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Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital Download) + 3 Months NSO Individual $409 @ BIG W



I know everyone is still salty over the kmart deal this morning. But this has been mentioned in the comments of several deals but not posted.

A fellow ozber called their local Big W and confirmed they had 80 units in stock. So I would say this is definitely easier to get than the kmart deal at the same price.

Now, there is a small chance that Big W will have the same price on their eBay page and they MIGHT be part of the eBay black friday sale. However, none of that is confirmed.

Currently it is $469 but price will drop as per their catalogue for Friday.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Starts tomorrow (might want to mark that)

    • Thank you! Can't believe I missed that!

      • +1

        Which time though? For buying online. If it can be bought online.

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    Starts tomorrow, so just miss the 12% Cashback @ Shopback

    PS: Don't forget to use Gift Card for further discounts. List of availability can be found on the Discounted eGift Card Page (Note: list may be outdated).

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    Waiting for the switch pro xD

    • Couple of more years

    • +3

      Me in 2030 still waiting for the Switch Pro 💀

  • So no physical game copy only a download? That is disappointing!

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      Has been like that for years. Not surprising.

    • +2

      As much as I prefer physical copies, Mario Kart is one of them you'd probably want digitally anyway.

      • Yeah I don't think I'd ever take out Smash Bros or Mario Kart

  • yeah its not the new switch OLED

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    yes its called the switch OLED

  • I have not received mine which I ordered on 14th Oct ( OLED Model Release). Still showing back order.

    Thinking of cancelling the order (if they allow it. Been almost 6 weeks now) and picking up this instead.

    • Note that this bundle is the standard Switch, and not the OLED Model.

    • Did you order from Big W? Their current batch says RELEASES 06.12.21 so you might have to wait a bit longer for that shipment to arrive. Otherwise, eBay will have OLED Switch for $499.

      • wow even the OLED models are hard to get now lol lucky I preordered back in october :D

        • I did pre-order on 14th Oct on the day it went on sale. Did you order before 14th?

          • @ozyboy: I preordered before release date so I ordered on the 1st of October and got it on the 8th of october.

      • No, i did from TGG on 14th Oct.

      • How did you that the current batch release is 6/12/21? Can we check for TGG ?

    • +1

      Was that the good guys one? I'm in the same boat.

      I might just cancel and wait for a new deal later on, don't even really want it anymore.

      • +1

        Ya. from The Good Guys.. becoming the bad guys now.

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    You could probably also stack this with the Little Birdie $20 off with CBA app discount as well to bring it down to $389. It's targeted but a majority of people using the CBA App have been able to access it no problems.

    • +1

      T&C said no gaming console for that code. No harm in trying tho.

      • Fair enough. You could then buy an extra Switch Pro controller for $59 then haha.

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    Also coming to Target tomorrow but I haven’t seen what the price will be - listed on site as $469 currently https://www.target.com.au/p/nintendo-switch-neon-joy-con-con...

    • I saw that too, but I can't for the life of me find a price anywhere (catalogue etc).

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      Literally the first line in description…

      • +7

        sorry, got excited…
        not the OLED version
        I will go dig a hole and bury myself in shame now

      • amazing how often this happens on OzB

    • +1

      The battery is actually the same, they just changed the chips to be more efficient (and unhackable)

  • What time will this sale start?

    • I want to know this too

      • +1

        I wanna know what love is..

  • +1

    I wonder if Mario Kart 8 Digital codes will be on sale…

  • I have some hope with Amazon though..

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    I think it would be better to just get the Animal Crossing one with 15% discounted gift cards from Coles for JB hifi to the value of $450 ($382.50) and then pay the difference of $19 on top which ends up being a total of $401.50

    This one will hold value more and is more unique.


    Yes you don't get Mario Kart but you can get a used physical copy for $40 and the Nintendo online you can join a family plan on the forums for $6-8 a year.

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    Went to JB and they said their Switch deal will be up tomorrow. Hope that it'll be something good.

    • Their Switch is already cheaper than anywhere else so here's hoping it's as good if not better than this one.

  • Reckon Amazon will also have something similar?

    • +1

      What’s your crystal ball saying?

  • -2

    I got this last Black Friday for $349

    • +6

      heres your virtual medal…

      • +6

        here's your virtual applause after receiving your virtual medal

    • +1

      It’s difficult isn’t it? I remember Switch deals this cheap too and because of that, I’m unable to pay current prices.

      It’s like going to pay for a beer. Who else remembers how cheap a beer was? Now when I go to a club they expect $10 for a beer. A beer! It used to be referred to as the peasants’ drink and now they want $10 for one.

      Holy hell, I think I’m turning into Abe Simpson.

      • I hope you tied an onion to your belt.

        • Right after I set the toaster to three medium brown.

  • +2

    I messaged BigW about this on Facebook and they said sale starts at 8am and is in-store only, no online sales. Adjust expectations accordingly.

    • The catalogue says in store only as well. Weirdly the link to the item mentions an online black Friday sale, so it's a bit ambiguous. We'll see I guess.

  • -2

    Uuum this was 350 a couple years back?

  • Plenty at kmart altona

  • +1

    JBHiFi in Melbourne wouldn't give me details but confirmed there will be a switch deal tomorrow.

    The rep actually said it would go online tonight!

    • $399 console only on their website 😔

      • It's on their website now, bundle for $399

        • Cheers. Purchased😁

  • +2

    JB Hi Fi are showing same bundle pack for $399. However, it's only on their main page!? Not sure what's going on: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/

    When you click on the banner, it just shows only the console price at $399

    Bundle Item no. is SKU 402920. But when you click on the banner, it shows console only item SKU 353553. Suspect they've not yet updated the purchase link.

    Stack deal with Afterpay deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666741

    • Buy a Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) and get a bonus Mario Kart 8 Deluxe download code and a 3 Month Nintendo Online Membership! Online purchasers will receive codes via email within 5 business days of order completion. In-store purchasers will receive the codes on receipt at time of purchase. Offer valid while stocks lasts stictly one per customer.


    • +1

      JB Hi Fi page has now been updated to include all relevant info for $399 combo

    • Bought from jbhifi. $379 with Afterpay. Collect from store, should be tomorrow after work.

  • No longer on the website

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