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Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset $479 Delivered (+ Bonus $100 Promotional Credit for Future Eligible Order) @ Amazon


Special offers and product promotions
Customers will receive $100 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase an Oculus Quest 2 Headset sold by Amazon AU. See full T&Cs and eligibility criteria.

Promotion terms

These terms and conditions apply whereby customers who purchase a Oculus Quest 2 256GB [B08FSZ8QWH] or Oculus Quest 2 128GB [B08V51TP2C] “sold by Amazon AU” on from 00.01 AM (AEDT) on 21 November 2021 to 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 (“Promotion Period”), will receive by email from Amazon Australia, confirmation of a $100 promotional credit that has been automatically added to their account as a discount for use by 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022 towards a future Eligible Order (the “Offer”). Qualifying Items does not include any Excluded Items. When used in these terms and conditions,

1) “Eligible Order” refers to a purchase on of any items that are “sold by Amazon AU” and excludes any Excluded Items; and

2) “Excluded Items” refers to any products on sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

To redeem the Offer, customers must purchase a Qualifying Item during the Promotion Period. Once that Qualifying Item has shipped, the promotional credit will be applied to the customer’s account and can be used as a discount on the customer’s next Eligible Order via the Amazon AU app or

The Offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer is valid until the earlier of 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 or while stocks last. The promotional credit will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022.

Don't forget the referral bonus.
For anyone purchasing this you will want to enable the referral credit before activating the device.

You can do this by contacting an existing Oculus Quest Owner and requesting a referral link from them. You can then follow that link and activate the offer on your Facebook account.

When you sign into your Quest 2 with the same Facebook account you will receive the $50 credit which can be used to purchase games and apps on the Oculus store.

You will need to remain friends with the refer on Facebook for ~90 so that you both receive the credit. The referral bonus is eligible for all new headsets regardless of where you purchased them if you activate the offer before signing into the headset for the first time.

You can message anybody listing in the Oculus referral system to start the process.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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            • +2

              @BaryGusey: Yes, i use the Xbox One controller for mine. Mine was included when i bought my Oculus CV1.
              Have used it on the Quest 2 to play games like Chronos which is like a 2d/3d platform walking game. I think i used it on Moss as well.

              The quest 2 allows you to pair a gamepad
              In Steam VR games category i think there's options to filter to see if the VR game support gamepad as well
              Gamepad are not supported on all games so you need to check.
              But you can play pancake (flatscreen) games via steamVR with the controller if you want as well

              • @iamtezr: Thank you. Was thinking about it for my quest 1 which has broken controllers but had not yet researched.

                Might be worth a look here for anyone wanting to do steamlink stuff. Instant Gaming

                • +1

                  @BaryGusey: Quest 1 controllers are hard to come by even from Oculus (always out of stock)
                  Your best bet is trying to source 2nd hard controllers but yeah… it's hard to find.

                  Also Quest 2 controllers does not work with the Quest 1 either. Pretty much a brick.

                • @BaryGusey: How did the controllers break?

                  • @tonka: there's many ways i can think of but most common are walls.

                    If you have a tight play space, then the walls will be your main cause for broken controllers.
                    I've seen many broken controllers from people smashing them to the wall

                  • @tonka: Daughters boyfriend was a beat sabre expert despite never having played before. Played a little furiously when when he was angered by having the lowest scores and not able to "win" and he smacked it into a table.

                    Problem is intermittent but like iamtezr says, they are hard to come by. Been waiting for a year or two and ended up getting this quest 2 deal instead.

                    • +1

                      @BaryGusey: Cheers, I've always found it strangely amusing hearing the stories of young men smashing their own very precious gaming gear over scores. Sorry to hear it was yours instead. I once watched an idiot ex-boyfriend get into a punch up with his car because the muffler was noisy.

                • @BaryGusey: Oh right, i forgot about hand tracking.
                  If just 1 of your controller is still working, you can enable hand tracking.
                  Some games support hand tracking.

                  But i think you still need at least 1 controller to access the menu to pair a gamepad and then disable Tracking so it just uses gamepad only.

          • +1

            @iamtezr: Unfortunately most of the third-party accessories for Quest 2 are not sold by Amazon AU, so you cannot use the $100 Amazon credit to purchase them.

            • @edfoo: oh so the credit can only be used on items sold by Amazon only?
              That sucks. Can you buy a $100 Amazon giftcard to bypass that?

              • @iamtezr: Nope can't purchase gift cards using promo credit or gift card balance. You have plenty of time to use the $100 tho expires end on March next year. I used mine in a matter of days! 😂

                • +1

                  @dins: yeah i'm sure there'll be plenty of cool things on sale tomorrow (Cyber Monday) that you can spend the $100.

                  For Accessories, most of mine are all purchased from Aliexpress. If you're not in any rush, then i would recommend buying from there. Takes about 3 weeks in my case but it's much easier to find stock and items you need on Aliexpress

                  • @iamtezr: Im browsing for headset, saw on ebay for 55 but 33 in ali after tax etc.
                    Also some headset on ali has reviews from Australian buyer that say it arrives in 9 days

                    The halo type is the best, right?

                    • +1

                      @ChiMot: I think headstrap is hard to say. Since everyone's head shape is different and how well they fit your head as well.

                      But Halo type are probably the most commonly used since it allows the weight to press on your forehead and balance the weight so it's not pressed against your face. Also Halo are much easier for people wearing glasses as you can flip up the headset like a PSVR instead of untightening then push out and up.

                      There's several types of Halo strap.
                      For example this one:
                      I wouldn't recommend as backing is already shaped and if you have a smaller or bigger head then it won't fit comfortably.

                      Then there's this one:
                      I don't recommend as this is the V1 which doesn't have the back padding which prevents the strap from lifting off your head.
                      They fixed it with the V2.

                      BoboVR m2 and M2pro: are probably the most popular but some dislike it with the 2 usless antenna on top which sometimes presses down on the head. Some just dremel them off.

                      Beside from the Elite Headstrap design flaw with the strap snapping, I think the Elite to be really comfortable.

                    • +1

                      @ChiMot: Does anyone have a 3d printer here?
                      I'm sure there's been plenty of 3D printer deals for the Ender 3/Pro.

                      You can print a back plate that you can attach to the stock headstrap which helps the comfort level.

                      Otherwise you can buy it from ali as well. It looks like this:

                      And a MUST print item if you do own a 3D printer is the lens protector to avoid scratches to your lens if you let people who wear glasses use your Quest 2. Let me know if you want the thingiverse link to them

                  • +1

                    @iamtezr: Yeah thinking of trying out those beat saber handle thingos on Aliexpress for golf, cricket etc we'll see how it goes! 😄

                    • +1

                      @dins: Bunnings have PVC pipes for a few dollars. Can cut them down to size. Probably can get 2 sets out of 1 pipe. Then paint and you're good to go 😄

                      • @iamtezr: 🤣

                        Genius! Might have a crack at that one haha!

  • So to play Half Life Alyx on the Quest 2 do I need to buy Steam Virtual Desktop or can I buy and use Oculus Virtual Desktop? I purchased the game on Steam. At the moment I have not purchased any Virtual Desktop.

    • +1

      You just need a copy of HLA on steam.

      Then you have 3 options.

      1. Link cable to PC and open Oculus app and SteamVR to run the game. (free option if you already have a usb-c data cable)
      2. Turn on Airlink and open Oculus app (make sure Airlink is enabled in the app) then open Steam and run the game (free)
      3. Buy Virtual Desktop from Oculus for the Quest, launch Virual Desktop in your headset, load up steamvr and run the game. (paid - Virtual desktop purchase)
      • Thank you

        • +1

          Also just in case you or anyone else run into this issue but you can only have Link cable or Airlink. One or the other. So if you enable Airlink, the Link cable will be disabled. To use the Link cable again, you need to disable Airlink.

          Disable airlink in your headset under experimental as well as the Oculus PC App.

    • Airlink worked perfect for me, connected at 5ghz (wired to pc)

  • +1

    just purchased my quest 2 :)

    how excitement. Curious how much cashrewards i get

    • +2

      Welcome to the dark side hahaha

  • I’m having a lot of trouble quitting out of apps. (Even YouTube vr).

    Keeping down right oculus button does nothing after the oculus image does its rotation.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Dont know. For me just one press on ocu button will bring up quit or resume

      • +4

        yes just tap, not hold. Hold is for centering

        • Thanks.

          I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

  • Hoping there will be a cashback offer on Monday by CR.

  • Hello, I bought this on friday and still havnt received the 100$ amazon promotional credit yet. Has anyone get it after purchasing?

    • +2

      you will get it within 5 mins after you receive email that the item has been shipped out, NOT after purchasing

      • Yep, this was the same for me too.

      • Thank youu legenddd.

  • +4

    Thought I'd mention a few interesting free apps on Applab if you are interested in more than just shooty shooty stuff, some are prerelease:

    GoThru (free alternative to the paid "Wander" app, uses street view 360 imagery)
    Virtuoso (amazing music creation app with drums/synths/voice mic/looper etc)
    Multibrush (Tiltbrush painting alternative)
    Openbrush (Tiltbrush painting alternative)
    TraVRsal (Very clever maze/escape room type game with an amazing method to use small play areas)
    VRTuos (Piano tutor with passthru that allows you to see the note guides falling onto your real piano) (check their discord for passthru version as there are some issues/bugs and you may need to sideload the working version rather than use App lab)
    Also have a look in your Quest's browser for a pretty good painting program that runs in WebXR

    • +1

      Awesome, much appreciated @Gravy!

    • know any guide on how to get the developer account, and side loading apps ?

      • +1

        If you’re having issues verifying then you may need to add a credit card for validation until Oculus fixes this issue. Usually you just need a phone number to verify for the developer account.

  • Originally, I was interested in Ring Fit Adventure and the boxing games on Switch for fitness uses mostly. I see there's a few good fitness apps on Occulus. Does anyone with both the Switch and Occulus care to comment about the relative merits of the two for fitness based apps?
    I would have thought Occulus wins hands down but are there any drawbacks with Occulus? For example, would perspiration be an issue using the VR headset for really vigorous apps and would there be accessories for that type of situation?

    • +1

      You can probably buy a DLC towel.

      I have seen a sort of fan that fits to the visor with venting. It might have been related to the M2 straps, but I will try to come back and post a link when I find it over the next few days.

    • +2

      I own both so I’ll list some pointers for you to make a decision.

      Don’t need a lot of space, I can just on my couch or make some room in my messy lounge room.
      Need a break? Sure, pause the game and wipe down the sweat or grab a drink.
      There’s a bit more freedom and flexibility to what you want to do while working out or in between.

      You need ample space to avoid hitting things. The provided silicone cover are great for workout games but sweat will drip down your face which you’ll have to remove and wipe them off. Battery life is about 2 hrs unless you want to attach a portable battery for a longer session but I think 2hrs should be more than enough.

      Even with sweat running down and heavy breather the lens in the oculus don’t fog up.
      The vent that Bary mentioned is from BoboVR called the F2. It’s a attachment to the front of your quest for some ventilation.

      It’s hard to say which would be better for fitness. Comes down to what you prefer and if you can withstand exercising in VR or not. (Extra weight, restricted space, need to be alert of your surrounding)

      • +1

        Lenses can fog up on the outside if there is high humidity in the air, but once the Quest warms up after a few minutes this is generally not a problem and the fogging clears.

    • +6

      I wear these as a headband to combat perspiration -
      I like the velcro - means different people can use it and adjust it to fit comfortably. I have a whole pile in a drawer and it is good for letting multiple people use the quest, we can just throw the headbands in the wash. I expect you might also be able to find a thin fitness headband that would do a similar job.

      • +1

        Good tip, my face and forehead can get very sweaty when playing intense games such as Creed boxing etc.

  • darn no cashback reward for me (cashrewards)

    I got the 100 amazon promo

  • I was hoping to ask the community for assistance.

    Did others with their 128GB Oculus Quest 2 receive it from Amazon with plastic wrapping on the outside?

    I ask as with a prior 64GB it had the clear plastic shrink wrap when new. With my one from the most recent offer there is no clear plastic, just the stickers on each side - concerning me if it has been refurbished.

    • Mine is plastic wrapped. Still grade A condition unopened. Gonna be worth millions one day. lol.

      • Thank you Tonka.

    • Send back

      • I agree, but I wanted to see if others were the same and concern was not warranted first. I did not want to jump to a conclusion.

    • yes, mine was shrink wrapped.

      • Sounds like I have been sent a dud

    • Interesting, mine also just had the stickers on each side and wasn't shrink wrapped.

      • Very strange - I am not sure what is going on

      • what do the stickers look like? curious

        • mine shrink wrapped BUT also 1 seal stickers on one side. it just 3x3cm sticker with one little arrow on it basically to tell me pull on that direction to open the plastic wrap (or that is what i think it is)

    • I’ve ordered 3 and all came with plastic shrink wrapped brand new (few days apart each)

      Defs return it or at least enquire about it!

      • Wow - that is pretty telling I smell pennies.

        I am on the Amazon help as we speak.

        • let us know how it goes

          • @I Smell Pennies: Replacement offered. ETA 9 December plus the inconvenience of attending a Post Office to return the original. A bit of a pain to avoid the thought it was refurbished in some way.

            • @zzsprade: Hopefully the new one is plastic wrapped :) keep us updated

              • +1

                @I Smell Pennies: I wonder if they were opened to add the silicon cover to older stock.

                • @tonka: Old stock doesn't have a silicon cover?

                  • @I Smell Pennies: The one I got in June didn't, apparently there was a chance some people could get a rash the normal seal, so they sent everyone the silicon covers.

                    • @tonka: do the silicon covers already come attached? or is it separate? i guess it's possible it was opened to add the cover?

                      • @spa: The units have a foam/rubber part that fits against your face. Originally the units came just with just that. Then they sent everyone a silicon rubber cover that can be fitted over the top. This happened only a few months ago. So entirely possible older stock didn't have it included when originally packed I guess.

            • @zzsprade: Yeah it's tempting to keep and try but if any problems later may be harder to refund

    • +1

      Mine was not wrapped. It had square plastic stickers with a white strip down them that could be pulled to tear it. They were poorly aligned with the edge of the box.

      I didn't think anything of it. Everything inside was perfect.

      • Actually, I just doubled checked the one that came today and it's also not sealed with plastic. Instead, it's what you described. It seems the new batch is not fully wrapped like before. Guess I'm chatting with Amazon now.

        • Got a replacement coming this Saturday - just need to return the Oculus like @zzsprade

          if the replacement is the same I'll just give up and ask them for a promo credit or something

          • @I Smell Pennies: OK so I had mine last week and am 99% sure the box wasn't shrink wrapped. I don't recall the box having any plastic stickers on the side either.

            Should I look into it, or is this just how they're being shipped now?

            Edit: or are we talking the headset? Mine had plastic on some of that and the lenses were covered with plastic.

            • @Draycen: No, so the first two that I ordered the entire box has a plastic shrink wrap around it. Like when you buy airpods or an iphone.

          • @I Smell Pennies: Yours is arriving faster than mine - I am the following week.

    • +1

      Mine wasn’t plastic wrapped. And I ordered an elite strap after receiving my headset and it wasn’t plastic wrapped either. All seems to be new inside thought. Didn’t even think about plastics wrapping lol

    • Mine wasnt either.

      but Amazon person says the shipping team actually shrink wrap it and oculus person said it only comes with security tabs from them

    • I don't believe mine was shrink wrapped. MIne looked new.

  • Has anyone entered the refferal program on Oz bargain got a message and they didn't respond? Does that then take you out of the running?

    • I've many times responded with my info and been ghosted. I wouldn't blame people if they have stopped responding.

      • +1

        I'm guessing some people might ask for multiple referrals and if someone else replies before you, you get ghosted or maybe they get turned off by the fact that you need to be Facebook friends for the referral to work.

        • +1

          Yes, they send multiple referrals to save themselves time. But honestly, doesn't save a referrers time when you reply then have to wait around to confirm the request. It's not hard to tell someone that you've started a conversation with that you no longer need it.

  • Mine will arrive in a few days so will let you know if it's naked or wrapped

  • Mine arrived today and it also wasn't shrink wrapped. Will also be asking for the replacement. Glad this was brought up @zzsprade . I otherwise wouldn't have thought there was an issue: I've bought other brand new items in the past that were also without shrink wrap including the Nintendo Switch only last week.

    • sounds like they all like this… whats your thinking big bear?

  • +2

    If I can add a few points:

    1. Before asking the community I thought to scan through a few unboxing videos specific to the newer 128GB. Two had plastic on the outside, one did not with the tabs. Again not conclusive and I made an assumption that they could have removed the plastic at the start as it was more so an informative video.

    2. When I contacted Amazon I provided pictures of every side of the box. The Chat operator continually apologised but did not conclusively say that it should have been wrapped. It got to to the point where I had to state it as an assumption with them that it should have been wrapped because they were willing to replace / refund. Again not definitive.

    3. Finally I thought the silicone covers were shipped with all new 128gb stock. The boxes now specifically mention it on the packaging. So I cannot imagine them putting this into older stock, as this I thought was the intent of the 128GB and hence I cannot imagine it being re-opened.

    Plain odd!

    • +1

      Yes, some of the new batches does not come with the plastic shrink wrap like they did with the 64GB and 256GB but instead comes with security tabs.
      Not sure if Oculus themselves have replaced/removed plastic shrink wrap on new batches. Only heard from some people but it should come with either shrink wrap or special security pull tabs on either sides. Only heard from US & AU units so far that some didn't come with plastic shrink wrap.

      As for silicone covers, all 128GB should have them in there as they were all included when they did the massive recall for the 64/256gb units and stopped selling 64GB units. Some 256GB units may have slipped the process and probably a unused/unopened return that they could have reshipped that didn't come with the silicone cover. Odd to see a 128gb unit without a silicone cover as they come included from factory to all units as this was the reason for the new 128GB model (due to skin irritation issues and shortage supply of 64gb storage)

      So for those that didn't come with the plastic shrink wrap, you could try contact Oculus to confirm if all new batches come with plastic shrink wrap or not.
      The new unit itself should comes with some plastic wrapping around the housing of the unit as well as plastic film protector on your lenses.
      Controllers should have 2 plastic stickers on each controller with L & R.

      I can't say for certain if ALL new quest 2 should come in plastic shrink wrap or not but seems like some of the new batches are coming with the special security tabs instead.

      You can probably do a comparison on the batch number/mfg date that's on the box.
      See if people that didn't get the shrink wrap are in the same batch or not. Same goes for people that had shrink wrap on theirs.

      • +1

        Thanks for this. I now recall mine had the plastic security strip around the box but no shrink wrap. Everything else was in place and looked brand new. I'm assuming mine is not a refurb at this point tbh.

      • +1

        Also looks like Oculus did change the design of the boxes too. (one with white border and other full without)
        Maybe the newer batch (top image) didn't come with the plastic shrink wrap and the older batch (bottom image) did.
        Not too sure. just speculation.

        • i think you got it the other way around, bottom with border is new.
          i got that few days ago, with manufacturer date october 2021, plastic wrap, and one silicon cover included.
          funny is, the small manual inside says i can claim free silicon cover via web so i will try later, 1 spares not hurt

          not sure now which one is new / old maybe they come from border to non then back to border

          • @ChiMot: Can't remember. I'll check my box when i get home since i got the initial release headsets for 64GB & 256GB when it first came out.

  • +1
    • I wouldn't be charging batteries in a box.

      • Yeah, I wouldn't trust charging any electronic device inside an enclosed space constantly. Fire hazard.

        • i'll do that but with box open. pretty cool. maybe will disconnect from power if not using, so basically just using the box as storage and limiting the tear and wear of plugging in out

  • +2

    Should we start an accessories and tips forum thread for all the new quest owners?

  • +1

    this is to check if you can get free silicon cover

    Note: Anyone who purchased a new Quest 2 headset or Quest 2 fit pack on or after 24/08/21 received a silicone cover in the box and is not eligible to receive an additional free Quest 2 silicone cover. Tap the link below to see if you are eligible.

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