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POCO X3 Pro UK Version (6.67", 8GB/256GB, Snapdragon 860, 48MP, NFC, Phantom Black) $294.90 + Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


Compared with POCO X3 NFC, POCO X3 Pro elevates performance by featuring Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 860 Mobile Platform, the leading 4G flagship processor in 2021. The powerful platform allows you to enjoy mobile games with high speed, even when playing graphically demanding games on high settings.
Along with enhanced UFS 3.1, the device offers snappy read and write speeds, so you don't have to wait long to load files, games and apps.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • The magic number! Thanks

    • Do we need to pay custom duty / import taxes / GST on it? I mean on top of the price?

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  • +4

    I think this is the best price for this config, great phone!

    • +4

      I bought the 6ram version on bang good for 268 + (vouchers) for $26.90 could have gotten better warranty + faster delivery +more ram + space

      Didn't expect amazon to have the lowest price

  • I hope they honour it - price looks to be assed about between the 128gb and 256gb versions.

    As in, I think this $294.90 should be for 6GB/128GB and someone made a listing mistake

  • +1

    Does the fact that it doesn't have 5G matter? Pretty sure we spend most of our time in a crap reception area anyway 🤔

    • +7

      Unless you're a data hog, 5G does not matter. I almost bought one of these but the Moto Edge fusion won me over, it has everything the X3 has but OLED and 5G, I paid $299 with an in store gift card of $100.
      I am coming from a S20FE which I killed due to being completely useless junk. The Edge is much better imo, no one needs to spend more than $500 for a decent phone these days imo.

      • +1

        Thank you! 😊

      • Where do you get Moto Edge for $299 with extra $100 gift card? Very keen!

        • Sorry for the confusion, I had a $100 gift card to make the Edge $299 from $399 if this makes any sense?
          The gift-card came from an earlier purchase of a TV.

    • +1

      Does the fact that it doesn't have 5G matter?

      Not for me. It's still not anywhere close to my area. And I sim hop between prepaid telcos, which means no 5G access even it was available in my area. For me 5G is a non factor.

  • -1

    I already ordered and received it.
    It has some annoying features and I would like to sell it.

    • +1

      What's the issue?

      • +3

        If I change the default fonts size of the phone, there are many times that text is hidden behind text from next line.
        There is no option to scroll up to top when you already in the bottom of long page. (Apple does have it)
        Camera display is lagging (either 60 or 120 refresh rate).
        Whenever you charge the battery it beeps once without an option to disable it.

        And many others like this.

        • +7

          Sounds like you're a custom ROM candidate…

        • This is why I went with a Moto Edge Fusion, it doesn't have any bloatware but I returned a Realme C12 which has some weird idiosyncrasies like you could only disable WIFI calling by turning off WIFI, the EDGE allows you to disable WIFI calling without disabling the WIFI.
          It was annoying AF as I would be on a call walking round the back yard then suddenly this weird stretching of voice. Digital glitching so to speak.
          Little quirks like this put me off the phone and I was lucky to be able to return it.
          1 thing I will never do is buy Samsung again, their phones are a rip off when it comes to doing the most simplest of things and that is making calls.
          My 11 month old 20FE was pure garbage. The $300 replacement destroys it and then some, it has 3.5 mm headphone jack, dual sim, 1TB SD card support, 1 hour quick charge albeit no wireless charging, no NFC but really for a $399 for with OLED and 90HZ, who gives a rats?

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            @DisabledUser409314: Moto Edge 20 Fusion should have NFC? I was just looking at it and everything indicates it does.

            • +1

              @Shonky: Oh it does too, that's a bonus.

        • +1

          How about another launcher?

        • +2

          Mine doesn't beep at all when I charge it. Wonder why yours beeps once when you plug it in.

    • What is annoying? Bloatware and UI?

      • UI mostly.
        Read above

        • Thanks, just refreshed and saw above

  • +2

    Does this UK version mean anything? Is this meant to be the global version?

    • +1

      Pretty much same thing I think. It has all the bands we need here.

  • How's camera compare to say the older pixels? (Want to upgrade from a pixel 3 but not if camera is worse!)

    • https://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=1&idPhone1=10802...

      Judging by that I'd say similar, maybe a little better in low light but the noise reduction looks more aggressive on the Poco so seems to lose a little detail.

    • +1

      The Pixel 3 is still an excellent camera to this day, Google used the same sensor all the way up to the Pixel 5.

      Any budget or midrange phone (sans the Pixel 3A and 4A) is going to have a less capable camera than a Pixel 3.

    • +1

      My wife's pixel 3 camera is a bit better than my Poco x3

      • +3

        Unless you use Gcam on Poco (Google Cam), Pixel 3 camera always wins! (have both Pixel 3XL and Poco X3 NFC).

        • Yep pretty much

  • +1

    This looks like a great deal but I really like the clean Android UI. Is this possible?

    I haven't dabbled in custom OS's in a while.

    • Bootloader is unlockable (through the usual Xiaomi process I assume). There are quite a few ROMs available for it, including Lineage.

      You could always start by turning off "MIUI optimisations" (a setting in dev options if I remember rightly) which will revert some of the Xiaomi overlay back to stock Android.

  • +1

    Love the value of Xiaomi phones, and am using one myself, but just can't behind the weight of some of their newer phones - e.g. this is 215 g. Personal opinion: for modern smartphones, 200 g really is the ceiling, and 150 grams is the ideal (heck, remember the old nokias? they were 100 grams). For something you're going to carry around all the time, lighter really is better.

    • +1

      when people use big ass cases or flip cases the weight doesn't matter.

      Mine with the case is 238 grams - original weight 180ish

      Big cases protect the phone

    • +1

      this is what happens when manufacturers insist on making almost all their phones well over 6 inches…

      this post made by the 150g s10e gang

  • I wish I didn't see this. Bought from these guys a couple weeks back for the 6gb ram version and just a few dollars more, and I still haven't got it.
    I'm sure I won't regret it, but when you see this, I kinda do.

    • Reject delivery and buy this?

      • It's already been sent. It is running late though. Amazon sent a note saying I can get a refund if it hasn't come by the 30th. Not sure if I can do it right now though.

        • That's why I said refuse delivery, ie when local carrier tries to deliver to you, refuse to sign, this way the phone will get sent back to the seller.
          This is if indeed you have tracking for the parcel, and also that you need to sign for it.
          I have done this many a time when I have realized for w/e that I never needed the item anymore, as long as you're able to refuse delivery in person and the item is traceable, you should have no issue if it arrives before the 30th.
          This is up to you, so if 30th comes and no phone you get a refund, if it arrives before and you refuse delivery, you will have to wait till they get it to get your refund, or maybe their policies are different, but the important thing is being able to refuse in person.

    • +1

      people bought the 8gb version for 40 dollar more and it was a bargain. you didn't do bad.

      doubt a big difference between the versions

      • Just cancel the order if it's not shipped and buy again.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting, been tossing up but couldn't resist at this price.

  • +1

    Exactly What You Need, and More!

    Except if you need 5G.

  • VOLTE or VOWIFI works in Australia?

      • are you sure? It doesn't work on my Poco X3 NFC (Stock Xiaomi or Custom ROMs) and Boost (Telstra) network. This means that any phone without VoLTE will be useless as phone when 3G network shuts down.

        • If you read that link, it specifies carriers and also what plans, why I got negged when all the info is there is a mystery, and I am not accusing you of doing so.

        • I have x3 pro and wife had X3. Can confirm with us both on Boost that Pro does volte and VoWifi but x3 does not. I've tried the codes on her phone and no joy

          • @CachePC: Do they have the same version of MIUI? I updated my Mi 9T on Boost from MIUI 12.0.5 to 12.1.4, and when I did so VoLTE & VoWIFI stopped working (apparently a known bug with Boost on this version of MIUI or possibly Android)

            • +1

              @nickj: I'm running the most recent 12.5.5 MIUI - I replaced my 9T with this phone.

  • Anyone know smaller phone 6 to 6.2” and lower? Currently using iPhone 8 but would like to switch to android in sub 400 price range.

    • -3

      The Moto Edge Fusion is 6.7, but it is a beautiful phone, has everything you need and is OLED 90HZ too.
      I went from a S20FE to this and this is MUCH MUCH bettererer.
      It comes as a complete package too, headphones, 30watt charger for 1 hour charge, silicon case.
      $387 at OW atm.

      • +2

        Thanks but what you are suggesting is as big as this phone so still big for me.

        • -2

          Yes I know but if you can weigh up the differences you might be swayed. It truly is an amazing phone, 108MP camera that takes crap images, BUT IT'S 108 MP.
          Before you write of the size, JB has them on display.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser409314: Ok no worries. Will checkout at jb

          • +2

            @DisabledUser409314: It's a big phone. Going to JB won't result in it shrinking.

            After having a big phone previously, I'm never doing it again

            • -2

              @JDKC: This isn't about you, it's about the other poster, they can or cannot go view it.
              I am posting from my own findings and the phone is perfectly fine. For them, well that's up to them to see.

              • @DisabledUser409314: It isn't about you either.

                Twice they've said they want a smaller phone yet you've blatantly ignored that (twice) to bang on about "your findings" which means nothing to the OP

                  • +2

                    @DisabledUser409314: The point is a big phone is BIG.

                    It doesn't matter how good it is for YOU, if someone does not want a big phone, then YOUR experience or findings are not going to help.

                    Whether it's the POCO, a S21U or your Moto.. They're all irrelevant options because the OP specifically asked about a SMALL phone.

                    I don't know why you think insisting to check out a big phone will make someone who wants a small phone reconsider?!

                    I also don't know why your discredit my feedback that a big phone is big no matter how you spin it, yet it's done for you to bang on about your findings that are of no relevance to the OP.

                    By your logic, the OP should check out a tablet… Yes I know they said they wanted a small phone BUT "if you (they) can weigh up the differences you (they) might be swayed"… ridiculous isn't it?!

                    • @JDKC: But Moto edge is an awesome phone 😂 like it says all the way through in comments

                      • @MrOzbargain: Might as well check out the P6 Pro! 🤣

                        Doesn't matter its not sub $400 or small, the Op should check it out at JB they might be swayed haha

                    • @JDKC: yeah your just being a bit of an idiot hey

                      • @bargone: Yeah hey

                        At least it looks like Johnny Drama got the point about the Moto being a big phone

                      • @bargone: OP asked for a good phone sub $400, size wise it was not perfect but I made a mere suggestion, then I had someone else try to lecture me all because I offered help whilst they themselves offered nothing but arguments.
                        Sometimes some insight can go a long way, had I ever stuck to my own convictions that I could not be swayed by other people's suggestions, I wouldn't have some of the good things I do now.
                        I never forced my opinion, I merely made a suggestion, it's up to them to act on it.
                        The Fusion is one of the best sub $400 phones around, size for me is perfect, for others it may not be but giving them an opportunity to check it out does not present any harm.

                        I have that poster on block now, not the OP I was more than willing to help, but the one that offered the OP no help at all.

    • +1

      I'm on a Pixel 2 at the moment and in the same boat looking for a smaller phone. I've found the zenphone 8 and Samsung s21 are about the right size but both are more than your budget.

      • +2

        Definitely don't go the way of the Pixel 6 Pro then. This thing is massive. I suspect it has its own area code.

        • For me personally, I hope they bring out a smaller 6 at some stage.

          To the poster who asked for sub $400 Android small phone, not sure if you can even pick up a 4a anymore?

          • +1

            @JDKC: Hopefully the 6a will be a smaller form factor. The 6 pro just has so much height.

        • +1

          I was originally thinking of upgrading to the 6 Pro but after I saw one in person I thought the same thing. It's a bloody big phone compared to their previous devices. I don't know why they got rid of their sub 6" phones as it was a point of difference.

          • +1

            @twjr: Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice phone, but just a touch too big. I wonder if they crunched the data and found that the smaller variants weren't selling as well…

            Still, I'm still getting used to this monster.

            • @Munki: Yeah i persisted with a S20 FE for a few months before getting my P5, and I really struggled.

              It was just too cumbersome and eventually got rid of it as I wasn't enjoying the ownership experience due to the size.

              That being said, I hope it works out for you and you can get used to it. It does sound like a great phone from all reports

  • Tempted.

  • +3

    Dunno if anyone is interested but I just joined this group buy at banggood.com for the Poco F3 8gb 256gb 5g version worked out at $375.57au without insurance, which very very cheap. Not sure if it was mistake or

    Or in middle see group buy


    • Edit not quite what I thought , need someone else to join group buy to get that price oh well guess I'll get refund

    • Wow. That's an amazing price. My Amazon order for the same model has just shipped already though. Can that Amazon be returned/cancelled somehow?

      • Yeah cheapest I've seen anywhere fir blue 256gb version even as a group buy, Amazon can cancel if hasn't left warehouse

        Also bangood use Afterpay which might be bonus for some

    • I bought, so group is completed?

      • Legend cheers, yup now processing shipping

        • Haha, nah mate. You found the deal… I just didn't realise I needed a new phone. :O

          • @Chivalry: How did you join a group buy as new user? Did you just create a new account? Cheers

            • @pitpicker: I've never bought from bang good before, but yeah just created an account.

        • has yours been delivered yet? Are you bootloading it?

    • Really glad i followed this post and saw your comment. I wasn't expecting there to be the F3 for an awesome price

    • The group is only showing the 6gb 128gb model.

      • This is what my order says ignore total 381.92 that includes insurance

        POCO F3 Global Version 6.67 inch 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display 8GB 256GB 48MP Triple Camera 4520mAh NFC Snapdragon 870 5G Smartphone

        Group Save AU$391.21


        • the app won't allow me to participate in group buys even thought i created new accounts. how did you manage to join a new group?

    • No NFC is a shame though

      Edit:hmm maybe it does have NFC? A review I read said no NFC however

      • Yup can confirm does have NFC

  • How does this compare to the S20 FE 4G, esp with regards to battery life/performance?

    • -1

      Samsung has a much better Android OS and security updates.

    • +1

      FE has a ton of bloatware, I hated my phone as the screen had serious issues with simple contact.
      The price differences between the 2, whilst the FE 4G could be had for around the same, it depends on what you want from a phone, reliability or bells and whistles with so so reliability.
      I can't speak for the POCO but the similar specced EDGE is a treat to use, last charge was 28 hours ago, 85% left, saying I have more than 2 days left and on screen time is 1hr 10mins.
      I am not a power user, I got this as a phone and compared to my FE20 it is a ton more suitable for me.
      I just want a phone with no bloatware, no bs, just let me make calls and the odd Google when needed.
      Having dual sim with 3.5mm headphone is important as I have a ton of IEM that sound great but the FE has no headphone jack.
      Paying more and getting less?, never again will I buy Samsung.

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