subpar. I've used google home and never has issue such as slow to respond, sometimes no response, and at times, reacted after 30 seconds wait.

      big fan of apple, using apple everything else. But i'd stick to google home for home automation.

      • +2

        I’m not sure if this will help you but I had a different branded HomeKit garage door opener, and I also had the same issues with HomeKit.
        Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would be slow to respond, or it just wouldn’t work at all.
        I eventually worked out that I had the garage door opener registered to both the OE app & the HomeKit app at the same time.
        I gathered there was some sort of conflict happening between the OE app & HomeKit app where each app didn’t know what state or what was happening with the other app.
        So I uninstalled the OE app, de-registered it from HomeKit app, reset the garage door opener and then re-registered it back in to HomeKit app only.
        It has not skipped a beat & has been flawless ever since.
        Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the garage door opener, this also helps.

  • +1

    Very useful tool.

    Even if you miss out on this promo you can message the seller on Amazon and they'll provide a coupon you can redeem.

    • +2

      Nobody, Amazon's algorithm just tries it on when it reckons nobody else has it in stock.

  • +3

    Seems like a decent device with good compatibility.

    Do the compatibility and support, or the supply chain make it worth almost 3 x the price of the similar Wofea device from Aliexpress ?

    I'm curious, I bought the Wofea and it's doing a good job for me working with Google Assistant.

    • I got the Wofea as well!! Yet to install……

  • +1

    Very useful. Had to figure out which hole to slot in the cable. Also pairing it was difficult at first but got help from here on OzB!

  • Love mine from the last time it went on sale.

  • +2

    Meross said they will be doing a black friday sales on these. I will wait for the Black Friday sale instead.

  • I got one of these, highly recommend it. My garage door is not listed as a supported brand, but it works regardless, as long as you have the external switch input/output you should be fine.

    • +1

      same experience for me. my gdo9 dynamo wasnt listed but still worked fine once i found a similar wiring diagram. app works great and having android auto in the car i just ask it to open the garage on my way home..
      for $50 it was a good buy..

  • +11


    Recommend this instead. Much cheaper and better warranty.

    • +1

      Does it work with Home Assistant?

    • This looks like a much better alternative - bunnings warranty and includes a sensor - and looks like it can be integrated into Home Assistant.

      • I've got my Meross Garage unit talking to Home Assistant.
        Just needed a user integration via HACS. A good Google and you'll find instructions how to do it

    • Second this , and you can always return back to bunnings if it doesn't work.

    • -4

      "Hey Google, Open my garage…"

    • Is there anyway to put a pin number on this? Just wondering if someone jumps my fence and can see my Alexa and tells it to open garage door?

      • +1

        Requires a four digit pin to open which you set through the app.

      • +1

        I think it's impossible to not have a PIN. The Wofia device I set up wouldn't work to open the door with Google Assistant until the PIN was set. It doesn't need the PIN to close the door.

  • +3

    Just a warning for those with an actual "roller" door, its very difficult to mount the sensor. These are designed for a panel lift door.
    I have the homekit version and it works great once I managed to get the sensor mounted.

    Here's a youtube vid for inspiration: https://youtu.be/72MfX0mLcgk

    • +1

      Not that hard, as long as the door has some protruding bit near the guide rail at bottom end. Most doors probably have something that you can use to lock it to the ground using padlock and it should be a good mounting point.

    • Exactly the problem I was having. Thanks for sharing the YouTube link. Very helpful!!

  • +5

    I use Shellys for everything lights, sliding gates and roller doors


    • thx for this

    • There's also a heap of zigbee versions of the Shelly, such as the Sonoff ZBMINI that are available on Aliexpress that I'm hoping to give a try.
      Has anyone here already given them a go?

    • Wow, these seem amazing - thanks for sharing!

  • What is easier to install? The Bunnings one or the Amazon one?

  • I purchased and installed it, but its a bit of a pain to use with Google. You need to give a PIN each time you want to open it… bit too hard. Sure it works, will I ever use it, not sure.

    • The meross app works without prompting for pin. That seems to be only for the other integrated solutions.

  • +1

    Now I need a garage!

    • +7

      People are always selling Every weekend there are heaps of signs around my neighbourhood saying "garage sale"

      • Yes I always ask for the garage on garage sales…

  • Happy with Homekit version.

  • +2

    Didn't think I'd needed one but very very handy. Easy and fun to setup. Tip with the PIN , need to sayas 2 numbers . E.g 1234 = Twelve + Thirty Four . Had to google as to why it wasn't working.

  • +1

    This is my purchase, only about A$25, I am happy with my one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32997953761.html?spm=a2g0o.p...

    • Same here. I got it for $20 I think a while back when it was on deal here. Almost pulled the trigger on $50+ one on Amazon, but thought I would give the Wofea a try. It was quite easy to setup, does everything needed. Only thing is I couldn't flash esp/tasmota on it, tuya-convert didn't work, or didn't try too much from memory coz I was able to use localtuya (for Home Assistant) for local control. But yea, pretty decent product for less than half the price.

  • +2

    You can get this from ebay for $27(Australia stock), I bought it couple months back, it uses Tuya App, and can connect to my google home & alexa
    it does take longer to arrive than amazon prime, I think mine arrive almost a week later.

  • +1

    If you have a Samsung phone you can use Bixby Routines and configure it to automatically open the app if you're close to your home while connected to your car's Bluetooth.

    • Can you please tell me how to set that up.

      • Here is an overview. You can set it so:

        If Place is near your home (you can set an area), and
        If Bluetooth device is Name of car Bluetooth,
        Then Open app.

        It'll make sense when you play around with it.
        I find that geolocation is sometimes slow so it doesn't trigger on time all the time, but most of the time it works. Your screen has to be on for it to work so I've also set mine to change the screen timeout to 10 mins when I'm connected to my car Bluetooth.

        There are other apps that can be used for geolocation but I find them fiddly.

        • Thankyou

  • For those that went other and likely cheaper paths, what has the updated firmware / software experience been like. Curious if they are updated or not. I'd assume its viable to find the updates yourself and patch.

    Noting that Meross are providing ongoing updates, so for something that provides secure access to your home that's probably a good thing.

  • +1

    I bought this. Very easy to setup and works fine with my Eco garage door.

    • ive got eco green garage door, can you share which pin to connect to? I can't seem to find it in the compatibility list. mine has these labels on it "PB, GND, PE, 24V, 25V, GND"
      looks like this https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0263/9827/products/ecogara..., is this FS1000?

      • Use any copper cable(You can use any spare any of the unwanted electrical/data cable) with both side exposed with a little bit of the copper part and plug them into PB, GND. If the garage open/closes, it means that your garage door will be compatible.

      • PB and GND. Last two on left

  • There is nil wifi reach from my house into my garage. Could I still use this item with Bluetooth only? Also, I have an old optus modem too. Could I turn this on to create a network without internet as a possible solution too?

    • +1

      Why not use a wifi repeater?

      • I've tried a repeater, that is the powerline ones. Was unreliable, so I sent it back. The run is quite long to the garage and the garage itself is a concrete box half buried into the earth, so getting a signal to it is a challenge.

        • Oh, sounds like an interesting challenge. How much money do you want to throw at it? :)

    • Depending on your optus modem model, you could turn it into a wired/wireless AP and expand your wifi reach to your garage. You would need internet for this product though if that's what you are asking.. unless it can be flashed with custom firmware, not sure on that coz I don't have this one.

  • Amazing product. If you're into home automation and security this is perfect.

  • Will this work with Merlin GDO units?

  • Now price down to $59.49. Add code to drop to $49.49.

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