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Wolf Quick Release Knife $4.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) (Free Delivery Offer Expired) @ Total Tools

  • Blade quick release mechanism
  • Suits standard utility blades
  • Blade storage
  • Wire cutter
    Product Length (mm) 220
    Product Width (mm) 94
    Product Height (mm) 16

Good deal to combine with the free shipping deal
Free shipping offer expired

You can also grab a 5 pack of blades for $1.15, thanks to popejohn.

Update: Some users reporting OOS during checkout, it might be state dependent.

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  • +35

    That's the kids Xmas presents sorted.

  • Thanks, missed the deal from Amazon, this should be fine!

  • Needed new blades yesterday, and found this with 10 blades. Seemed like ok deal.


  • I read first Wolf Creek release knife…

  • No free shipping to regional?

  • I know it says quick release but does blade retract? Thx

    • +1

      It looks like there is a slider on the top of the knife to retract it

    • Yes, the quick release is the button to change out the blades,

      Cheaper models typically require you to undo a screw to open up the knife to change the blade

      • +1

        Some of the screw ones also have space inside the handle to store new blades which is useful as you don't need to find where the blades are.

      • +1

        I've used both. The screw one is better as there is no chance of it retracting by accident.

  • Nice

  • Ordered! Thanks

  • Thanks! This should be the father's day gift for next year.

  • +1

    Sorry for my stupid question..

    what's the difference when using this vs a stationery cutter?

    • +2

      Different grip and form factor. It’s like using a mouse that fits your hand better.

  • Anyone know how the wire cutter part works?

    • +2

      I think it's the notch on the underside.

  • it being quick release means it is easier to mug someone with this?

    • +4

      Yes, it's stab and go.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got one

  • -1


    • -1

      Still available for delivery.

      • Doesn't let me proceed with delivery option. Says out of stock.

        • +1

          Ah, I didn't proceed all the way through check out. Probably OOS then, not sure if it will be per state or for all.

        • +1

          Bizarrely I couldn't check out with the knife and blades in the same cart but could separately.

          • @haru: Can confirm. This worked for me. I was able to buy the knife on its own.

  • Thanks OP got 2

  • When I added knife and blade together delivery was free! $6.10 delivered

  • OOS. It got brodened

  • Why so many blades which are right ones

  • Still stock in W.A.

  • Still available for free delivery.

    • Did you complete the checkout all the way?

      • +1

        Yup.. I did.

  • I just ordered one for C&C no problem

  • just ordered one delivered, still in stock

  • Ordered the gaffer tape x5 and two of the wolf knives and pack of the 5 blades on clearance,used my insider credit so $11.05 and as knives was not in stock in my local store I decided to go for delivery which was free.
    It probably cost them as much to post my order than it was to pay it. Lets hope they don’t cancel on me.

    • +1

      value is a thing of beauty

  • -1

    Thx op got 20

    • +3

      Are you starting a gang?

    • Can i join the Ozkuza

      Im always up for a good fight when it comes to bargains

  • +1


  • When I get to checkout, I can’t get the option to pay with anything but “zip”?

    Edit: Worked with Safari but not with Chrome.

  • oos

  • +4

    Says my account is temporarily disabled after purchasing the knife. hmm.

  • Clearance product out of stock.

  • OOS in NSW.

  • +6

    Just got an email from PayPal, saying the order was refunded. Not even a courtesy email to say sorry for OOS or free shipping stuff up. I better not start getting marketing emails from them.

  • What a ripper deal!

    • Without cutting corners.

  • OOS

    • Still showing as available for delivery and/or C&C for some cities.

  • +1

    My knife was just delivered. Fastest delivery ever.

  • +1

    I just got received an email advising they were processing a refund as the Springwood store didn't have stock. However looking on their website they still have it marked as available

    • Same here. Between this deal and the dewalt drill they aren't making friends on Ozbargain.

      • Hey meharly, I'm going to chance a click and collect at a different Brisbane store. (New order). Will let you know how it goes!

  • My order got refunded and I got an email explaining that it was "due to the item being out of stock and obsolete". Website still shows the same discounted price and that delivery is available. What a joke!

  • +1

    I ordered a couple of knives, gaffer tape, couple spare blades, 2 different types and not on clearance and received this email

    Thanks for shopping with Total Tools. 

    I just want to update you that unfortunately, TT is out of stock of the items. To fulfill your order, they will have to order from the supplier and ETA will take 3-6 months. I'm reaching out to confirm how you would like to proceed with your order. Below are the available options
    Wait until the stock becomes available at the storeRefund and cancel the entire order  
    If you could please respond as soon as possible to avoid further delay.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,

    • I ordered the gaffer tape and two wolf knives and pack of the spare blades on clearance.’
      They recently told me after good few days lol that some items are not in that store.
      Now they are telling me another store does not have the gaffer tape or spare blade for wolf knives.
      And if I want to cancel order completely or get just the knives.
      I did use my $10 rewards points and there was free shipping more than likely due to cost of delivery and the $10 off the order they are at lose and probably hope I cancel.
      The knives come to just under $10 so if I cancel whole order I wonder if I get my rewards back.
      If I keep my order wonder what happens then as my rewards pretty cover the cost of the knives but yet I paid for the other part of my order ie gaffer tape.
      I think my order was around 21 but paid around 11.

  • I took my blade out and can't seem to get it back in properly 😪 now it's all lose when I wobble the blade.

  • +2

    Almost a week after receiving order confirmation I get an email saying they have no stock left and will be issuing a refund.
    The Knife remains available on their website for the same price plus shipping.
    These guys are "tools". A complaint with screen shots being sent off to Dept. Fair Trading, encourage others to do the same. Not saying anything is enabling merchants to continue with bad practices.

    • What do you hope that DFT will do? If TT refund you, there’s no issue.

    • My two orders under $20 have both been canceled. Maybe they don’t make money after shipping fee, so they just canceled the orders.

  • They are happy to cancel your order without a reason. Total waste of time. They proudly site their stupid T&C stating that they have full freedom to cancel any order. Bunch of morons.

    • Did you get a refund?

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