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ZTE RedMagic 6 Pro 5G Gaming Phone 256GB (Eclipse Black) $749 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I have seen a few deals posted here for the JB HiFi sales and even if nobody posted this one, i think this is the best phone deal from the catalogue.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I like the idea of Red Magic Mode, but not really a gamer. I wish there was a phone for work, where I can connect to multiple monitors at same time. Run multiple windows. Lots of re-mappable physical buttons.

    • Thats the main reason I love my KeyTWO.

      Closest modern phone would be a samsung that supports dex, or a motorolla that supports… whatever they call theirs.

      Also, UbuntuTouch is MUCH better than android for that use. True mobile phone PC.

    • So I did some research into your requirements; and i forgot the obvious answer.

      The F(x)tec Pro¹.
      It has an official UbuntuTouch port.

      Done! Couldnt be simpler.

  • really wish they put the SD Card back into "Gaming" and high end phones. sigh..

  • Great phone for gaming! Value is definitely all there, amazing 16 Ram and Snapdragon 888 + big battery. Just bulky and not waterproof. 😪

  • +2

    I have the 6s pro.. Great phone at this price.. I think there are hardly any differences between the 6s pro and this.

    I paid $1158 total for a ghost model basically transparent back.

    Was good timing because phone died few days after it arrived.

    The camera on this is pretty bad like I think my xiaomi redmi note 4 took better pictures than this.

    Video is about the same.

    Localisation aka English translation is horrible and punctuation and grammatical errors every where which is kind of annoying especially since this is targeted at gamers and well gamers notice the little things.

    Gaming features are amazing from on screen fps counter to customisable extra air triggers and back buttons.

    I only use it for TFT right now though and it is better than my pc lol.

    I do wish the storage was 512gb at this price 1TB would mean never running out for years.

    I have actually hit the 16gb ram limit so it is possible.

    Basically what happens when you hit ram limit is things stop loading or just stop working until you free up ram.

    I like to stress test things so was curious how long it would take and yeah I broke through the ram limitations on this phone but it is easy to clear up just hit the widget storage cleaner button.

    I do like the game fan that can go to turbo not very noticeable.

    Rgb is a nice touch I think on the 6s pro.

    I believe the 6s pro has a heart rate monitor but not sure how accurate it is.

    Face recognition to open phone is fantastic just doesn't work with mask.

    Fingerprint on display is OK sometimes it works but it is very iffy sometimes you just have to resort to pin or face id.

    Every thing is fast full stop period.

    As long as you have ram you can do anything blazingly fast this is like faster than nvme the way it feels.

    Personally I'm ready now for 32gb ram phone or whatever can fit optimally.

    Fun little toy.

    Battery life is amazing or my previous phone was probably just really really degraded I can go 3 days hard on this phone and be just OK.

    Previous phone with 4000mah but probably degraded to 1700mah or lower could barely make one day in its final year.

    Already wondering how they are gonna top this next year or the year after.

    At this price it's a no brainer.. I paid $400 more for very very tiny improvements that's more than half the cost of the phone.. But I needed to out of necessity for work.

    Here is to hoping this one gives me 5 years but I will probably sell it as soon as it starts to slow down under my use case scenario and not wait few years overdue like my previous phone.

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