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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-In to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828 Over 12 Mo's) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just received an email that this deal is finally back !

However no mention of the $10 port-in credit in the banner :/ - hopefully someone can confirm this works

Promotion finishes on the 22nd of November

Screenshot attached

Edit: This plan includes Telstra's full 5G network access. Plan details here (Thanks FlyingKiwi!)

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    • mine was put through at about 5pm on closing yesterday and yes still not provisioned.

      • Same here. And can not get gift card until the sim activited

    • I'm in the same boat. Signed up yesterday afternoon and even knowing about the Sunday no porting thing they assured me that porting can be done on a Sunday…

      • Yep assured me at both sign up and even when they were trying to finalise… then right at the end they said oh yeah no can’t be provisioned lmfao

      • I ported two (From Kogan and Amaysim) yesterday and it was instant.

      • Still nothing. Telstra online chat told me the issue from Optus , and Optus told me the Telstra have not send request yet. Optus also offer 150 off any phone and 20% of any plan .

      • It finally went through just now!

    • +1

      Yep, signed up at about 4pm yesterday afternoon from Aldi Mobile, still waiting for it to go through…

    • Six hours nineteen minutes right ascension, fourteen degrees fifty-eight minutes declination…No sighting

  • Guys Can someone help me out here would be much appreciated. I am with Telstra 12 month prepaid plan finishing on the first week of Jan-2022. Should I be eligible for this offer? If not, what should I have to do to get this offer? Thanks in advance.

    • Port out to Optus or Vodafone then go get the deal

    • This offer won't be here in 30 days time. They'll ask you to port out for a whole billing cycle before you're considered a new customer again.

  • Tried my best, went through 10 different reps, no luck.

    • What were their reasons?

      • Some decline straight out, some were not willing, Some were clueless. Interestingly I had the same rep as one for the ozbargainer Rocel something who managed to get the deal from him, but he said that they are no longer doing it.

        • I just told the first guy and he said wait 10 minutes. He came back to apply $15 for 12 months. Pretty smooth

    • +1

      u can do it

  • -1

    Just came back form jb hifi no gift card for Belong customer as Belong is part of Telstra service.zzzzzz unhappy

    • +4

      '#Included data is for use in Australia only. *Gift Card offer available to port-in customers and customers who connect a NEW service to Telstra. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer."'

      Was pretty clear in the T's and C's…

  • Had a crack at Telstra chat, 3rd time was the charm for me got a reference number.

    • How did you manage that, I've been trying with 10 different reps. Share your wisdom. Also the reference number so I can show the next rep who says no.

      • +1

        if anything you should use that reference number of the blokes that managed to wrangle $15/month discount haha

        • Just ask for $15. I saw the jb hi fi system that they can do $15 port in when selecting extras on the plan but they don't. Ask telstra guys nicely and they will do it

          • @Royale with cheese: got to $10 pretty easily but CS would not budge on anything more and got to the point she was just copying and pasting the same canned response regarding being eligible for $10; Trying again

    • Was this before or after going in to sign up?

  • -1

    Can I port my Boost number to this offer?

    • No

  • I would be happy with $10/m credit. if i can get a rep to agree on it and I have tried 4 already. I have decided to try once my account is active - still waiting for the porting to complete (Amaysim->Telstra signed up around 4 Pm yesterday)

  • When does 20gb bonus data kick in, I'm showing 60gb, signed up today

  • +2

    I got the $10 credit plus they added an additional $60 off my first bill as they couldn't do the $15.

    Got it first try. Add some smilies to your chat.

    Go to the telstra chat
    Billing and accounts (maybe people are going to the wrong area)
    I said the JB rep stated there is port in credit of $15
    They asked if it was just a once off, I said no - it's the reason I ported over
    They said they have a $10 option but the $15 is over, but could do $59 per month + $60 off my first bill
    Agreed and done.

  • +1

    Anyone who signed up after 4pm yesterday is put into provisioning.
    Today optus port over system is down, according to the girl i talked to at JB.
    No current lead time indicated at the moment, ball park of 48 hours given.

    • Had a similar conversation with the rep at JB as well. He said to get on chat with your current carrier and tell them you're porting out which should help speed up the process

      • still waiting on mine since yesterday. Spoke to Telstra rep and they asked me to hang on to this till tomorrow. Thinking about asking for some credits to ease my pain (of waiting :))

        • For context, I am/was with Amaysim…

          The guy I spoke to said that it was an issue with the port-out request going straight to Optus rather than through Amaysim. That creates some hiccup that requires an email to be sent from Telstra to request the individual port-out.

          If the error started over the weekend then I'd say there would be a decent backlog of emails needing to be sent…

  • Signed up today. The rep on Telstra Assistant said this:

    "Apologies for the confusion. The $10 credit per month is applied automatically with the order and will appear on your first bill."


    I'll wait for the next bill and check. In the meantime, I'll just keep a log of the chat for now.

    • Update: Engaged Telstra chat after porting in. All sorted now. I've received the $10/m credit.

  • I had some luck confirming with Telstra chat before porting in. Will be going to JB now.


    • +1

      So did u go the coffee or the tea

      • Neither

    • Is that a reoccurring monthly credit? Or just a one off?

  • I am just off the phone with Telstra and was told by the rep that the $10 port in credit only applies to NSW and VIC customers. I am in ACT. Anyone from ACT succedded in securing the $10 port in credit?

    • Sounds like their excuses are getting worse. I'm in the ACT and got the $10 port-in credit via chat first go on Saturday.

      • Thanks draf3.

        I switched to the app and chatted with the rep. He/She successfully applied the $10 credit for me.

        • And intestingly, my wife can only get $10 credit for 6 months. Well, better than nothing. Still very happy about saving $180 for the next 12 months to come.

  • today is my lucky day only tried once and got the $10 credit ^^

    Telstra app -> chat ->Billing and accounts-> told the rep JB-hifi staff stated so and ALL MY FRIENDS GOT THE CREDIT -> kindly ask the rep to check with her manager -> done ^^

    • Just want to check if anyone knows if signing up to a new service to telstra for the gift card is eligible for the $10/month credit. And then porting your own number

      • +1

        I did this last night. Took a risk for my service (wanted to get mine and my wife, but was too chicken if it went balls up). I'm not new, either - I followed the advice listed earlier - had my service from last year that was out of contact, created a new service with number yesterday, closed my old service and had its number (which I've had for 15 years) transferred to replace the new service number.

        That sounds like a mouth full, because it is! Was trying to get the $10 credit over mobile chat but it kept dropping out. Did it on my PC and it worked first try. The representative was actually helpful - unusual for Telstra!

        Still can't believe it worked - they sent me a summary of the changes to my plans via email. I'm heading down now to get a new plan for my wife's service. Wanted to use the gift cards for the Oppo X2 Pro but they're out of stock now.

        Good luck!

        • I'm currently going through the process of this now. Massive pain, have cancelled my old original service now. Was told it could take 24-48 hours for them to be able to put my old number on the new plan but going to give it a go shortly on the online chat.

  • Just want to check if anyone knows if signing up to a new service to telstra for the gift card is eligible for the $10/month credit. And then porting your own number

  • Tried signing up after porting out to Optus earlier today. Failed. Will have to wait to next time

    • Shouldnt have happened,
      when did you port out? which store did you go to.

      • Ported out today. Which is why as it needs to be 30 days but thought I’d try.

        • which store? Doubt it causes any issues from what what others have stated - if you havent given up try another store?

          • @SchroederCat: Apparently it was flagged with an error or something

            • +1

              @Jj456: Yeah this happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I had ported out for about ~2 weeks - they got some error message and couldn't help me. I tried yesterday on day 31 and it went through fine.

            • @Jj456: dont worry, new deals will be out soon.

  • Text message from jb saying issue has been escalated with telstra, still no ETA.

    Also got an interesting email from Telstra saying they noticed i hadnt activated my service and offered a $15 off any mobile plan.
    *for telstra customers only

  • Went to JB at westfield Plenty valley and the guy hadd no idea about this deal. turned away me and another lady. will try to call them and sign up .
    better avoid this store

  • Just to share my experiences with everyone.
    Went to jb today at 1pm. Was able to port 2 numbers to Telstra from Voda in about 30mins.

    Back home now and just got off with the 3rd Telstra rep.
    That gave me extra 20gb per month and a 30 credit (one time) instead…

    Not sure if I should try again, should have got the "pre approval " first next time.

    • nicely done, how many days were you ported out to go back to telstra

      • This time around 3months
        But the first time I ported out for 1 full day. This was a year and a half ago

  • Ported over 2x services and managed to get the port in credit on both on the first attempt. My account is now in credit by $20. Was this just a one off credit… or will it be reoccurring. Is there a way of telling anywhere?

    • Upon activation you should've received an email with an order estimate outlining all one-off and ongoing costs for your plan.

  • Those who missed theres a new promotion $69 12month Plan with Samsung A52 for free $0 approx $549 value


    • Amazon only 409 this morning

      • Let the games begin on gumtree and marketplace lol

  • Wanted to share my experience since all the other comments have been so helpful. Was with Telstra prepaid, ported over to Vodafone on Saturday, signed up to this at JB on Sunday. Ported over today and contacted Telstra via chat to get the credit. First person said no you can’t get $15 but I can offer $10/month, which I took, but tried my luck and went back a second time to see if it could get upgraded to $15/month and it worked after a pretty confusing chat. Got my giftcard applied to a new iPhone, so am pretty happy with it all.

  • Hi i need your help, so i tried to ask for monthly credit via telstra rep but they told me to go back to JB hifi staff for the monthly credit ? So do u guys get it from telstra agent and they would apply it on their end snd send you guys new contract or once we got the approval we have to go back to JB hifi store to get the monthly credit ?please anyone who can help me i would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions

    • +1

      Nothing to do with JB anymore, you contact Telstra via chat and ask them heres what some members have got:

      $10 pm ongoing for the life of the contract 12mths
      $10 pm for the life as long as they stay with Telstra
      $15 pm ongoing for the life of the contract 12mths
      $10, 15, 20 one off lump discounts and probably more combinations

      This shoould show on your invoice/monthly bill as "Monthly mobile credit"

      You need to chat to them and be polite.

      • I already spoke with two agent they both advised me to go back to the JB Hifi store. Im confused as heck atm, and i sweet talked already with them. They seems to not really know whats going on. Should i try again tomorrow ? Cos i already ported in this arvo.

        • yes, try again like others here, you will be successful.

          Did you port out from Telstra (recently) or have you been with other provider for a while.

          • @SchroederCat: Yeah i was with optus since last month, before i was with telstra from Last year Promo lol

          • @SchroederCat: One of them just replied and offer me one time month credit which is $15 ? Only one time though. :(

            • @Marlenti13: Yeah nah, that's nothing. Try tomorrow at a different time.

              • @SchroederCat: Now they asked me to head JB hifi again first thing tomorrow to request for a case number ? I seriously have no idea whats happeningggg

  • I had a chat with one rep online, and she offered me $120 one time off once I received my first bill. Not sure if anyone had the same deal with Telstra.

    • Any tips how u sweet talked them into giving you the discount? Lol. Ive been having trouble with thiss

      • I just told her the JB sales rep told me to ask Telstra for the port in credit. Initially, she only offered me a $60 one-off adjustment. But I told her this was not what I wanted, and my friend got the credit for 12 months etc… I ask her to check it again or ask her manager. She came back said she could make a $120 one-off adjustment once I received my first bill.

        • They offered me $10 per month credit and $60 once off. I received an Order Estimate showing the $59 per month charge but did not see the $60 once off credit. Rep said it only comes in 'after first bill'. Did you get an order estimate reflecting this or was your once off credit also showing on it?

  • Was anyone able to get international calling pack added to their account?
    Jb hi fi tells me telstra should be able to add it. I have spoken to 3 reps on chat who say jb hi fi plans are not eligible for international calling pack. It's not like i want it for free.

    No luck even after 3 attempts. The rep keeps telling me to ask jb hi fi.

    • The jb guy I talked to specifically made it very clear no option for international calling back and instead cited having 5G and 4g coverage across Australia the better solution is to use voip like whatsapp/Skype

      • Use Signal for your privacy and security, it's the best option for local and world wide calling or messaging.

    • Thats a big No
      Its disabled by telstra No JB plans will have International calling even if you want to pay extra. The app will let you add it however it will fail.
      Happy to be proven wrong.

      • Is this a recent thing? I was able to get the international calling pack last year without any issues.

        Not sure why the jb hi fi staff said I could get it added by telstra.

  • My activation has just gone through

    • Were you able to get $10 or $15 monthly credit?

      • Waiting for a response

        • Keep me updated

          • @Marlenti13: I did. $15. First go. Just say I ported in and am requesting a $15 credit for that as told by JB

            • @Royale with cheese: Wow so luckyyyy :( would u be able to share your case number if u dont mind

            • @Royale with cheese: I had an order number for the $10 credit but I never received the order estimate. I asked them for an update only to find the order has been cancelled, saying I wasn't eligible. I'm now chasing down $15 P/m

          • @Marlenti13: $10. Rep went ahead and applied it before I could argue more. Will try to argue tomorrow. Reps be acting like it comes out of their salary smh

            • +1

              @Jimothy Wongingtons: Why not take the 10/pm credit. Is it worth stressing over an extra 5. I am just grateful that I can finally use 5g on my 1 year old phone and my eyes started to water at 1.1gbps speed test.

            • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeh no shit i agree with u… The rep i talked to this arvo was pretty rude, but i actually managed to get $10 monthly credit and $120 waived for my first bill. I ported in two numbers btw.

  • no luck tonight, have to try again tomorrow, are the day agents better than night agents?

  • My 2 port-ins have eventually gone through after 29 hours. Just missing 20GB from each of them. Chat are directing me back to JB to fix it, even though they can see the offer 🤬

    • Check within Telstra App, under Services, or on the Home Screen itself. For me it shows 80 GB in these 2 places, but when I go to manage plan screen, I see it as 60 GB.
      If you are unable to see any of those place, then for sure JB HiFi rep missed adding the additional 20GB. The rep who processed my connection was about to miss it too, but a colleague reminded him.

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