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[Little Birdie] Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit / Tenda Nova MW3 2 Pack $35 Each Shipped + More @ OzSale


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  • Rtfm
    Means read the instructions
    It works

  • +2

    Wow… thanks OP… got a Tenda Mesh MW3 for a great price

  • well done. Worked a exactly as descibed

  • Can we buy a standalone one to make network of 3 ?

    • I have 4 - so yes :)

  • Will the mesh wifi help improve my Xbox download speed? Currently it sits a little far away, my NBN is 50/20 and I get average 35M download speed shown on Xbox when downloading games.(when testing internet ,it shows 40+ I think) If I use this and ethernet cable, would that make any change?

    • If you can use ethernet yes…. it should improve your speed! Especially if you have too many devices connected to the existing Wifi!

      • Can I use ethernet cable to Connect this and my Xbox?

    • Even if you use the second one as a large Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle it’ll improve your speed. I have one connected wirelessly as a mesh sitting right next to the Xbox, and connecting the Xbox via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi is like night and day. Even though it’s still wireless back to the base station. The MW3 should be fine, but one drawback is the 100Mbps Ethernet port. I have a mix of MW3 and MW6, which work really well together, except the gigabit Ethernet speeds on the MW6 are nice when my HFC is 250Mbps.

  • any chance to get additional MW3 via redemption?

    • I think that promo finished on 31 Oct (have to purchase before that date.)

    • I think with the MW3 there is no difference between a router and satellite as the units are interchangeable!

      Possibly buy a pair and then sell one over market place or find a mate to take up the extra unit

  • oh no! sold out while checking out!

  • Mi devices work with smart things without using the Mi hub?

    • +1

      They do.

  • Nice one, thanks.

  • +1

    Grabbed the Xiaomi Pack. Really didn’t need a fourth Zigbee gateway (although bluetooth gateway will be handy) but the sensors/button alone are with the price. Thanks!

    Also, it seems like a CommBank account is not required to get the Little Bird code. Edit: Oops, it says that in the description of the original post.

    • I grabbed it only for the blutooth gateway (to use with the temp sensors from other deal). Not into automation or voice crap much so no idea what i'll do with the other stuff.

      • My first entry into the smart home world was the previous model Xiaomi/Aqara hub. Now I’m in pretty deep writing code to automate my home and finding it an enjoyable hobby. So you never know where this gateway might take you!

        • Hehe doubt it. I have a few smartplugs setup but otherwise its all meh to me. I just dont care for the supposed "benefits", pressing buttons doesnt bother me in the least, just more stuff to break or waste money on. I'll consider it in another 10yrs maybe :)

          • @Xizor: Fair call, the smart home industry is a mess of compatibility at the moment. Many products cannot talk to each other and automation platforms are lacking. Hopefully a new standard called “Matter” will help fix things when it is finalised next year. If successful, it should breath new life into the industry. In 10 years it should be really rocking. AI learning to predict your needs before you ask and houses running as energy efficiently as possible.

  • How do I claim the deal on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Starter Kit. I just see that is $60 when in my cart

    • +2

      Read last line in description

      • Cheers

  • Mesh wifi OOS :(

    • Back in Stock

  • $4 extra not worth the FOMO

    Xiaomi always drop in price. It's not Apple mate

  • Thanks OP! Just bought the Xiaomi gateway. A few forms to fill but it worked!

  • Does the Xiaomi hub support google home or Alexa?

  • Thanks Op. Bought the Xiaomi smarthome package.

  • Tenda is back in stock. Be quick

  • almost a month now still haven't received. never buy from them anymore

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