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[Club Catch] Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $165 ($150 with Targeted Coupon) Shipped @ Catch


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  • There's a spend $130 get $15 challenge too at SB.

    • Would the work for orders paid via GCs / Store Credit (I have $20)?

      • Says both are ineligible. Also if you use this coupon code you likely wouldn't get cashback.
        Edit: Seems you can pay partially with GCs, but not the full amount.

        • Gotcha. Thanks. Regarding partial payment, could you share where have you read it? TIA

          • @thegreatermamba: Says on this page as well as in the app:

            Cashback is calculated based on the Order Value, excluding any GST/Taxes, Delivery Fees, additional extras & any amount paid for with Gift Cards.

            Also says in the SB app the following:

            Cashback ineligible Purchase of Gift Cards, store credit purchases & purchases made fully with Giftcards & the use of Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

          • @thegreatermamba: Forget cashback for this, wouldn't work anyway as pointed out below.

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      Normal cashback not applicable to Apple Product and hence won’t apply to the challenge either :-(

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        Ahh true, missed that somehow… didn't think to check.

  • As an alternative, these are now $168 at checkout for Prime members.

    • Not working for me sadly

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        Ended a while ago. They later dropped to $165 for a short period of time.

  • I assume this is the wireless charging case?
    Have been twiddling thumbs waiting for a good price on these for Christmas presents, and this is excellent… but part of me is greedily waiting a further reduction closer to or on BF/CM

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      Don’t think so. Description says “unparalleled wireless experience” not wireless charging.

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      If it doesn't say "Wireless Charging Case", it's not the wireless charging case.

      • Disappointing given School Locker had the wireless charger variant for only a few dollars more last week. Will be holding out for same/better end of the week or regret missing out

  • Extra $15 off if you use Latitude Pay.

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