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[Waitlist] Thermos THERMOcafe Vacuum Insulated Bottle 500ml (Red) $8.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


New lightning deal, 53% off RRP. Regular price $14.95. Ends in 8 hours or when allocation is exhausted.

$0.50 cheaper than the previous popular deal last year <— See there for discussion.

Model Number ‎BOL500R6AUS
Material Stainless Steel
Colour Red
Capacity 500 Milliliters
Brand Thermos

Free delivery with prime or $39+ spend.

Edit: 100% claimed, join the waitlist and check the page (may require desktop site)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Beat me by 14 seconds. Good deal thanks

  • Thanks OP, got one. I have the 750mL and the lid has lasted well over a year now. Well made.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

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    Thanks! Got one, shame the 750 isn't available

  • thanks OP got 1

  • Cheers OP - got one.

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    Looks similar to the sistema ones from Woolworths.

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    How are you guys getting this delivered free for the sale price of $8.50, or do you buy other things with it to get free delivery with over $39 spend with prime

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      Amazon Prime

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      Have a closer look at the options. It's $8.50 DELIVERED as part of the lightning deal. Don't select the $14.95 Prime delivery option.

  • These work so well… and $8.50 is such a good price. Can't believe I could only order one!

    • Same. I got two from about a year ago that I love still. So dinted up though!

    • I wanted to order 16 but they wouldn't let me

  • +3

    Didn't need one. Got one. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, bought one. I like that it is bright and unique colour.
    It is interesting though how drastically those bottles price range, take a look at Hydro Flask, it is $40!


    I wonder what's different.

  • How long do these generally work for keeping things hot / cold ?

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      From the second review

      "I wasn't sure what to expect so after a couple of uses I decided to measure the efficacy. After pre-cooling the bottle to the same temperature, I filled with chilled water from the fridge and then measured the water temperature at 4C. After opening, drinking and closing multiple times through a night in which the room temperature did not drop below 30C, I measured the water temperature again, 12 hours after filling. The temperature now was just under 10C. Noticeably not as cold as when filled, but still very pleasantly cool to drink. For the price I paid I am more than satisfied. I suppose my only wish would be a spout to drink from without having to unscrew the cap each time."

  • The KMart 470ml.one is also hard to beat at $7 every day…..

  • Thanks. Purchased

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    These things are sometimes tricky to clean. Any hints to be able to reach the surfaces inside?

    • I have a sistema one which looks the same, I just throw it in the dishwasher. Otherwise a wire bottle brush should work.

      If you are filling with liquids that would be harder to clean out. You might be better off with a thermos food jar


    • Don't put in dishwasher. You can buy drink bottle brushes from the supermarket. Warm soapy water then rinse and let it air dry. Takes 30 seconds.

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      Use a Bottle Brush!

  • Thanks

  • Theae are great, bought 2 ages ago and have served me very well. Grabbed a 3rd.

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    100% claimed, heavy days

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    I tried what not to wash this bottle and absolutely nothing worked, nothing. I use it for gym, pre workout, aminos, proteins. If it happens that you leave it accidentally unwashed after a protein for few hours or overnight forget it, forget it. There's no washing it, the smell will remain forever trapped in the metal and the lid is a nightmare to wash, so many grooves, can't find a thin brush just to reach in and clean all around, always somethings left in the grooves, left it submerged overnight, nothing, dishwasher, nothing, nothing can reach. Buy it if you'll use it for water only.

    That's why im looking for alternatives with inner wall being made out of glass or ceramic, they don't hold smell of content and are easier to clean

    • You need to wash it with: salt (least effective but cheap), baking soda (very effctive), vinegar (very good for getting rid of the smells and metal aftertaste). With vinegar you may want to dilute 50/50 with water and leave overnight.
      Sometimes ethanol (vodka) works very well if there is any buildup.
      I have succesfully cleaned water bladders which are harder to clean.

    • I've heard of some people using dental tablets and letting it soak in the bottle overnight, then wash out

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      You shouldn't use this for protein drinks! Just use a normal $4 plastic drink bottle. This is a thermos designed for temperature controlled drinks. Smh

  • Thanks OP, got one.

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    100% claimed!!

    Save me $8.50.

  • Made in China, may aswell buy kmart brand

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      Kmart looks a bit crappier. Have a look at the finish for instance. Also, all of the coworkers will have the same. (If you intend to take it to work).

  • OOS

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