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Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset $479 Delivered (+ Bonus $100 Promotional Credit for Future Eligible Order) @ Amazon


Special offers and product promotions
Customers will receive $100 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase an Oculus Quest 2 Headset sold by Amazon AU. See full T&Cs and eligibility criteria.

Promotion terms

These terms and conditions apply whereby customers who purchase a Oculus Quest 2 256GB [B08FSZ8QWH] or Oculus Quest 2 128GB [B08V51TP2C] “sold by Amazon AU” on from 00.01 AM (AEDT) on 21 November 2021 to 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 (“Promotion Period”), will receive by email from Amazon Australia, confirmation of a $100 promotional credit that has been automatically added to their account as a discount for use by 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022 towards a future Eligible Order (the “Offer”). Qualifying Items does not include any Excluded Items. When used in these terms and conditions,

1) “Eligible Order” refers to a purchase on of any items that are “sold by Amazon AU” and excludes any Excluded Items; and

2) “Excluded Items” refers to any products on sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

To redeem the Offer, customers must purchase a Qualifying Item during the Promotion Period. Once that Qualifying Item has shipped, the promotional credit will be applied to the customer’s account and can be used as a discount on the customer’s next Eligible Order via the Amazon AU app or

The Offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer is valid until the earlier of 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 or while stocks last. The promotional credit will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022.

Don't forget the referral bonus.
For anyone purchasing this you will want to enable the referral credit before activating the device.

You can do this by contacting an existing Oculus Quest Owner and requesting a referral link from them. You can then follow that link and activate the offer on your Facebook account.

When you sign into your Quest 2 with the same Facebook account you will receive the $50 credit which can be used to purchase games and apps on the Oculus store.

You will need to remain friends with the refer on Facebook for ~90 so that you both receive the credit. The referral bonus is eligible for all new headsets regardless of where you purchased them if you activate the offer before signing into the headset for the first time.

You can message anybody listing in the Oculus referral system to start the process.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • If i havent got my ocu then i cant buy any games, right?

      • No you still can I believe. I 'bought' a load of free stuff before I had mine, but I'd created my Oculus account (obvs).

        • Hmm but i want to get the 47bcks referral money. Meaning i need to activate first, right?

          • @ChiMot: I don't know for certain as I just picked up free stuff prior to receiving and activating mine. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get it, as I don't see why someone giving them money would preclude that person from getting the referral.

            Possibly someone else can advise, or try and reach out to Oculus.

            Super Hot VR is on sale for 3 days, so depending on when your Quest 2 arrives you could wait?

            • @Draycen: nope according to amazon mine due 6of Dec
              i dont want to cancel and re-purchase with expedite shipping as i bought during SB promo $25

              • +1

                @ChiMot: Well I just had a quick look through this and can see no mention of it only being valid if you've not already bought something.


                • @Draycen: but when buying games i need to link that to a facebook account, right?
                  and then when the unit arrives i click referrral link, activate the unit and provide the same email that i use for the same facebook account? thats all ?

                  • @ChiMot: Make an Oculus account via FB referral and then use the same FB account when setting up/activating the Quest to get the $47 credit.

        • +2

          Just a quick note to mention that I don't think the $48 can be used against any item you attempt to buy with a discount code.

          I didnt buy anything for a few days after getting mine and was then sent a discount code to use on any purchases, I tried to buy some stuff using my discount code and my credit and it threw some cryptic error code and I think asked me to try another payment method.

          So I think you can buy stuff that is on sale with the credit, but you can't stack credit with a discount code (if you happen to get a code that is).

          I'm thinking that the discount codes may only be sent out if you don't purchase anything for a period of time after activating. Not sure what the trigger is for number of days though.

          Edit: In fact if I remember correctly, there was another problem in that I had to first spend my credit and use all that up before I could attempt to use the discount code on anything, as it would also try to use the credit with the discount code first and throw the error, even though I had an alternate payment method already set up. Was a pain in the bum as I didnt know what the problem was until I found the answer for the cryptic code on Reddit.

  • I missed the shopback promotion.
    Is there another deal I can use to buy this???

    thanks in advance

  • Anyone has this? Or can recommend better but around 30 dollars and need to be from ebay… thanks.
    I heard the standard strap is very bad. I have small head

  • hi guys how good would this device be for fitness and health exercises or games that are primarily focused on health or ninja power kick

    • +2

      Creed boxing makes me sweat like a sweaty thing, the silicone face insert thing is a godsend in that it is easily wiped down, but it also means you tend to sweat more as it doesn't breathe.

      Also keep in mind that lenses can fog up easily in more humid situations until the device warms up a bit after a few minutes of play.

    • +1

      Thrill of the fight is a great workout and only $15 well worth it for mine.

  • For those that aren't aware, referral links to get the free Oculus credit last for 90 days, so everybody can request one now to be ready for Christmas morning if they want. Also, the free credit program is currently due to expire Dec 31 2021, but may be extended.

    • +1

      Successfully getting the referral credit though you need to be careful
      1)  the account that accepts the link needs to be the same account that activates the quest (and games bought using the credit will be tied to this account
      2)  the account that activates the quest needs to remain facebook friends with the person that sent the link for 30 days.

      If you are giving it to someone else on Christmas morning that requires some planning to make it work.  Had someone get a link from me then bail because they did not realise that and didn't want it for themself.

  • Before asking for or offering a referral please note that there is already a referral system in place and your posts will be deleted.

    And before anyone asks in jest, I have the OG occulus account with no facebook.

    • thanks did see that but thought id ask some ozbargain friends first

    • Maybe if the referral system only allowed people to request once every x hours, people wouldn't spam everybody. I've had no contact from the people I requested from, and I've had no contact that people requested from me, both through the referral system. The only way I got mine was because somebody contacted me outside the system.

      I'm not saying don't use the system, but maybe it could be more fair for everybody, and people should use it properly.

      • Personally I don't mind people asking but just wanted to point out that posts are getting deleted and you may end up waiting even more time waiting for an offer.

        I have ordered the Quest 2 and will have to decide if I want to convert my existing account to facebook in the next week, I don't want to but I do like occulus store credit.
        I ordered solely because Vermillion is coming to quest 2 and you can crossbuy the rift version and get access to the beta now.

      • +2

        Moderator advised those wanting referrals to spam the referral list at the beginning of this thread. Which I found unfortunate as I've received many requests that just ghosted me while I spent time waiting for their reply so I could add them. Which I would expect will lead to more people not making the effort to respond.

        • +2

          Yes I saw that post and did exactly that 🙄
          I did though at least go with the first person I contacted but still it made me think that was just the done thing.

  • anyone know the best country for vpn

  • So after getting a bunch of referral requests that didn't reply to me I did finally get someone that used my referral (thanks Chris) and they apparently got the credit at their end. But from what I can see there is no way to tell in my oculus account if it actually worked for me, other than wait the 30 days and see what happens. Has anyone else received any sort of notification of a successful referral after they refer someone (before the 30 days that is)?

    When I bought my Quest 2 a few months ago I was referred by my nephew and received the activation referral credit, but it has been more than 30 days now and he reckons he didnt get his referrer bonus credit (unless he just didn't realise and already spent it, which is possible)

    • +1

      Mine says wait 7 days but that's about it. I guess we'll have to wait and see how things pan out.

    • +3

      Open the Oculus App on your phone, go to menu (bottom right), select the blue referral button in the middle of the screen (mine shows "$30 for you and your friend". The next screen shows your referral with the number of days left before the credit is given.

      • +1

        this day counter is also decreasing each day - yesterday it was 7 days, today 6 days.

        • True just checked and says 6 days now.

      • +1

        ah yeah cool thankyou… the referral is there and counting down. Odd that the oculus website doesn't include the same info.

      • Anyone know how to check this on Android?

        • Is there a Diamond symbol on the UI of the android version? Press that.

          • @Gravy: No, there isn't. There's a 'menu' down the bottom for [home] [store[store] [social] [devices] [alerts] (It's not in social). If I click my avatar I get another menu which lists …

            account settings
            payment methods
            purchase history
            privacy settings
            my library
            manage gifts
            health & safety
            log out

        • I just log in to Oculus site on browser. From there go to referrals via menu and it should prompt you to select the Oculus app. Then you can see the referral info in the app.

          • @dins: are you doing this within the quest browser or PC? It doesnt prompt me to use the app in Chrome on PC.

            • @Gravy: On Android phone champ.

        • +1

          I checked mine on android and didn't see the Diamond symbol.
          Went to check if there was an update and there was. Updated.
          After the update the Diamond symbol appeared on the top right corner next to the casting icon.

  • Wow amazon so good didnt pay shipping and im non prime, they somehow expedite my shipping from expected 6 dec to tomorrow

    • I think they're trying to stay on top of deliveries before things go crazy for xmas, so a good time to order!

  • Wow amazon so good didnt pay shipping and im non prime, they somehow expedite my shipping from expected 6 dec to tomorrow. Got the 100 credit as well

  • What is the difference between this and the HTC Vive? Like there's a good $300 price gap.

    • Zuckerberg is loss leading the Quest to build his Metaverse.

      • Are you sure $470 is under the cost to make ?
        Or you considering the r and d?

        • I think you would need to consider, logistics, marketing, retail costs, support and commissions,insurances etc, the cost out of the factory (ie the cost to make) is prob less than half the cost, the other half is the cost to get it to market and the customer.
          But I haven't audited them personally so no I'm not sure.

          • @tonka: And I paid $304 for the one I bought yesterday plus will get $94 referral credit for games.

            • @tonka: How did you get the referral ? And where did you buy it for $304 please ? I also need a referral, can you please help me out how to get one. I tried messaging on the link , nobody responded

              • @IMustResist: probably through the $100 promotion, amazon $25 cashback for $75 amazon gc (expired), $20 cash back for using Mastercard and shopback cashback on all category. (expired)

                The best you'll get now is $100 credit from the promotion and $47 from referral.

              • +1

                @IMustResist: $479 Amazon Price
                -$100 credit with Quest purchase.
                -$40 Amex cashback
                -$10 Amazon Credit for purchasing 2 $100 giftcards.
                -$25 Shopback

                And I will get $94 instead of $47 referral credit as this is my second Oculus for this household so kinda a self referral.

                • @tonka: Hey guys, sorry was busy setting up the vr. Already got a referral, thanks for sending messages. I should have commented first rather than waiting for the messages

    • +3

      The difference between the Quest 2 and the HTC Vive is that the HTC Vive is designed for PC VR only so you would need a capable PC that can run VR and tethered to the machine. The Quest 2 is designed as a portable headset on the go with an OS (Android based) so you can play VR games without the need of a PC. To entice things, Oculus made it so you can link/wirelessly link to a VR capable machine and play PCVR as well as Quest 2 games giving you the best of both world.

      Also the price is cheap and yes FB is making a loss(or close to cost) on these devices for trade of data mining your personal information. That's the trade off for a cheap device.
      As for performance and resolution for game play, Quest 2 will perform just as well as the HTC Vive. There's pros and cons for both headset but if it's your first time diving into VR, getting a Quest 2 is a no brainer if you're fine with accepting the FB terms and conditions.

      Oh and with the Quest 2, they've cut many corners to save costs like the headstrap, the build quality and probably others that i'm not aware of.

  • +6

    I thought ill share some info to new VR users.
    Unless you have a strong stomach or it's made out of concrete, start with 1-2hrs to get your 'VR Legs' otherwise you'll feel nausea playing it for too long. Keep yourself hydrated as well.

    Start off with simple comfort games. Oculus games page will tell you different comfort level of each games (Under the price section). Start with comfortable or games where you don't have to move around too much or you can teleport. It helps. Games that you need to use locomotion (where you use the thumbstick to walk around) will make you sick if you're not use to it.
    Once you build your tolerance then you can try those games.

    Plenty of great free games to try out on Oculus. I would suggest trying out First Steps for Quest 2 before anything else.

    Also for those that's unaware, if you have a VR capable machine, also check the crossbuy list when you buy a game. That means you'll have both copies of the game. One for the PC and one for the quest.

    • +1

      thank you. Really good to know.

      • +1

        happy to answer any questions or give advice/suggestion as well :)

    • +1

      Fist steps is kinda awesome when you are a newbie. Also go into Pokerstars or Bigscreen and just move around and see other people so you start to understand the social interactive capability. And check out Youtube VR or Oculus TV or just Netflix as it's quite just as a viewing tool. I was watching some WWF last night that just looked like a massive big screen with pretty good quality.

      • +1

        it's also good watching prime shows in the cinema :D

        @tonka .. is it worthwhile adding people from OzB so we can watch Bigscreen together? :D

        • +2

          On that note anyone wants to watch Snakes on a plane with me. Quest n chill?

        • +1

          Ozbargain goes Meta. :-).

          I'd give it a go, I haven't used Bigscreen much, do you know how it is done.

          Could prob get a Poker room going too.

          • +2

            @tonka: Bigscreen - you start you own room. There's a invite code that you can send out.
            People can then join your room

            Poker and Snakes on a plane… what a combo.. haha

            • +2

              @iamtezr: Maybe we need a forum thread where people can put invites up.

              • +1

                @tonka: yeah probably a good idea but i have no idea how to start one.

                As for Bigscreen.

                Click on My Room tab at the bottom of the floating home menu
                Click on Hosting.
                Enter Name of Room.
                Set Privacy to Private, Invite only
                Click Save.
                Click on About my room tab on the left side which will have your room info.
                On the right panel click on Showroom ID.
                It'll display a code like xxxx-xxxxxxxx

                Sometimes copy and paste don't work well and need to manually enter it.
                If all fail, make the room public and say you'll kick strangers, get your friends in, then change the room to private.

                • +2

                  @iamtezr: I set up a Bigscreen chat room called Ozbargain room-rtae4mrf

          • @tonka: 😂

            I have no clue champ but I can bring the beanbags.

      • +1

        Yes, pokerstars can be fun so is Bigscreen with viewing movies/shows with a group of friends. Netflix not so much since the app is still in SD and there's been a lot of push to get it to HD but still nothing. Even Prime video is in 1080p.

        Otherwise Skybox HD(paid app now $10, used to be free back in the days) if you have a plex server but you need to turn on DLNA to search for the movies through your server. You won't get the fancy Plex UI.

  • +1

    does anyone know if there is actually a mic in the headset ?

    i tried talking to Alexa in Prime Video VR but she didn't hear me .. so i dunno how it works ..

    • +1

      Yes there's a mic in the headset. Haven't tried using it for alexa in Prime Video.
      Click on your Oculus button and make sure the mic isn't muted.

      I know voice commands doesn't work in our region. Like in the US they have voice commands where they can command the quest to start an app, turn off the headset etc..
      Maybe because we don't have the voice command feature, then alexa probably doesn't work. Not too sure but the mic does work as i've tested it on several games and apps using the headset mic.

    • +2

      Just tested on mine and mic works for Prime Video for searching for movies.
      When you click on the mic, it'll ask for mic permission for recording, you'll have to click Allow.
      Then it'll work.

      If you accidentally click NO then you'll have to go to Settings > applications > Privacy > Mic
      Then turn it on for Prime Video.

      • i'll check it again when i'm finished shopping stuff hahaha

        this black friday has been evil .. . lol

      • +1

        Edit: Settings > applications > Permission > Microphone

  • +6

    Hard to share some info and not the rest.

    Some important things to take note of.
    Never, never ever let your oculus lens expose to the sunlight. The lens in these are polycarbonate optical grade but can magnify the sun ray and burn through your panel inside the Quest 2. Also keep the lens covered and away from sunlight. Best to invest in some lens cover.

    For those that enjoy watching movies on the Quest 2. Unfortunately it's not as easy as the Oculus go where you just put it on your head in bed with the lights off and off you go.
    The Quest 2 requires light for the tracking but there's a workaround for that. You will see need light initially just to go into Settings and turn off Tracking. Once tracking is off your Oculus 2 will allow you to watch the movie in the dark.

    Or invest in an IR illuminator and you can watch or play games in the dark with tracking on :)

  • To play Boneworks on the Oculus Quest 2 do I buy the Steam version ($36) or Oculus Rift version ($46). I understand I need the link cable from PC to Quest 2, will this work with both versions Steam and Rift? I take it I use Steam app on PC to launch Steam version and Oculus app on PC to launch Rift version. Does one play better or have any advantages than the other or do I just buy the cheapest?

    • +1

      Buying PC VR games either from Oculus or Steam will give you the same game just on different platform. One on Oculus ecosystem and the other on Steam.
      For PCVR i usually pick steam over Oculus unless it's exclusive to Oculus or have Crossbuy for the Quest 2.

      I go with Steam because 1. it's cheaper when there's discounts and promotions and 2. you can use it on other headset eg. Vive, Index, etc… not just the oculus Rift/Quest

  • The reviews on oculus store said Virtual Desktop allow less spec pc to connect with handset. Is that true? My gpu is 1050ti so maybe must to buy virtual desktop app?

    Also this black Friday sale, any one can recommend the must to get? I will have the $47 referral soon.
    I gather:
    Eleven table tennis.
    Sync rider
    Pistol whip

    Anything else?
    I'm not into heavy shooting games, socials, zombie bashing.
    Lucky big screen is free, as I like watching movies

    • +1

      Hi there just make sure you google which virtual desktop to buy as i bought on steam initially as it was cheaper but the reviews said occulus store was better

      Even tho it's the same app

      I am learning / researching myself

      • +1

        There's 4 purchasable versions of Virtual desktop.
        1. Rift version (PC)
        2. Quest version (Oculus quest1/2)
        3. Oculus Go
        4. Steam (PC - same as Rift version but allows you to use for other supported headset too)

        Make sure you buy the Quest version to run with your oculus Quest.

        Update: Looks like Virtual Desktop have removed the Rift Version and now only have the Steam version for PC. Which is good. Less confusion for people to buy the wrong one on their Quest 2 headset.

        • @iamtezr i just browse steam and the virtual desktop that on there is NOT for quest.
          Virtual Desktop is an application developed for the Oculus Rift / Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index and WMR headsets that lets you use your computer in VR. This app is NOT for the Oculus Quest.

          • +3

            @ChiMot: Yes, the Steam version is not designed for the Quest (to use it wirelessly)
            I'm pretty sure it works for the Quest when you use the Link cable and it becomes wired essentially a "rift".

            There's a lot of confusion with Virtual desktop versions. The Steam version allows 'wired' headset to access Virtual Desktop UI where you can control your desktop like RDP. It won't work with the Quest natively if you want to connect to it wirelessly.
            So you can connect the Quest via link cable and SteamVR will pick up the headset as a Rift, then you can access Virtual Desktop.
            To me it's pointless buying the Rift/Steam version because Oculus has it's own Virtual Desktop (RDP) when you connect via Link cable.
            The only thing you get from the Steam version is to be able to view your desktop on a Big Virtual Screen. It doesn't really improve the way you launch a VR Game since you need to use a link cable to attach to the PC for SteamVR to detect the headset. It'll be faster to connect the Link cable and directly launch a SteamVR game via Steam.

            The Quest version you install virtual desktop streamer app on your PC and virtual desktop app on your headset which allows you to run the apps/games wirelessly to your headset.
            A lot of people try purchasing the cheaper version which is the Rift/Steam version and connect it via the Quest wirelessly which won't work.

            TLDR; Buy the Quest Version if you want to use it for the Quest and be able to play VR Games wireless from your PC.
            Don't buy the Steam version which only gives you a giant Virtual Screen to browse your desktop.

    • Just make sure to check steam prices.first ie sync rider as I noticed a big price difference but I have my steam locked to Russia (ten years ago before they banned that).

      • Huh? If you buy from steam can you load the game to oculus headset or you need pc to play it and stream to the headset?

        • You need the virtual desktop app and then obviously the game has to be VR but yes

          I am still learning but reading a lot past 24 hours. Just google virtual desktop quest 2 steam games or something like that

          Google first tho haha as I'm a total novice and just working it out

        • +1

          No steam games can be loaded to the Oculus quest as it's different platform.
          One is PC and the other is Android based (uses .apk files like android) so you can not load it into the Quest.

          You can however use Virtual Desktop, Airlink or Link cable to play wirelessly off your VR capable PC.

    • +1

      yes, Virtual Desktop performs better than Airlink from my personal opinion as it's more refined and the dev constantly update and a very easy going guy. Also help users when they have issues.
      Virtual desktop have settings for low end GPU to run as optimized as possible. The 1050Ti is at the low end of VR capable card. You can run 'some' games that's not too demanding but if you want to run games like Asgard Wrath then no chance. Half life alyx has been optimized to perform really well and i've seen people that were able to run it on low settings with the the 1050Ti. Some are used to high FPS and good graphics to call it 'playable' so each to their own.

      You can also try it. Oculus has a refund policy like steam. If the game/app is used less than 2hrs or 14days then you can refund it.

    • +1

      Games that i can recommend beside what you've listed.

      Beat Saber (similar to Pistol whip but with 2 sabers and has music while slashing blocks) - Best replayability so probably best value.
      The Climb 1/2 - Enjoy it a lot as it gives you a work out while climbing
      The kids enjoy Job simulator and Vacation simulator. Simple game that helps them interact with objects. Good for adults too.

    • +1

      Walkabout Mini Golf is very cool… especially on sale for $14. Creed is good, The climb + Climb2 pack.

      • Yeah Walkabout mini golf is well worth the $14. Good fun and solid gameplay.

        Also around the same price Thrill of the fight if you are after a decent boxing VR experience. Great workout too.

        Highly recommend Eleven table tennis as well for around $25. Very realistic and plenty of replay value.

        There's also a demo cricket one called Cover drive pretty good but tracking of the bat face can be a bit shoddy sometimes.

        Those are the standouts from the ones I've tried thus far.

  • just bear in mind that if you buy the quest 2 from oculus store you get $80 credit towards games so amazon is a little better but only slightly

    • But isn't that $20 less than Amazon $100 credit ;)
      Also you're not restricted to spending it on Oculus games only

      • yeah true but cannot think of anything i need off amazon but i guess i can buy a gift card

        • +1

          Eneloop for your controllers

          Case for the Oculus, Grips for the controllers, lens cover, headstrap, portable battery so you can extend the battery life even more.
          There's alot of things i can think of

          • +1

            @iamtezr: What about an actual controller, like an xbox or playstation controller? Would that be something only useful for PCVR or could you play some quest games with it?

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