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Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS 4K 3840x 2160 $289 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Note - deal starts at 3pm AEDT!

I managed to get Dell to drop $40 off the current eBay price for this popular monitor.

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      QS model has a fully adjustable stand. Tilt, pivot, height.

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    Please keep in mind:

    • M1 Mac users - not going to get 4k 60Hz without special cable (~$40)

    • Monitor is super sharp, however color reproduction is quite average. If decent color reproduction is important to you (eg. photo editing) - consider a different model.

    • Dell support is not the best. My monitor was faulty, from time to time I get wild flickering and 'noise mesh' effect. Was offered a full refund, said yes and now it's been 11 days. All my emails are simply redirected to someone else with 'Please assist the customer below. Tech support case XXXX' without any further action. Phone calls are resulted in 'We have your case number, we will email you'. Very frustrating.

      • With that type of cable, it is unclear whether it is USB-C/alt-mode DP 1.4 or DP 1.2. If I were to guess, it would be DP 1.2 as that would work with more devices and cheaper to make. Furthermore, it is unclear HDR is supported or just 4K SDR. That said, this monitor's HDR isn't something to write home about. Fake HDR and Dell wouldn't even quote HDR 400 on this.

      • I ended up with 4k Type-c to HDMI cable from Jaycar. Just make sure it says that it supports 4k at 60Hz.

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      Yes can corroborate that this monitor has issues with an M1 Air. The latest Monterey update provides support for fixed 60Hz and variable 48-60Hz now, so my USB-C to DP cable appears to be able to provide a flicker-free session now. It still flickers occasionally though.

      For Mac users, I would suggest going for a slightly more premium monitor that specifically supports M1 (not sure how the new S2722QC performs in this regard).

      • To expand on this, I have the infamous ghosting/flickering issue with this monitor with my M1 Max MacBook Pro via HDMI (never had a problem with any other computer). It happens roughly twice a week or so and is a bit annoying, can take 5 mins or so for the flickering to go away after I reset my monitor. Seems to affect a lot (or all?) of the M1 series Macs.

        More details here:

        I've had this monitor for a year and it's been fabulous, well worth the ~$350 or so I paid for it. It's not colour accurate but it was never designed to be (you need to get one of the U series or higher models for that). Works great in Windows 10 and even better in macOS (aside from the flickering issues) as that has better high DPI support.

        • This issue bugs me a lot, I thought I could live with it, but nope. Going for a full refund (well, once Dell gets back to me….)
          Planning to get a U series 4k monitor instead (can't use QHD anymore!). Just hope that quality control for U series items is better than for the S series…

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      Also bear in mind:

      • If you opted for a cheaper dongle (instead of Apple original) or a cheaper cable, then you may run into issues using Mac (or certain modes are not there - i.e. HDR).

      • If you have a Dell or Lenovo, DO NOT purchase the Apple official dongle. Apple has zero interest making it work for other laptops.

      • At 4K/60Hz, if you used dodgy HDMI cable, you WILL run into issues with this monitor. Use the cable included with the monitor. If you really must get other cables, I would consider getting HDMI 2.1 cables on purpose. Yes, some of them may not be true HDMI 2.1, but they should at least do okay in HDMI 2.0a.

      • At this price point, the monitor may not be well colour calibrated. Cost of getting a calibrator would be more than the monitor itself.

      • Technically, M1 Mac Mini can use this monitor with HDMI 2.0 cable. It's Macbook Pro and Macbook Air M1 that cannot use it. If you could afford M1 Pro or M1 Max laptops, I guess you may not be looking at this monitor (but if you do, the HDMI port should work fine).

      • +1

        Thanks for the info.

        A bit confused on the last point:

        Technically, M1 Mac Mini can use this monitor with HDMI 2.0 cable. It's Macbook Pro and Macbook Air M1 that cannot use it. If you could afford M1 Pro or M1 Max laptops, I guess you may not be looking at this monitor (but if you do, the HDMI port should work fine).

        Does the included HDMI cable work fine with MBP M1, or I need to purchase a separate USB-C to DisplayPort cable to get [email protected]?

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          Macbook Pro isn't Mac Mini. Macbook Pro 13 inch M1, unless you get a USB-C monitor, you will need a dongle or a converter cable.

      • I'm on M1, do I need to buy hdmi2.1?

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          With this monitor, you don't need to buy an HDMI cable if you purchase a dongle. Question is, which one you are going to get if you go down the dongle approach?

          • Get the Apple official one? It is the safest but it only has 1 USB-A port on that dongle. It's very pricey though.
          • Get a 3rd party cheap dongle. For M1, you want to get one that supports USB-C/alt-mode display port though since you want 4K/60 + USB 3.0. I think you are looking at ~$50.
          • Just want an el cheapo route and don't care about HDR…. then there are USB-C to HDMI cable (or dongle with just HDMI port) supporting 4K/60Hz though a lot of them are DP 1.2 but it's only 1 cable and 1 port and if HDR isn't a big deal (not that this monitor is good at HDR) then why spent so much on it.

          In short, too many choices.

          • @netsurfer: Thanks for the response. I'm not going for the Apple one.

            I got this one when I bought MBA - https://www.choetech-europe.com/spd/HUB-M14/Choetech-HUB-M14...


            Do i need to buy anything extra to run it on the monitor? I'm actually thinking of getting the 3221qs.

            • @sauce2k: Be careful, that is the older chipset based dongle. It's 4K/30Hz, USB-C/alt-mode DP 1.2.

              Let me know which MBA you have, year or model if it is NOT M1. If it is M1, then I certainly wouldn't get that dongle. Too expensive for DP 1.2 based dongle and 4K 30Hz is a no for this 4K 60Hz monitor.

              • @netsurfer: I have the latest m1 MBA

                • @sauce2k: Don't get that dongle. You want 4K/60Hz dongle. M1 MBA does support USB-C/alt-mode DP 1.4 and you most certainly want to take advantage of that.

                  • @netsurfer: damn I already got the dongle haha i bought it in June. Can you please recommend a dongle to buy?

    • I have M1, can you please link the ~$40 cable?

    • +4

      I have this monitor with my M1, and after much trial and error this $12.57 USB-C to HDMI adapter works perfectly (and it's on amazon prime):


      • This is why I love OzB community :)

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    Would be keen on S2722QC if it can be negotiated!

    • Bought it the other day for 369, this code should work.

    • Bought yesterday for 349

  • Anyone have a list of good PS5 monitors to keep on eye on over black Friday? Like 4k 120hz ones

  • Keen for a sub $300 2722DC USB-C deal

  • Got this for $299 a few months ago for working at home and it's the best monitor I've worked on!

    Crisp and clear and a wide screen to look at PDFs, excel and word files for work!

  • Would this work nice with a 2721ds(2k) for a dual monitor setup?

    • Apart from being different resolution i.e. visual difference, there shouldn't be any issues.

  • Expected arrival date is 30/12…

    • Got my order early for another monitor despite ETA

  • @dealbot any chance negotiating the same for the S2721Q as its even higher than the S2721QS at the moment.

  • Is this monitor VESA mountable?

    • +1

      Yep, got it on an arm - 100mm x 100mm standard.

      • Thanks!

  • Is UHD on a 27inch monitor a bit overkill?

    • +1

      Nope - it's great, so clear and alot of real estate. You don't need to scale like people above are saying.

    • It was for me, but I use a lot of productivity apps that don't quite scale as well or as consistently as i'd like them to. Going to sell my S2721QS after buying the QHD S2721DGF today.

  • +1

    So mad! Been wait for so long then decided to pull this monitor 2 days ago on previous deal. How do i cancel previous transaction on eBay if it said post and buy this deal?

    • You don't

    • Buy this one and post this back to get the refund from previous deal.

      This should work as they’re the same model.

  • I want to get bigger one but this deal is insane

    • I am selling my old 34 ultrawide and going back to dual 27 inch - single monitor is just too restrictive for my workflow e.g. doing presentation where I'd like to dedicate one screen for presenter view. You're right the deal is just irresistible so I am getting 4k and 1440p 2x27 inches.

  • I am interested in the S2721QC since it has USB-C but 65W power delivery. Aim being to minimize and get rid of all the cables on my desk. I have a 90W laptop. Would this setup work or do I need to go for a monitor that delivers 90W? I don't mind if the only downside is slow charging.

    • lower watts will still work, just slower charging as you mentioned. under heavy loads it may actually even drain the battery so it will depend on how heavily you are pushing your laptop

      • Thanks heaps! Nothing extensive, just the usual work related stuff and occassional movies etc.

  • Is it VA panel?

  • historical lowest?

  • @dealbot Any chance for a deal on U4320Q via dell direct?

  • -2

    Is it out of stock already?

    • +3

      Read the description

  • Is S2721QC only 2k monitor and S2721QS is 4k?

    • Both 4k, qc has usb-c

      • S2721QC does not have USB-C.

    • technically the current model is S2722QC - i ordered the S2721Q before and Dell delivered an S2722QC

  • Lame question - any chances of 24 inch IPS monitors going on sale?

  • What's wrong with this monitor?
    Why is it so cheap?

    • +2

      Back light inconsistency, softness on the edges, terrible speakers. It's overall a great monitor. Cheap budget option that gets the job done. Just calibrate it time to time. I had ultrasharp, it started having red edges, I don't feel I downgraded much.

      • Thanks, might jump in.

      • Back light inconsistency, softness on the edges, terrible speakers

        The speakers are indeed not good, but I'm not noticing any of the other two things you mentioned. Certainly no softness at the edges.

        • That's good for you, these issues only concern high end users. The top Eizo and BenQ models don't have these issues, if you don't have anything to compare then you won't notice these problems.

  • I purchased 2x S2722QC will text size be an issue for everyday office work?

    • You can change the UI scaling if you need bigger text — make the interface as big or as small as you want. Not an issue at all, whether it's in Windows, macOS or Linux/Ubuntu.

    • scale to 150% and it should be good. although some older apps (on windows) display really small -

      …then you have to share it while working from home in a teams or zoom meeting and then you will have people asking to 'make your screen text bigger'


      for WFH, QHD is best i guess

      • I wish i just stuck with the S2722DC, but the price differnce made jump on this haha

      • I bought 1 QC to pair with the DC, hopefully best of both worlds!

  • Keen on this one. From the photos, it appears that I cannot fasten my intel NUC to the back of the monitor using the VESA mount because the monitor stand is in the way. Could anyone confirm this is indeed the case?

    • the vesa mount and the stand attachment go to the same cutout in the back of the monitor.

    • Have a look at the S2721Q rather than S2721QS. I don't have either monitor yet but it looks like the different stand on the Q might allow you to use the VESA mount for something else.

  • Oh man, I just bought one at $386 two days ago!! @dealbot any chance of a price match etc?

  • So it doesn't seem to do full rgb hdr, since its hdmi 2.0 and displayport 1.2?

  • How is it already out of stock, its 3pm?

    • In stock at the moment…

  • The floodgates are open!

    • Yep, just bought one :)

      • +1

        Once you've got your order in, refresh the listing to see how many are being sold. 115 in less than 2 minutes so far!

        • 3.06pm now and its up to almost 200!

        • Just hit 200

  • +1

    I've been loving these monitors.

    Have them plugged into work laptop via thunderbolt 3 dock to DP. 2x monitors at 4K (no scaling) and it's great. Screen real estate and picture quality is awesome. You don't need to scale if you are sitting at a reasonable distance and have decent eyes..

    Also I couldn't find much info online about how it would go on older non-4K inputs, I was expecting a bad time but have been surprised..
    Using on PS3 at 720p/1080p PS4 at 1080p. Looks awesome, better than I expected. Everything is just as sharp as playing on my old 27" 1080p monitor, which is all you can ask for given the monitor doesn't natively support it.
    I was expecting to have to keep one of my 1080p monitors for the PS3/PS4 but the 4K monitor works fine.

    It would be nice to have 120hz, you can tell the difference compared to 60hz, but 120hz is not worth the price difference for me.

  • Awesome, done and ordered. Overall reading the feedback this monitor would be great for the home office.

    Delivery ETA to NSW (before 5/1/22).

    Don't mind the wait as I will be on break anyway during xmas/new years.

  • 5th Jan delivery date….

  • Got one thanks. It says delivery after 24th Dec though…

  • just ordered 2x - delivery date ages away but great deal

  • Ordered x 2 too. Great deal for my purposes

  • ordered

  • Order one. Hope it can be delivered sooner.
    Would be great if can get it by Christmas :)

    • +1

      To be honest I'd be surprised if it did.. I have a feeling someone at Dell is doing these deals with the delayed shipping, safe in the knowledge they won't affect their Christmas rush deliveries, and it helps keep the logistics pipeline primed post-Xmas.

  • Can someone explain the difference and justify the $25 price difference b/w
    Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS
    Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721Q

    • +2

      QS is cheaper on sale, but it has a much better stand. QS has adjustability and can go portrait mode. Q doesn't.

    • -3

      QS is 4k
      Q is 2k

      Check if your PC or Laptop has the ounf to support 4k, otherwise get 2k monitor

      • +3

        They're both 4k, they're identical other than the stand, the QS is adjustable, the Q is fixed…

        The D & DS is the 2k version…

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